How He Found Out \


I moved in with Toby on September 1st of my sophomore year in the nursing program at the University of Chicago. He was starting his senior year in architecture. Our first place was a large one bedroom above a Thai restaurant on Grand, west of North Wells. Adult films were just starting to make their way into the mainstream and when an adult video store opened nearby, we joked about renting one. We passed the doorway to the second floor walk-up, sandwiched between a used book store and a Lebanese bakery, almost daily. Neither of us had ever seen what we called skin flicks.

It was twilight on a muggy, airless Chicago Saturday night. Money was tight and we had decided to rent a movie and stay in with the windows open, the fan going and a mickey of vodka on ice. We walked to the corner store and picked up the newest Scorsese. On the way back we stopped in front of the glass door with the three Xes. We looked at each other and laughed. Toby hadn’t halted first nor had I; we’d stopped as one.

“I guess we want to watch something dirty,” Toby said. I blushed and told him, “I’ll wait here.” He opened the door to the well lit, freshly painted, narrow staircase. The scent of lilac air freshener wafted out. “Nothing gross,” was my only specific request.

Not wanting to be a woman hanging out in front of an adult video store, I strolled a few doors up the street. As I enjoyed the unseasonably warm night air, I considered my secret. Toby didn’t know I was bisexual. It wasn’t that I hadn’t told him, exactly; it was that I hadn’t told anybody. I figured it wasn’t anybody’s business. So what if I sometimes masturbated while fantasizing about making love to a woman? I wanted a monogamous relationship, and if I was going to have one it meant the only person I’d be making love to would be my partner, and every other person, male or female, was off limits.

Still, I couldn’t help but wonder what his reaction would be when he noticed I liked watching naked women as much as he did.

When Toby came out he was wearing a particularly goofy grin. “I’m excited already,” he admitted.

I said, “In that case, we’re wasting time.”

When we got back to the apartment I took off my t-shirt and got out of my bra before Toby had crossed to the kitchen. At the door he turned to ask if I wanted any mix with my vodka. When he saw me suddenly naked from the waist up his eyes got wide and his mouth opened. I loved it that when I was in various states of undress he would look at me with something approaching reverence; the face of a child on the staircase landing on Christmas morning.

I explained my bare breasts by telling him “It’s the heat.” I gave him my best come-hither smile, kicked off my sandals, walked over and slipped the tape in the VCR and got comfortable on the sofa while he went in the kitchen to roll us the last of the weed and get our drinks.

I know some women aren’t comfortable watching a porno with a man and I think that’s because they feel the man will compare them unfavorably to the women on the screen. For me, that wasn’t an issue. I çekmeköy escort was 19 and had a body to die for: 5′ 4″, thick honey blond hair, a perfect 34D and an ass you could crack an egg on. A hundred and twenty-five pounds of curves covered in smooth, firm, flawless skin. Back home in Minnesota, where there were other Scandinavian girls like me, they called us milk maids, and it wasn’t because we were good with the cows.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not fishing for compliments. I know when a man is checking me out, so I know that at forty-three I’m still a Milf. But being a Milf is one thing: being a sex goddess was something else. It wasn’t the biggest thing in my life but, yes, I liked having men, even old, powerful ones, swivel their heads when I passed. It made me feel powerful, which is a precious thing when you’re a teenager.

In any event, Toby came in with a joint behind one ear and a sweating tumbler of freezing cold vodka, straight with a slice, in each hand. He was shirtless and barefoot. He placed our drinks on the coffee table and sat in the other corner of the couch, a cushion between us. We pulled our legs up onto the sofa and started the tape.

* * *

Two shirtless white men sit in a living room in what is clearly a studio set. They have shaggy hair and monochrome tattoos. The one that looks like he favors the weights during yard time has a handlebar mustache. The other one is tall and gangly, the kind of guy other men call Stretch.

My first reaction is that this thing is going to be too skanky to be arousing. I’m about to tell Toby as much when the woman enters the picture. She is black; blue-black, with a flat African nose, wild hair, a belly, a waist that isn’t quite thick, wide hips, huge breasts and a bubble butt. She is wearing the largest tube top I have ever seen and it is stretched tight. Her eyes are clear, alert, in charge: a Nubian fertility idol come to life.

The men stand when she enters. Yard Time has a body I could definitely enjoy. I flash on him and friends in the prison shower and decide to watch for a little longer.

The woman crooks a finger, signaling the men to her. They approach and slip their arms around her waist. She turns to Yard Time and they kiss. While they are kissing, Stretch slips one hand down the back of her Bermuda shorts. With the other he pulls the tube top down off her breasts with surprising gentleness.

Her tits are an amazing sight; natural and massive. Her night-black aureoles and nipples are huge but only visible at an angle. When she faces the camera directly they blend into the sweat-shiny blue-black of the rest of her.

* * *

“What?” Toby asked.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the woman. “I didn’t say anything.”

“Yes, you did. You growled.”

“Maybe,” I admitted, turning to him. I placed my hands on my flat tummy and slowly slid them up until I was cupping my big, firm, gravity-defying, 19 year old tits. “A growl is not a word,” I informed him. “Grammatically speaking, it’s cevizli escort an ejaculation.”

I released my breasts, took a big gulp of vodka and turned back to the movie. A match cracked and I smelled sulfur, then I smelled grass. After a while Toby’s hand entered my field of vision. It was holding a joint. I took the weed and smoked as I watched.

* * *

Stretch is behind her, pulling down her shorts. She isn’t wearing panties. She and Yard Time continue necking. The bright pinkness of her tongue is as exotic as a rainforest waterfall. He still has one arm around her waist. With his free hand he massages her epic breasts.

Once Stretch has her naked he grabs her tits from behind. Yard Time slaps her bare arse. While he rubs her beautiful, meaty butt he slides his other hand down between her legs. She steps a half step sideways with one foot, opening her pussy for him. His fingers disappear inside her thick bush. She and Yard Time finally break the kiss.

She lifts her chin and sways. She looks like someone in a religious trance as she surrenders to the feel of two hands massaging her breasts, one hand squeezing her ass and one fingering her pussy.

For a while she just stands there, in the middle of the shabby set, while the men paw and prod and squeeze her. They pat and pet and pinch and knead her huge tits, her fat nipples, her ass and between her legs. It is a display of sexuality far removed from romance, coming from somewhere deeper in the brain, somewhere more basic and primal; and maybe closer to the center.

* * *

I was intensely aroused. At some point I had slipped my hand inside my cutoffs and I was rubbing myself through my panties. Compared to what these three people were doing, what I knew of passion was timid and pale.

* * *

The threesome breaks. The woman walks over and sits on a queen-size bed. Her tits hang almost to her belly button. She uses both hands to lift one breast to her mouth. She doesn’t even have to bend her neck to suck on the nipple. Her hot pink tongue darts out now and then as she sucks. The men unzip and free their erections. I see why Stretch is in the movie. He is huge. I want to watch him fuck the woman.

* * *

I may have growled again. I sat up, energized by the vodka. The pot made every sensation thicker, deeper. I downed the rest of my drink. Toby sat up. We kissed with soft tongues. He touched my breasts. I broke the kiss and arched my back.

“Pinch my nipples,” I begged.

Toby complied. It was the first time I had ever spoken during sex and doing so turned me on even more.

“Harder,” I said, pinching one of his nipples to demonstrate. His tiny bud swelled and I bent over and sucked on it. He pinched both of nipples hard and held the pinch while I sucked his nipple and undid his pants. When I wrapped my hand around his stiff cock he moaned and laid back. I stood up, slid his pants off, got back on the couch on my knees, straddling his legs, stretched out and covered his cock erenköy escort with my tits. He put his hands on my back and started to grind. I lifted up and he eased off so I could show him his cock; the hard, veiny shaft and smooth, soft head, sliding between my creamy breasts.

“Oh, Jan,” he moaned, pushing me away. He sat up, swinging his feet to the floor, probably expecting us to go into the bedroom. But that was not at all what I had in mind.

I got to my feet and stood in front of him, my crotch inches from his face. I undid the button on my cutoffs, unzipped them, slid them and my panties off my hips and let them drop to the floor. I slid my index finger up my cunt, the first time I’d ever touched myself in front of another person.

I felt deliciously dirty. Seeing his hunger aroused me even more. I turned around and straddled his lap, my knees on the cushions and my back to him. Years later Cosmo dubbed the position a reverse cowgirl. I took his cock in hand and slid my wet pussy down on him, taking him deep inside. I put the heels of my hands on his knees and leaned forward, creating an even better angle. He grabbed my hips and thrust as hard and deep as he ever had. I moaned when a part of me that had never been touched before felt cock for the first time. I fucked Toby’s cock and watched the dirty movie.

* * *

Stretch lies on his back on the bed, the Nubian sitting on him with his massive penis up her cunt. She is on her knees, like me, but in the cowboy position, facing her partner. She leans forward enough for the camera to get a close up of Stretch’s incredibly thick, painfully long cock stretching her cunt as she rides him. Yard Time comes into the frame and kneels on the bed behind her.

* * *

Toby pounded me. I reached between my legs and slipped a finger up my cunt, beside Toby’s cock. It was an act I could never have even fantasized about before watching the Nubian take on the two men. With Toby’s cock and my finger fucking me I was wild with hunger, approaching ecstasy.

* * *

Yard Time pushes on the Nubian’s shoulders. She goes with it, lying prone on Stretch, presenting her ass to Yard Time. He slowly pushes his cock up her ass, getting himself in three inches deep. Stretch slides back and forth inside her cunt. She stops humping and grimaces. I figure the men have stuffed her so full it hurts. But then she shifts her hips, moving the cocks to a more comfortable position inside, pushes her self deeper down the men’s shafts and resumes fucking with even greater enthusiasm.

The woman’s sexual abandon is complete, and I share in it. I slide my vagina up and down and up and down, again and again, on Toby’s rod. The orgasm is about to crash over me: I ride under its crest like a surfer sliding down the pipeline. Eventually the crest catches up with me and I come, spectacularly, long before the Nubian does.

* * *

For a while Toby and I simply laid, tangled around each other, marveling at what our bodies had given to us. When we finally stirred, the tape was on its final scene. The men were gone. On the TV a woman with short, flame red hair and a nice backside had her face buried between the Nubian’s legs. I turned off the tape and left Toby trying to keep his eyes open in front of Saturday Night Live. When I got back from the bathroom he was snoring. I turned off the TV, woke Toby and took him to bed. We were asleep in minutes.

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