The cool Autumn air flowing through the open door disturbed the dusty webs of long dead spiders as we pushed the heavy wooden door inward. Only the whisper of the breeze, our breath, and the screech of the door’s rusty hinges competed with the sound of my pounding heart as I stepped through the threshold into the house’s foyer. It was evident that Madison and I were the first visitors in quite some time, that the house’s reputation for evil had kept people away for a long, long time. I stepped in boldly, just behind Madison, putting up a wall of pretense and bravado to hide my dread of entering the old mansion. We’d heard of Stonehaven our entire lives. Since we were old enough to be aware of it’s presence in our town it had illuminated our imaginations and haunted our dreams. The legends were numerous about the ghosts that inhabited it’s rooms, kept at bay from reaching out and destroying us in our beds only by the stone walls that enveloped it, and, some said, the charm laid around it’s grounds by a long deceased priest. Logically, of course, none of us believed in ghosts. We were too old for that. We’d all outgrown our ability to admit being afraid of the old house and had stayed away because of other concerns, the trespassing laws being just one of them mentioned every time one of us suggested visiting. It was Madison, who had just turned eighteen the week before, the youngest member of our little group, who suggested we spend Halloween night there. Our first line of defense and our primary objection, our legal concerns, were dispensed with. We had broken laws before, even gone into empty houses, and, as Madison pointed out, the chances of our being caught sneaking into Stonehaven, once we got past the wall that surrounded the grounds was less than at any house in town. We’d have true privacy. Finally Maria came up with a point that might have saved us by pointing out that the house was so old that it was certain to be filthy. There were certain to be cobwebs and spiders, and maybe even dead rats, in every room of the old mansion. Who knew how long it had been since human feet had stepped on the floors, which could very well be rotten by now and fall through with us, breaking our legs and shattering our spines. “We’ll go in a couple of days before Halloween and clean it up,” Madison said. The rest of the group, all seven of us, objected to this on the grounds that cleaning house was too much like work. I hated cleaning my room, I pointed out, especially after a couple of days. Imagine how much I’d hate cleaning a house that hadn’t been lived in it for a hundred years. This had the advantage of being true. Not that I minded lying, of course. I often found it more useful to lie than Ankara bayan escort to stick to the facts, but this wasn’t one of those times. “We could have a Halloween party in my basement if we’re going to clean up,” Alicia said. She was the smartest member of our group, and had immediately seized on the opportunity to have her basement cleaned out without having to do all the work herself. Of the eight of us, she was the second most self-serving. Luckily she was so far below me on the scale that nobody thought to question her motives. Still, if I suddenly offered to clean her basement Madison would know that I was looking for a way to avoid going into Stonehaven, and the rest of the gang obviously had similar thoughts because not one of them spoke up in favor of Alicia’s basement. “I’ll clean it up,” Madison said. “It doesn’t all have to be clean, just a couple of rooms.” “As long as one of them is a bedroom,” I said. I regretted opening my mouth immediately. It would make Madison think I was willing to go along with her plan, and make it harder for the others to come up with plausible reasons for having our Halloween party somewhere else. Alicia’s basement suddenly seemed like less work than it had a moment before. There were lots of old boxes and plenty of dust to sweep up, but the space her mom had promised her she could use if she cleaned it up suddenly seemed like an ideal place for us to get together. I searched my mind to find a plausible reason why Alicia’s basement seemed like a better place to clean. If Madison proved brave enough to go to Stonehaven and clean it up herself, there was no way that the rest of us would be able to avoid going in there on Halloween without looking like total cowards. Except, I hoped, one of the girls. I looked around hoping that one of them would admit to being scared, if all of us couldn’t go, I was prepared to say, it would be best to go somewhere else. It was my first lesson in the fact that women are inherently braver than men. The first one to speak up and say she’d go was Diane, then her best friend Marcia. Finally even Alicia gave in and said she’d go too, looking very disappointed at losing her chance of getting us to clean her basement. Then the boys began to speak up. We couldn’t hide at home while the girls went to a haunted house. I was miserable. I’d have to break my leg. What the hell, I thought. I wouldn’t miss football all that much. I was only playing to please my dad and attract the attention of girls. Maybe an arm would be better. I wasn’t looking forward to the pain either way, but an arm would be easier to deal with than a leg. Except, of course, it would be set and in a cast and there Escort bayan Ankara was no way a broken arm was going to keep me home Halloween. “Maybe one of the boys can help me,” Madison said. “I’ll need a little help with the heavy lifting.” I sighed. There was no way I was going to get out of this. I didn’t have the courage to break my own leg. I’d avoided situations that broke bones my whole life, how could I volunteer for one now? Oh well, I thought standing up. I’ll just admit that I’m afraid to go. “All right J. T.” Donna said. I looked at her wondering what she was talking about. When I realized that they thought I was getting up to volunteer I felt my heart skip. “Maybe you’ll get lucky,” Tommy said. He was the person I’d thought would volunteer to help Madison. He was the biggest of us, the strongest, and probably had as big a crush on her as I did. “We will be cleaning the bedroom after all,” Madison said. So, there I was, alone with only Madison, all five feet two of her, to protect me, going into a house where untold numbers of people had been murdered and dozens of others had gone into and never been seen again. She followed me through the door swinging her broom to clear a path through the cobwebs. She seemed to know what she was doing. I would have admired her technique longer except I had to stop watching the broom to look at her beautiful round ass, firm and perfectly enclosed in the tight jeans I hoped to be getting into as a result of my coming to help her. I had wanted Madison ever since she’d showed up at our school. She showed up our junior year, short, sweet and beautiful and quickly joined in with the group of three boys and three girls I’d been hanging out with since middle school. She was the type of girl I liked best. Alive. I wanted her to stay that way. I wanted to stay alive myself, but most of all I wanted to get Madison out of those jeans and drive my hard throbbing cock into her, to get her naked and spend the afternoon exploring her. This was the first time since we’d met that I was actually alone with her. For some reason I had never asked her out alone. She had always been a part of the gang, but had never, as far as I knew anyway, had sex with any of the guys. I was the only one I was definitely sure she hadn’t had sex with, but I think I would have known if any of them had. I couldn’t remember any times when any one of them had been all alone with her either. There were time when it was just Tommy and Alicia, or Donna and Jim, or even me and Donna, or me and Marcia, although never me and Donna and Marcia, try as I might. Even Alicia and I had gone into her bedroom one evening, but I had never been alone with Bayan escort Ankara Madison before we climbed the rock wall and entered the grounds of Stonehaven. She swept her way through the foyer, me following along, and we entered a hallway. There weren’t as many cobwebs past the foyer, and we opened each door along the hall and peeked in. There was a large room, with a huge fireplace that we decided would be the best choice. It wasn’t even that dirty. I looked like it had only been a few centuries since anyone had dusted. We had it clean enough to at least be passable in less than half an hour. There were covers over the old fashioned furniture in the room, revealing surprisingly clean upholstery when we were through. “That didn’t take long,” she said. “Now we can find a bedroom.” We agreed that the bedrooms would probably be upstairs. I followed her as she climbed the long staircase, hoping that she didn’t suddenly disappear in front of me by stepping on a rotten step. The boards felt strong, but who knew? I might end up with a broken leg anyway. What appeared to be the master bedroom was at the top of the stairs, just to the right. There were tarps spread on the bed and furnishings in there as well. The rug, which looked very old and had probably cost a fortune, was faded and dusty, but the bed, once we had uncovered it, looked almost as if it had been made up just that morning. I turned to Madison to ask if she thought we needed to bring fresh sheets when a loud thumping sounded. I jumped into her arms, or would have if she had reached them out for me. I grabbed her, wondering what the hell the noise was. What was the name of the most malevolent spirits? Poltergeist, that was what it probably was… “It’s about time,” Madison said. She leaned her head back and stretched up to kiss me. “What?” I asked. “I was beginning to think you didn’t like me,” she said. “Of course I like you,” I said. “You’re one of my best friends.” “I know you’ve fucked every other girl you know, and I always wondered, ‘Why not me?’ I could understand it if you were gay, but…” What the hell was she talking about? Hadn’t she heard the indisputable evidence of supernatural activity taking place in the room? Finally though I recovered my senses enough to return her kiss. Her tight little body felt warm and comfortable next to mine, her soft breasts pressing against my chest, her sweet lips against mine. There were no ghosts. I told myself. Only the wind blowing a loose board. A simple kiss goes a long way in comforting the nerves. I held her tightly against me and sought her little pink tongue with my own. She tasted of butterscotch and strawberries. I risked waking up from the dream by reaching down to squeeze her ass. When I didn’t suddenly sit upright in my own bed with a raging erection and realize it was only a dream, I moved my other hand down, cupping her ass in my palms and pulling her close. She moved herself against me, rubbing against my dick which felt thicker and longer and harder than it ever had.

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