Honey I’m Home

Big Tits

Adam enters the kitchen and sees her standing in the kitchen by the sink looking out the window.

Her sundress blows in the slight wind from the open window, shadows play in the folds of the dress as the sun streams through it.

Tantalizing glimpses of her curves are at once revealed and then hidden as the dress plays back and forth, her legs are spread slightly, back arched to bring her round hips into prominence. He moves to the side and catches a glimpse of the soft curve of her breast through the light material. He stands quietly and stares.

Eve is shaking, it is taking all her will not to turn and face him. She is determined to control the lust boiling within her and let him lead. She want to feel his strong hands on her waist, pulling her back against his strong chest. She longs to feel his hands cup her breasts, grazing lightly over the sensitive nipples as he kisses her neck.

The breeze blowing through the window moves her dress, brushing material against sensitive nipples causing them to swell. Electricity shoots from the contact, to head and groin, making her dizzy. She parts her lips and moans softly, thrusting her chest out to maximize the contact between the light material and the swollen, erect peaks.

Still she stands, looking casually out the window, watching cars drive by on the street and people strolling past, oblivious to the scene playing out.

Adam walks slowly up behind her. With one hand he brushes her hair away from her neck and lowers his lips to graze her neck. Inhaling deeply he can smell the light floral soap from her shower, the heat rising off her body and the slight musk of her arousal. He can feel her back gaziantep escortları arch to push against him.

Eve can feel his closeness now and waits for his embrace. His soft lips on her neck send shivers down her spine. The smell of him is intoxicating, coffee, spice and heat from the day. She waits from him to touch her, anywhere, straining back to inviting him to take her any way he wants.

A soft kiss to her neck then her ear lob, hot breath soft in her ear and he is gone.

The void cause by his sudden departure makes Eve’s knees buckle. She waits, her sex throbbing, too aroused to move but desperate to be in contact with him. Her breath slows as she fights to regain control, her hands move as if outside her control, brushing one nipple to reach across to the other and pinch it, slowly rolling it between her fingers. Her knees buckle again as the intensity of her need overtakes her.

Straightening Eve turns to look for her departed lover. Walking slowly, as to not seem too eager, she moves into the family room. Adam is sitting on the couch, hands in his lap and a slight grin on his face.

Fighting the urge to run and devour him she walks slowly to the couch and stands before him. Bending at the waist she reaches down and grabs his hands. Eve knows her dress is billowing open, revealing her heavy breasts and taught stomach, she looks up through her bangs to see his eyes open wide in enjoyment. She kneels on the couch, straddling his lap and brings his hands to her breasts, leading him to the contact she desires.

Adam looks from her breasts to her face, lingering over each feature. His hands move slowly, brushing her hard nipples and softy squeezing the full curve of each breast. He can hear her moans break from her lips. Squeezing, teasing, kneading he works to bring more moans and to inflame her desire.

Slowly her hands move to his belt. Eve removes his hardening cock from his pants and begins a slow up and down motion, bending down to take him in her mouth she provides lubrication for her stroking hand. Adam’s head falls back on the couch as he gives in to the attention he is receiving. His hips lunge forward slightly with each down stroke and pull back to increase the speed of the agonizingly slow upstroke. The head is swollen and Eve grips harder to increase the pressure. Eve knows if she continues he will erupt all over her hand but she has other plans for his hot seed.

Eve lifts her dress and sits down slowly. Adam’s eyes go wide as he slides easily into her wet folds. As his hard length fills her, Eve feels her first orgasm overtake her. Eve pulls the loose dress down from her shoulders, revealing her naked breasts. Grabbing his neck she pulls Adam’s head to her hard nipples, urging him to suck and bite, rocking up and down, forward and back, riding him headlong from her first into another orgasm.

Adam is struggling to control his own orgasm, wanting to prolong the feeling. He can feel Eve’s spasms milking his hardness but wants to let her ride him as long as she desires.

Adam’s hands go to Eve’s hips as he pulls her cheeks apart. His fingers play lightly with her wet cleft and her tight little hole. She continues to rock up and down, eyes closed head thrown back, arms holding his head tightly to her chest. She can feel Adam playing with her ass, the electric charges dance from his fingers to every part of her body.

Tiny circles with his fingers lubricated by the juices flowing from each orgasm. Slight pressure as one finger is eased into her ass, slowly at first, then deeper and deeper, timed with her rocking motions. Two fingers now and the feeling intensifies. Eve begins to grind down onto his fingers, wanting to be totally filled.

Adam loves the energy that radiates from Eve during their lovemaking, she is totally enthralled, all focus on the act of giving them simultaneous pleasure.

Eve slows her motion, reaching down she grabs his hard cock and kneels between his legs. Taking his entire length in her mouth she stares deeply in his eyes as she sucks and licks, savoring the hard length. Adam sees her reach back and begin to finger her own ass and knows what she is planning. He is concentrating, holding back the eruption.

Eve stands now and straddles him again, staring him in the eye she slowly lowers down onto him, taking his cock into her tight ass, little by little. As she feels him enter her tight hole she can feel the orgasm start to build. Slowly she takes his entire length, the pressure is exquisite. She pauses to allow herself to adjust to the fullness, grabbing his neck again and kisses him full on the mouth. Holding tight to his neck she begins to rock up and down.

“Come for me my love,” she whispers in his ear.

Adam needs no further prompting, grabbing her hips he pushes deep into her and pulse after pulse of hot come fill her. As she feels his warmth inside her Eve allows her own orgasm to overtake her. Continuing to ride the waves of her orgasm as they crash around her, spasms fill her belly.

Finally, lifting off him she whispers, “Nice to have you home.”

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