Helping Out the Neighbour Chapter 1


Karen lay on her marital bed, her chest heaving, body covered in sweat. A cool breeze blew through the open window causing her nipples to stand to attention. She bought her hand up and brushed her fingers across the dark flesh of the erect nubs. It sent a shiver straight to her very sore but very satisfied pussy.As Karen lay there, she reflected on her afternoon and what had been the best sex she had ever had. Karen was an attractive petite brunette with a small frame and an athletic body, which she was proud of given the fact she was in her mid-forties and had two grown children, and was already a grandmother.She still turned men’s heads wherever she went. Her breasts weren’t overly large or even as firm as they once had been before breastfeeding, but her nipples made up for it, being long and thick and when aroused became extremely hard and could be seen even through a knitted sweater. And they were hard right now. Karen pinched her left nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Her other hand was between her legs, slowly running her fingers through the wet fold of thick fleshy lips smearing the creamy river of cum now pouring out of her. Karen thought about Eric, her older next-door neighbour fucking her as she had never been fucked before. At the same time, she pushed two fingers deep in her very stretched and sore pussy scooping up some of his cum.Bringing her finger up to her lips, she placed them into her waiting mouth, sucking them clean of the thick milky cream. Her head was still racing from the afternoon events. Mmmmm, she purred aloud, “That tastes soooo good. I must remember to let him come in my mouth next time.”She glanced at the clock, realizing it was late and her husband would be home shortly. Karen reluctantly stopped running her fingers through the wetness between her legs and made an effort to get up and shower to wash away the evidence of the day’s fuck-fest down the drain. The warm water stung her sore and puffy lips as she rinsed herself clean.God, she thought to herself, that was the most incredible cock I had ever seen or had inside me. Not only was it ten inches long, but it was also thick – thicker than my wrist, and Eric sure knew how to use it.Karen’s mind began to wander off again, thinking how she had ended up fucked senseless and completely satisfied for the first time in her twenty-seven year marriage. Eric was her elderly neighbour, his wife had died around eighteen months earlier, and Karen had been looking in on him ever since to make sure he was ok.At sixty-eight, he was still very active, having only retired three years earlier. Eric and Grace, his wife, had planned to buy a motor home and travel, but Grace was diagnosed with cancer, and she passed very quickly, leaving Eric lost and alone.Eric they were so long and erect.Now feeling embarrassed, she made her excuse to leave. “Well, I best get home and have a shower and get some housework done before the whole day disappears, she said. Turning and walking away.Eric called out, “If you need your back washed, you know where to find me.””You keep on flattering me like you did today. I might just take you up on that Ümraniye Escort offer,” Karen said, looking back over her shoulder.At that moment, she realized that with all that sex talk, she wasn’t the only one that had become aroused. Eric’s penis was clearly semi-erect and hung down the leg of his shorts. Even in that brief glimpse, she had taken, it looked twice as big as Kevin’s. Karen put Gus out in the backyard and headed to the kitchen to tidy up the table and do the breakfast dishes. Standing at the sink, she found herself thinking about Eric and Grace and them having group sex with multiple partners. She pictured Grace laying on a bed with numerous men running their hands and tongues all over her taught toned body.When Grace was alive, she was a picture of beauty standing approximately five feet ten inches tall. She was both tall and beautiful, even at sixty-four, just before being diagnosed with cancer. Kevin had told Karen how beautiful he thought she was and how he could only imagine how stunning she was when she was younger. Karen began thinking about what it would be like to be taken by multiple men and have every hole filled as Eric had described Grace’s experience, being used as a cum dump by complete strangers, performing any sexual act that was asked of her. As her mind slowly slipped into fantasy land, she found herself picturing Eric sucking on her nipples, biting them hard, making her arch her back, crying in pleasure and pain at the same time. She dreamed of his fingers working their way in and out of her dripping cunt, making her juices flow even more than usual. As his hand thrust deeper and deeper into the folds of flesh between her legs, she moaned aloud. “Oh, God yessssss fuck me with your fingers fuck me Eric fuck me with your big fingers.”Karen was withering around on the bed like a rag doll. She had three of Eric’s big thick fingers ramming into her, pushing her closer to orgasm. Just then, another pair of hands were guiding her head back, and she realized there was a huge cock hovering just above her lips. She needed no encouragement and reached up with her tongue, licking the precum from the tip, sliding the mushroom head into her mouth. Unable to speak, she moaned in ecstasy as she felt a tongue slide the length of her pussy, licking up all of her juices that freely flowed from her now.Karen grabbed the huge cock assaulting her mouth with both hands in the hope of being able to take more of it down her throat. She took another two inches and started to gag and pulled her head back to get a breath. Looking down her sweaty naked body, she saw Grace’s face looking back at her as her tongue licked at her clit, driving her to her next orgasm. While Grace sucked and licked her pussy, Eric thrust his huge cock ever deeper down her throat. Just then, she orgasmed like never before, her body tensing, and an inaudible moan escaped what little gap there was from her mouth.Grace continued to clench Karen’s clit between her teeth, flicking her tongue across it giving Karen one long and tiring orgasm, finally squirting her sweet liquid into Graces Ümraniye Escort Bayan waiting mouth. She collapsed exhausted, but Eric was relentless and grabbed her by the hair fucking her mouth with his huge cock.Karen was so relaxed from the orgasm her throat was open, and Eric was able to force his giant cock down her willing throat until his large balls slapped her on the forehead. He was thrusting into her mouth with extreme force until finally, his cock erupted down her throat, squirting jet after jet straight past her tonsils and into her stomach. Karen gagged and coughed, only making him cum more as her throat muscles contracted around his shaft. Finally, Eric slid his slowly deflating cock from Karen’s throat, and it came out with a plopping sound, slapping her on the forehead, leaving a trail of slimy saliva and cum.Karen felt exhausted as she was snapped back to reality from her erotic daydream. When she did, she realized her skirt was bunched around her waist, and her hand was in her very wet panties. Her fingers glistened as they were covered in girly juice. Oh God, I just had a fantasy and wet dream about not only my elderly neighbour but about his deceased wife. What is wrong with me? She thought.Karen slid her fingers from her slippery wet cunt and licked them clean. “My God, that tastes good.”Karen had always wondered what it would be like to taste another pussy. She loved the taste of her own and always licked and sucked her fingers clean after masturbating, and that seemed to be every day lately. She finished washing the dishes and tidying up, and headed for the bedroom to take a shower. She pulled the tee-shirt up over her head and couldn’t help but notice how hard her nipples still were. Wow, she thought all that talk of Grace participating in wild orgies and her amazing wet dream really had gotten her all hot and bothered.As Karen pulled her thong down her thighs, she realized how hot she had gotten. She had juices running as far down as her knees. Karen traced her fingers up over her lips and across her clit.A moan escaped her lips, “Hmmm, that’s lovely and wet. My pussy has constantly been leaking lately. If Kevin doesn’t fuck me soon, I don’t know what I will do?”The next thing she knew, Karen was lying across the bed facing the mirrored wardrobe doors. Slowly she spread her legs wide and flicked her clit with her long gel nails sending a shiver racing through her body. Sliding first one, then two fingers into her very wet pussy, she squeezed her nipple and began to thrust her finger in and out of her dripping open cunt.It wasn’t enough. She needed more and leaned over into her dresser drawer, taking a modest eight-inch rubber cock from under her lingerie. She kept it hidden from Kevin as she didn’t want to make him feel inferior as it was huge compared to his relatively average five-and-a-half-inch cock. It was also twice as thick as Kevin’s.Karen lubed the head of the life-like rubber cock up by rubbing it up and down her juicy slit, coating it in her slippery girly juices, making it wet so it could easily slide into her. Even Escort Ümraniye though she had given birth to two children, Karen was blessed that her vagina had never stayed stretched and was still a very tight fit even with Kevin’s small penis. But Karen knew that to be able to take all of her rubber lover; she would need to be extremely wet or would need to use some lube on it. But today, she was more than wet enough. Karen continued to coat the large rubber cock with pussy juice as she inched it in nice and slow bit by bit. Karen grabbed the base of the dildo as it stretched her to the limit and pushed against it.The box the big rubber cock had come in showed a picture of some famous black porn star. It was supposed to be a replica of his cock. Karen remembered when she bought it that there was no way anyone could have a cock that big, and she even had second thoughts about buying it, thinking she could never take a cock that big. But over the past few months, she had managed to train her pussy to accept it and love it.Karen now had the giant rubber balls resting on her clit deep inside her. She grabbed the suction base by both hands, withdrew it, and plunged it back in.”Ooooh, yeeeessss fuuuck yeeesss,” she screamed as she built up speed.”That’s what mommy’s hungry cunt needed a big fat cock to stretch me open,” she purred as she repeatedly plunged the dildo into her cunt. Her hands were a blur as she fucked herself.As Karen was withering around on her bed fucking herself with her black rubber cock, Eric had finished pruning his roses and was on the third rose bush in front of Karen’s house. He thought, what the hell? He might as well do Karen’s and Kevin’s as well.As Eric progressed to the next rose bush, he heard the distinct sound of a woman pleasuring herself. He looked up from under the window sill and was immediately taken aback when he saw Karen on her bed, legs spread wide, facing the window no more than five feet away from him. Both her hands were between her legs, gripping a large black rubber cock and thrusting it in and out of herself with such force it lifted her buttocks off the bed.Eric was captivated by the sexual encounter in front of him. He was unable to draw his gaze away from Karen’s beautiful breast and smooth shave cunt. He immediately got an erection and was dying to pull his cock out and masturbate himself but could not do so. Being in his neighbour’s front yard in full view of the rest of the street, he also didn’t want to look like a peeping tom by anyone passing by. Then he remembered he had the fancy new phone his daughter had bought him for Christmas so that she could contact him when he wasn’t home or was out in the garden. Eric didn’t care much for the damn thing and had told his daughter that she had wasted her money, but she insisted that he keep it on him.His grandson had shown him all the features of the phone when he had opened it, and Eric remembered him saying it has a video camera with a digital zoom as well and an eight-megapixel still camera. Whatever that meant, but it was the video camera that he was interested in right now. He took it out of his pocket, hit the menu button, found the video camera function, and started recording.Eric then sat the phone back on the window sill, facing it at his dirty nympho neighbour. All the while listening to her screams of pleasure as she continued to fuck herself stupid in what she thought was the privacy of her own home.

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