Around The Corner


I don’t know why I had a hard-on. I just did. I was eighteen and I spent half my waking hours with a stiff cock. I don’t know why I walked downstairs that morning in just my open, white silk shirt, either. I knew my mom was home, but didn’t think we would run into eachother as I hurried to the refrigerator. As I turned the corner into the kitchen, she was right there. My cock’s face actually touched the belt to her dress. She stepped back as I apologized and held my hands over most of my cock. I looked in her eyes and they were half-laughing and half-admiring, travelling south immediately.It was the admiring part that I noticed the most. I turned to walk really fast upstairs but my 31- year-old mom yelled, “Now Danny, you just come right back here!” I paused, almost to the stairs. If she and Gölbaşı escort bayan I had not had a good relationship, I would have kept walking. I always listened to her, though, and she always cared about what I had to say, too. I walked back, still trying to cover my erection (which was trying to shrink). “Come closer.” she beckoned. “I’m not going to bite you!” and she asked, “Well what do we have here?” as we stood toe-to-toe in the living room.She pulled on my left wrist and I dropped it away from my prick. I put the other hand down, too. “You don’t have to hide this from me…” she stated, both disappointed at my reaction and excited by the possibilities. She curled her index finger under my 8″ cock and tilted it up at her so that it and she were staring Escort Keçiören face-to-face. Don’t ask me to say that I was shocked. I wasn’t. My mom and I had talked about sexual and romantic issues many times before, and in many ways I felt like she was my big sis. Mom’s only 12 1/2 years older than me. That’s how old she was when she had me after being fucked by her uncle three times.Her name is Claire and our relationship replaced the non-existent one she had with her husband. He is some kind of executive and barely even acknowledges her presence. I gave my mother all the love she needed, but was just a big chicken shit about showing her how much and in which ways I wanted her. She had wanted me too, and what a dope I had been concerning the many Kızılay escort cues she had tried to give me.Now, though, my passion for this woman was as evident as the pre-cum glistening at the tip of my cock and which she had her attention riveted on. As soon as she had touched the underside of my cock, it had started to grow again, reacting to the sight of her, her touch, her voice, even her smell. She touched me the way only a mother can, and I swear to god that when she dipped her finger in to swipe that pre-cum out of me, she managed to get her entire fingertip inside the mouth of my cock. No other woman could have done that. She then wiped it in my mouth, making me eat the salty appetizer.We laughed and I hugged her close for a long kiss. She tilted my cock straight up for me so that we could get as close as possible. I could feel my pulse pounding against her hard stomach through my urethra. It felt so good just to hug her, but I knew and visualized that under that cute tummy of hers (that had held me inside it) and in between those sexy thighs lay the cunt of a beautiful, loving woman.

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