Harem of Vanity Pt. 05


Hey all! Here is the last of Harem of Vanity for your pleasure, reading and, um…otherwise. I really hope you all enjoy it, and I welcome all feedback via the contact info in my contacts page. As always, if you write me or comment here, please don’t do it anonymously, I’m generally good to even my harshest critics and nothing is more frustrating to me when I get a question about something and have been given no way to respond!


The next morning I felt internally relaxed, even a bit cored out, but physically I was definitely sore. My jaw ached from sucking fat cocks, ass hurt from such excessive bucking around, and my cunt? Hoo boy! There was no concealing the almost bow-legged walk I assumed as I strode from my cabin, slow and deliberate. I encountered Minerva first coming the other way, she too was walking with a pronounced awkward gait.

We sized each other up and I gave her a sly, knowing smile. She blushed a little and smiled back, winking before we’d passed. This was no walk of shame per se, but I couldn’t help feeling a bit sorry for her. Minerva didn’t spend nearly the amount of time on elite-grade dicks as her captain did, and Torrin was the current cream of the crop, her poor pussy probably had no idea what had hit it, but that hit had been hard.

But hey, she certainly wasn’t complaining.

I relieved Adria from her post on the bridge and sat down.It was simultaneously a relief and also a little rough, the soreness was a wondrous reminder of the fun I’d had the night before, but I was definitely going to need to take it easy for a while.

“Chrysanthia! Status!” I barked. The green one straightened up from her science station at the back of the bridge.

“Galactic conditions are nominal, Captain. Nal’s last report on the status of repairs was positive, she thinks she can have the pneumocannon repaired in just a few hours from now. Uthra reports no fights from the Harem. Bianca indicates that food stores are ample. Sarah is the regular amount of angry at you, the few treasures the last raid brought seem to have mollified her from the above-normal levels of fury she was displaying earlier this week. My experiments are faring well. And you, Captain, are scared.”

I froze.

“How dare you fucking speak to me that—”

“You used my whole name. You only do that when you introduce me. You clearly took on at least two boys in a way that punished your body last night. Analysis suggests that this was because you wanted to have other reasons to look uncomfortable today. When you came onto the bridge you didn’t ogle Adria chest at all. Above all, you’re asking for status reports, which you basically never do unless there’s a specific reason. You’re scared.”

“YOU DISRESPECTFUL LITTLE CUNT!” I stomped from the chair to her station, getting my face nanometers from hers, slowly pulling a hand back threateningly. It only made me madder that the flower did not wilt nor flinch from me, simply arching a single eyebrow in response.”

“Oh FUCK you!” I spun and stomped for the door. “Someone else take the chair, kill each other for the honor for all I fucking care.”

* * *

Okay, fine, I’ll admit it. There was something I hadn’t been up front about. I’d woken up early after my tryst with the girthy boys, earlier than I wanted to and decided to use the time to prepare a bit. I went to one of the computer consoles and did some research on Quasar Artigon and The Gladius and I did not like what I found.

His record was impressive. He’d washed out of the military for reasons that were carefully concealed, but managed to win himself a ship that was little more than an escape pod. Using this meager resource he’d tracked and found his first bounty, using the money he earned to finance a few upgrades to the ship. A few bounties later and a trade up and he was working from something more like a small yacht. He’d just kept catching criminals and re-investing in bigger and bigger ships until he’d secured the one he was in now.

Along the way he’d managed to pick up sub-contracting bounty-hunters who served as his crew, and though he didn’t hang a shingle to hire so to speak, all the wanna-be pirate catchers in the galaxy were basically lining up for even the chance to polish his shoes at this point. He often went around SGA regulations and laws to get results, but because he was doing a better job than much of their own police force they did little to enforce the ones he broke. There wasn’t even a bounty on his head despite there being ample reason for one. There was no denying that he was good; he’d tangled with many a criminal a lot more psychopathic and violent than me in his rise to the top. Of course I’m sure none were more vain, but then again, I deserved to be. He was good, but I was better.

But even I have my moments of doubt. As I spoke commands softly to the computer searching for additional information, it eventually directed me to civilian-shot footage of him subduing the criminal Jericho Jupiter. J.J. had been holed up in a well-guarded hideout on some mining moon in the western spiral-arm. Artigon and his men had started batıkent escort with a prolonged shootout, men on either side cut down by magma-fire, electron beams, and vorpal argon bullets.

Finally Artigon had put a stop to the blood-shed by challenging Jericho to single combat, unarmed. The pair met in the center of the street as the shaky hand-cam captured every moment. Jericho was an enormous man, genetically modified in much the same way Bianca was, and the pair of them had an incredible slug-fest. Quasar was no glass-jaw, Jericho got in some punches with a fist the size of his opponent’s head, but it didn’t even seem to slow him down. By the same token, every time one of Artigon’s muscular arms drove a big fist into Jericho, you could hear it; both the grunt of pain and the meaty smack were audible in the poor audio of the recording.

I’m not squeamish, but I actually had to look away before the recording was over. The last moments I saw were of Quasar sitting on Jericho’s torso, arms a blur as they punched the criminal’s face again and again, the latter defenseless. Soon there was so much blood dripping from Quasar’s knuckles they became indistinguishable from the absolute mess he’d made of Jericho’s face. I turned off the recording before it could wrap up, but I don’t doubt for a second that he’d simply kept punching until his fist was making direct contact with Jericho Jupiter’s brain, the look of rage on his face was unmistakable, he had no control when he got going.

So yeah, that was intimidating and I was scared. I tried to comfort myself with one thing though, Jericho didn’t fight as dirty as me, Quasar was smaller than Jericho the same way I was smaller than him, and we’d be fighting with swords, not fists. Don’t get me wrong, I was no slouch in a boxing ring, but it was clear that Artigon had so mastered unarmed combat I couldn’t really hope to match him at that. If he disarmed me I was probably going to be done for.

* * *

After I’d stormed out of the bridge I made my way for the kitchen.

“Can I recommend some food that’s colorful?” Bianca, asked.

“Why?” I said as I sat at one of the galley-stools.

“Because you don’t want to puke up anything ugly when that beast gut-punches your stomach out through your spine.”

“I’m not here to eat, anyway.” I said, keeping a tight control of my frustration with her. “

“Then what made you haul your bra-boulders all the way over here?” she put her hands on her hips, a gesture somewhat undercut by her rapidly flapping wings.

“Because I need you. I might not make it out of this one alive and I need someone like you to execute my estate.”

She blinked, “Why not have your accountant do it?”

“Because Sarah is stingy and greedy and she’ll probably do something like invest my money instead of making sure you all get the shares you deserve.” I idly toyed with an apple, but I couldn’t make myself take a bite.

“So why not Minerva? You guys are tight.”

“Can’t be her. If I die, Minerva isn’t going to be able to stop crying long enough to blink her eyes, let alone execute a vast will.”

“Then why not-“

“Bianca, it has to be you. You don’t really like me. You don’t like anyone. That makes you exactly impartial enough to handle it, and you’re bitch enough to steamroll anyone who stands in your way.”

She grinned despite herself at that. “Alright, I’m your woman. Now you’ve kinda got me hoping you snuff it.”

She was lying, but I played along.

“That’s the spirit, thimble-tits. Now stop flapping your gums and wings and sit down. I have a LOT of special instructions for you…”

* * *

Anxious and frustrated I gave Torrin a sloppy blowjob later, treating his balls to an expert massage as they drained their contents into my throat. I showed him his huge load before swallowing it with a horny gulp, wiping my mouth with my arm and lying back on my bed.

“What was all that about?” he asked.

“Just letting off some steam. I yelled at Chrys and Adria earlier.”


“Chrys said I was scared.”

“Are you?”

I froze. I don’t know what to blame for this moment of weakness. Whether it was being a bit cumdrunk, or just the distracting sight of his monstrous member hanging there still wet, or if I’d reached some sort of breaking point, but whatever the cause, I had a lapse in my usual facade and betrayed my vulnerability to him.


“Well, number one, don’t be. You’re incredible. You stared down a galactic court and made a whole division your bitch. I don’t know much about this Quasar Artigon guy, other than that he has a dumb name, but I do know you’re better than him and you’re going to win this thing, no matter what.

Number two: Apologize.”

“Why should.” I gave his dick a playful, yet grumpy little slap.

“Because you just said she was right. You don’t get to be mad at your crew for caring about you. I know you care about them, even if you’d cut off your own arm before admitting it to any of them.”

I sulked a long moment. beşevler escort He was right of course, but I resented him for it.

“You think you get to boss me around just because you’ve got the biggest dick I’ve ever seen?”


Part of me, the wet part, thought he was right about that too, but I am Vanity Nova and Vanity Nova is nobody’s bitch.

“Alright, I’ll think about it. But see if I turn to you the next time I want to give no-strings attached head.”

I spanked his ass as he left.

* * *

“Captain, we’re locked into synchronous orbit around Melpominee Two.”

Apparently my “nameless” world had a name after all. Ah well, I’d leave that to the stellar cartographers.

“Hail the Gladius and have Minerva meet me at the Moonshadow.” I commanded, strapping on my Cutlass.

Artigon’s deep voice resonated over the channel.

“Hello again, Nova. Are you ready to get this farce over with?”

“More than. Any last words?”

“A few. First of all, before you land on the planet we will be scanning you to make sure you bring no guns or bombs with you.”

“Of course. We’ll be doing the same.”

“Secondly, you are going to lose this. Do you have any special instructions for how I treat your body?”

“Yeah, it’s incredibly important to respect my religion, which demands that whoever kills me must suck my ass.” I growled.

“Lastly, you’ve been a most worthy adversary so far. I’m almost going to regret killing you and I want you to know that you have my respect.”

“Well, it’s important for you to know that SUCK MY ASS!” I reiterated, cutting the channel off. What was with men and posturing?

* * *

Minerva was in the ship and ready to go, anxiously wringing her hands. I told her to keep the motor running and made a brief detour to the bridge. Chrys ignored me for her instruments as I came on, but I moved behind her, reaching around to wrap her up in a big hug, huge tits grinding into her back.

“Chrys, I’m sorry. I was afraid. You were right and you shouldn’t have gotten yelled at for pointing it out. Forgive me?”

She leaned back against me, rarely affectionate.

“Of course, V. Are you going to be alright.”

“Yes, I said ‘was’ because it’s in the past. I’m gonna kick this idiot’s butt.”

I kissed the back of her neck and headed back to the Moonshadow.

* * *

“Alright, we have confirmed that aside from your blade and clothes there are no other objects on your person. We’ll keep scans locked on you until your shuttle has departed to ensure it stays that way.”

“Something something eat my ass.” I responded. Once the channel was closed Minerva turned to me,

“I can just attack them with the Moonshadow, Captain. If I fly low to their belly they won’t be able to turn that big cannon on me and I can strafe them until I open their guts into space. You’ll be safe.”

“I am safe, Mini, don’t worry about it. Besides, I’m sure you could take them out but not before they ripped Audacity apart.”

She pouted, knowing I was right.

“Captain, if you get killed down there I will not forgive you. Not ever.”

“I’m hurt that you’d even consider the possibility, frankly. I’ll punish you for your lack of faith when I get back.”

“You know I’ll only enjoy that.”

“Yup.” She squeaked as I tweaked one of her nipples a bit too hard.

She set the Moonshadow down in a clearing and I stepped out to introduce Quasar Artigon to his fate.

* * *

I could tell Mini was leaving the surface of the planet reluctantly, the ship could have risen much faster and I could hear her cutting the engine a couple of times as she rose. She was an amazing pilot and certainly made it seem like an uninterrupted trip as she rode inertia and kicked it back into life just as gravity began to take effect. But even dragging her physics-taunting heels she was out of sight before long. She had no choice, the whole crew was at stake and she knew I’d never forgive her if she sacrificed me for them.

Artigon was such a massive man that he almost looked like a hill where he stood up on a hill. I cocked my head as I drew close.

“You came unarmored. I’m surprised.”

He laughed, “Did you think I was an idiot? All that would do against a phasing Cutlass is slow me down while you shifted through it.”

I shrugged, hoping the visual effect of my shifting tits would give him pause, but he looked at me like I was nothing. That self-inhibiting cup was some kind of engineering. I’ve practically melted conventional chastity belts off just by licking my lips and winking right, I’ve turned gay men curious and even had one of the Order of Telekinetic Space Nuns question her vows for me, yet here he’d managed to act like I was nothing more than a plate of liver he was about to do the chopping on.

I blinked as I looked at him again, this was the first time I’d ever seen him from the waist down and it was no wonder that cup was doing it’s job right, the damned thing was huge. Such a disk would have büyükesat escort been too big even for a man like Torrin and it was clearly subdivided to accommodate not just the biggest penis ever but also a pair of balls like a pair of big passion fruits. I indulged my double-take into a triple, thinking better of it; the reality is that he could have been as poorly hung as a dormouse and the cup needed to be that big just to house the technology that made it work. Whatever the case, he clearly didn’t trust himself around his own passions, and I felt I could turn that to my advantage, somehow.

I approached slowly, he drew a huge blade from his back. The thing didn’t look like it was solid-state mercury, but it was definitely not normal, curved more than mine with a broad tip that ended it in a couple of points.

“Molecularly Secured Bromine Falchion!” I was impressed, and the tone of my voice made that clear. He nodded with a grin and whipped it through the air a couple of times, showing me just how quick that big arm could move even encumbered. That thing would block my blade even in phase, taking away one of my more major advantages in a melee setting.

“Here, take a look at mine!”I cheerfully added, swooping in and making a full-armed stab for him.

Not quick enough, he turned his wrist to deflect the line of my point, blade scraping on blade in a shower of silvery sparks way too vast in number for an ordinary pair of swords to produce. He lashed back inside my guard and I arched back, it’s a good thing my tits are all natural or else they’d have gotten cut off by not flattening as much as they did. I swung back up and we baptised in another pair of spark explosions as he knocked away two big strikes of my blade each aimed for his neck. I started into a third slash aimed for the center of his head but this time he brought up a big boot into my gut, doubling me over, driving the wind from me, bringing tears to my eyes from the pain of it. I fought the nerves screaming and leapt back out of range from his next potentially fatal drive.

“That the best you’ve got!?” I meant for it to sound care-free and unscathed, but it came out croaky from the lack of oxygen and there was a touch of sob to the edge of the sound of it.

He grinned, knowing that he was winning and closed in, grunting furiously as he aimed cut after hack after slice for me. My arm was a blur I didn’t even know myself capable of, blocking each strike with a painful ringing I felt in my bones. I had to squint from all the sparks and when I opened my eyes all the way again the grin on his face was even bigger, I heard something make a wet noise as it hit the grass, and then saw that his huge sword had broken mine, I was just holding a hilt.

He held his sword up high for an execution-stroke of his blade, but he aimed for too long, letting me cock him in his strong jaw with hand-guard and handle, he staggered back, dazed. I scooped the severed blade up carefully in my other hand and threw it clumsily at him, running after it to close the distance between us.

Quasar whipped out with this sword-hand, deflecting the errant blade, but was off balance when I reached him to throw another brutal sword-handle punch into his neck. He choked a bit but recovered far faster than I expected, lashing out with an empty hand that threatened to slap a tooth out of my mouth, I ducked awkwardly and took the slap more to the top of my head. It was off-target it but still stung and when his leg came up for a following kick I could only fall back onto my ass to avoid it.

Artigon was on my then, one hand on my collar-bone to keep me pinned, the other flipping his blade over to give me a good-old-fashioned murder-stab.

“NOW!” I shouted, unleashing my secret weapon.

Bianca launched from between my tits where she’d hidden and emerged from the bottom of my shirt, right at Artigon’s crotch. She wasn’t an object, and the scans before had only read her life-signs as my own, just as I’d planned. The bitchy little pixie looked furious, and a bit bruised, clearly from all the jostling she been subjected to between my boobs. That was good for me, her psionic ability is a lot stronger when she’s emotionally driven and it was no trouble for her at all to lay hands on his absurd cup and tear it away in a single flash of limited Telekinesis.

Some truly astounding things followed.

1. Bianca didn’t stop there, she flew up his body, spiraling to his sword arm and blasted his fingers open with another mental thrust, it was all he could do to avoid breaking his wrist to go along with her push, the Falchion flying through the air to land several feet away from us.

2. His cock flopped out. The cup apparently wasn’t so big for technological reasons after all, the size of this obscene length of soft ultra-cock was so vast that it thumped on my chest hard enough to threaten my lungs again, Torrin was no longer the biggest I’d ever seen.

3. I got real wet.

“What the f–” he was too startled and confused to finish the thought. I should back up now and mention that Bianca comes from a species that might very well be extinct. We’ll get to more on that later, but the vast majority of people in the universe have no idea that anything like her even exists, and it makes her more than a little scary to behold. She lifted her shirt and flashed her tiny thimble-tits (well, huge for her frame) at him before spiraling out of range of any retaliation.

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