Fireside Lounge


The lounge was perfect. The bar itself was lit the brightest, and that was very minimal by most standards. Small candles sat in the center of each table, flickering gently in the manmade breezes. Each of these small tables had two chairs, intimately placed next each other. Against the walls were large, overstuffed leather loveseats with slightly larger tables accompanying them. Ornamental trees and flowering bushes were strategically placed near and between the tables to add to the mood of privacy. A fireplace five feet wide with a view from all angles was built into the center of the room. Flames licked out at the air in a slow and mesmerizing dance of seduction while the longing desire of a saxophone wafted through the air, searching for the beat of a lonely heart. Yes, the Fireside Lounge was perfect.

I had told him to meet me at the last loveseat in the back. I would be wearing red and would be expecting him to greet me with a good stiff drink. I finished my second martini ten minutes before he was expected. I was a bit nervous, meeting him for the first time like this. I reapplied my glossy bright red lipstick and mentally went over my checklist. The room was on the top floor and overlooked the lake. The king size bed was perfect with the wrought iron posts and multitude of pillows. Large mirrors hung above the bed, patiently awaiting the new guests, which would be reflected in a performance so perfect, that they wouldn’t miss a movement. Through the hall was the brightly lit, spacious marble bathroom.

Mirrors adorned the walls throughout. Double sinks were evenly spaced apart, as were the showerheads in the 8-foot wide shower. Marble benches sat inside the shower, across from the clear sliding glass doors. Directly across from the bathroom entrance was a double door. Through these doors was another marble room. Exactly in the center of this large room was a gigantic Jacuzzi. Two marble benches, which matched the ones in the shower, were placed to the sides of the hot tub. A built in closet held a large supply of towels. If one preferred, the fireplace across from the double doors could be lit for that added romantic flair.

So here I was in this fireside lounge, awaiting a man who knew next to nothing about who I was in real life. He knew very few of those details which makes a person who they are. All he knew of me was what I allowed to be known. In the late night hours as our fingers danced across the keyboards of our computers, we typed the words which made our hearts beat furiously and our groins ache with a want which, until then, we had no idea was possible. Was I totally insane? This man could be a murderer! Worse yet… He could be my BOSS! I shuttered at that thought and shook the indecision from my nerves. My martini glass was cleared away and I sat looking in the direction of the entrance. The darkness of the bar along with the seclusion that the plants and bushes provided, blocked the doorway from my line of vision. The sax continued to play and in the distance, I could hear the lyrical laugh of a woman and a deeper chuckle of a man.

I took another deep breath and glanced down at my long red fingernails. The outfit I chose to wear was bought for this specific night. My straight black hair caressed my smooth and bare shoulders, which were sprinkled gently with tiny brown freckles. My red leather bustier was held together snugly with 15 tiny buttons sewn in a way as to show skin between them and the fabric.

My breasts, also dotted with kisses from the summer sun, were full, round, and slightly exposed above the cut of the tight leather. My cleavage was perfectly glittered and inviting. The skirt, also red and leather, had five buttons on each side and also allowed a peek at my tanned, healthy skin. The skirt was short. Very short. If I were to move just a little in just about any direction too quickly, I would be wearing a belt instead of a skirt! My legs, long and strong were tanned to a golden perfection and were allowed to be free of fabric. My high heels were four inches and the same red leather as the outfit. Normally I would not wear heels at all, not wanting to add to my already five-foot 7-inch stature. However, on this night, I was ready to be tall and slightly intimidating.

I could feel him in the room seconds before I saw him. The hairs on the back of my neck stood out and my pulse quickened. I took a deep breath and looked up. The man was wearing a blue dress shirt and dress pants, just as he said he would. His brown hair was deep and wavy, nearly to the point of being curly. His pace slowed slightly as he looked directly at me. I could tell by his body language that he was extremely pleased at what he saw. His slow and purposeful movements seemed to melt into the flickering dance of the firelight and were in a perfect surreal beat with the saxophone. His smile was formed by very full and sexy lips and was adorned by glistening white teeth. He paused as he stood in front of me and waited for some sort of reaction or introduction from me.

I quickly gathered my composure and pleasant surprise. I put my game face on looked up at him through long eyelashes, allowing my blue eyes to ask him to join me. demetevler escort He placed one martini on the table and raised his own to me in a toasting gesture. I picked mine up, nodding slightly, allowing a smile to play at the corners of my lips before I took a sip.

We sat at the table on the loveseat for a short while, saying not a word to each other. We both knew there was no need for polite conversation. We agreed to meet for one reason, and that was to fuck. We wanted to experience that mysterious person responsible for all those late night orgasms in the light of the computer monitor. I finished my drink, stood and began to walk toward the exit of the bar. There was no need to see if the man was following; I could feel him staring at my statuesque form as I swayed through the room before him.

The elevator, sensing our silent urgency, seemed to glide through the shaft quickly and smoothly. My heart was pounding hard enough to quicken my breath and cause my breasts to heave gently to the pressure of the motion. I lead him through the dimly lit corridor of the hotel, stopping abruptly at the door, which would be opened by my key.

I walked in ahead of him, becoming queen of my domain. The high heels, leather outfit and red lipstick made the strong, sexy dominating woman in me take complete control of the situation. I walked over to the bed and waited for him to join me. I could feel my slick black hair tickling my shoulders again and loved the sensation.

He stood before me, smelling sexy and masculine. I grabbed his blue dress shirt and with fine expertise unbuttoned the front quickly and with no hesitation. I pulled the shirttails out of his pants and pulled it off his shoulders, entrapping his wrists in the still buttoned cuffs behind his back. Grabbing his belt with a bit of force, I pulled at it and then unfastened his pants. His bare skin showed beneath the fabric, revealing the lack of underwear. Fine brown curls met my fingertips as I moved beneath his pants to feel his excitement. Sometime in the following moments, I removed his shoes, socks and pants, allowing them to fall where they may, decorating the room in abandonment. His hands were still behind his back, being held by the cuffs of the shirt when I nudged him enough to make him fall onto the large bed.

I stood next to the bed, feeling more female and in control than I had in my entire life. I could feel my skin growing hot and my pussy throb with anticipation. I looked down at this virtual stranger and smiled as I bent down and picked up a box. I could feel his eyes following me and linger on my ass. Knowing I had his full attention, I opened the box to my toys. He watched with a slightly anxious expression as I pulled out 2 sets of handcuffs. I dangled them inches from his face, getting wetter and wetter as I proceeded to straddle his chest. I knew without looking that he was a little scared and a lot turned on. I released his wrists from the expensive fabric of his shirt only to recapture them with the cold hard metal of the cuffs. The clicking of the metal locking in place seemed to resonate in the room. His wrists, first one and then the other, became the prisoner of the wrought iron bedposts. I could feel the skin on his chest grow damper by the second with pussy juices. I was so turned on, I wasn’t sure I could remain in complete control.

As I looked down at this man’s face, I stood on the bed, still straddling his naked and vulnerable body. I could tell he was nervous, a little scared and extremely turned on. I stood tall and raised my arms above my head, placing my palms flatly against the mirrored ceiling. He was looking up at my tall and sexy figure when I allowed him a brief peek up my tiny red leather skirt. Knowing that he could see my swollen, throbbing, hot pussy lips, cleanly shaved and recently pierced made me even wetter than before.

Walking backward, with my hands still above me on the mirrors, I took a long and sultry look at this sexy body beneath me. As my high heels lightly touched his muscular and hairy calf, I gazed upon his rock hard cock. It stood at attention, as if a soldier on the war front. I spotted droplets of precum and I felt a desire grow inside to bend down and lick it from the tip of his dick with the tip of my tongue. I longed to taste the sticky moisture of what was to “cum”. Gathering my façade of dominatrix, I stepped off the bed and reached for my box of toys again.

I grabbed a bright red leather blindfold and smiled my most tantalizingly wicked smile I could muster. Walking up to the foot of the bed, I could tell this man was seriously beginning to question his decision to join a strange woman with whom he hadn’t even shared one full sentence that night. I relished the idea that he was nervous and a little scared of me. My black hair hung freely, framing my face as I bent toward his face and presented the blindfold. I lowered my full lips to his and kissed him hard and with a fiery passion he could feel deep with his groin. My tongue searched out his, tasting the lingering flavor of a martini from an eternity ago.

I pulled away, smiling inwardly at the smudged red lipstick dikmen escort on his lips. Slipping the red band of leather over his eyes and then behind his head, I could feel his body tense. I knew from our chats that he was living a fantasy he had never experienced; and with all fantasies, there is some fear and panic as they are turned to hot reality. I imagined that at this moment, this stranger was so close to losing it and at the same time so scared he might cry out, that he was in an incredibly delicious tangle of emotions. This thought made me feel even more excited over being in control. I was so hot and wet, and my blood was beating through my veins with such force, I thought I might actually come right there and then pass out! I was more turned on than I had ever been.

Returning to my box, I retrieved a long red feather and a small cat of nine tails. Allowing the feather to gently play with the hairs on his legs gave this man goose bumps from his neck to his ankles. I lead the feather up to his thighs and then bypassed his cock so as to play with the flatness of his stomach and the masculinity of his chest. The feather tickled his sides and added to the already prevalent goose bumps. Just then, I grasped my whip with a little force and brought it down with a sturdy SWACK! His body tightened as a muffled yelp made its way into the room. Small red lines were presenting themselves on his left thigh. I moved the feather, allowing the softness to caress the newly tender skin. I looked up at the ceiling mirrors and could feel myself get even more turned on by our reflections. I took the whip and presented another slap with the strings of leather, enjoying the quickness of the red streaks on his right thigh and then the raised hairs as I caressed again with the feather.

I took special care to pay attention to the status of his cock. Leading the strings of the whip to his rock hard dick, I watched as his member raised and lowered with muscle contractions as I traced the strings on his sensitive skin. The precum which had beaded up before had sense dried and been replaced several times. His balls were hard and swollen and I just knew they were about ready to burst with so much cum they ached.

I was taking great pleasure in my ability to hold such power over this man. His breathing was hard and fast. His moans were escaping against his will and his dick had been rock hard from the moment I removed his pants. I stood above him again and straddled his naked hips. Raising my skirt enough to allow mobility, I bent my legs. Allowing my soaked pussy lips to gently brush the tip of his sticky cock was almost too much for him to handle. My shaved pussy brushed the soft skin covering the hard dick that was ready to shoot cum out at any moment. I loved holding this power!

I walked over to the nightstand and grabbed a cube of ice from the ice bucket. In a long and graceful motion, I slid the freezing block of water down this man’s chest, over his stomach, up one side and down the other of his cock, over his balls, and then trading off and on, I gave his legs and feet the same treatment. I watched as his dick shrunk a bit from the cold shock and then almost as quickly grow hard again. I took the whip and brought it down upon his chest and quickly brought my moist, hot mouth to the red marks. I licked them and then allowed my mouth to lead me to his patch of curls. I could smell the combined musk of our bodies and feel the heat of his desire.

I sucked on the ice cube for a moment while I caressed his tight and full balls with my long red nails. As I lowered my mouth, I felt my lips being pushed apart by his swollen mushroom tip. At last I felt his precum on my lips and tongue. The taste was very subtle and made me want to suck the real, hot, thick, and tasty cum out of his balls through the hole in the head of his swollen, huge cock. At that moment, I wanted that more than anything else in my life.

Just then, a light tap on the door made this man tense immediately. I walked over to the door, noting that my visitor was just on time. He was 6′ 8″ tall with gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes. We had been friends for many years and occasional “relief lovers” from time to time. He smiled at me, approving with his eyes the leather and heals. I smiled my sexiest smile and motioned for him to enter the room. I knew he could smell the sex in the room and would be eager to add his own to the mix.

Just then, the stranger on the bed made a sound between a whimper and a yell. No doubt he was uneasy and wanting to know what the hell was going on. I felt a bit of the dominatrix-bitch click in and I commanded that he keep still and quiet and all would be revealed when I felt the time was right. Naturally, he did as he was told.

I led my friend over the bed and stood him in front of me as I sat on the edge of the bed. I reached over and removed the blindfold from my new lover and moved a finger to my pursed lips, telling him to be quiet. My friend undid his pants and pushed them down to his knees and moved closer to me. I brought my hands to his ass cheeks and squeezed my nails into the tender flesh, pulling his groin into elvankent escort my face. My mouth opened eagerly as I took his meaty flesh into my mouth. I brought my lips to the base of his dick, being sure to suck his tip just hard enough. I could feel his cock grow inside my mouth and the helmet hit the back of my throat. I moved my mouth away, watching his face as I sucked on his member from the base to the head 3 or 4 times repeatedly. I moved my hands to cup his sack and felt my clit grow and begin to throb as I massaged his nuts and sucked his cock. Now and then I glanced over at the stranger in my hotel bed, noting his rock hard boner and the glazed-over look of pure sexual hunger on his face.

Just as my friend was getting closer and closer to squirting his load down my throat, I pulled away a lay back on the bed, spreading my curvy legs out before him. He smiled down at me and climbed on top, thrusting his cock into my hot, wet, throbbing, aching cunt until the head crashed violently into the back walls of my pussy. A gasp and small yelp escaped my mouth from the shock, the force and the satisfaction of having a dick inside me. I made a conscious effort to look up into the mirrored ceiling and make long eye contact with the man I had just met in person for the first time an hour and a half earlier. Each time I locked eyes with him, I could see his own get wilder with pure lust and that made me thrust my cunt against my friend even more.

I heard my voice, thick with lust and short of breath to tell my friend to come in me now! I wanted to feel his dick shoot a huge load into my hot and swollen cunt, throbbing and pulsating until every last drop was out of his sack and in me. I wanted to feel his heat and know that his cum was filling every crevice and fold in my pussy and try as I might, I’d never hold it all inside. I wanted to feel his seed drip down the skin of my shaved pussy and make its way slowly to my awaiting ass hole. Just then, I heard a groan from above me and with one final, powerful, painful thrust, I felt cum spray my insides and felt the pulsating cock as it forced every last drop of hot, sticky seed into my overflowing cunt.

He stood and smiled down at me and with a wink he pulled his pants up and silently walked out into the corridor of the hotel, never to be seen by the handcuffed man on the bed again. I smiled to myself as I felt the cum inside me try to escape through my tightened cunt.

I looked up into the mirrors again and caught the sex-filled gaze of the tortured man I brought in to this room. I smiled at him in a very devilish manner. I stood once again, still in my red leather and heels, to straddle his hips. He looked up at me in silence, though his eyes were begging for release. I raised my skirt to my waist, showing him my perfect and bald pussy. He noticed how pink and puckered my lips were and then I saw by his expression, he spotted the white, thick wad, which drenched my lips and inner thighs. I moved my fingers down, parting my lips to expose my swollen and tender clit, which was also covered in cum. I parted my lips even more, showing him my stretched and used pussy gushing with that man’s wad. Moving my free hand down and back, I slid 3 of my manicured fingers into my cunt, feeling the cum swim around my fingers as I moved them deeper inside.

Below my parted pussy lips on the bed was a rock hard dick, aching to be put inside my sticky cunt. I watched as a few drops of seed fell down and landed on his cock and bed of curls. I was about to go crazy from wanting to fuck him! I lowered down onto his dick, swallowing him with my gushing, hot, stretched and used snatch. I felt a second rock hard cock in my pussy in less than 10 minutes and I was about to cum right then.

I felt his dick get even harder as I moved my hips against his. I was so lost, experiencing the smells, squishy sounds and the feeling of his dick pushing someone else’s cum deeper into me and out of me that I was taken off guard by his own coming. His body tightened and convulsed almost in a painful manner. He cried out in a glorious release as I felt, once again, cum shoot fiercely into my body. I kept my rhythm going as I rode his cock until he had nothing more to give me and I could hear him begging for mercy. The feel of the two different wads mixing inside me and being pushed deep inside by his dick was such an incredible turn on that I could feel my clit quiver and quake on it own!

I pulled off him, to his relief and moved upward to his face. Knowing his hands were still cuffed to the bed, I took advantage of my obvious power and straddled his face. I looked down at his face as I lowered my cum-dripping, sticky, heady smelling, hot pussy to his mouth. I moved my clit to his lips and when I felt his tongue stick out and poke at it hungrily; I felt my entire body shutter. The thought of his tongue on my twice-soaked clit made me dizzy as I gyrated against his mouth, feeling my body quake and shake and convulse as I came, forcing my drenched cunt all over his face. Knowing how my friend’s and his own cum along with my sweet pussy juices were covering his face made me come even harder. As I was finishing one orgasm, I felt my body tense as it prepared to come again. I could hear his muffled, strained breathing from the folds of my lips and I knew that there was a hell of a lot of cum inside my pussy that was definitely pouring out of me, onto his face, into his mouth and making his breathing difficult.

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