Halloween Fantasy


This is my first attempt at writing anything on here, It was written for someone I know, and I am putting it on here at their request.

It’s after Halloween, the trick or treaters are all gone and I have just settled down after a long night of handing out treats. My adorably cute plump maid Kathy arrives to help clean up things; I told her she could have the night off, but she insisted on coming. She said she had some special treats for me this Halloween night.

My mind is stirring with what she may have in mind, you see, she is more than just my maid, she is a dear close friend. I have shared much with her, my hopes, dreams, and fantasies.

I sit in my chair to try to relax as she cleans. As she bends over to straighten the bed I see her bare bottom and nice hairy bush. Aaahhh what a nice ass. She turns to me knowing I am looking and gives me a big grin. I am sure she knows the effect this is having on my cock.

As she continues to straighten she is constantly giving me views. Jutting her breasts out, bending over constantly so I can see her perfectly ankara yabancı escort shaped ass cheeks, or her beautiful cleavage.

She stops briefly to check herself in the mirror running her hands through her hair, then down her body, slowing lifting up the back of her short skirt. She then runs her hands over her breasts making sure everything is in place. She turns to me smiling and lift up the front of her skirt for my gaze. Her mound is beautiful, pitch black hair surrounds her hot moist pussy. I can smell her sex, smell how turned on she is after displaying herself for me.

“You like?” she asks coyly.

“Very much,” I reply

“Is there anything else you would like me to finish off?”

I know what she is getting at, but I want to play coy. Knowing how chocolate and wine affect her and looking at the bowl of a few unfinished candies; I ask her if she would like to sit down to join me in finish them off and the last of the wine.

“Yes sir,” she replies.

I feed her bahçelievler escort the last of the candies and wine. She lets a little wine dribble out of her mouth and onto her succulent breasts. “Oops..looks like I wasted a little,” she cooos.

I hungrily kneel down and lick the last of the wine off of her now sweating tits.

She asks if there is anything else she could polish off and clean while she is here.

I move her to the edge of the bed and pull out my hard throbbing 9″ cock. “Yes there is one last thing.”

She eyes it and wraps her hand around it slowing pumping it up and down all the way to my balls, “Take off your pants and underwear sir.” I quickly remove and discard them to the other side of the room.

Kathy is hot and starts fingering herself as I stand in front of her, waiting, wanting, needing her to finish me off.

She starts out pumping my cock again up and down from the tip to the balls, while fingering herself with her other hand. She then switches hands, balgat escort the one now soaking wet from womanhood pumps me, and plays with the tip. Looking up at me she asks “Is this a good start sir?”

I nod.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” I moan

As she pumps my cock, Kathy coos and move her face forward, her long tongue lashing out at the tip oozing pre cum. She slowing takes me in sucking on me like she would a straw, fondling my balls. She takes her hand and moves it towards her breasts and begins playing with them, eventually taking them out of her outfit tweaking the nipples hard, her excitement building.

She works my cock in and out of her mouth faster now my one hand playing with her breasts my other on the back of her head. her hand has moved back to her quivering hairy snatch pumping it with vigor. She backs away eying the site and suckling the sensitive tip of my manhood, pumping my cock hard now, she goes back to it. I can feel myself at the back of her throat, her throat is going to take me over the edge. I ask her if she wants it in her mouth, and if she swallows….

“What kind of maid would I be if I let it go all over the place she coos back.”

I cum in her mouth with a fury never before unleashed, like a good woman and maid she sucks it all off, she cums just as I do soaking her hand in her hot juices. She pulls it out and licks it clean.

“Thank you sir,” Kathy says.

“No, Thank you,” I reply.

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