Hailey 20 – No More Secrets


“Can I come in?” Brian asked as he knocked on Hailey’s door.”Sure, come ahead,” she responded.”I was about to take a shower. I’ll just be a coupla minutes if you wanna wait.” Hailey was still wearing the same shirt she’d been wearing when she was dancing.”I really just came to check on you.””So hang for a few… When I’ve had my shower,” Hailey grinned, “I’ll tell you what’s coming down.””Sounds like it’s worth waiting for,” Brian said as he imagined how Hailey might look right out of the shower. He was still hopeful as he watched her select undergarments from a drawer and disappear into the bathroom.He only had to wait a few minutes before Hailey came out of the bathroom wearing a tantalizing bra and panty set. As she sat down at her dressing table, she turned and said, “I have a date.””With you wearing that sexy bra and panty set, I kinda guessed as much,” Brian said, a bit on the sarcastic side.Hailey reddened some, but otherwise ignored Brian’s tone. “Got a date with Justin.”Brian had been hoping that with the folks gone for another night, he and Hailey might… well he had hoped she might want to do a little ‘practicing’. His hopes dashed, Brian slipped into a minor funk, but attempting to sound upbeat, asked, “So… what are you guys going to do?”Hailey looked at Brian’s image in the mirror. “I think we’re mostly we’re going to play it by ear,” Hailey replied, watching Brian’s reaction in her mirror.”You have been warned about him,” Brian snapped.Hailey turned and declared in an assertive voice, “I am leaving home a virgin and I will return a virgin.””You may remain a virgin, but if I know Justin, you are going to learn things tonight they don’t teach in sex-ed.””Well, if it’s anything I haven’t learned in our ‘practices’, I’ll be sure and tell you about it – that is, if you’re still up when I get home.” Hailey was applying lip gloss and stayed focused on her own image in the mirror. Just then the doorbell rang. “Shit, he’s early. Go keep him company while I finish dressing.”Brian got up from his chair and bowed low, sweeping an imaginary hat across the floor, “As you say ma’am,” he said, snickering as he backed out the door.Brian ushered Justin in like a long lost step-brother. “She’s putting the icing on the cake. Said she’ll be ready in a couple of minutes.””I’m glad you’re okay with this,” Justin said testing the water.”Well, Ankara bayan escort I’d rather see her out with you than some dork I hardly know.” Brian responded, not really believing what he was saying. “You are going to behave yourself, aren’t you?”Hailey came into the room. “Okay, I’m ready to go.” As Justin stood, Hailey took him by the arm and led him toward the door.While being ushered out of the house, Justin assured Brian, “I’ll take good care of her.””You better,” Brian shouted as the door closed behind them.Interesting, Brian mused. The skirt might have been a little on the tight side, but it’s likely something she has for school. And even wearing a bra too, very Mary Poppins-ish.Brian chuckled to himself. Justin has met his match, he concluded.*****Hailey’s khaki skirt was mid-thigh length and very tight. Justin was sure that watching her get into the car was going to be interesting.”Hold this,” Hailey said, pressing her purse into Justin’s hands, “and turn around until I get in.””I’ll hold the purse,” Justin responded, “but I’m going to watch.”And I do want him to watch. Feigning anger, Hailey took hold of the bottom of her skirt with both hands and lifted it up her legs until her panties were barely covered. She sat sideways in the seat. Before swinging her legs in, she treated Justin to a picture of her inner thighs and satin panties. Not bothering to reposition her skirt, Hailey held her hand out to Justin for her purse.Justin stood holding the door, open-mouthed at what he had seen and was still seeing. This could be an interesting evening. He handed Hailey her purse and closed the door.When Justin opened the driver-side door, he expected to find that Hailey had pulled her skirt down. He was shocked to see that she hadn’t though. His cock hardened at the inviting display of thighs and panties.Justin was so distracted by Hailey’s flaunting of her charms though, that he ran over the curb and nearly took out the mailbox, just getting out of the driveway. “Are you going to be able to drive or do I have to pull my skirt down?” Hailey asked with a chuckle.”Uh, I’ll be okay,” Justin replied as he forced himself to focus on the road. “It’s just that after listening to Brian’s lectures about why he didn’t want me to date you… well, I’m…””Surprised?” Hailey finished.”Yeah… surprised.” Escort bayan Ankara Justin confirmed. “Brian… does he…””Know how I really am?” she finished again. “He must after that dance I did in front of his friends this afternoon.””That was hot. We were all a little surprised.””Me too… surprised mostly by how comfortable it felt.””And Brian… he not only seemed comfortable with his friends, uh… egging you on. Pretty sure he got kinda excited himself.””Yeah, I think he did.” Hailey pulled her legs up straight against the seat, more completely exposing her thighs and panties. Justin took his eyes off the road to look in Hailey’s direction, swerved and nearly drove off the road. “Watch where you’re going,” Hailey shouted, feigning ignorance of what had distracted him.”There was something in the road,” Justin lied, “I had to swerve to keep from hitting it.” He glanced over at the delicious sight in the passenger seat but was careful this time to keep the car pointed in the right direction.Hailey continued, “I mean, I have told Brian about my dates, not that I’ve had that many, and I don’t tell him every detail, just the good stuff.” She paused before going on. “Anyway, I’m sure he knows that I don’t want to live in a nunnery.””You really do tell him about your dates? You going to tell him about this one?””But of course; I’m sure he’ll be dying to hear about my date with his best friend.”Justin stopped the car in front of the movie theater. “You get out here. I’ll park the car,” he said, then watched as Hailey opened the door and swung her legs onto the sidewalk.”I’m leaving my purse on the floor so be sure and lock the car,” Hailey said as she got out of the car and closed the door.Justin joined Hailey at the front of the theater. After acquiring a bucket of popcorn and a couple of giant drinks, he ushered her inside. Once able to see reasonably, they ventured down the aisle and slid into a row that looked to be mostly deserted, choosing a spot in the midst of several open seats.Unlike when she had sat down in the car, Hailey raised her skirt only an inch or so, just enough to allow her to sit down comfortably. Once seated, however, Hailey’s hands dropped to her lap and unhooked one button after another until she was able to spread her legs in a more relaxing manner.Justin’s hand, the Bayan escort Ankara one closest to her, rested briefly on her own, but quickly slipped into her lap, through the opening in her skirt, and came to rest on her bare thigh, a scant couple of inches from her already damp panties. Both continued looking toward the screen, seemingly oblivious to the intimate contact that had just been initiated.Justin sensuously stroked Hailey’s inner thighs. Hailey undid the fourth, fifth and sixth buttons on the skirt. Justin’s fingers took advantage and quickly felt the dampness of Hailey’s panties. “My God!” she thought as Justin’s fingers began to creep under the edge of her panties. Can’t let him be doing something I wouldn’t let Brian do. She jerked forward in the seat and slapped her hand down on Justin’s. “Stop,” she said, “We’ve got to stop.”Justin stared in shock. Already that day Justin had seen Hailey in a towel and braless in a thin old shirt. She had come surprisingly close to baring her breasts to him and his friends that afternoon, and now she had let him put his hand between her legs and very nearly orgasmed. He really didn’t want to stop, but he also didn’t want to jeopardize the future.Hailey removed Justin’s hand from between her legs. She snuggled into him and led his arm around her shoulder. Throughout the remainder of the movie she held his hand lightly against her breast, creating a moderate level of intimacy but preventing any serious arousal.As the credits flashed across the screen, Hailey stood and led Justin up the aisle and into the light of the lobby. “You get the car and I’ll meet you outside. I need to stop in the ladies’ room. Meet you in front.” Hailey gave Justin a look that said he would not be disappointed.After relieving herself Hailey looked at herself in the mirror. The bottom six of the skirt’s ten buttons remained undone and although this created a gap in the tight skirt, if she was careful with how she walked and moved, her panties and the upper half of her thighs would remain covered. She closed one more button to be on the safe side. Then reaching under her sleeveless blouse, Hailey was able to remove her bra without removing her blouse. When Hailey got to the curb, Justin was just pulling up. She opened the door and with the bottom five buttons of her skirt still undone, was able to swing her legs into the car and close the door. She reached for her purse to put away the bra.It did not escape Justin’s notice that Hailey’s skirt was still pretty much unbuttoned to the extent it had been in the movie house. He also noticed her tuck something into her purse. “What is that you’re putting away,” he asked.

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