Go Market Yourself


Cindy Raphaels looked in the mirror and smiled. It was an image that she had never quite seen looking back at her. And she liked it. She liked it so much she lifted her tight black mini-skirt and rubbed the thick dildo over her freshly shaved pussy. There were no panties to move out of the way to do so.

This was a definite no-panty evening, her first.

This promised to be a night of a lot of firsts for normally shy Cindy. Her thick, thimble-like nipples on her small A-cup breasts distended through the material of her sleeveless blouse as she forced the toy deeper into her glistening quim. All in preparation for her plan.

Revenge fucking was the sweetest fucking of all, she mused, pinching her nipples with one hand while frigging her barely-used cunt under the skirt with the other.

Exhibiting the self-restraint that Cindy was admired for, yet had come to detest, she stopped her self-pleasure just on the verge of cumming. She wanted to be on edge to serve as motivation for the proper execution for her master plan.

She smoothed her skirt down over her long, athletic legs, noting that the pools of her desire were cascading down from her slit and onto the lacy tops of her ebony thigh highs. The smell of her arousal permeated the small, musky North Jersey hotel room across the street from the office party that was already taking place to celebrate her co-worker’s promotion to the buying offices in New York City.

That rightfully should have been my job, Cindy said to herself, mussing her short blonde hair into a wild mane, like a white lioness. She slipped on the five-inch pair of satin stilettos, raising her height on her rail-thin frame to well over six-feet tall.

The exaggerated make-up, blood red lipstick and thick mascara she adorned this evening could have easily made her worthy of being in a Manhattan runway show, at least for tonight. She augmented her look with a pair of librarian-like horn-rimmed eyeglasses. After all, Cindy giggled inwardly, what man can resist shooting his load onto the lenses of a blonde’s eyewear?

Inside the lively tavern across the parking lot, Ron Ward sat nursing his Cutty and water and watched Linda Jarvis hang onto her boyfriend’s beefy biceps. Linda had fucked her way into the premature promotion, which was Ron’s typical litmus test for holding the fate of ambitious young ladies’ ascent from department managers in the suburban stores to ritzy assignments in the tony buying offices of Macestrom’s department stores in the Big Apple.

More accurately, Linda had repeatedly fucked Ron to move ahead of the pack of more qualified and tenured candidates, including Cindy Raphaels. Ron was taking perverse glee tonight at the celebration for Linda’s career gain, knowing that the dumb-ass boyfriend was blissfully unaware of Ron’s clandestine affair his slutty girlfriend, half Ron’s age.

Ron ran his fingers through his neatly coiffed salt-and-pepper hair and tried to suppress his giggle as he thought of the old joke, the one that went like this:

The executive couldn’t decide between three equally capable candidates for a job. So, he called them all in and explained his conundrum to the women, and gave them a tie-breaking question to test their morals and ability to think on their feet under fire.

The question he posed to them was, “If you tried to withdraw one hundred dollars from an ATM after banking hours, and the machine instead spit out a thousand dollars, yet credited your account only for the original one hundred, what would you do?”

Candidate number one didn’t hesitate. “I would go to the bank first thing in the morning to return the money.”

Number two responded, having the benefit of one-upsmanship, “I wouldn’t wait until morning in the event that the machine continued to make erroneous transactions all night. I would call the 800 number on the back of my ATM card and immediately report the error.

Number three replied, with an evil smile, “What’s mine is mine. I’ve been screwed by banks many times before. This was their mistake, not mine. I’d keep it.”

So, which one got the job?

Why, the one with the biggest tits, of course.

Ron always liked that joke, gazing at Linda’s ample tits nudging into her boyfriend’s arm. He liked it a lot. Which went a long way to explaining why Ron’s division of Macestrom’s always had the bustiest group of assistant buyers in the industry, including the newest addition to the team, Linda Jarvis and her 38D’s.

Cindy Raphaels didn’t know that particular joke, but she knew one thing. Tonight, the joke would be on Ron Ward and Linda Jarvis.

Heads, including Ron’s and Linda’s hunky boyfriend, turned on cue when Cindy entered the bar. The volume in the previously loud room softened noticeably, enough for the clack of Cindy’s heels to echo from the hardwood floors to the low ceiling of the smoky tavern.

One lone wolf whistle escaped from the corner as Cindy swung her torso onto a barstool and crossed and uncrossed her legs enough to display smooth, bare white gaziantep bayan escort skin above the thigh high tips. Her nipples now literally ached with desire, and threatened to poke holes in the blouse. Headlights are most definitely on high, Cindy thought, knowing that if her plan went well, she would soon be the smallest breasted assistant buyer in Ron’s division.

Thank God for long legs and big nipples, she thought, ordering a shot of tequila to calm her nerves. She slammed it down and felt the burn in her belly match the fire in her cunt. “Another,” she demanded from the bartender, who eagerly complied.

“On the house, pretty lady,” the barkeep announced. “Legs like that drink for free in my house.” He said that while staring blatantly while her poured the Cuervo, only his eyes were emblazoned not on Cindy’s legs but on her nipples.

The outlines of Cindy’s disproportionately large and dark areolas were clearly visible. Though pale in complexion, Cindy had almost chocolate brown areolas. A freak of tit-genetics, Cindy reasoned, motioning with her smoky brown eyes for one more fresh shot.

She licked her lips after polishing off the third strike and swung her barstool in the direction of Linda Jarvis, or more specifically, her open-mouthed boyfriend. She grinned at Linda’s man and parted her legs as Linda leered at Cindy in a combination of anger and disbelief.

Anger, because Cindy was stealing Linda’s show, and Linda didn’t like it when she wasn’t the main source of attention.

Disbelief, because this couldn’t really be conservative, quiet, socially awkward Cindy Raphaels, could it? The one who managed the domestics department and dressed as an old schoolmarm, while the other young hotties worked in the fashion and accessories sections and attired themselves accordingly, in the trendiest fashions, pushing the envelope on acceptable dress code on a daily basis.

This was a new Cindy Raphaels, Linda quickly decided, a suddenly worthy rival. It was a good thing that her promotion was already signed, sealed, and delivered, because Linda realized that a beautiful butterfly had decided to shed its cocoon.

Even Linda herself had to concede that Cindy had stolen the spotlight tonight, which made her even angrier, especially when her boyfriend asked softly, without turning his head from Cindy’s parted legs, “Um, who’s that blonde at the bar, honey? I don’t think I recognize her. Does she work with you?” Linda pinched his arm so hard she enticed a bruise on his sculpted skin.

On the other side of the bar, at a table of fledgling department managers who were desperately trying to barter their way into Ron Ward’s good graces, the division head looked on the scene with a measure of disbelief that rivaled Linda’s.

He tried to remain his composure while acting like he was listening to the trite banter of his minions. “Jesus Christ, Cindy, where the hell have YOU been? What an outfit. Who knew?” He excused himself and sauntered up to Cindy at the bar.

Cindy saw him coming and wondered silently what had taken so long for the experienced predator to pounce. She cocked her head towards Ron coquettishly while still positioning her spread legs so that they gave Linda’s boyfriend an unfettered view up her skirt.

“Hi, Ron. So nice of you to drop by.” Cindy cooed at her boss, flicking her manicured nails through a shock of blonde curls. She stood finally, strategically, so that she towered over the older, smaller man, symbolically establishing physical dominance, at least vertically.

“Cindy, my God.” Ron gushed, for the first time initiating small talk with the manager he had passed over for many a career opportunity. “You look sensational. Is this the new you?”

Ron knew instantly that he had said the wrong thing, which was out of character for the usually suave and charming vice president. Cindy’s eyes narrowed in a flash of resentment. it wasn’t going to be easy to carry out her plan with a man she detested as much as Ron. She decided to parry his unintended condescension with a bluntness that was similarly out of character for Cindy.

She practically sneered down at the man who held the key to her career success, at least for the time being. “No, Ron,” she sniffed. “This is the real me. The one who is going to fuck any man she chooses to this evening.” She watched him inhale involuntarily at her boldness, so she continued.

“Just as I do on most Friday nights. And tonight……..” Cindy paused dramatically, for effect, and returned her gaze to Linda Jarvis’ table. “….Tonight, I think I’m going to fuck Linda’s hot boyfriend.” Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ron’s shoulders’ sag almost imperceptibly. Realizing she had roped in the sex addict, she then detonated her main weapon.

She smiled at Ron almost out of the pity and peered down at him. Funny, isn’t it, how a pair of rock-hard nipples, a tight miniskirt, and an attitude could change the power structure of the relationship in a matter of minutes.

She met his eyes and saw the lustful look that Cindy had witnessed from Ron while ogling a myriad of other young subordinates. This time, that lust was directed towards Cindy. “And you, Ron. I might even consider fucking you tonight.”

She reached into her slim hip pocket and extracted a key card for the hotel room. She pressed it into the startled man’s palm, and he saw that it was for the somewhat sleazy hotel next door. Ron knew the hotel well.

“But first, you’re going to watch me seduce Linda’s boyfriend, right here, and then I’ll take him back to my room and suck his cock in front of you. Since everyone knows that Linda fucked you to get her job in the city, that shouldn’t bother you ethically, should it, Ron? After all…..,” she patted Ron’s tightening crotch with a subtle lowering of her hand below the bar. “…..Fair is fair, right?”

Cindy realized instantly that the urban legend was indeed true. The older man was hung impressively. And she already knew Linda’s boyfriend was, also, but that was another story altogether. Cindy quickly calculated that she would soon have about sixteen inches of combined cock stuffed inside of her various orifices. She should have been a slut a long time ago, she smirked to herself. This was gonna be a lot of fun, this revenge fucking stuff.

She rubbed Ron’s heavy balls through his suit pants and then maneuvered him down on the barstool that Cindy had occupied only minutes before. She tapped his thigh. “Now just sit here and watch how this improbable threesome will evolve, bossman. Something old….,” Cindy pointed towards Ron, then turned and winked at Linda, who was now nearly apoplectic with rage. Cindy then nodded towards Linda’s blushing young boyfriend. “Something new.”

Cindy continued her poetry, never wavering her stare towards the beefy soon-to-be-former boyfriend of Linda Jarvis. “Something borrowed…..” She then caressed Ron’s testicles once more, as much for spite as it was in arousal for the angry fuck Cindy was about to initiate with her boss. “And something blue,” Cindy grinned, cupping Ron’s balls through the material.

Cindy released her grip, tossled her unruly hair, and straightened the glasses on the bridge of her pixie-ish nose. “We’ll take care of that blue part soon enough. Now sit back and watch your how I’ll drag your little slut’s boyfriend away, so I can fuck you both at once next door. Sit tight. You’ll know when it’s time to follow us out. You’re a smart guy, Ron.”

She almost sneered at Ron before walking away. “Sometimes, anyway.” The insult didn’t even register with Ron as he watched Cindy’s tight, miniskirt-clad ass sashay towards Linda Jarvis’ table, her eyes locked on the bulging crotch of her significant other.

Cindy wasted no time initiating the first verbal strike. She had waited a long time to one-up Linda Jarvis, and Cindy knew a few things that Linda never would have imagined. She ignored Linda completely, throwing her head back dismissively as she passed Linda and addressed the sexy muscle-bound young man she recognized from their frequent webcams.

Cindy never showed her face during their video masturbation sessions, but insisted on seeing the face of the well-endowed man who now sat in front of Cindy. “Hello, Leo,” Cindy said, as innocently as she could muster. “It’s so nice to finally meet you in person.”

It was difficult for Cindy to tell whose face flushed more deeply, Leo’s or Linda’s, but it was inconsequential. Her mark had already reached ground zero. “Uh, do..do I know you?” Leo stammered in a quivering voice, clearly caught in a emotional dichotomy.

Cindy looked at him in mock surprise. “Well, yes, Agent Eight Inch,” Cindy said quietly, calling him by his apt moniker on the adult website. “I’m disappointed that you didn’t recognize the cunt that you’ve been drooling over on-line for the last month or so.” The realization hit Leo, a/k/a Agent Eight Inch, like the proverbial ton of bricks.

“Yep, I’m Elsa the Lioness,” Cindy introduced herself by her own on-line tag name, which she had chosen from the female lioness in the movie Born Free, which Cindy thought was symbolic to christen her new-found sexual awakening.

“Do you think I just spread my legs for strangers? Isn’t that what we talked about, one of your fantasies, to meet me in this bar while I seduced you in front of your bitchy girlfriend?”

Cindy acknowledged Linda for the first time and shrugged her slender shoulders. “His words, not mine.” Linda gasped and jumped up from her seat, recoiling in disgust, her night ruined, her relationship irreparably shattered.

“Not that I’m arguing with the description, mind you,” Cindy said to her mortified colleague, who ran from the bar without even bothering to gather up her designer handbag. Cindy grabbed it with one hand and took Leo by the other hand, leading him towards the startled Ron Ward, who sat dumb-struck at the bar.

“Leo, this is Ron Ward, Linda’s boss and the man she’s been fucking to land her thoroughly unmerited promotion.” The men who were separated by perhaps twenty-five years looked blankly at each other.

Cindy threw Linda’s handbag over her shoulder and took Ron by the other hand. “And Ron, this is Leo, who will be your partner in fucking me silly tonight. Now, Ron, you have the room key, correct?” Ron nodded slightly, a glazed look in his eyes. “Any questions, gentlemen?”

The crowd of stunned party-goers, mostly co-workers of Cindy’s and Ron’s, and friends of Linda’s, looked on incredulously as Cindy escorted the two men out of the bar.

The short walk to the hotel went in silence. There was no need for conversation. The two men were still assessing what had just occurred, but, typical of men, that examination could wait until after the sex that was about to take place.

Cindy correctly had banked on this truism: A male will choose the promise of sex, even if it results in their self-destruction, like the praying mantis.

The female is often painted as an evil seductress, a cannibalistic lover who lures males closer only to eat them after mating. Is her reputation deserved? Does praying mantis sex always end in cannibalism of the male? Cindy had studied science, she knew the odds.

When unconfined in laboratory terrariums, the majority of praying mantis mating ends with the male flying off, unharmed. By most estimates, sexual cannibalism by praying mantis females occurs less than one-third of the time outside the lab.

Those are pretty good odds for the fellows. Praying mantis sex, it turns out, is really a rather romantic series of courtship rituals that typically ends satisfactorily and safely for both parties involved.

There is a decided advantage for the female, however, if she does decide to behead her lover. The praying mantis brain, located in his head, controls inhibition, while a ganglion in the abdomen controls the motions of copulation. Absent his head, a male praying mantis will lose all his inhibitions and consummate his relationship with wild abandon.

And what if she’s hungry? For certain, a slow moving and deliberate predator like the praying mantis is not going to pass up an easy meal. If a male makes the unfortunate choice of a hungry female for a mate, he’s probably going to be toast once they’ve mated.

Cindy was hungry, but for now, she would be satisfied with sucking on heads rather than biting them off. And when she got on her knees and extracted the respective cocks from their zippers, she was indeed ravenous.

She was already somewhat familiar with both of the cocks before her, Leo’s from their web play, and Ron’s by word of mouth.

If anything, the urban legend of Ron Ward’s dick was understated. It was truly magnificent. While Leo’s flat toned tummy only served to accentuate his impressive manhood, Ron’s paunch around his abdomen did nothing to underscore the girth that protruded from his soft belly. Yet it was a sight to behold, nonetheless.

As Cindy lowered her mouth to Ron’s shaft, she made the observation that this was quite possibly a cock that no woman could resist. Long, thick, veiny, surrounded by a tangle of salt and pepper curly pubic hairs that acted as a target for the scud missile within the jungle. She started on her boss’ experienced cock while stroking Leo’s shaft. Within seconds, she had evoked groans of pleasure from both of the Linda’s former lovers.

She gave them only one directive, as she swatted Ron’s hands from the back of her skull. “You don’t fuck my mouth,” she admonished him sternly, while also wagging a finger in Leo’s direction to make sure that he, too, understood. “I suck your cocks. Got it?” The men nodded apprehensively, not wanting to agitate their now emboldened fellatrix.

For the next ten minutes, as Ron and Leo took turns pinching Cindy’s inch-long nipples under the blouse, she brought each of them to the brink several times, and then switched to suck the alternate.

She was choreographing her two-man concerto expertly. She sucked slow, deep, she was in no hurry, she truly loved to suck dick, and had never enjoyed two at once. Even though this was ultimately an act of revenge, for Cindy, it was also going to be a night where she both provided extreme pleasure while deriving her own.

She didn’t have to ask if she was better than Linda, she wouldn’t give them the satisfaction, but she knew intuitively that the stuffy, buxom, self-absorbed Linda Jarvis would never take on the persona of dual cock whore that Cindy had now assumed.

Not surprisingly, Agent Eight Inch was the first to unload when Cindy mercifully deep-throated his rod to the point where he emitted a might roar, giving Cindy just enough warning to lift her face back and catch the majority of his seed directly on her eyeglasses.

Ron watched the incredible sight of another man shooting his cum onto the face of the young woman who was intent on getting him off as well, but he somehow held off, displaying the stamina that only a mature, experienced swordsman can. Undaunted, Cindy turned her sole attention to Ron’s remarkable member even while Leo’s sticky semen dripped from her glasses and onto Ron’s dick as Cindy sucked him more urgently now.

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