Girlfriend and her Daugther


Back when I was around 35, and between wives, I had a girlfriend, Alice, who was to say the least over sexed. One time she tried to take my dick out in a crowded restaurant to give me a blow job under the table. Alice had a 17 year old, very sexy, daughter Kim and a very gay 18 year old son Kris, that’s another story all together. Kim was a lot like her mother and as it turns out over sexed also. Even at the young age of 17 she knew how to get a guy hot and bothered. She also had a very fun habit of flirting with me and “accidently” bending over and letting me see her tits or sitting down wrong letting me see istanbul escort her panties, but this behavior seem to only happen when her mother was around. Alice had seen what she was doing also and laid down the law to me about messing around with Kim. Well one night Alice and I came in from clubbing more than a little bit drunk and as usual very horny. We were sitting around and Kim was doing her flirting sexy talking thing. Alice finally ask her if she wanted to see how the big boys get it on. Then Alice took Kim and my hand and led us to the bedroom. Kim bayan escort and I sat on the edge of the bed while Alice first put on a show stripping show then proceeded to take off my cloths. When we were naked we laid back and began making out while Kim sat beside us watching intently. I looked around to see Kim taking it all in but mainly focusing on my now rock hard 8 inch cock. Alice then started kissing her way down my stomach until she got to my rock hard cock. She then started kissing and licking my balls working her way up to the head of my dick where escort istanbul she started giving me one hell of a blow job. I check Kim out again only to see her with her right hand inside the waist band of her shorts playing with her pussy. After about a minute Alice looked up and met Kim’s eyes and asked her if she knew how to give a blow job. Kim said no, so her mom told her to come and try giving me a blow job, just do what I’ve been doing she said. Kim wasn’t all that good at sucking my dick yet but I wasn’t going to tell her to stop. In a minute or two I told them that it would be better if Kim was naked, like the rest of us, so I could play with her wonderful perky tittys. Alice helped her took off her clothes and I started playing with her perky little tits while she sucked away, Wow was that fun I love little perky tits to this day. While Kim was practicing suck my dick Alice started fingering Kim’s tight virgin pussy.

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