Drive In Movie With Kelly


It was the summer of 1978 and Kelly was continuing her daily routine of masturbating, showering, shaving her entire body, and then, masturbating again (thinking about the truckers she had flashed). But she decided to stop her sunbathing for a few days. She had a great tan (and super sexy tan lines) and she was conflicted about her brother’s friends.They were as brave as they were going to get from looking at her body. She was conflicted with wanting to show them more, maybe have more happen, and at the same time, she was disgusted with them as a bunch of hippy stoners.She skipped laying out for a week. On Monday, she laid out for an hour, but just wasn’t feeling it and went inside. Tuesday, she laid out but kept her bikini tied up. After a while, she noticed movement in the house. She kept her eyes mostly closed and finally noticed that her brother kept walking up to the slider and was watching her. Soon after she heard him drive away.As she lay there pondering how she could make something happen in her life that would satisfy her horny, sexual desires, she decided she needed a pair of mirrored sunglasses. She jumped up, ran into the house, pulled on a T-shirt and short shorts, jumped in her car and went to the store. She soon found a pair she thought would be perfect. She wore them home.Wednesday, she followed her routine and decided today she was knocking it way up a notch. She went outside, lay on the lounge chair, untied her bikini top, laid it on the ground and lay back, wearing her new mirrored shades. She noticed someone in the house at the slider. Then she bahçelievler escort prepared to wait. She thought for sure he would call his buddies and she would soon have an audience. Instead, she was very surprised and very disappointed as she heard his car drive away.’Well, fuck,’ she thought. Today was obviously a bust. Maybe tomorrow? She was enjoying the feeling of being topless and decided to untie the bottoms and pulled them off too. She rolled over and tanned her back for probably an hour. Then she rolled back over to tan her front. And then at some point, she fell asleep. She had no idea how long she had been asleep but was so groggy when she came to that she believed it had been for a long time.She realized that her left leg had dropped off the chair onto the ground. Her cunt was spread wide open. As she opened her eyes behind the shades she realized one of the guys was standing at the end of the chair and was naked and was stroking his cock!?Holy crap! What was happening? She stayed perfectly still. She could smell the pot on him. She finally figured her brother must have left, got high, and told his buddies she was topless in the backyard. Once they arrived and had somehow determined that she truly was out like a light, they had newly found bravery. She could see there were six of them and they were all naked and all stroking their dicks. They were so high, they were nuts. What if she woke up and screamed at them? Were they too high to care?She loved seeing this guy’s cock. She said it yenibosna escort was thin, but pretty long, maybe seven inches? It looked like he was going to step away. She figured they must be taking turns. He was looking right into her spread pussy. She was getting wet fast and he had to see that it was now glistening. She whispered, “Do it.” He was startled and then registered what he heard. She said it again, “Do it.”He moved closer. His shins were hitting the chair. He picked up his speed and shot his load. It didn’t go very far, just sort of fell out of his cock and was being tossed around by his hand pistoning his cock. She felt some land on her legs and feet.She could hear his buddies. “What the fuck are you doing?!” they shouted as quietly as they could.He walked over to the group and quietly said, “She told me to do it.” Another guy walked over to her. He stood by her torso and started stroking fast. She stayed perfectly still and said nothing. In a moment, his cum was flying in the air and landed on her boobs and tummy. He stepped away. Two other guys came up, one on either side of her.She noticed one had a pretty small dick and the other guy was normal size but fairly thick. The short cock guy came first and dribbled some cum on her tits. The next guy came moments later and shot a pretty huge load that he aimed right at her boobs.There were just two hard-ons left. She saw her brother walk away and go inside the house. The last guy walked up by her head. She thought he had a really strange looking şirinevler escort cock? She had never seen an uncut cock. She was fascinated by his foreskin initially covering the head of his cock and then sliding back and forth over his head as he stroked it. She made a mental note to remember to ask me about this different looking dick.He started talking to her but she remained like a statue. “You like this you little slut, don’t you? You’re just a fucking cock tease aren’t you, you slut? How do like it now, slut? Cum all over you… Take this load too!” And with that, he unloaded his cum gun on her. He blasted her face with five or six huge blasts of cum.It was all over her hair, her forehead, her cheeks, her nose, her mouth, her neck, big globs were on her sunglasses. She was looking at him through his cum on her sunglasses. She felt a stream leak its way into her ear. A big glob slid down behind her lenses and seeped into her left eye.He walked away. She just lay there, although she did lick off the cum that had landed on her mouth. Soon she heard their cars drive away. She assumed her brother had left with them. She sat up and took off her sunglasses. She licked the cum off of them. She picked up her bikini and wiped the cum from her eye. She was pretty shocked by it all and realized that she was incredibly horny and her pussy was squishy wet from her lube.She went into the house and headed to the basement. She was going to the utility room to rinse the cum from her bikini (one of the guys had also dropped a big splat on it). There is a shower down there that she was going to use to rinse the cum off her body. Her brother’s door, which was right there, was open a few inches. She stopped and looked in. He was laying on his bed, listening to music with headphones on, as he did frequently, he wasn’t wearing a shirt, and it looked like his right arm was moving. She was kind of looking over his shoulder from that angle.

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