First time crossdressing with a friend


My lovely new Malaysian friend emerged from the bathroom, moving shyly in the low light. He was wearing thigh-high stockings, cute little panties and a matching top that was tied at the front.My heart leaped at this gorgeous sight. He had advertised that he wanted to hook up with someone who appreciated fembois, and I was very eager to indulge his fantasies and mine!We had agreed that we were going to enjoy a girl’s night together, and so he started playing some lesbian porn on his computer. Then he came over to the bed and slowly sat down next to me. He had already kumköy escort bayan prepared my clothes, which were similar to his, but with a very thin and see-through top that came down to my belly button.He helped me into these things – this was my first time, and the excitement was amazing. Both our cocks were obviously engorged and aching at the sexiness of what we were doing.Once I was dressed, I couldn’t get over how sexy I felt, the light material on my skin, brushing against my nipples. It was so delicious, I closed my kumköy escort eyes and enjoyed touching myself all over for a little while, while my friend did the same.So, there we were, two ‘girls’ laying on a bed, enjoying our bodies, touching ourselves, running our hands all over our sexy bodies, and eventually touching each other.The lesbian porn was pretty good, and we broke off our attention on each other to look at it.”I wish I was her,” said my friend, indicating a gorgeous brunette who was being seduced by a gorgeous blonde with lots escort kumköy of slow petting, and kissing. “You can be, you gorgeous girl,” I said, and leaned over to kiss him.He was surprised, as was I. But he was so tempting, lying there in his sexy thigh high stockings, his bulging panties already soaked with precum. Mine were too!That unforgettable night, we copied everything those sexy lesbians did. I sucked and licked his beautiful little body all over. I especially loved his slim waist and flat tummy!We ended our ‘lesbian’ lovemaking by ‘scissoring’, but instead of rubbing our pussies together, we had our oiled and slippery cocks and balls sliding all over each other. We took turns pumping both our hot cocks together until at last, with both our hands round our entwined cocks, we both came, shooting our cum together all over our sexy bodies.

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