First Encounter Of An Online Friend


We had never met in person, but Gingersnap1993 had amazing photos online. We had been speaking for about two weeks when we decided to meet. We had used various websites, moving from a dating site, to snapchat, to texting each other almost obsessively because of the connection that we had made almost immediately. She wanted to come to my house and fulfill a fantasy of mine that I ‘d had for some time,. It was simple one, at least to me. I wanted her to go into a room and strip naked, exposing herself completely bare, then allow me to take advantage in any way that I saw fit. We had made a connection in a way that she only wanted to please me, and she had almost modified her personality to meet what I had expected. In most ways she was completely anonymous to me. Of course, we had seen each other’s bodies in photographs and were happy about that, but I had never heard her voice, never felt her skin, and in many ways she was a mystery to me. During the course of our correspondence I had told her that I was very into bondage and was interested in tying her up. She told me that she had never tried anything like that but would be open to it, with the right guy. As long as she trusted him, she was willing to try anything Karaköy escort bayan at least once. Deep in thought, I heard my doorbell ring. I had so much excitement and nervousness built up, that I almost levitated out of my seat, and broke into a cold sweat when the resounding “ding” filled my ears. I walked to the door and mustered the best smile I could, and said, “Hello, it’s very nice to meet you.” Examining her for the first time, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She had fiery red/orange hair and was wearing a v-cut shirt and tight jeans. She had voluptuous D-cup breasts and her shirt was bare at the midriff, allowing me to see that her belly button was pierced. She was wearing a dangling ring with a rose at the end. “Hello James, very nice to meet you, too,” she said with a smile that displayed white teeth. “Well, come in and we can get acquainted,” I replied, moving aside and beckoning her in. Still smiling, she walked past me and, as I closed the door, I couldn’t help but look at her succulent ass. Her thong straps were showing just above her jeans, and thinking of what they were connected to gave me an instant semi-erection. I was lost in her motion as she walked towards Escort Kayaşehir my dinning room table. “Do you mind if I sit here?” she asked, pointing towards the head of the table. “You can sit wherever you would like,” I replied almost sarcastically as I realized that I couldn’t stare at that masterpiece of an ass for ever. She sat down and I went to the kitchen. Grabbing a bottle of Grey Goose and a bottle of orange juice, I made her a Screwdriver, which during our texting, she had revealed was her favorite drink. “I hope that you like it. I mix drinks a little bit stronger than some like it,” I said. “I like strong drinks. To me it’s like foreplay: you play too long and it’s almost like that’s all you’re trying to do,” she responded and I laughed loudly. “Well I think the same. It’s fun to warm up, but it’s more fun to play the game.” We sipped our drinks and talked about our favourite movies and music but I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I wanted to stick my cock inside her. And I also thought how cool she was. After a few drinks I could feel my mind starting to slip from sobriety and into the land where dreams came true. “I need to use the restroom really fast,” I Küçükçekmece escort told my beautiful guest. “Take your time,” said Ginger. Friends called her by that name. In the restroom, I pulled out my throbbing cock and could feel how badly I wanted to make a move. Because of my nervousness I had tried to avoid the sex topic as much as I could. However, I wanted sex and decided that, when I left the room, I would make my intentions clear. I liked her as a person, but I was thinking with the wrong head. I left the restroom and as I approached the table, I saw that it was empty. Walking slowly and feeling dismay that she may have left, I looked down and saw her phone on the table. It was open to a text to me, that read:I want to help make your fantasy a reality. I’m going into the garage, and I’m going to be there for you when you are ready for me. Take your time and get what you need. My safe word is Pokemon, but you make me feel like I wont need to use it. So many emotions had gone through my body that I felt like I was on some sort of drug.  In my bedroom, I grabbed the required items that I needed for what I wanted to do. My mind was whirling, either from the alcohol, or euphoria. I wasn’t sure which. I then walked into my garage and saw something that I never thought I’d see. Ginger was on her back, naked, on my workout bench. She smiled as I entered and I let the door slam behind me, in a sort of trance as I gazed at her.She had her hands above her head, legs spread wide and her ankles dangled underneath the bench.

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