Beth and Reid – Chapter One


Beth loved her husband very much. Coming up on almost ten years of marriage, she often found herself wondering how she had been so lucky to find such an incredible man. Along with her two beautiful children she often thought that she hadn’t deserved to be so happy and yet could not help but smile and laugh at the friendship and love she enjoyed with her family. In her early thirties, Beth was a successful artist and specialised in using old, unused furniture and junk to create funky, upcycled decor. It had started as a hobby a few years earlier but thanks to a popular blog and social media presence, she was now having her items bought by international customers and wealthy celebrities. She made a more than modest living and the success of her art practice meant that she was now able to hire some art graduates to help out in her studio and also giving her the chance to spend more time at home – more time with Reid. A tall man of six foot four, she had always found him very attractive. His height towering over her had always made her feel safe rather than intimidated; along with his well-muscled arms, she would always feel the tensions and stress of the day melt away when he held her. In their younger years of dating he had been tall but lean, but now he had grown into his height, his broad shoulders and back firm to the touch with understated muscle. He had also grown a beard in the last few years and while Beth first thought she would not like it, she had found the opposite to be true. The neatly trimmed beard speckled with grey and ginger gave him a manly, rugged essence that she found surprisingly sexy. Their sex life had always been good. There had been lulls, as anyone who has been in a long term relationship would know. During both pregnancies, breastfeeding and the early years of her children, their sex life had been put on the back burner, as most new parents would attest. They had, however, kept a close physical connection through that time. Hugs, massages and shared showers saw them both through the stress and sleepless nights that parenthood brought; and while Escort Karaköy there had been sex, it had felt a little routine. It was only recently that Beth felt things were getting back to normal. With her son beginning school and her daughter out of her toddler years, Beth was finally feeling like a woman again and not just a mother. “Are you coming to bed?” Reid prompted, switching off the TV and beginning the nightly ritual of locking up the house. Beth nodded and put down the book she had been reading, a small flutter sparking in her belly. She mused idly that it had been a book that had started it all; what she had gotten into the habit of calling her awakening. She was ashamed and embarrassed to admit it but during all the hype, she had jumped on the band wagon after being lent the now cult novel 50 Shades of Grey, and by her own mother no less! An avid reader, Beth was more likely to be seen snuggling with a Sci-Fi or fantasy novel by someone like Brian Herbert or Brandon Sanderson, rather than a trashy sex novel. She had always despised romance novels with a passion but was prompted by every woman and her cat to read the now colloquial 50 Shades and so she had capitulated, if only to find out what all the fuss was about. She had found the book itself to be rather lacklustre; repetitive and poorly written. Beth felt that the author did not deserve the hype that surrounded her book but could understand how the saucy nature of the novel had led to its controversial popularity. What the book had done for Beth however was nail down something she had been trying to put her finger on for years. Beth was a Sub. Since her awakening Beth had had many ‘Aha!’ moments where things she had taken for granted suddenly made sense. She recalled times during sex with her husband where he had grabbed her a little rougher than usual, where his hands may have slid into her hair and gripped it for a moment when he was nearing orgasm and she remembered how those instances had made her breath hitch in her throat, pushed her into a higher gear Kayaşehir escort and had made her come harder and faster than other times. Being that Reid was the only man she had ever been with, she had always assumed that these feelings were the usual sexy sort of feelings one got while aroused and had never really questioned it or thought to explore them further. She knew about BDSM of course, she wasn’t naïve; but it had always been something that other people did. If you scrolled through enough porn on Redtube you would see a clip or two with people tied up or gagged but Beth had never really watched any of it, again thinking that it was something that was for others’ tastes and not hers. Thinking back that it was a pop culture phenomenon – and a poorly written one at that – that had made her realise what she was, made her internally cringe and think that she would never have any ‘street cred’ with other Doms and Subs by admitting it. Yet it had opened a window into herself that she now couldn’t close, even if she wanted to. She recalled vividly the moment she realised she was possibly a Sub. Once again it was during sex with Reid. It was nothing out of the ordinary. The kids were in bed fast asleep and they had snuggled on the couch watching funny shows and then they had gone to bed. It was usually fifty-fifty on who instigated the sex first. Sometimes a hand would creep up to wordlessly cup a breast or Beth’s hands would trace lazy circles on Reid’s bare chest, eventually travelling down underneath the blankets to find him already hard and waiting. This time had been no different, really. They began with mutually touching each other, then had swapped to Beth giving him oral. She knew many other women did not like to give head but Beth had always enjoyed it, knowing how much Reid liked it as well. They had then moved to him on top but with Beth’s legs up on Reid’s shoulders. She knew he was getting close as he was starting to breathe heavier and thrust harder and faster. It was when he had gripped her left breast hard, pinching Küçükçekmece escort bayan the nipple tighter than normal and making Beth’s breath catch with pain and delight, that little alarm bells began clanging in Beth’s brain. Reid had let go of the nipple just as he came and Beth had also climaxed, feeling the exquisite delight at her pinched nipple travel straight to her throbbing clit. Afterwards Reid had collapsed on the bed next to her and his mumbled ‘I love you’ was quickly followed by him falling into a deep post-coital sleep. But Beth had not slept. She had lain awake next to her gently snoring husband, her mind ticking away, thinking as pieces began falling into place in her brain. She had enjoyed the pain. She had enjoyed the forcefulness of his touch and the strength of his grasp. It was only now after reading the aforementioned trashy novel that she realised the connection between the pain and the arousal. Of course at the time she had not immediately jumped to the conclusion of being a submissive, but had endeavoured to discover more of what her feelings had meant. The first step of which had been to discuss her feelings with Reid. She knew they had a good marriage; they told each other everything and never kept secrets of any kind. But the thought of broaching the subject of their sex life had given her a moment of concern. What if he thought she was weird? What if he thought she was unsatisfied with him in bed? She loved her husband dearly and the last thing she had wanted to do was make him feel like she was unfulfilled. But she could not deny that she was curious and wanted to explore things further, that perhaps there was more about her own desires that she did not yet fully understand. The very next night, she had spoken to him in bed. Beth still recalled the night vividly. ~ “Can we talk?” she began. They laid together in the dark, his body a dark mass under the blankets, his face indistinct for which Beth was grateful; she did not think she would have had the courage to talk with the lights on. “Okay,” was his wary reply, knowing that that phrase hardly ever followed with something good. “Can we talk about sexy stuff?” Beth added. “Sure?” came his brighter yet slightly confused reply. Beth took a deep breath and began talking, before she wussed out and didn’t say anything at all. “So I think I’ve come to some realisations about things.

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