Testing, Testing, Testing


‘Do you love your husband?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Then why are you here with me?’ The woman on the bed was obviously thrown by the question. Naked, and with her arms tethered to the headboard she struggled to see the man sitting on a low chair at the end of the bed. ‘You explained,’ she said. ‘You and your partner explained. Is she your wife?’ ‘Yes, she’s my wife.’ ‘Well the two of you explained that it was better for you to show me everything, to demonstrate the items we ordered, while she talked to Ralph downstairs.’ ‘And you believed us?’ A frown crept over her face. ‘I don’t understand,’ she said. ‘Does that make you feel more vulnerable; being restrained and not understanding what I am talking about?’ ‘What do you mean by that? You’re beginning to worry me.’ ‘You should be worried, but now isn’t really the time.’ The woman closed her eyes, obviously thinking and then stared wide eyed at the ceiling. ‘When would be a good time?’ ‘Before I stripped you naked, tied you to the bed and spread your legs. I’m sure you feel completely helpless. Is that right?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘What do you think is the breaking strain of those cuffs?’ ‘I don’t know. A lot I guess.’ ‘Wrong. It is less than ten pounds. If you could lift a full bag of groceries you’d have the strength to break free any time you wish.’ ‘That’s ridiculous.’ He stood up and strolled to the head of the bed, holding a clip board. ‘I have the data here,’ he said, pointing to the middle of the page. ‘Bondage is all in the mind. You thought you couldn’t escape so you made yourself helpless. I could have gagged you if I wished couldn’t I, and you would have done nothing. You would have assumed that it was all part of the show.’ He smiled and put the clipboard down. ‘What else could I have done?’ ‘You could have fucked me.’ ‘Indeed I could. You like being helpless, don’t you. That’s why you ordered these items. On top of that you have Escort Güngören a fantasy about being taken by a stranger.’ He reached down and held her chin, forcing her to look straight at him. ‘Lets get a few things clear, we sell sex toys and we want them to be used safely. I don’t want to read in the papers about someone coming to harm in our bondage kit, nor do I want to be the cause of a divorce. People do crazy things with our stuff, so now I make them learn lessons before I leave anything with them. I occasionally miss a sale, but I sleep at night.’ ‘So what happens now?’ ‘You answer some more questions.’ ‘And if I don’t? ‘I’ll guess what the answers might be, and maybe miss a sale. Maybe I was joking, maybe those cuffs are as strong as anything you can imagine.’ He smiled, let go of her chin and pulled a chair next to the bed, positioning himself level close to her thigh. She squirmed slightly as she watched him calmly appraising her body. Eventually it drew a thin smile. ‘So next question. Were you disappointed or upset when your husband went downstairs?’ ‘Yes, a little, I thought he’d stay.’ ‘Before I go on, lets make this more personal. My first name is Paul, and yours is Sue, Yes?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘So, Sue, did you think my wife, whose name is Carol, by the way, might seduce Ralph? Was that what was bothering you?’ ‘I thought she might.’ ‘Sue I’m going to spread your legs a little wider, it helps me to see if our conversation is arousing you. I can see your nipples responding but I’d like to know if you’re getting wet.’ ‘You could feel.’ ‘I could,’ he said and adjusted the spreader bar, ‘and I may; but for now, seeing is believing. One more thing, we didn’t agree a safeword and we should have don’t you think? Or did you imagine that because Ralph and Carol were downstairs you’d be safe enough?’ ‘I hadn’t thought.’ ‘Agreeing İnnovia Escort to a safeword is better than not thinking. With a safeword, you can say “no, no, no,” but not really mean it. Have you ever done that?’ He paused for a second. ‘No need to answer, I can see that you have. You see how helpful it is to be able to see when you glisten for me. So here’s a safeword for you, just say dry; say it as many times as you like. We wouldn’t want to use a word like wet would we? Ah, again, no need to answer.’ ‘You enjoy this don’t you,’ said Sue. ‘Of course I do, but there’s more to it than that. If you feel safe with me then you might recommend our products, or maybe buy more. Now, a difficult question, what do you think your husband gets out of you doing this? What would he get out of it if I was fucking you? That was your plan wasn’t it? Perhaps Ralph thinks that’s what I’m doing right now? What does he get out of it?’ There was a long pause as her gaze switched between Paul and the ceiling and back to Paul several times. ‘I don’t know,’ she said. ‘I’m sorry, that’s terrible isn’t it, I should know, but I don’t.’ Paul said nothing. ‘I, um, we, should have talked about it shouldn’t we?’ she said. ‘The thing is we sort of work it out backwards, we do something and then we talk about it afterwards. We go over it a lot afterwards.’ ‘You say WE do something. I’m curious to know whether that is you doing something and telling him afterwards, or both of you together? But you don’t talk before or plan very carefully. Let me guess, you think spontaneity is important and some of that is missing because you’ve been married a while. Yes? You know him so well by now, so why do you think he might enjoy you being tied up and ravished? Not all husbands do.’ ‘When we talk about it we have a lot of sex, and I guess he knows that… so whatever Kağıthane escort bayan we do he knows that’s coming. If I’ve been very naughty he spanks me. Not a lot, I mean, enough to remind me so I’ll remember.’ ‘So you’ll remember to be naughty again?’ ‘No,’ A nervous laugh escaped from her lips. ‘Silly. No. Because I’ll know I’ll be spanked if I’m naughty.’ ‘You like it. Does he do it because he likes it or because you like it?’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘Don’t lie to me, you know damn well you like it, as soon as you started talking about it you were dripping. That was a five drip like. I can calibrate your response by watching you drip.’ Paul reached between her legs and scooped a few drops of glistening liquid on two fingers. Both were soon hovering in front of her lips. He raised his eyebrows and her mouth opened. He carefully applied both fingers to her tongue. When she was done licking he smiled and removed his fingers. ‘Now, once again, what does your husband get out of your behaviour?’ ‘I don’t know, really, I don’t know.’ ‘So should you be spanked because you’re so neglectful?’ ‘Yes I suppose so. Are you going to do that?’ Paul waited, watching. ‘One drip,’ he said. ‘Perhaps I’ll tell Ralph to do it when he gets here… Hmmm, three drips. I guess Ralph has it. Useful to know. We must press on. Where do you want your marriage to go?’ ‘I don’t know what you mean.’ ‘Are you going to cuckold Ralph; make him stay at home while you go off and get fucked; make him sleep in the spare room while some stud fucks you in your bed? Maybe put Ralph in a cock cage and make him submit to studs, or bulls that you bring in? There are wives who do that sort of thing. Is that where you’re going?’’No. No, I don’t want to do that to Ralph.’ ‘But you’re doing that now.’ ‘I’m not.’ ‘You are; you agreed to him leaving the room so I could do what I liked with you, and this is your bed unless I’m very much mistaken. You could have objected. You could have said Ralph had to stay. Why didn’t you?’ ‘You set me up.’ ‘I did not. You and Ralph both made assumptions without checking things out. No one said you couldn’t ask questions. You got yourself into this position and Ralph let you.

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