A One Night Stand


Jim was an independent consultant who managed resource development projects for client companies. He was 45 years old and married. He traveled regularly and spent a high proportion of his life away from home.

He was attractive to women and despite a high sexual drive he had seldom engaged in one-night stands during his travels and never to a full on affair. The difference, as rationalized by Jim, was that the former happened purely by chance with women that he had not previously known and would not meet again. The planets had aligned infrequently in that regard. The deeper emotional attachments that might evolve with the latter had only occurred as fantasies in his mind.

The one rule that he had religiously observed over his consulting career was not to mix his business with his personal life. The work world that he lived in was filled with attractive women. He had often been tempted but had never bedded a lady connected with his work. He was a strong-minded man and could stay the course despite temptation, or so he believed.

One of Jim’s frequent assignments was to represent client companies on matters concerning government regulators and the permitting of new resource projects. The government provided a small group of facilitators to enable companies seeking approvals for new projects to sift their way through the many agencies and overlapping jurisdictions involved. This group was headed by Rob an engineer with some working background in the field but who acted more like a PR guy than a technical advisor. The actual work of the group was carried out under the direction of his assistant Donna, a mid-forties lady and a very helpful and conscientious civil servant.

Donna was difficult to ignore and tested Jim’s resolve regarding a hands off policy towards business associates. She was pretty, flirtatious, animated and always dressed to accentuate her voluptuous body.

Donna was happily married and had been a faithful wife despite the many advances that had come her way during her career in public service. But she did enjoy the attention from men of interest to her, and over time developed an attraction to Jim. He tried vainly to ‘not stare’ at her boobs while with her and raised his eyes upwards when she caught him. One day she suggested gently, “Relax Jim, I’m used to the stares, I don’t mind when you take a peek.”

That comment had increased both his interest in Donna and his resolve to not make a move on her. But his eyes did linger longer on her and those nice warm vibes flowed easily between them on those occasions when they met. He was determined not to make a move, but oh, how easy it was to imagine being buried between her legs.

Donna was increasingly curious about having sex with someone new. She had married young and had only limited sexual experience prior to meeting her husband. She felt that she had missed something in life. This urge to mate with someone different was fomented by the chat of the three younger unmarried women with whom she worked. They talked incessantly about their sexual escapades and often left Donna speechless as they described in extreme detail how, when, where and with whom they had sex. The erotic chat enforced her yen to find a lover for sex on the wild side. Jim became number one on her wish list.

Donna’s boss Rob often embarked on field trips to visit important projects, most of which were remote from the capital city. On one such occasion, Jim was to meet Rob at a small interior airport and drive him to his project for a site visit. Jim had arrived the previous day to make certain everything was in order, and since there was only one flight a day in and out, he had booked rooms for both he and Rob at a local motel.

He was at the airport early in the morning when Rob’s flight landed and was surprised to see Donna emerge from the small plane without any sign of Rob. He met her in the arrivals area with a handshake and a questioning look. She was animated and excited, and she looked great dressed in a form fitting business suit that only added to her attractiveness. She explained that Rob had suddenly been called to an important meeting and had suggested that she fill in for him for the first field trip of her career.

Project details were not his primary thoughts as he picked up Donna’s travel bag and guided her out to a rented crew-cab. He clenched his teeth when he caught a glance of the white flash of inner thigh as he helped her up onto the high seat.

He suggested that they first go to their motel and straighten out the reservations and prepare for the two-hour drive to the project site. The room next to Jim’s was reassigned to Donna and he recommended that she change into something more functional for the rough conditions at the site. He waited for her in his room for half an hour before knocking on her door.

He shook his head when he saw her and Donna exclaimed, “What’s wrong? Don’t I look alright?”

She was wearing a short sleeve shirt with Etimesgut Escort partially unbuttoned top, tight ‘Capri’ pants cut off just below the knees, bare calves down to short socks and low heel shoes. Jim said, “you look great but it is rough on the site and the flies will eat you alive. We’ll be in the bush for several hours Donna. Do you have anything with long sleeves and full slacks or preferably jeans with you?”

Donna flushed and said, “Oh God, I guess that I must seem like a rookie to you. I never thought about bugs and flies. I think I have something.” With that she turned and sifted through her travel bag. She pulled out a long sleeve turtleneck sweater and a pair of jeans. Jim was about to turn and leave to allow her to change but she said, “Wait, only take a minute” and quickly pulled off her shirt and forced the tight pants down to the floor. He froze as she stood there in lace trimmed bra and panties before pulling the turtleneck over her head. ‘Oh Christ, those tits are spectacular’ thought Jim. She looked up at him as she stepped into the jeans and tugged them up around her beautiful round ass cheeks. “This better?” she grinned.

“You need a jacket and some longer socks to pull over the cuff of your jeans, I’ll get you some socks,” Jim said with a calmness that he was not really feeling and hurried off to his room.

Donna combed her hair and straightened her clothes in front of a mirror, tucking the sweater into her jeans as Jim had suggested. She smiled contentedly, this tight sweater set her boobs off quite nicely, why had she not thought of that first? However, the quick change had obviously aroused Jim. Prospects for the rest of the trip looked good.

They finally got the drive going and as they left the outskirts of the town Jim said, “These are the last houses that you’ll see until we return. There is nothing out here except logging operations and gravel roads. You will need that jacket as we climb higher on the mountain. There are no restaurants or gas stations out here, but I have packed a lunch.”

They chatted easily, personal stuff; likes and dislikes, movies and TV and very little chat about why they were here, although Jim noted some areas of project interest as they drove. The road became rough as they climbed in elevation, Jim struggling to keep his eyes on the road and ignoring Donna’s bouncing tits. She made no attempt to hide them, keeping her back straight and chest thrust forward.

She glanced often at his crotch area, noting the lump slowly inching down along the inside of his inner thigh; he was obviously on the same wavelength as she. Her loins were warm and weak, her nipples puckered and hard. She wondered how much of the project site she would remember for her report. It made her smile at her bravery and wickedness. She sensed that her objective was achievable now, the only question “when and where.”

Jim, although shaken by Donna’s increasingly obvious intentions, was determined not to fall under the spell of this very desirable woman. He could probably make it through the day, but he would need some subterfuge to evade ending up in bed with her that night, as appealing as that result would be. The company for whom he was consulting would destroy him professionally if they ever found out that he had screwed a married government agent.

The last few miles were over an uneven logging road and they were relieved to finally arrive at their destination. Jim sprayed their clothing and hair with fly repellant before guiding Donna around the area. She clung to him like a leech as they stepped over logs and bushes and around wet areas. He was very aware of her touches and bumps making it difficult to remain professional and courteous.

He stopped suddenly and turned to her, a strange look on his face as he said, “We better get back to the truck. We can take a break and have lunch.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her quickly to the truck, pushing her up onto her seat before rushing around the other side to get in the drivers side.

Donna had no idea what was happening or why the sudden apparent panic. Jim turned and smiled at her, “You didn’t see it did you? Momma bear must have scented our food. Look there, and oh damn, her cubs were close by. Probably not much danger but you never know how bears will react with babies near. We’re safe in the truck.”

Donna panicked momentarily, her heart racing, she had never been near danger of any kind before but leaning forward she spotted the big bear and one of her cubs on the same path they had just followed. And then, “How exciting, can I take a photo?”

Jim said, “Take it through the window, no use tempting fate again.” He reached behind the seat and pulled out a small packsack with their lunch. “Let’s eat, we have seen all that we need to see right now. Momma will probably take her kids to the next berry patch. As long as those cubs stay away, she’ll ignore us.”

They settled back, the lunch Etlik Escort spread between them on the seat. It became a little warm in the truck. They lowered the windows partially and Donna removed her jacket. Jim turned to look away as her great tits emerged. Donna smiled and said, “Remember what I once told you? Remember when you used to look skywards when I caught you stealing glances at my boobs? I told you to relax, so relax now, no need to pretend I don’t have them. Just us here and I love watching you enjoying them.”

Jim grinned and nodded, “I do remember that. It’s the only time that a woman ever invited me to check her breasts.” They laughed, but Jim was not laughing inside, he was desperate. How the hell was he going to stop from breaking his longtime commitment? For possibly the first time in his life, he felt as if he had become the ‘hunted’ and not the ‘hunter’ in matters erotic.

They continued eating their lunch. He was aware of her full soft pink lips and bright white teeth nipping off bits of sandwich, crumbs tumbling down to cling to her sweater. The desire to brush them off was overwhelming and erotic as hell. She settled back and stretched her legs up under the instrument panel; oh man, he could see her crotch.

She looked tired and she asked if they could stay put for a few minutes while she napped. He nodded and she drifted off immediately, slumped against the door of the cab, her body turned slightly towards him while resting her head against the window. He grabbed a sweater from the rear seat and gently tucked it under her head.

Adrenalin coursed through him as he took the opportunity to view her entire body. She was so beautiful, her face relaxed in sleep, exquisite neck and ears, beautiful tits rising and falling slowly, and round hips and shapely legs. He fantasized about screwing her right there in the cab, or maybe doing her doggy outside the truck, her hands braced on the hood, her jeans at her heels and her bare round cheeks pushed back to receive his frantic thrusts.

How the hell would he survive this day? He rolled his window right down and leaned out to stare out over the logged out site and the mountain across the river valley, attempting to refocus on the project and the reasons that he was here. His hand was on the seat beside him and suddenly he felt soft fingers working their way along the back of his hand and up his arm.

He turned to her as she realized where she was and quickly pulled her hand back. Their eyes met, “Good nap?” he asked. She stretched her arms over her head pushing those burgeoning tits upwards, yawned and said, “Just perfect. I guess the fright of the bears used up my energy, and the lunch did the rest. I’m always good with just a few minutes of sleep.”

He said, “Is there anything else that you think you should see before we leave?”

She shivered and said, “No, nothing worth tempting those bears for. Actually Rob told me that we only have to have visited the site and appear to be knowledgeable in case someone asks. Nobody ever asks though,” she laughed.

They began the return drive, wordless until after they made it back to smooth road. Donna was ready to resume her seduction. Jim was just as ready to resume his defense.

“Have you ever had an affair Jim? I mean since you have been married?” She attempted to be offhand with the comment, but nervousness in her voice suggested otherwise.

Jim said, “Are you talking about a committed relationship or a one-night stand? What about you? Have you ever had either?”

His blunt retort confused Donna a little, but she replied, “To answer your last question, no I have never had either since marriage. You travel a lot, you’re a great looking guy, have you ever strayed?”

Jim was still not ready to answer her question, “What a strange question from a lady who has never experienced extra marital sex. Why the question?”

Donna turned towards him, reached over and let her hand rest on his inner thigh just above the knee and said, “Because I want to try it, and with somebody that I find desirable, with you. And today and tonight is the perfect opportunity.”

Despite his suspicions about her intent, Jim was taken aback by her outright declaration. He remained wordless for several seconds before responding, “I have had sex with women that I knew for only one night on several occasions. I have never been involved in a long term affair.” He turned to her now and said seriously, “I have always refused to pursue women with whom I do business. Right now, you are driving me insane with thoughts of breaking that rule.”

Emboldened, Donna moved her hand upwards along his thigh until the edge of her hand brushed up against the hard lump trapped down under stretched pants, “Break that rule for me. I so want it to happen. It would be for one night only, not to worry, it is all that I seek, I love my life otherwise, my husband is great and I have no desire to leave him. I just Eve Gelen Escort feel that life has passed me by. I want to discover if men still desire me.” She moved her hand up over his cock. “I have had these feelings for you for some time. It’s a one shot deal, today and tonight.”

Jim quickly pulled the truck to the side of the road and turned the key off as a safety measure. He smiled facetiously, “How lucky then, just when you decide that you want a night with another man, you’re boss cancels a trip set weeks before.”

Donna retorted, “No luck about it. I make his appointments and follow his schedule; he didn’t know that he had an important meeting when I scheduled this trip with you weeks ago. But I knew.” She laughed quietly and ran her palm up and down his covered cock and then reached for his belt buckle and zipper.

Jim knew that it would be game over if she ever got her hand on his bare cock so he grabbed it and pushed it away. Her lips were within inches of his, he kissed her softly, “Not here Donna, if we do this it will be in a bed. We’re not eighteen anymore, screwing in a truck is not on my to do list. Wait until later.” All this despite the fact that a few minutes earlier he had fantasized doing that very thing.

He pulled her backwards over his lap with her legs pointed at the other door, her spread body facing up at him. He bent and kissed her again and felt her tits, caressing and squeezing them gently through the sweater. He expertly released the clasp on her jeans and slipped his hand down into her panties, his fingers sorting through her pussy hair to find the tip of her slit. Their tongues engaged like two winding twisting snakes. She could feel his hard cock throbbing under her shoulder. A thick finger slipped down her slit to the bottom and then eased gently into her pussy and lingered a few seconds. Her pussy contracted around his finger. He withdrew his hand as she laid back, her eyes wild and questioning and obviously ready for anything. He grinned, “Later Donna, I said later.”

She regained control quickly, smiled and straightened up, readjusting her clothes and said, “Good, later it is, I can live with that.” She giggled, objective achieved, a feeling of triumph swept through her body and mind.

He restarted the truck and pulled back onto the road, but had he passed the point of no return? He was still bothered about the business side of things. He had to play for time, but he doubted that he could resist putting his cock in this hungry lady.

He said, “Let’s relax for now, have a drink in the bar when we get back, shower and dress for a nice dinner, the dining room here is excellent. And then we’ll let the night take care of itself. No promises however.”

He laughed when Donna spouted, “No promises? What are you saying? You kiss me, feel my boobs and finger my pussy and suggest we wait until later, maybe, and then expect me to stay quiet?” She reached over and rubbed the palm of her hand down the length of his cock. “You are hard. You want this as much as I do. We can do it before dinner, let’s shower together. You won’t escape if you shower with me. It’s not fair, you have felt me, and I haven’t felt you. This is so much fun, I can’t believe it, my pussy’s on fire.”

He pushed her hand away and said, “We better get going or we’ll miss dinner.” He was back on the road in seconds but the mental picture of that burning pussy between her legs could not be forced from his brain.

Back at the motel he pushed her into her own room and pulled her door shut as she protested, “Did you notice that our rooms are connected? Why don’t you unlock your side, we could chat more easily?”

He said, “I doubt chat is what is on your mind,” and turned to got to his own room. He approached the connecting door after entering and heard her releasing the latch on her side. He extended his hand to release his but hesitated before pulling it back. There was now no doubt where he would sleep, but he liked to be in control and he also enjoyed returning the tease. She had done her share of that this day. He quietly moved away from the door.

She was a knockout in a low-cut peasant blouse, flared skirt and bare legs with sandals. Her entire body shouted ‘fuck me.’ She swirled for him, the skirt climbing up to bare her legs. “You like don’t you?” she grinned as he stared down at her body, “Want to put dinner off for an hour or so? I’m easy. More ways than one.”

He pulled her out of her room by the hand, “God, when did you last have sex? You are one horny lady.” They both laughed as they walked down the hallway, resisting the magnetic pull to join their bodies while reveling in the expectation.

The dining room was quite different from what one would expect in a small town. It had an intimate feeling with subdued lighting and candles on the tables. Service was discreet and professional. Jim had enjoyed several very pleasant meals alone here over the last year or so and now looked forward to dining with a beautiful woman. It was very romantic and he felt alive and aroused.

Donna did not relieve the pressure and kept turning the chat to matters sexual. “Tell me about your last woman. Did you meet in a bar? Was she pretty? How did you know she wanted you?”

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