Family Night


Family night story

In writing another story, alternative scenes crept into my mind. Since I wanted “A Change in Direction” to be pure “one-on-one romance”, I changed the names and some circumstances and wrote this kinkier version.

Jo Hernandez needed more paper for her printer. As her father insisted many times, she went into his study and looked in the supply cabinet. Locked. What? Her father seldom locked the supply cabinet, which stored all the commonly used office products for their family. Printing paper, ink cartridges for both color and LaserJet printers, paper clips, staples, and a veritable office supply store in their house.

He always put the key on the peg. The cabinet had a tricky door that sometimes popped open. He had made this piece with Barnwood recovered from his father’s original farm in Mexico using no nails, only wooden pegs. She once heard they offered her father two thousand dollars for it. She wouldn’t part with it for any price for many reasons, because she helped him make it.

To get behind his desk to look for the key, she passed his diploma and awards wall. High School diploma from the same high school she would attend, but in a completely new set of buildings, Bachelor’s degree in history from Harvard, master’s degree in history from Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana in Mexico, Ph.D. in history from the University of Chicago, many certificates from colleges and universities all over the world in recognition of speeches and guest appearances there, over twenty of them. He turned down a Rhodes Scholarship to marry her mother.

Her father, presently forty-eight, was a tenured professor of history at Rutgers. He published six books on the history of the Spanish in the Americas.

Quite a list of accomplishments for a child of illegal immigrants. With a laugh, he said wetbacks sometimes. He had helped his two uncles build the house in which they lived, too. There was no debt any longer, and with scholarships, all her sibling’s education was taken care of through a master’s degree. He was smart, worked hard, and cared for his family well.

One space remained blank – her parents’ marriage certificate from twenty-two years ago. Three months before their twentieth marriage anniversary, her mother, Billy Jean, asked for a divorce because she was tired of living in New Brunswick, N.J. and wanted to move back to where she grew up in Georgia. Her father, Dr. Alexander Hernandez, had moped around, tried to talk her out of the divorce and gave it to her reluctantly.

Her mother always said their father was too boring. Three of the children almost vomited. Billy Jean was a boring person. Outside her circle of friends and her job as an elementary school teacher, she did nothing but work in her garden and pampered Jo’s younger sister, Charlotte Jean. Except for New Brunswick and her hometown, Warner Robins, south of Atlanta, she had gone nowhere. Rather than get married after he finished at Harvard, she waited until he got his degrees in Mexico City and Chicago.

Her parent’s first child, a boy, died when he was four in a boating accident. Not her father’s fault, but she blamed him. In trying to replace Joseph, her mother gave birth to twins, Natalie and Shane, who were now twenty and working with their uncles, building new homes in Pennsylvania this summer. They tried once again. This time they got Josephine, who by nature was a tomboy and insisted she is called Jo. What Billy Jean looked for was a girl to treat just like she got treated. When Charlotte Jean was born sixteen years ago, she got that girl and CJ went to Warner Robins to live with mama. The rest of them wanted to stay with their dad.

In searching for the key, she needed to move some papers, making sure she placed them back in their original positions. Her father seldom forgot anything, which was why the locked door puzzled her.

Moving one stack of papers, she uncovered a DVD with the July 4 holiday weekend date written on it in his printing. Hm. That would be interesting to see because that bursa escort was the weekend he spent at a political retreat where a group of experts appeared on a panel talking about current immigration issues. The participants included her father and Jenn Sawyer, a professor of political science from Georgetown. A few rumors floated back from that weekend of them getting pretty cozy.

Her dad was teaching summer school today, but tonight he planned to play poker with his three best friends. It was Zeke Lindstrom’s turn to host so dad wouldn’t be back until midnight. She recently realized the one thing they had in common was all were single. None of the others had anything to do with Rutgers except work on campus.

She found the key a few minutes later, got her paper, shut and relocked the door, and placed the key on the wooden peg on the side of the cabinet and went back to writing her erotic fiction. She was right in the hot part where two girls were discovering each other’s bodies for the first time. Her pussy got moist just thinking of that happening to her.

That night, she waited until she was sure her father was gone. She and Hannah, Zeke’s daughter her age, were BFFs. They had planned to get together to work on the story tonight, perhaps even try some techniques they were describing, but Hannah’s older sister welshed on her commitment. Han took her mentally handicapped younger sister to a Special Olympics event all day. She was exhausted.

After Hannah called to say her dad was there, Jo went downstairs, and got the DVD, deciding that since she was all alone tonight, she would put this in the living room DVD player with its connection to their eighty-five-inch 4K Ultra HD TV. She hoped the disc was more than just a recording of the boring discussions. She didn’t just love her father, but admired him and his depth of knowledge. As a Mexican American, she wanted to understand the complex issues involving immigration these days.

If truth be told, she lusted after him. Unlike many other professors his age, he still kept his youthful body by working out. His hobby remained woodworking, and they still spent hours at a time out there making things each weekend. She certainly was daddy’s girl. Seeing him work in his sleeveless tank top sometimes made her panties so wet she needed to change them.

Since she only had a smallish B-cup chest, she seldom wore a bra. She stood about five feet two inches, her eighteen birthday was four months ago, and she excelled in distance running with a wiry body. A spot on the cross-country team awaited her.

Automatic heating and air were used in each room. Since we did not use the living room today, the air didn’t go on, which meant it was warm but would cool down when the system sensed her body. She changed into a cutoff shirt that barely covered her boobs, shorts with panties and flip-flops before she descended from her second-floor combination office bedroom. They had made all the cabinets in her room during junior high.

Since her mother left, dad and the kids moved furniture around in the living room. They put his top-of-the-line recliner directly in front of the TV with a couch big enough for three others just to the side. Another recliner stood on the other end of the sofa, all with excellent views of the screen. Jo put the DVD in, made sure worked right and sat back to check out the DVD in hopes it wasn’t all borning.

Not a chance. Two minutes into the DVD, one hand worked hard between her legs while the other alternated between her nipples.

The video opened with shots of signs from the event, followed by a shot of Jenn Sawyer and her dad kissing. She was a well-known political science professor from Georgetown, who often spoke of immigration for CNN. While she wasn’t as conservative as others, she and her dad crossed swords many times in public, especially over DACA. This shot was any but as they looked like they were trying to take each other’s tonsils out.

After stopped the video, she snared a few towels from the lower bursa escort bayan linen closed and placed them on the recliner. To promised many orgasms if the rest of the film went the way of this first part. If she damaged her dad’s leather recliner he upholstered, she would piss him off. She did not want that. She wanted something else to happen.

After thinking about sitting there without shorts or panties, she decided not to. She purposely wore loose shorts that were easy to remove. The rest of the video could be dialogue from the discussions.

The video certainly wasn’t panel discussions or boring. The scene moved to a hotel room. As her father started undressing Jenn, she changed the control to slow motion, not ultra, because that was too slow, but down one notch. The scale ran between one and ten, with five being normal. She dropped to four.

By the time he finished unbuttoning Jenn’s blouse, Jo was wet enough to pull her shorts down. The older woman was shorter than she appeared on TV. Her father was two inches shy of six feet, and Jenn appeared at least six inches shorter. Must be she always wore high heels.

God, the woman was stunning. She’d love to feel her fair skin dappled with freckles on her chest above her breasts, watching the contrast of her darker body against the nearly pure white woman. Jenn’s arms broke out in goosebumps as she placed them around her father’s shoulders and drew him in for a kiss. She saw the fine hair’s on Jenn’s face.

For a fleeting second, she wondered who shot this video, but then she figured out the image stayed stationary, with no zooms, and no change of positions, which meant someone placed the camera. Which one? Might Jenn be trying to blackmail her father?

As Jenn reached back, undid the bun on her head and her reddish hair flowed down over her shoulders, Jo lost that thought. She loved hair and once had considered a hair styling career until her mother thought that was beneath her. She and Hannah often played with each other’s hair as they read on their beds.

The scene changed to a vacant screen until Jenn’s nude body popped into view as she turned toward the camera. Hot damn. Fine reddish hairs covered her pussy, which meant Jenn was a natural blonde who edged toward a light red and she didn’t dye her hair. She’d seen women nude on porn and in erotic photos, but not like this. Porn participants were unknown. She’d seen this woman in person several times when she visited Rutgers. Adding in the potential of seeing her father fuck her made her strokes in her pussy go faster and she pinched harder each time on a nipple.

Turning back, Jenn sank to her knees and her father walked into the scene, his cock leading the way. She was still a virgin after sucking two cocks off.

That did it for her. He was huge. How in the world could Billy Jean consider dad boring?” She must not like sex. But why have five children? In all her sentient life, Jo never figured out her mother.

Her shorts and panties came down with one hand and the other touching her pussy. She wished she had brought her toys down, but then, she could do that later. She wanted to watch to the end and record a copy for her to watch later again and again.

Jenn kissed the mushroom-shaped head of her father’s cock, sliding her mouth over it. From the motions apparent on her cheek, she must be sucking him hard. She pulled away, with a strand of saliva hanging between her mouth and the head of her father’s cock, before she put her left hand at the base, twisting and turning while she continued licking around and around his cock.

Jo pinched her nipple hard and pulled it out before she moved to the other. “Damn, fuck. Fuck me, daddy. Let me lick you like Jenn is doing.”

Her hands moved faster, and the desire to be her father’s fuck toy invaded her entire system. Her skin burn, and her breath grew ragged and quick as she arched her back, screaming, “Fuck me, daddy,” at the top of her lungs.

Two huge hands fell on her shoulders a split escort bursa second after she climaxed. Screaming, she tried to jump up, only to be held down. Looking up, she saw her father’s face. Her heart raced. She felt the blood and embarrassment pulsing in her ears.

The words she never expected to hear stunned her into silence. “Let me do that for your.” He heard her. How could he not hear her? While she was short, she had strong lungs. Her mother said she was a screamer as a child. Her throat hurt; she’d screamed for so long.

She said there, still stunned.

“I’ll take that as consent. But first, I want to do this.” He circled the chair, put the extension down, and pulled her legs over his shoulders.

“Stop me if you don’t want this.”

She almost threw her neck out nodding yes and squeaked, “yes, daddy.”

OOOOh, here it came, the long licks back and forth of her inner thighs, the stubble on his cheeks scrapping her skin, making the pleasure pulse harder as he worked up to her pussy. If she thought what she did with her hands was wonderful, this blew her high as he moved closer to her sex. First one side, before switching to the other, back and forth, he inched up her legs until she pleaded, “Please, daddy, tongue fuck my pussy. Please, daddy, fuck your daughter.”

He kept his excruciating pace, nearing her labia, before pulling away. The long tongue swirled up one side of her pussy and back down the other before it began burrowing inside. He drove his tongue into her yearning hole deep before he moved up toward her clit, flicking it hard enough that she jolted, but not far enough to push her over.

“I can’t take much more,” she screamed. She grabbed his hair with both hands and pulled him deeper into her. He worked one of his hands up to her breast, cupping her left boob and rolling his huge, powerful hand over the nipple. Suddenly, he attacked her clit, before shoving two of his right-hand fingers deep inside her juicy smoldering pit, twisting and turning, driving her higher, pulling in and out, pinching harder, moving faster until she screamed so loud her throat hurt again and she gushed and passed out.

When she awoke, she was lying on a fresh towel on the sofa and he kneeled between her legs. “I trust you’re taking your birth control pills. If not, I’ve got a condom.”

“Yes, daddy. I’m daddy’s girl.”

“You certainly are my little girl and daddy especially loves his little girl.”

The descent into her pussy began as he fisted his cock and ran it up and down her soaked pussy a few times. Inch by inch, he worked himself inside her, pausing when she winced until he was most of the way in.

“Damn, you have tight pussy, little girl,” he said as he smiled. “I’m not in yet, but I’ll give you the chance to stretch first.

Losing her hymen wasn’t as difficult as she imagined. Nothing more than a pinch of pain as he stretched her wide.

Feeling her loosen, he began the slow back-and-forth motion. She felt him continue to stretch her as he got deeper and deeper until she felt his legs against her butt. He still moved slowly, picking up speed, making sure his daughter was okay. He took such good care of her. Each time he paused nearly out of her, she tried to wrap her legs around him more and pull him back into her, but her legs were too short.

He sped up again slowly until he pounded against her, jolting her against the cushions. His rhythm grew ragged. Her heart pounded in her ears, she felt the skin burning and her nipples engorged with blood as she breathed harder and harder. A force like a sledgehammer hit her and she came.

When she woke up, he held her in his arms, murmuring, “I love you, baby girl, I love you baby girl” over and over. She was so small compared to her daddy that she felt like a baby.

Like a spark of static electricity, she heard clapping. “Good job, sis,” came from her brother, Shane. Her sister, Natalie, came into view. Both were naked like they were. The much taller, Shane stood behind his sister, her breasts cupped in his hands.

“I wondered why dad wanted us to come home early. Now I know.”

Jo opened her arms to her brother and sister, and they shared a three-way hug. “May I share in daddy now,” Natalie said.

“Yes, please, sister. I want Shane badly.

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