Daddy’s Not Home


All characters are over the age of 18.

Anybody reading this that is under 18, please stop now.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Angela and I am a 37 year old married woman, living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I am on my second husband, having divorced the first one five years previously.

We kind of fell out of love and there were no children to keep us glued together. Colin was an energetic lover, unlike my current husband, Bob, who is always too tired.

I’m being harsh there. He works really hard for a construction company, working away from home Monday to Friday and earns enough for us to live in comfort. He owns our house and it also contains his 18 year old son from his marriage, Jeff.

Jeff is a nice, quiet lad, who doesn’t have many friends, so is often home. I was worried that he might be gay but now that is certainly not the case. Here is our story.

Angela stood at the kitchen sink peeling potatoes, her long black hair was held in a ponytail to keep it out of the road. It helped to highlight her pretty face. Light brown eyes, a button nose and plush lips that her ex Colin had always said were great for sucking cock.

She wore a tight lemon t-shirt and no bra, as her 34d tits always felt uncomfortable. Her nipples were at attention. Lower down, she wore a pair of cut-off denims, which showed a bit of thigh.

All in all her 5’8″ frame was eye-catching!

Jeff arrived home from college and went to kiss his step-mum on the cheek.

Maybe it was because Angela was spending so much time alone, that she noticed how Jeff had developed.

He was 6’2″ and quite a slim lad, with curly brown hair and blue eyes. Angela always thought he had a cute ass on him and often wondered if he was gay. She knew she shouldn’t but she often thought of what his cock would be like inside her hairy pussy.

“What’s bursa escort for tea tonight Angie?” Jeff asked and gave her a little cuddle.

He never called her mum, as she was still occasionally in his life but he did like Angela. He had spent many a wanking session thinking about her sexy lips around his cock. He knew it was wrong but also knew she would love his 8 inches.

He often thought how good her tits would taste, as she had the habit of not wearing a bra in the house. Numerous were the times he had seen her stiff nipples pressed against her top.

That evening, they sat having a ‘tv dinner’, watching comedies until after 10pm, when a show came on that neither had seen before, ‘Naked Attraction’. A young lady was to pick a date from 4 guys, who gradually revealed their bodies, feet first.

Jeff thought that Angie would become uncomfortable but instead she seemed enthralled.

One man was knocked out immediately, as his toes looked a mess and Angie agreed.

When the screens rose to reveal the remaining three men with their cocks out, Angie gave a girlish giggle, leaning forward for a better look.

“What do you think of those ones?” Jeff asked laughingly.

“I’d keep that one on the right.” Angie almost drooled.

“Why’s that?” Jeff pressed her.

Her face reddened a little but she did answer.

“Well, look at it, I’ll bet it’s eight inches when it’s hard.” She realised she had said the wrong thing straight away.

“Oh, Angie loves a big cock, does she?”

Jeff teased her, all the time noticing that her big nipples were so hard against her lemon top.

“Every girl likes a big cock.” Angie stated proudly.

Jeff was so hard now, his cock and balls felt imprisoned in his briefs and he longed to show his step-mum exactly what he had to give.

Angela was feeling bursa escort bayan horny now and was desperate for the feel and taste of a hard cock.

Jeff carried on teasing, “Does dad need to worry about the opposition?”

“For your sake, I hope it’s not genetic.” Angie teased back.

Jeff was shocked. So, dad has a small cock. Angie must be craving a good fuck from a big cock, like his.

Jeff went for the opening afforded him.

“No genetic problems Angie, my cock is as big as that one on the tv.” He announced.

Angie gulped. They were close to the point of no return. She was super horny though and wanted to see Jeff’s cock so much.

“Prove it.” Angie said calmly, while her insides danced uncontrollably.

“You mean it?” Jeff asked doubtfully.

“Go on, show me it. If it’s as big as that one on the telly, I might even give it a kiss.”

Angie made that last remark in such a slutty tone that Jeff nearly came in his pants.

He quickly undid his jeans and pulled them down along with his blue briefs. His cock was fully erect and sprang out.

Angie gasped “Oh, it’s lovely, Jeff.”

“Worth a kiss then?” He swaggered.

“A kiss? I was thinking of upgrading it to a suck…..a full one.”

Angie couldn’t believe how slutty she was sounding to her step-son and neither could he.

As she moved towards him, she lifted her top, revealing her untethered tits.

“You’ve had your eyes on these all night.”

Jeff couldn’t restrain himself and grabbed her full, swinging orbs and squeezed them, sucking at her left side nipple.

Sensations were flying through Angela now. All that matttered was that she was getting cock tonight. She kneeled in front of him, gazing at the solid member before her, then gently kissed it. It pulsed at her soft touch and she gently cupped escort bursa his balls, big but tight in their bag..

Jeff moaned as she set to work. Now she ran her tongue under the head of his cock, eliciting gasps of pleasure.

She looked him in the eye and said “Every bad mummy deserves a big cock, thank you.” Then she sucked on him like there was no tomorrow.

Then the words came easily. “Oh mummy, suck me dry, you little slut.”

That encouraged her and she took his full length in, remembering her deepthroat days.

“Mummy, I’m going to cum, will you swallow?”

Angela put a thumb up, as her mouth was certainly full.

Jeff’s breating deepened and he let out a roar as he flooded her mouth once, twice, thrice, with his thick cum.

Angela savoured every drop and only let his cock go when she had cleaned it fully.

Before she had a chance to say or do a thing, Jeff was up and pushing her to the couch.

He started kissing her tits as he undid the buttons on her cut-offs. As they came down, they revealed skimpy white panties, soaked through with her pussy juice. He yanked them down and buried his face in her hairy muff. The musky taste drove him wild as he explored for her clit.

She was writhing as he licked her out and it was no surprise when her body tightened and her orgasm flowed.

Jeff just wanted to keep his head there all night but it was so tender, she pushed him away.

Jeff made his way up her body and soon was kissing her again.

“Mummy, I want to fuck you.” He almost whispered.

“Oh Jeff, son, mummy want you to fuck her.”

Angela dropped to her knees again.

“Son, mummy wants doggie.”

Jeff’s cock was rigid again and he teased her pussy lips before delving in.

She made animalistic noises as he rhythmically pumped her pussy. It wasn’t long before another batch of cum left Jeff and fired into Angela’s pussy.

They both collapsed on the floor, exhausted.

After five minutes,Jeff spoke up.

“I think you need to watch the back episodes of ‘Naked Attraction”

Angela agreed wholeheartedly.

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