Backyard Pool Ch. 15


All characters are 18 years or older



When Steve returned home from his business trip on the “red-eye”, he arrived after everyone else had gone to bed. Leaving his unopened suitcase next to the closet, he quietly undressed and slipped into bed, trying not to disturb his sleeping wife.

By force of habit, Steve woke early the next morning, despite this being his first Saturday off from work in some time. He laid there for a while next to his still sleeping wife, his cock throbbing with “morning wood.”

He looked up as a beam of sunlight suddenly peeked through the slightly cracked slats of the window blinds. Steve decided to get up and go out to the pool to enjoy some of those gentle, early morning rays, as well as the peace and quiet before the rest of the family got up and the normal chaos of family life began.

Carefully getting out of bed, he paused for a few moments to gaze down at his wife’s pretty face, nestled in a mass of long, honey-blond hair, as she continued to sleep serenely. His still rigid cock twitched as he noticed that, because of the way the sheets were arranged, parts of her body were uncovered and he could see that she was naked. This came as a surprise, since his wife had given up sleeping in the nude many years ago.

One of his wife’s breasts was fully exposed, a lovely, perfect mound, slightly flattened as she lay on her back, her taut, pink nipple standing erect. Half of her smooth, flat belly was visible, as was her hip and one long, slender leg, bent at the knee and drawn upward. He idly stroked his fingers back and forth along the side of his quivering erection as he contemplated the lovely sight before him.

Gently grasping the sheet, Steve very carefully pulled it back a bit, revealing the treasure between her slender thighs. He caught his breath and felt his heart jump with excitement as he gazed down at his wife’s lovely vagina. It seemed like years since he had been allowed to get this good a look at it. Their sex life, once frequent and varied, had definitely cooled off after the arrival of their kids, relegating it to only an occasional event, and always at night, with the lights off.

With her leg drawn upward, her thighs spread, he was afforded a full, unobstructed view of his wife’s luscious-looking cunt, more beautiful than he even remembered. Her golden love nest was just a neat little tuft of honey-blond curls covering her mons, much smaller than he remembered, while her fleshy outer labia were completely smooth and hairless. Those outer lips were parted, exposing the pink, inner folds of her vulva, glistening with moisture.

Steve gasped softly as he gazed down at his wife’s luscious vagina, then he leaned down, close to her crotch, and inhaled deeply. The heady fragrance of her sex exploded in his brain and he felt the blood pounding in his loins. He wrapped his fist around his stiff shaft and gently stroked it, trying to assuage its insistent demands as he continued to gaze down at his beautiful wife, thinking about how long it had been since they had last had morning sex.

Despite having been gone for a week, he was reluctant to disturb her, because he knew, from experience, how testy she could be if she were awakened for something as trivial as sex, and he didn’t want to start things off on the wrong foot upon his return. After all, he didn’t want to jeopardize his chances that night by pissing her off now.

Shaking his head ruefully, he carefully drew the sheet back across her leg and turned away. He pulled on a pair of swim trunks, uncomfortably stuffing his still stiff and throbbing hard-on inside. He used the bathroom, then went out to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. As it brewed, he stepped outside to retrieve the morning paper from the driveway. Returning to the kitchen, Steve poured a mug of coffee, then headed out to the pool.

“Ahhhhhh…” he sighed contentedly, feeling the delightful caress of the early morning sun on his bare skin as he settled into a chaise lounge near the pool. He adjusting his still partially tumescent penis within the confines of his swimsuit and picked up the first section of the paper. It was only a few minutes, however, before he dozed off, lulled by the warm rays of the early morning sun.

Steve awoke to the gentle touch of soft lips and moist tongue caressing his own lips. He opened his eyes to find his wife’s lovely face hovering over him. His first thought was that he was dreaming.

“Good morning, darling,” Anne murmured breathily, then straightened up, smiling radiantly. Steve’s eyes opened wide and he gasped as he took in the breathtaking sight of his beautiful wife standing there in the full light of the sun, totally naked, the coffeepot in her hand. “More coffee, sweetheart?” she asked, bending forward and refilling his mug without waiting for an answer.

Steve stared up at his wife’s beautiful breasts dangling şişli escort above him, gently swaying as she filled his mug.

Anne smiled at the befuddled look on her husband’s face as his eyes followed her gently swaying breasts. She straightened up and set the pot down on the table, next to his lounge chair.

“Ahhhhhh, yes…” she sighed, raising her arms high above her head and languorously stretching her naked body. “This sun feels so nice, doesn’t it?” She kept an eye on her husband as she sinuously writhed her lovely body before him. With a contented sigh, she slowly lowered her arms, cupping her hands beneath her breasts, and giving her taut, rubbery nipples a tweak with her fingertips. She slid her hands down across her flat belly to her smooth, lush thighs, brushing her fingertips through her neat little, blond pubic muff on the way.

“It felt so good when I woke up naked this morning, that I decided I was just going to stay that way,” Anne said, sighing contentedly. She smiled as her eyes slowly scanned the pool and their secluded back yard.

“Uhhhh…uhhhh…” Steve grunted, unable to come up with a coherent reply to that rather startling pronouncement.

Anne noted the anxious glance he cast toward the house. Smiling, she said, “Ohhh, honey…do you remember the fun we used to have out here when we first moved in, before we had the kids?”

Memory prodded by his wife’s question, images of the past flooded through Steve’s brain as he stared up at his lovely, naked wife. He saw the two of them skinny-dipping in the pool and having sex on the deck and in the hot-tub, delightful activities, long since abandoned after the kids reached toddlerhood.

“Uhhh, yeah…I sure do…” he mumbled, his voice a bit gravelly. He cast another anxious glance toward the house.

“Isn’t it a shame we lost that sense of freedom and spontaneity we had when we were young?” she murmured wistfully.

As Steve again glanced nervously toward the house, she said, “Don’t worry about it, honey, I told the kids that I had had enough of them monopolizing the pool, ever since they were little. I told them that, now that they were both adults, I was going to start using the pool again, the way that I wanted to, but couldn’t, because of them.”

“You mean you told them…” Steve began, his eyes open wide in surprise.

“Yeah, I told them how I used to enjoy skinny-dipping and that I really wanted to get my all-over tan back,” she said. “So I warned them that I was going use the pool whenever I wanted to, and they would just have to be prepared to see their saggy old mom out here, naked, from time to time, and they would just have to get used to it, but they were free to join me, or not, as they pleased.”

Anne tittered merrily and turned around. Steve watched his wife’s firm, round buttocks gyrating enticingly as she padded across the deck and dove into the water.

Entranced, Steve watched his wife, occasionally catching a flash of breast or pussy, through the clear water, as she slowly swam back and forth, from one end of the pool to the other.

“Good morning, daddy, welcome home!”

Steve started at the sound of the greeting and looked up to see his daughter, Amy, approaching him, carrying a bowl of mixed fruit which she set down on the table next to his chaise.

“Oh! Uhhh…good morning, kitten,” he replied, a bit distractedly.

Amy smiled as she saw her father glance nervously at the pool before looking back up at her again.

“Mmmmm…” Amy sighed. “It’s really beautiful out here this morning.”

“Uhhhh…yeah, it sure is…” Steve replied, glancing furtively at the pool again.

Amy giggled and said, “Don’t worry, daddy. I know what mom is doing. I told her I didn’t mind, as long as I could join her if I wanted to.”

Steve knitted his brows and looked a bit perplexed at what his daughter had just said. Amy giggled again and untied the rope around her waist and slipped off the bath-robe she was wearing. Steve gasped and jerked up straight as he saw that his daughter had been completely naked beneath her robe.

Amy giggled again at the look of shock on her father’s face. Tossing the robe onto a chair, she rose up onto her toes, and did a slow pirouette with her arms gracefully raised, elevating and accentuating her already high-set, perky little breasts.

“Is that alright with you, daddy?” Amy asked.

Steve slowly let out the breath he had been holding as he ran his eyes up and down his daughter’s lovely, naked body. “My god,” he murmured, his voice husky, “you’re really beautiful, princess…”

Steve realized he was staring at his daughter with a bit more than casual interest. He shook his head, trying to pull his eyes back inside his head. “I know I shouldn’t be looking at my own daughter like that, but I can’t help it…you look so beautiful!”

Amy smiled with delight. “That’s quite alright, daddy!” she said, slowly turning around again. “I don’t mind you looking mecidiyeköy escort at me…in fact, I kind of like it. It gives me a tingly feeling!”

Continuing to stare at his lovely young daughter, a bemused smile on his face, Steve murmured, “Looking at you like that is like seeing your mother again, back when we first met!”

“Oh, wow! I hope that means I’ll still look as good as mom does when I’m her age!” she laughed, nodding toward the pool.

Amy gazed at her father for a moment. “So you’re okay with this, daddy?” she asked.

“Uhhhh…well, when your mom told me about it, I guess I didn’t entirely understand what ‘joining her’ meant!” Steve said. “But I guess I’m okay with it…if you and your mom are…”

“Oh, goody!” Amy smiled. “I’m more than just okay with it! I love it!” She spun around and did a little dance. “This is so much fun! I wish we had been doing this all along!! And don’t be shy, daddy, feel free to look all you want!” She turned around, gracefully ran across the deck, and plunged into the pool.

“Whew…” Steve gasped, slowly shaking his head in disbelief.

As he sat there watching his wife and daughter swimming and playing in the pool, he squirmed uncomfortably, eagerly anticipating every flash of bare breast, buttock, or pubic bush, feeling a twinge of guilt each time he glimpsed something which caused a growing excitement in his loins.

After a few minutes, the girls both swam up to the concrete steps in the shallow end of the pool and laid back on the broad top step to sun themselves.

Steve just stared, unable to tear his eyes away from the incredible sight of those two luscious blondes, laid out there in the sun before him, naked. His daughter’s firm little titties stood proudly, their taut, erect nipples pointing skyward. His wife’s larger, softer breasts were slightly flattened as she lay back, but still lovely and round, her nipples also erect and pointing upward. They both had long slender waists and flat bellies, slightly sunken between their protruding pelvic bones and lower ribs. Both had neat little blond bushes atop their pubic mounds. Anne’s was a bit larger, darker, and thicker than Amy’s little muff.

Both women had their legs slightly parted and Steve could see the surface of the water gently lapping at the lower end of their vaginas. Amy’s puffy outer labia were nearly closed, allowing just a hint of the pink folds within, while her mother’s outer lips were much less evident, leaving her vulva open and her pink inner labia clearly exposed, glistening wetly in the sunlight.

“Nice view…huh, dad?”

Steve gasped and looked up to find his son, Ron, standing beside him, a broad smile on his face as he gazed out across the deck at his mother and sister. “Oh! Uhhhhh…yeah…” he said, grinning sheepishly, knowing his son had caught him staring at his naked wife and daughter. “So you know all about this and are okay with it, too?” he asked.

“You bet, dad! Who doesn’t like looking at naked chicks?” Ron replied enthusiastically.

“Uhhhhh…yeah, I guess that’s true…” Steve murmured pensively, looking back at the girls. He felt a bit less like a pervert now that his son was also obviously appreciating the view.

“Y’know, dad, I never realized before what a hot mom I had!” Ron said.

Steve, in the middle a sip of coffee, coughed and spit it up.

Ron walked over to the side of the pool and stood there at the edge. Amy sat up and slipped off the steps. She swam over to the side of the pool and stood in front of Ron, looking up at him, smiling, her firm, beautiful little titties fully exposed, well above the surface of the water as they talked for a few moments.

Suddenly, Amy jumped up out of the water and grasped the waistband of Ron’s swim trunks. As she dropped back into the water, she ripped down her brother’s swimsuit. Amy surfaced, laughing and giggling merrily as she looked up at her brother, standing there, naked, his swim trunks around his ankles. She quickly back-paddled away from him, as Ron clumsily kicked off his swim trunks and dove into the pool. Amy turned and swam off with Ron in hot pursuit.

Anne rose and stepped out of the pool, walking over to where her husband sat. Picking up a towel, she began drying off. She smiled as she saw her husband’s eyes checking her out as she stood over him, toweling dry.

“Like what you see, sweetheart?” she asked, smiling mischievously as she brushed the towel back and forth across her neatly trimmed love nest.

“You know I do, babe!” Steve growled. “It’s been an awfully long time since you even let me see you, naked.”

Anne frowned. “Oh, I know, darling…and I’m really sorry about that. I hope that I can make it up to you, though! I recently had an epiphany about that sort of thing…and I’d like us to try to make up for lost time!”

Steve furrowed his brow, not sure what his wife was intimating, then he smiled up at her as he decided, whatever it was escort istanbul she was saying, it sounded like a good thing.

Instead of wrapping herself in the towel as he would have expected, Anne tossed it on another chair and sat down on the double-wide chaise next to him, remaining completely naked. She snuggled up to him, pulling his arm around her shoulders and pressing the side of her face against his chest. Picking up the hand of his encircling arm, she placed it squarely on her breast.

As they lay there, quietly watching the kids chasing each other around in the pool, catching one another and engaging in a quick aquatic wrestling match, before breaking free for another chase, Anne gently caressed her husband’s thigh. Soon, she felt the hand that cupped her breast begin to gently knead the soft, but firm flesh, then his fingers tweaked and rolled her already tautly erect nipple.

“Mmmmm…” Anne purred softly, wriggling her naked body against him, as they watched the kids play.

After a time, Amy climbed out of the pool, with Ron close on her heels. As they raced around the deck to the diving board, Steve noticed that the boy’s butt was just as tan as the rest of his body. He realized that skinny-dipping couldn’t be an entirely new experience for him. He also noticed that his son’s penis was well-tanned and appeared to be more than partially tumescent. It looked fat and heavy, bobbing up and down and swaying from side to side as he chased after his sister.

Amy mounted the diving board, bounced once, and dove into the water in a graceful arc. Ron followed, his fat cock flopping up and down heavily as he bounced before plunging in after her. He chased her across the pool again, catching her just before she reached the other side. Amid shrieks and squeals of merriment, they wrestled in the water for a few moments, then Amy broke away and quickly climbed up the steps for another run around the pool. Ron followed close behind.

Steve gasped as he saw that his son’s penis was now standing fully erect, angled slightly upward and wagging stiffly from side to side as he chased his sister. Steve glanced down at his wife to gauge her reaction. He didn’t see the shocked surprise he expected to see on her face. Instead, he saw that she was watching the kids with intent interest, a benign smile on her pretty face.

Amy went off the diving board again and Ron followed. This time he paused to bounce on the end of the board several times, his long, hard prick stiffly bobbing up and down, before he dove in. Amy easily beat him to the end of the pool, this time, and was climbing the steps before he got there. As Amy ran around to the diving board again, Ron just hauled himself out of the water and laid back on the deck in the sun, his legs bent at the knee and dangling in the water, his head pillowed on his hands behind his neck. The boy’s penis stood stiffly erect, glistening wetly in the sun.

Steve felt Anne’s body squirm against him and heard a soft gasp. He saw her slowly draw her outside leg up, then let her now bent knee splay outward. He caught his breath as he saw her lovely vagina open up, her pink, inner labia glinting with moisture in the sunlight. She slid her hand down to her crotch and tenderly stroked the tip of her finger up and down through her juicy furrow.

“Mmmmmm…” Anne purred softly. “Our little boy certainly has an impressive piece of equipment there, doesn’t he?”

“Um…uhhh…yeah, he sure does…” Steve replied, unsure of the mix of feelings he was experiencing as his wife looked at, and seemingly took pride in, seeing her son’s erect penis. Apparently, she also was unconcerned that their young daughter might see it, as well. “He doesn’t seem to have any problem with showing it off!”

Anne chuckled. “Yes, he certainly seems to be proud of it…and rightly so, I’d say!”

Amy stood on the end of the diving board, bouncing up and down, her firm little titties jiggling as she waved her arms, taunting her brother for having given up the chase. Finally, she dove in and swam across the pool underwater, coming up alongside the pool between Ron’s wide-spread knees. Placing her elbows atop either of Ron’s thighs, Amy hung there against the side of the pool, her face just a few inches away from the underside of the boy’s stiffly upthrust erection.

Steve gasped and his body tensed as he saw his young daughter’s beautiful face so close to, and so overtly staring at, her brother’s erect penis. He knew that there was no way she could not be fully aware of her brother’s erection, now.

Amy smiled for a moment as she gazed at her brother’s stiffly upthrust organ, then she pursed her lips and expelled a tight stream of pool water from her mouth, directing at that rigidly upthrust shaft. As Amy hosed down his cock and balls, Ron clenched his ass, thrusting his erect penis upward.

Steve squirmed uncomfortably. “Uhhhh…honey?” he murmured, his voice rough and gravelly. “It doesn’t bother you to see your own son’s erect penis…and know that your daughter is looking at it, too?”

“Bother me?” Anne replied, giggling. “Oh, I’m bothered, alright!” she said as she picked up his hand from her breast and pressed it against her crotch. “Hot…and bothered!”

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