Executive Sweet: 6 Part Two


WednesdayAnother morning and another e-mail, Giselle thought as she sat down in her living room with a fresh cup of coffee. Since meeting Tom at work Monday night, she rarely got dressed at home anymore. So, the neighbors in either of the buildings opposite hers were getting a regular daily show of Giselle’s nude body through the large open windows on both ends of her open-floor-plan condo.Steam wafted from her coffee mug where it sat on the coffee table. The first sentence of the new e-mail immediately got her attention. After yesterday’s detailed instructions, Tom had left today’s wardrobe choice to her. He’d included a reminder about the expectations and requirements. Then there was a note about a package that she would find on her doorstep. She put her laptop down, got up and walked over to the door. Sure enough, there was a box sitting on the mat outside the condo door; indifferent to her nudity, she stepped outside a moment, bent over, and took it. As she stood up, she heard a door open and close; when she turned to look there was a guy, thirty-ish, staring at her. She waved to him and took the package inside her condo. The e-mail had said explicitly that she must not open it until she was at work, so she set it with her valise and went to take a shower. Finished in the bathroom, she decided to look for something different for today. She put on the required thong panty, figuring that in a few days she’d have none left to wear. The storage closet next to her small kitchen was where she found a piece of luggage handed down from her aunt. It was a boxy travel make-up case, roomy enough for all that a woman might take on a vacation. Inside was stuffed a collection of outfits from her college days when she thought of her wardrobe in terms of less being more.After laying out some of the clothes on the couch, she chose a gray and red pleated mini skirt with a coordinating midriff length cardigan in gray cashmere. There was a pair of gray, over the knee opaque stockings, and a white blouse. She set the blouse aside since it would not be sheer enough and decided to wear the sweater with nothing else. The schoolgirl skirt was even shorter than the ones she’d just altered the other night. Even with the waist slung low on her hips, she showed a couple more inches of her luscious booty than she had the day before.Once more, Giselle’s entrance to the office was well watched. The pleated skirt rode high, exposing almost half her naked ass; the sweater hung loosely, which allowed her boobs to swing in and out of view with the sway of her hips. All eyes in the room were on her and she loved the way they were looking. “Good morning, people! Is everybody good? I’ll be in the office if anyone wants to see me. Have a wonderful day!”                                                              ************ As he went through the morning’s progress reports, Ted Havlicek couldn’t get his mind off his new protégé, Giselle Turnbow. While Ankara bayan escort he was very pleased with the progress she was making, her attitude was a bit troubling. She wasn’t coy or shy about his requests and showed no embarrassment at displaying her nude body.His most recent disciple, Annabelle, had displayed all the normal emotive responses to his conditioning. She had gone through all the predicted stages: stubborn resistance to conditioning, reluctance to conform, resentful recognition of her predicament, then full and complete acceptance of her fate. The bubbly blonde cheerleader he had found at a Midwest high school had become a perfect submissive sex toy. Giselle was no Annabelle, that was certain. Of course, she was more mature and had more life experience. It was hard to say if that would be an obstacle to the transformation he was attempting. Whatever came of his work with the brunette beauty, his protégé was certainly giving him a lesson on his own shortcomings.   “Hey, Ted. Mr. Michaels on line three,” the receptionist called over the intercom. “Thanks, Charlene.” He clicked on the speakerphone and said, “Good morning, Malcolm. Have you seen last night’s cam video?” “Christ Havlicek, that woman is solid gold sex. Incredible, just incredible.” The CEO of Michaels and Carter investment brokers sounded impressed.Ted just hoped that the man had made his deposit to the accounts for his and Giselle’s contracts. “Are you ready to commit to the project now? I expected that you and Carter would be invested already after seeing her physical attributes and her immediate agreement to begin the orientation process.”   “You haven’t checked this morning yet, then. Carter and I made our contributions; we’re both in. And just to give her some incentive, we’ve come up with a signing bonus if she accepts in the next seven days,” Michaels assured him. “How much of a bonus?”“Forty thousand if she’s signed by next Tuesday at close of business, fifteen of that is yours.” It was almost comical, how these successful wealthy men were so horny for his newest creation.  “I hadn’t given her any numbers on compensation, but I will let her know about the signing bonuses,” Havlicek assured the other man.“This is amazing Ted. Who was the blonde fox between our chick’s legs?”“A very nice and totally unexpected accomplice, and possibly a new recruit.” ************ Denise stood at the door to Giselle’s office and knocked on the open door. She had on a tunic length button front sleeveless dress with just a few buttons undone at the top. Giselle clucked, “That won’t pass; too many buttons. We’ll have to fix that right now.”With some scissors from the desk in hand, Giselle kicked the gray footstool into the middle of the room. She nodded at her secretary, “Step up, miss, let’s get you done.”“You’re going to cut off my buttons?” Denise asked.“That’s one of items on the Expectations and Requirements Escort bayan Ankara list,” the boss informed her.“The what, which?”“The Expectations and Requirements list. For blouses and dresses no more than two or three buttons, strategically placed at the waist,” the boss explained, then helped her assistant up on the footstool. She started at the bottom hem, cut two buttons off, then skipped past the waist and continued to snip the rest all the way up to the collar of the dress.“That’s so very sexy. I like that. You can see my pretty lacy bra.” Denise peeled open the top of the dress. Giselle opened it further and shook her head.“No, that won’t do at all. No bras, except see thru or demi cup. You’ll want to take that off,” she instructed her assistant. Denise looked at the boss questioningly. Giselle nodded her head in affirmative. “There’re rules for the dress code. I didn’t make them. They were sent to me by e-mail. Do you want me to forward it to you?” Giselle pushed her hand in Denise’s blouse and unclipped the strapless bra. It slipped off and fell down through the dress to her knees. The dress gaped open enough that her perky boobs were in plain sight for anyone.“What’s the feeling in the office after the meeting?” the boss asked. “Well, I think you saw the bulges in Grady and Chris’s pants. They couldn’t take their eyes off you.”“I expected that. Is this your show of support?” Giselle stood up, then helped Denise step off the stool. She made a circle motion with her hand and the hot blonde twirled on one foot, her skirt flowed upward to expose a lacy thong and a tight dimpled ass. “What about the others?”“The staff all loves you, boss. They totally appreciate how you’ve handled the department since Riggs left and you took over,” Denise reported. “You got only compliments on the cute skirt and sweater outfit. Which reminds me, you should have a ponytail or something.””I don’t have a scrunchie.””Here, I’ve got a trick for that,” Denise reached under her dress and pulled her thong off.”Uhm, is that a trick or a treat?””Just watch.” With a comb from a desk drawer, the secretary pulled a ponytail from Giselle’s auburn locks. She twisted the lacy panty up and wrapped it around her boss’s hair, cinching it in place.“That is so cool. I can’t believe I never thought of that.” Giselle planted a little kiss on her secretary. “Anyway, are Hannah and Heather still huddled together, whispering? When Mortensen made me manager, I got a really bad vibe from them. They are the senior editors and I got bumped up over them.”“Yes, but remember when they decided to just blow off the dress code two days after you replaced Mr. Riggs? Well, they remember that you supported them in front of the whole office. I think they may have some questions, and Heather has been following your every move today.”Her desktop chimed. She looked to see that she had an incoming e-mail. She hadn’t checked for one Bayan escort Ankara yet today, so she brought it up and opened it. “Oh, I have to unwrap my gift now. You want to hang around, and see?””Sure, I’m not really busy,” Denise answered. “Oh, but Marta wanted you to see her outfit today, and Jennifer turned in a letter of resignation.””Jennifer is resigning? What’s that about?””I didn’t look at her letter, but I heard her husband got relocated.”Giselle cut through the tape holding the box closed and opened it. Inside was a pink rubber dildo with two appendages, both fairly thick and one longer than the other. “Wow, that is some vibe!” she commented.”Yeah, that’s the Lexus of vibes. That is a G-spot thumper,” a voice said from the doorway. The two women at the desk looked up to see Marta standing there. The red-haired woman’s taut little form was dressed in a tight spandex miniskirt and a black crop top which exposed the bottom half of her braless boobs.”Come in Marta. So, you know a lot about vibes?””My husband and I shopped for one recently and he wanted this one, but it’s like stupid expensive,” Marta continued. “Looks like there’s no remote, so you can assume your friend has it. And if he bought the app.”  “He’s a techie; he bought the app. Here Denise, make some sense of this little brochure.” Giselle gave her the small, folded piece of paper. “Ok, so once he hooks it up to the app on a cell phone, it boosts the signal from about forty feet to almost half a mile,” Denise informed them.Giselle exclaimed, “He can control this from half a mile away? Oh my god!””Here, check out this illustration. The longer thicker end goes up against your G-spot.””What’s the thumper part?” the boss asked.Marta came over to the desk and leaned in close to Giselle; she whispered softly to the boss and the svelte blonde secretary.”He’s going to be able to fuck me by remote control?” Giselle said astounded.”I guess that’s one way to think of it,” Marta answered. “There’s more.””Of course, there’s more.”Together, the three women studied the brochure and its accompanying illustrations. Marta pointed to the smaller piece, “This one here,” she advised.”Presses right on my nubbin.” Giselle replied.”Yep,” Marta confirmed.”Oh my god.” “My last boyfriend liked to have me on a vibe at our hangout bar. He also liked to take me right to the edge of orgasm then make me stop,” the tiny redhead confessed.Tom likes to tell me when to stop, Giselle thought wistfully.As if he was listening to her thoughts, the intercom suddenly sounded.  “Giselle, please complete the instruction in the e-mail.””Who is that?” Marta whispered to the boss.”My coach. He gave me the dress code.””Nice. You want us to leave?” Denise asked. Giselle shook her head no.”Let’s see. Tom? You want me to insert the vibe now?””Yes. Use your little bottle of vitamin E oil. You can have the ladies’ help if you wish.”The three women flashed naughty grins, then Giselle sat in the chair and spread her legs open.The gray pleated skirt covered nothing, and her panty had already slipped between her labia.”First, we need to take off that panty. Marta?”The redhead bent over and reached for the lacy garment. Carefully, she pulled it away; Giselle sighed a bit as it came out of her pussy lips.

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