Essie’s New Employee


As I left the main gate of the base, I gave the guard a final salute. With my Honorable Discharge in hand I headed for San Antonio. I would be spending the night at Essie’s condo and then on Thursday I would apply for a job at Ward and Ward Co. Ward and Ward Co. is wholly owned by Essie Ward. ‘Who is Essie Ward’, you may ask? If you haven’t been following my story from the beginning, Essie is my love. What started out as a cougar/cub relationship is now a full blown romance. I fell in love with her and she with me. I’m twenty-eight and Essie is fifty. Our age difference does not matter in our lives. In fact Essie could pass for a thirty something woman any day of the week. She was blessed with the ‘young genes’ that I’m sure most women would desire. Essie is a beautiful woman with a slim and well toned body. She works hard and relentlessly and I believe that is part of her secret to stay so young. Essie has one child who I have never met. Her name is Madison and she manages Essie’s ranch. Madison is two years younger than me. I saw a picture of her in Essie’s condo and she looks like an Essie clone. Essie’s husband and Madison’s father was killed in a helicopter crash on the ranch. Duke Ward and the pilot were rounding up cattle when the copter snagged on a tree killing both. *** When I arrived at Essie’s condo I was allowed entry by the guard. Security is of utmost importance in this complex. There are rich and famous people living here. I drove my car into the garage under the building and into it’s assigned stall. Essie’s car was there but she may have taken a cab to work today. You never know what she will be doing. One day she will be working in the oil field and the next she will be having lunch with the governor. I slid my card to call the elevator. The elevator doors closed and it whisked me up to her condo. The elevator doors opened into her condo’s great room. This is a very exclusive condominium complex. I didn’t see Essie so I assumed she must still be at work. I grabbed a beer from the bar and walked onto the patio. Her patio is a rooftop green space. Excellently designed and a nice place to unwind. I sat down and relaxed while I drank my beer. I was thinking about tomorrow and about applying for a job. Essie had told me that the company was having problems obtaining new employees because of the oil boom. She almost guaranteed me a job if I applied. She told me I would be starting at the bottom and would have to work and earn my way up the ladder. I promised her I would work hard and that I would never be an embarrassment to her. I finished my beer and walked back into her condo. What a surprise, to see Essie standing in her great room. Let me tell you a little something about Essie, whose first name is Estelle. Essie is 5’9″ and weighs around 130. Her cup size is a very full B, that much I know. I do not know her measurements but she is very well proportioned for her height. She is a very beautiful woman and has a beautiful personality. I don’t think there is a man on this planet that wouldn’t want to put his shoes under her bed. Her attractiveness is what caught my eye the first time I saw her. “Hi Love,” she said. “I left work early so I could be with you this afternoon. Is that OK?” I answered her by swiftly walking over and hugged her as I kissed her. “There is nothing better in the world than having you with me,” I said as I moved to the couch. Essie was dressed business casual, a white blouse that was covered with a jacket. Her skirt hem stopped right above her knee. I don’t know anything about women’s hairdos except hers was very nice. Her makeup was proper for a business environment. “Would you turn around Honey, please?” I asked. As she turned I whistled when that perfect ass came into view. Essie has the most beautiful derrière of any woman I have ever seen. As Essie turned the jacket came off and fell to the floor. She continued turning as she undid her skirt side zipper. A couple hip wiggles and a slight push of her finger tips and the skirt was on the floor. I was looking straight at her ass when she wiggled those hips. That is a treat that will never get old for me. My cock was beginning to rise. Essie slowly unbuttoned her blouse, I could see she did not have a bra on. Now her back was to me as the blouse joined her other clothes on the floor. As she turned my eyes were glued to her boobs. Essie has a fantastic side boob profile. If I could draw you a picture I would. A pencil could be held under her boob, but the under curve up to her nipple and then to her chest is perfect. Her nipples being the stem of her banana shaped boobs. I can imagine the puffy nipples she had when younger, there was still a hint. Essie was looking at me as she walked towards me. “Like what you see?” she asked. “I’m here for you, play with me like you want. I’m your toy tonight.” I put my hands on her waist and slowly slipped my hands down her hips. Her panties slipped over her hips and down her thighs. They dropped to the floor and she stepped out of them and flipped them with her foot. Essie stood before me totally naked. My cock was hard now. I leaned forward and kissed the top of her slit. I pressed the palm of my hand on her crotch and held it tightly. Essie let out a little moan, she likes the pressure I exert on her pussy. I bent my middle finger upward and it slipped through the wet folds of her labia and into her cunt. She was very wet now and I knew I needed to fuck her soon, for her sake and my own. I stood up and lifted her into my arms and proceeded into her bedroom. After laying her on her bed, Acıbadem Escort I started removing my clothes. Essie jumped up onto her knees and pushed my hands away because she wanted to undress me. After my shirt hit the floor I had to stand up so she could unbuckle my belt and remove my jeans. My boxers dropped with my jeans. My stiff cock pointed straight out and Essie took advantage of the opportunity. Her mouth closed over my cockhead, pushing my foreskin back with her lips. I really like the sensations she gives me when that happens. Essie proceeded to give me another great blowjob. “I’m going to cum, please stop,” I moaned. “I want to cum inside you honey.” Essie stopped and lay on her back, “After you eat me, baby.” I crawled onto the bed, gently spreading her legs. Essie’s pussy lips were shining with the wetness of her. I am one lucky bastard to have such a beautiful woman to make love to. I kissed her inner thighs while rubbing my hand on her mons. I applied a light pressure as the palm of my hand slid over her clitoris. Essie moaned. My mouth was inching it’s way up the inside of her legs, licking and kissing. Closer and closer until my tongue parted her wet labia and I could taste her. I worked my tongue tip up under her hood and lifted it so I could surround her clit with my lips. I sucked her clit, pulling it from under the hood. Now I used my lips to squeeze her clitoris hard. “Oh god, Randy, you sure know how to make my pussy feel so good!” I worked my tongue downward in her slit until I reached her vagina. I stopped and then I forced my tongue as deep into her as I could. Licking and twisting my tongue around her opening. I worked my way back up. I slipped two fingers inside of her and then I attacked her clit. I sucked and pulled, I bit then sucked and pulled again. I did this until I felt Essie’s cunt tightening on my fingers. I knew she would be cumming soon. Her breathing quickened, the sound becoming more shallow each time I sucked and pulled back. Essie’s clit was engorged with blood, her hood could no longer hide it. I moved now, bringing my cock up, rubbing it up and down her wet slit. Essie was moaning very loudly from the sensations and heat generated by my cock. Essie spread her legs wide, her hands behind her knees. I could see my cockhead spreading her pussy lips, mixing my precum with her lubricating juices. I aligned my cockhead with her vagina then I moved my hips forward forcing her lips to spread over my cock. I pulled back out of her and saw the sheen of her wetness covering my cockhead. I realigned my cock with her pussy and pressed my hips more forward. My cock was now midway into her heat. Her pussy walls gripped me, sending sensations to my brain. I started fucking her and kept pressing forward until my cock was deep and my balls were hitting her ass. “Randy, you fuck me so well.” “It’s not me hon, it’s your juicy pussy, I can’t help myself.” Essie was building. She started lifting her ass upwards, tilting her pussy up to accept that last millimeter of my cock. Essie orgasmed. Her cunt walls clamped down on my cock bringing my action to a halt and tipping me over the edge. Since my cock was deep in her, I just hung on for the ride. My cock sent rope after rope of cum into her. Essie lay perfectly still as my cock throbbed deep inside her. “God I love your cock,” she said. “I love the feeling my cunt receives from your throbbing. I don’t know how I will be able to keep my hands off you at work.” “Essie, you will just have to wait until we take our time off. We have the condo to make love in. Besides that, I will be in the mud while you will be in the office.” My member was still semi-hard when I pulled out of her. Essie turned, opening her mouth and slipping those beautiful lips over my cock. She licked me clean. I went down on Essie to return the favor. Her pussy was slick with her wetness but my cum was still deep within her. I licked all around her pussy, then I licked her slit clean from bottom to top. We lay next to each other just gazing into each other’s eyes. I put my free arm around her and drew her in for a kiss. Our tongues played twister for a short time until she drew back. “I’m hungry, how about you?” “Yes, do you want to go out to a restaurant?” I asked her. “Fine with me, but where?” “Riverwalk,” I replied. “We can go there and just walk until we find a place we like. I’ll call a taxi.” Essie and I jumped up and out of bed. I put on a clean shirt and jeans, then sat down to watch Essie dress. She went into her closet and returned a few minutes later. She had a white blouse and plaid skirt with her, which she threw onto the bed. She went and retrieved white nylon stockings from her dresser. Now I watched as this hot, tall and shapely woman rolled up a nylon and the slipped it up her leg. As she pulled the stocking up, her leg straightened with her toes pointing upwards. What a sight for my eyes. She repeated her stocking routine for her other leg. My cock was twitching. She slipped on her skirt and stood in front of her full length mirror. A minor adjustment here and another there and from the waist down she was perfect. Essie slipped her blouse on and buttoned up. I could faintly see her areolas through the thin material. Her nipples suddenly stiffened, pushing the fabric out. What a gorgeous woman I had standing in front of me. “God, you are beautiful, Essie,” I exclaimed! “Thank you, Love,” she said. Essie sat down on her chair, at her makeup desk, and turned on the lights. I looked at her body and noticed now her skirt Acıbadem Escort Bayan pulled back and showed a nice portion of her lacy nylon top. Her legs were the next hottest part of her right after her ass. “Like what you see?” she asked me. I glanced up and saw her reflection, looking at me, in her mirror. “You better believe it. I love what I see.” Once she was done with her makeup, Essie stood up. “I’m ready, let’s go. We took the elevator down to the ground floor. The taxi was waiting for us. As Essie entered the vehicle, her legs spread a bit and I was treated to a view of her pussy lips. She noticed me and smiled. “I better be more ladylike when I get of this car,” she said. “Can’t have all of San Antonio talking about my pussy now can I?” I smiled back at her, “I’m not the jealous type, as long as I know it is only for me.” “Oh, it’s yours buddy, all yours.” Essie told the cabbie where we were going and then she settled back into me, laying her head on my shoulder. I felt so protective of her, knowing fully well that she didn’t need me. She was very capable of taking care of herself. I squeezed her tightly to me and kissed her hair. I am a very happy man. After our late lunch we walked the whole length of the Riverwalk. Essie did some shopping, buying some jewelry for herself. She wanted to buy me a nice bracelet but it was to small for my wrist, so she bought me a Dallas Cowboys cap instead. Essie was very much the lady getting out of and into the cab until we were back at the condo. She looked around and then she slid across the seat, her legs splayed wide. She smiled at me as I gawked at her crotch. I paid the cabbie and he was gone. We walked to the front door and I slid my key card and the door buzzed. I held the door for my lady and we walked in. Essie slipped her key card and called the elevator. After we were in the car, she kissed me lightly on my lips. She whispered, “I love you Randy, you make me so happy and at peace with myself. How can I ever repay you for bringing me out of the shell I have been living in for the past five years? You are the best thing to happen to me.” “I love you Essie, I want to be with you 24/7, but I know that is not possible. Maybe someday we will have more time together.” The car stopped and opened into Essie’s condo. “Can I ask you a question?” “Shoot, Randy” “Why do you tease me so incessantly? We guys would call you a prick teaser.” “Cause I am! I’m your private prick teaser. I will always tease you because I know you like it.” I picked her up and walked into her bedroom, tossing her on the bed. I knelt between her legs, unbuckling my belt and pushing my slacks and boxers down. My cock sprang upwards. I lifted Essie’s legs onto my shoulder. Aiming my cock, I slid it in her slit, lubricating both of us. When my cockhead was in line with her vagina, I rocked forward and fucked her good. I was not making love to her this time, I was just giving her a good old fashioned fucking. I drove my cock into her hard and fast, over and over, never stopping until she screamed, “I’m cumming, god, Randy I’m cumming hard.” I kept pumping into her, long hard strokes. My climax hit me like a ton of bricks and I pumped Essie’s cunt full of cum again. My cock was throbbing in her pulsating cunt. She pulled me down onto her and kissed me, still moving her ass and fucking my cock. “God, I love the way you fuck me! Roll sideways and let’s nap with you still inside me, OK?” We rolled sideways but my cock slipped out of her, so I spooned her with my cock up her snatch. We did sleep for about an hour. My limp dick had slipped from her pussy and her juices had dried on me. We got up and showered. Then we lounged around the condo, watched TV for a while and finally went to bed. Essie wanted another fuck. I was tired but when I fingered her wet pussy, I suddenly wasn’t tired anymore. We made love again, though I was almost empty. She had now fucked me dry. *** I woke up, Essie was awake and looking at me with a big smile. I kissed her and got up, going into the bath to brush my teeth. I fixed us bacon and eggs for breakfast. Essie dressed in jeans and a work shirt so I knew she would be in one of the oil fields today. “My Jeep is by the bunkhouse you will be living in,” she said. “The keys are in the ignition. Good luck and I’ll see you back here, the evening of your day off. Love you sweetie.” She kissed me and left the condo. I dressed for my job interview and headed out to the offices of Ward & Ward Co. The receptionist must have known I was coming because she had all the forms ready. I took them and was ushered into a private room to fill them out. “Call me when you complete the forms and I will call HR. They will do the interview. Is there anything I can get you, coffee, soda, water?” “Black coffee and a glass of water would be fine, thank you.” After filling out the forms, I called the receptionist and handed her the forms. “HR will be here soon to interview you. I would guess within the next half hour.” The interview was quick. The lady interviewing me offered me an entry level position because I had zip for experience in the oil field. I gladly accepted. The starting pay was about what I was making in the military. I would be living in bunkhouse number two, room seven. I signed an agreement that I would live there for one year, after that I could live wherever I wanted to. I thanked the lady for the job and headed out to the parking lot. Essie was leaning on my car. “How did it go?” she asked me. “The interview and job offer are fine. I am Escort Acıbadem pleased. I thought you would be at the ranch by now.” “No, I wanted to see if you got the job and to lead you out to the ranch this first time.” “Got the job? Was there any question?” “Honey, if there had been any negative feedback during your background check, you would not have been offered a job. That is the company policy and I have to abide by that policy just like you do. Yes, I can change policy but I have to live with that change also.” “That’s fair. I’ve always been a good boy and the military doesn’t allow bad men to remain there long.” “I love you Essie.” Essie shook my hand and said, “I love you too. Now follow me out to the ranch.” Essie got into her car and backed out of the stall. I started my car and followed her. The ranch was a good forty-five miles southwest of San Antonio. When we approached the front gate I thought, “This was not a typical Texas ranch.” I was impressed with the stone entrance. The electronic wrought iron gate had a big W logo in the center. The W was surrounded by a circle of wrought iron also. The gate split in the center to open, the W attached to one side only. The entrance and driveway were paved with stained concrete to look like pavers. Essie opened the gate and I followed her through. About fifty yards beyond the gate a trout stream crossed the front of the property. The driveway crossed over the stream on a stone walled bridge. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I have seen. The ranch house sat back maybe a quarter of a mile and the drive was lined with live oak trees. The drive split into a wye maybe halfway to the house. That drive disappeared around to the back of the house. The drive had a small sign designating ‘Deliveries and Employees’. Now that I am an employee, I would be using that driveway around the house. Essie veered left and drove down that drive. Around the back of the house, there was a small parking lot with three cars parked. The main house had a six car garage attached at the back. This is the ranch of a very well to do owner. Maybe another half mile back were seven brick homes situated along another oak lined side street. Three homes on each side and a large home on the end. I was sure the large home was for the ranch foreman. This street also had a small sign ‘Manager’s Lane’. Essie drove right on by that one. The drive curved and drove past homes that looked liked townhouses. These must be for the married ranch hands. Every townhouse was brick. I am very impressed how the Ward family treats their employees. The drive was still lined with live oak trees. The drive ended in a ‘T’. All you could see now was more live oak trees. I could see under the branches. There were other buildings, the type of buildings you would see on a working ranch. Stables, machine sheds, a helicopter landing pad. Very impressive. Essie turned right at the ‘T’ and drove into a large parking lot that was lined with two single story brick buildings. This must be where the single ranch hands live. Essie parked her car and I parked my right next to hers. We both exited our cars. “This is where you will live,” she said pointed to one of the buildings. Room seven is on this side, fourth door down. This is probably the last time you will see me here. Todd Higgins is the manager in charge of both the ranch hands and oil workers. You will be taking direction from him and his lower managers. You will also have a crew supervisor, he is the one you will be dealing with most. I hope you are happy working here, I’ll do my best to make sure that happens. I love you sweetie and keep your phone charged because I’ll be texting you a lot. Bye bye, I’ll be seeing you at the condo soon.” With that Essie got back in her car and drove off. I loaded up my arms with a couple boxes of my belongings and walked to door seven. The office had given me the key prior, so I unlocked the door and went in. “Nice,” I thought. “This will be a nice place to live.” My space was actually an apartment. Totally furnished, including linens and towels. All I needed was my clothes. There even was a small kitchen, nice size refrigerator and a electric range with an oven. I was set. I opened the refrigerator door and saw a note propped up on my favorite beer. “Welcome to your new home. I took the liberty of duplicating your house key. See you sometime after dark. Leave your front light off. Love, Essie” Wow! The little minx was going to break the rules the first night I was here. Her aloofness today was turning me into a horndog now. I knew it, she was pretending to be the ‘boss’ when in the parking lot. I sped up unpacking my car. I stuffed my clothes into any drawer that was empty. I would straighten them out later. After my clothes were all put away, I took a quick shower. The sun was just setting when I made myself a sandwich. Essie was thoughtful enough to stock my refrigerator and my pantry. I would have to thank her later. After eating I opened a beer and turned on my TV, the ranch had its own cable system. I saw a large dish antenna in the back behind the trees. This place is like it’s own town. I channel surfed until I saw something interesting, a fishing show. I could turn the volume down low and still not miss out on what was going on. About a half hour into the show, I heard a key go into my door lock. I had previously turned off the outside light. The only light the room had, was what spilled out from the TV. Essie walked in and closed the door. I was becoming used to seeing one hot and sexy Essie, but tonight she looked extra special. Maybe it was the lighting or maybe it was the short shorts and red tube top, but she sure looked good. “Miss me baby?” she asked in a sultry voice. “I’ve missed you. What do you have special for me tonight?” I got up and walked the few steps to her. I gently took her in my arms and kissed her.

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