Internet Hook-Up Ch. 05


First of all I’d like to thank all the readers that provided me with so much encouragement to continue this series and all the positive (and some not so positive) feedback, as I enjoy reading it all. Keep reading, and sending comments. Also, I’d like to remind everyone that this is a true story of one of my experiences that took place about 6 years ago. I’ve changed the names of the characters for everyone’s benefit.

Now….on with Part 5.

I awoke to the feeling of something running through my hair. As I opened my eyes I noticed that I was staring at a very black ball sack. I slowly became aware of where I was, and who was with me in my bed, and what happened last night. I was using Damon’s black thigh as a pillow while sleeping and expelled a slight moan as I remembered the pleasure of the night before.

Damon said to me, “Are you ready for your morning piss?”

Without replying, I took his flaccid black cock in my hand and brought my mouth to it, kissed it good morning, and took the head of it inside my mouth. No sooner had I wrapped my lips around it then his hot piss stream started. He had such control, he gave me only what I could handle without spilling any. It seemed to last forever, and I took every last drop.

“Good slut.” he said.

I was so very proud to be able to make Damon happy. I was truly in a state of euphoria at that moment. What a fabulous way to wake up. I had a black cock filling my mouth with piss. I was still wearing the pink ‘Damon’s Slut’ choker and my wife’s stockings on my shaved legs. I’ve got to tell you, I was really flying high.

Damon then said, “OK slut, now it’s time for you to make some breakfast. Pancakes and bacon.”

I scampered out of bed and put the transparent wrap back on and headed downstairs to make my man breakfast. I got the coffee going and was just about to start the pancake batter when the doorbell rang. It was almost 10am and when I went to the door, without realizing how I was dressed, I flung it wide and there was Sam. The look on his face turned from one of surprise to one of complete lust. Then a huge grin appeared across his face as he moved towards me. He took me in his arms and locked his lips with mine as his hands came around me to take hold of my ass, a cheek in each hand. Pulling me tight into him, I felt his mammoth cock pressing against me. All this and the front door was still wide open.

He broke the kiss and said, “What a fabulous greeting from such a slutty white pussy boy. Damon called me and told me you were making breakfast and if I wanted some, I should get my black ass over here now. I know now what he meant by ‘wanting some’.”

I told him to come in as I was just getting the pancake batter ready, then took a quick look around while closing the door, to see if any of my neighbors noticed what just happened. Fortunately, there was no one in sight. Sam came in, stripped all his clothes off, and sat down at the kitchen table. Moments later, Damon came into the kitchen, also completely naked and sat down at the table across from Sam. I poured them each a cup of coffee, a glass of OJ, and gave them both a plate of pancakes with bacon.

They practically inhaled the food, and when Sam started to drink his OJ, he looked at me and asked, “How about you slut, can I give you some morning juice?”

I looked at Damon, who gave me a knowing smile, and I fell to my knees and took Sam’s flaccid cock head between my lips and nodded I was ready. I didn’t have to wait long before his stream filled my mouth, and I had to swallow really fast and often to avoid spilling any, as he didn’t have the control Damon had. When he was done, he pulled his cock from my mouth and with his hand, shook it against my face as in a slapping gesture, as the last drops of his piss coated my face.

I looked in Sam’s eyes and smiled as I said, “Thank you Sam for your delicious morning juice. It was a pleasure to drink from your fountain and I hope to have more opportunities to do it again.”

Then I turned to Damon and said, “Sir, I’m so very happy to have the opportunity to service and pleasure you and your neighbor Sam. I am truly delighted with my place as your Bomonti Escort white pussy boy and fulfilling your desires and pleasuring your black cock. I believe I am completely addicted to you and your bodily fluids, both cum and piss. Thank you.” At this point, I thought I would probably die if I couldn’t be Damon’s slut.

I crawled on my knees to Damon and took his black cock in my hand and kissed and licked under the foreskin and tasted the stale cum and piss that had accumulated there from last night and this morning. As I was doing this, his cock started to harden, and I took it completely in my mouth as I wanted to know what it felt like to have a flaccid cock harden in my mouth. I had my nose buried in his pubes, and as he hardened, it just naturally worked it’s way into my throat. I was amazed at how natural a feeling it was to have him there. To further stimulate him, I again made swallowing moves on his cock and played with his black balls.

Moaning, he said, “You little cock whore, you really know how to get me going. I love the way your throat feels on my cock. Keep doing that and it won’t be long before you’ll be rewarded with more of my bodily fluids, more black seed for your belly. Sam, go ahead and play with that pussy, I know you dying to get some more of that.”

With Damon’s cock lodged in my throat, I felt Sam’s hands start to roam over my ass. He was squeezing it in a playful manner, but it was really making me hot. He picked up the silky wrap over my ass and I felt a stinging on the right side of my ass and then heard a smack. I jumped and yelped while Damon’s cock slipped out of my mouth.

“Get back on that dick you little cock sucking slut.” said Sam.

I did, and almost at the same time I took him back in my throat, Damon placed his hands on the back of my head as I felt a stinging on my left ass cheek. This time, with my head pinned on Damon’s cock, I screamed on his cock and he shouted, “Ohhh Damn that feels so good. Another couple of times like that and I’ll be filling your belly with another load of my black seed.”

That’s all Sam had to hear. Smack, Smack, Smack. Damon stiffened, his cock swelled in my throat, and he started cumming. He came and came and came. Sam continued to smack my ass the whole time Damon was filling me with his black seed. They were taking turns saying, “Swallow that black seed you slut, eat that black cock. You little black cock slut. You live for black mans cum. You’ll never make it through life without it. It will control you and dominate you, you white pussy boy, and you will love it. You’ll never be able to say no to a black man that wants to use you for his pleasure. YEAH, suck every last drop from my cock.”

Damon took his cock from my mouth as I reluctantly gave it up. He said, “I have some things to do and I’ll be back at around 6 tonight. Make sure you have dinner ready for me. And, while I’m gone, I want you to take care of Sam here. Do whatever he tells you and make me proud.”

He got up off the chair, pulled me up off the floor and put his arms around my waist. Pulling me into him, he gave me a passionate, tongue fucking my throat kiss that made my knees, as sore as they were from kneeling on a hard tiled floor, buckled and he had to hold me up. He then looked at Sam and said, “OK Sam, she’s all yours. Just make sure that you don’t ruin her pussy so I can’t use it anymore. Remember, she’s mine and I’m only being neighborly by loaning her out to you.”

The way Damon referred to me as ‘she’ and ‘her’ made me giddy with pride. He was really making me think like I was his ‘girl’. This feeling was so strange and exciting to me all at the same time. I never ever thought of myself as a girl, until Damon, in his very dominant way, referred to me as one. This was a whole new level of euphoria he was bringing me to. I shook my head and cleared those thoughts as I felt Sam’s huge black hands rubbing and soothing my burning ass.

Damon dressed and left as while I made Sam another stack of pancakes and another cup of coffee. I asked him if it was alright for me to take a shower and clean up a bit.

As I was coming out of the bathroom drying Bomonti Escort Bayan myself off and heading to my bedroom, I heard some really nice soft light jazz playing. I could also detect the scent of coconut coming from downstairs. I followed the scent and the music and saw Sam in the kitchen, with the curtains drawn closed, lights off, and candles flickering. He had set what I thought a very romantic atmosphere. He had the dishes cleared from the table and had pulled the kitchen table apart and placed two extension leaves in it making it 6 feet long. He had a towel thrown over the top as well.

I must’ve had a very puzzled look on my face, because he looked at me and said, “I wanted to surprise you and give you something special for taking such good care of this 70 year old man. So Bobbie, I want you to climb up on this table, lay down and I’m going to give you a full body massage, the likes of which you’ll never forget.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, and I walked up to him, put my arms around his neck and kissed him as passionately as I knew how….and he took total advantage of it as his hands roamed all over my butt. This man was truly amazing to me and I thought, ‘I can’t even believe that here I am with not only one Black man that I totally adore, but now he’s introduced me to another magnificent creature that’s going to take me to paradise again.’

He helped me up on the table, and took the coconut scented oil in his hands and warmed it before he placed his hands on my upper shoulders. In a single sweep he brought his hands all the way from my shoulders down to my lower back. Remember, I’m laying on the kitchen table, face down, and naked. Sam is standing at the end of the table at my head, and is stretching down towards my lower back. Yes, he’s 6’6″ and about 180 pounds and still very muscled for a 70 year old. And as he reaches for my lower back, his smooth, shaved cock rubs against my head.

We both groaned at the same time. Me from his strong hands working on my back, and him from rubbing his cock on my hairy head. I picked my head up and looked up at him as his hands returned to my shoulders. I started to open my mouth and suck his cock while he massaged me and he said, “No Bobbie, let me give you some pleasure now. I’ll get mine soon enough. Just relax and enjoy.”

I don’t think he realized that sucking his cock was pleasure for me, but I laid my head back down and enjoyed the massage like he said. I must’ve dozed off, because when I opened my eyes again, Sam had somehow rolled me on my back and was now working his big magic hands on my thighs. The sight of his big black hands working on my milky white, shaved thighs was breathtakingly erotic.

He smiled at me and asked if I shaved my legs. I told him I did last night for the first time ever.

He said, “They’re so nice and soft…you should think about permanent hair removal. I love the feel and I know Damon would love it too. Are you enjoying this?”

“So very much Sam. Thank you.”

He smiled and then he did something I never expected. He leaned forward and took my clit in his mouth. No sooner than his thick warm lips closed around it, the excitement of the feeling of being in his mouth, I came.

He swallowed my insignificant few droplets, and licked all around my cock and balls and said, “Being a slut, I know you can’t cum much, but the few drops you gave me were delicious. This is merely foreplay for the main event Bobbie, so lay back and enjoy it.”

I laid back, closed my eyes, and focused on the immense pleasure his lips and tongue were giving me. Then I felt something really hot on my groin, and looked down.

He smiled at me and said, “Relax Bobbie. I’m going to do something that Damon asked me to do.”

With that, he picked up a can of shaving cream and lathered my pubic area completely. He took a disposable razor and got busy cleaning all the hair off my groin and balls. It was such an erotic feeling as he worked meticulously on me. I felt like a princess being tended to by her court. I felt like I was going to float away on a cloud. After he finished, he put some baby oil on me to soothe the shaved Escort Bomonti area.

He again leaned forward and took my spent clit between his lips. He also took my tiny balls into his mouth at the same time. My complete genitals, balls and clit were being treated to a wonderful tonguing. He removed them from his mouth and looking at me said, “OK Bobbie, time for the main event”.

He then raised my legs to his shoulders and proceeded to lick my boy pussy, jabbing at it with his tongue until it relented and opened up to him. He licked and licked and jabbed and jabbed at my hole, all the while I was moaning how wonderful it was to be tongue fucked by him. While he was working me over with his mouth, he was working his ebony pole with his hand as he lubricated it with baby oil, making is slick and shiny. He stood up, held his cock in his hand, and said, “Take a look at what I have for you Bobbie.”

I looked and was amazed again at how big it was, only this time it glistened like shiny granite. I smiled and lay my head back. He took hold of my thighs with both hands and pulled me to the edge of the table, and I prayed that he would go easy on me.

He pulled my legs higher in the air and placed my calves on his shoulders, which raised my pussy hole off the table about six inches. Holding me in place, he took his slick, shiny, hard cock and lined it up with my hole. As the fat mushroom head of his cock burned against the opening of my pussy, he just held it there. He wasn’t even making an attempt to enter me. I gave him a puzzled look as if to question why he wasn’t trying to penetrate me.

He said, “Don’t worry Bobbie, when your pussy realizes what is waiting to get in, it will open all by itself and swallow my cock like the hungry slut you are.”

He held there for only a minute, but seemed a lot longer, and sure enough, it was like he said. I could actually feel myself open and draw Sam’s cock inside. Wanting, craving more of his length. When he felt me open up, he smiled down at me and just moved forward until his entire length was in me and I could feel his smooth shaved balls against my back.

He said, “You sure are one hungry black cock slut. I told you your pussy would do all the work as soon as it realized what a treat it was going to have.”

I was in awe of him and said, “Sam, fuck me, make me more of a black cock slut then I already am, if that’s possible. Fuck me hard, fuck me slow, fuck me any which way you want. But fuck me PLEASE!!!”

He did just that. He began pumping his black cock into me like there wasn’t going to be a tomorrow. He leaned down and kissed me. He was fucking my mouth and throat with his tongue while he was fucking my pussy with his cock. He was truly fucking me in both my holes at the same time. I thought I was going to pass out from the sheer thought of being double fucked by the same man. A 70 year old black man no less.

His hands went to my nipples and pinched and tweaked them. Then one went to my little white clit, and started to play with it, rubbing a finger over the end and smearing my slight precum around it. That was all it took, and I had a mind blowing orgasm. My pussy clenched in my orgasm and I could hear Sam moan in delight.

He screamed, “Damn bitch, you slut. I’m going to breed your tight white pussy. I’m going to fill your pussy with my black cum. Here it comes. UGGgghhhh! Sheeiiit! MMMmmmm…Fuckkkkkk. I absolutely love the feel of you when you orgasm around my cock. Damn bitch, take it, take every last drop of my seed. AAAHHHhhhhh.

He leaned down and kissed me on the mouth. He was sweating and I could taste the saltiness of his sweat. And I loved it. He then surprised me yet again as he licked my face from the side of my jaw all the way up to my hair line. And he did the same on the other side. I’ve never had anyone lick me before, and it caused me to shudder in delight.

We caught our breath. Recovered, he said, “It’s getting late and you need to get cleaned and ready for Damon’s return. You need to recover and have dinner ready for him, and for me. You need to get ready for a night you will never forget. I’ll be back at 5 and help you get dinner ready for Damon.”

With that, he kissed me, and said, “Get your white pussy boy ass upstairs and showered.”

Then as he was leaving, he said, “Get some rest too, you’ll need it.”


More to cum???

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