Ellie and Chris meet again


Ellie Stanton stood transfixed, her cell-phone loose in her shaking hand. Chris was coming. The gorgeous young man she had yearned for, ever since their last, their only, meeting, three months earlier. All too brief, those orgasmic minutes, but at eleven a.m. Ellie could be holding the superbly endowed Chris once more.His deep tones on the cell-phone told her that his new job had him in the area and could he call in for a coffee. He had thrilled her with his farewell comment, “See you then, little lady.”Ah, calling her that. So big in all departments, he had dwarfed her. The fact that he was some twenty-four years behind her own forty-three years, hadn’t mattered then, and it wouldn’t now. God, it would be magical, and such a wonderful surprise. Her son, Jaimie, was away in university, so surely, they’d have longer than last time.Since that time, her only source of satisfaction had been her own fingers with memories of Chris providing her stimulation. His being so dominant had been another delight. But she had remained greedy for more. Oh, roll on eleven o’clock.Within fifteen minutes she had showered, dusted her small body liberally with a range of perfumes, chose to wear no bra, and since panties would be too moistened by the time he arrived, she didn’t wear any. That in itself was exciting. And, because she recalled how much he had liked it, she allowed her hair to hang loose to below her shouldersA quick, unnecessary, tidy up and the coffee mugs set up on the kitchen table. A vain attempt to show cool. With Chris’s fantastic looks in front of her, she wouldn’t know what cool was. She tried reading but couldn’t concentrate. She had looked at her watch so many times, but when it showed ten-fifty-five that was the moment the door-bell sounded.Her movement to the door could only be called indecent haste, and there he was, standing there his eyes, bright, his smile so warm, so far above her.Chris held out his hand, “Hello, Ellie. Thank you for having me.”Trembling, Ellie took the offered hand, very formal for any neighbour’s benefit. Oh, those so blue eyes, and dark curling hair, and that massive build, looking so business-like in a dark blue sports jacket and blue shirt. As she returned his greeting her mind was joking around, ‘I haven’t had you yet.”Leading him through to the kitchen, she hoped he was looking at her buttocks, as he spoke of his job with a publication company and the prospects he had there. Over coffee, talking trivialities, Ellie wondered when he would make some kind of move.“Which hotel are you staying in?”“Oh, I haven’t booked in yet,” he said, and their eyes held as he added, “I was too eager for—the coffee.” The pause, the look in his eyes, told Ellie all she wanted to know.Sounding very throaty, she said, “It’s been a long three months.”Chris was immediately on his feet, moving around the table, to bend and sweep her tiny form up into his arms, while his lips found hers. Ellie’s mind almost went into orgasmic mode as his hand covered Anadolu Yakası Escort her breast, and she gasped, “Upstairs. We’ll have real comfort this time.”Chris took the stairs two at a time, carrying her with such ease, that Ellie could not help thinking of that famous staircase image from ‘Gone With the Wind’, which she had seen so many times. She pointed to her bedroom door, and he pushed his way inside, his blue eyes blazing down into hers.He surprised her by setting her down on her feet, but immediately worked at removing her dress. Finding her naked underneath brought a satisfied grunt from him, as he held her at arms-length and bathed her with approval that thrilled her.“Oh, those gorgeous little breasts,” he murmured, and his hand cupped over her left one making Ellie gasp. He must know how sensitive they were, but his touch had her hands moving to his belt buckle.“Yes, you do that part,” he said, unbuttoning his shirt, as he slipped it off his shoulders, Ellie was pushing his pants down, and there it was, that superb erection she had been craving for three months.Touching it with a gentleness that she needed to control, it was wonderful to hear his grunt, and to feel the pulsing under her finger tips. Chris slid his hands from her hips, into the curve of her waist, and up to her breasts. Could she be dripping onto the carpet. It certainly felt like it.His voice was almost a growl as he asked, “How do you want to start this? We were very rushed last time.”Her mind was screaming, ’I want you to fuck me, hard.’ But he was right, despite her wild desires, rushing would kill the joy of anticipation. So, she murmured, as she allowed herself to be mesmerised by those blue eyes, “I want you to decide. I want anything you desire.”“That’s fine with me.” He drew her close, so that she had the delight of his cock hard against her belly. “In time, I want to invade every orifice in your delicious body. But, I think just stroking you will be good.”He lay her back on the bed, and she wriggled further on, with thighs slightly parted, happily prepared to give herself to anything he wanted. His words defining his intentions had increased her creaming.As his lips moved to cover hers, he began laughing, and he chuckled, “If we stay in this position, there’s no way you’ll get at what you’re reaching for.”Ellie realised that he was right. Lying as they were, her fingers groped downwards seeking his cock, to find it well out of reach. His noble shaft, when he lay full length was nearer her feet than her hand, and she told him.Smiling he adjusted so that his body was bent, and her hand had access to his cock, while she lay with her head resting on his arm. Chris used the hand of that arm to keep a continuous caress on her left breast, stroking and pinching the nipple, which drove her wild with need.Her hand clutched wildly on his rod tugging the foreskin back and forward. His shiny purple warhead was so tempting, but she was unable to get Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan her head near enough to lick or suck. There was still plenty to keep her fingers busy. The joy of clutching and squeezing his balls was heightened by his groans of pleasure.Allowing her fingers to pass further between his thighs, she was able to stroke around the rim of his anus. That made him gasp and jerk.In all of that, his free hand had stroked her cheek, played with her long hair, which clearly delighted him and fondled her right breast. Ellie wondered how long she could take this delightful form of torture, before he had her crying out for release.She knew that time couldn’t be far off. As his hand stroked over the hair on her mound, Ellie’s breathing quickened. So close, she might even cum before she had his cock inside her. Her own hand continued to frig along his hardness.Now he stroked along her inner thigh, and she heard his sigh, “So smooth. Gorgeous.” Next second his fingers were on her pussy-lips. Couldshe hold off the fever that was threatening to devour her? Then his finger had slid through into her eager wetness. Elle heard her own yelp of delight, as she had, what she knew was a mini- orgasm, but was no less exhilarating.Chris had noticed her cry, or maybe it was her action on his cock, but he began moving, as he said, “Time for deeper things, I believe.”“Oh, yes, yes.” Was all Ellie could manage, as he parted her thighs, slid his body between them, looked down into her eyes, and politely murmured, “No weight on that tender body.”With that, he placed an arm around her lower back and lifted her, so that only her shoulders were in contact with the bed. Ellie was experienced enough to know exactly where this was heading, and she almost stopped breathing as her spasming passage longed for it.Within seconds, Chris’s wonderful pole was moving towards her centre, and he was pulling her onto it. Ellie would have loved to have wrapped her legs around him to force his pace. He was being deliberately slow in his advance, and her short legs could only clutch against his sides, as the sheer immensity of him carried her over the edge. She orgasmed wildly, clawing at his broad back, flexing her inner muscles to urge him on.As Chris held her close, and his blue eyes scanned her face, he growled, “I just want to give you everything.”His words fed into her heated brain, as slowly she returned to a more controlled level. Controlled? She was still on fire. Still aflame around his steeliness. His thrusts were deeper, faster, and one hand holding her against him moved so that he was able to slide a finger around the tight little ring of her anus.Hardly able to breath, his cock huge in her, she trembled at the sheer anticipation of what he might do now. If he did that—The thought died as the sensation of his finger entering her, drove her into one massive second orgasm.She squirmed, howled, lurched against him as he clutched her hard Escort Anadolu Yakası against him until it seemed that all sense of gentleness was lost to both of them, and his thrusts were madder, stronger, and as desperate as her own. Chris was cumming inside her, his finger was plunging in and out of her tiny hole, even as his juices spurted to mingle with hers. It was a delight for her to hear his growling and grunting as his whole body jerked his essence into her.They remained in that tight gymnastic position until Elle felt his cock softening inside her, and gently he lay her back onto the bed and flopped alongside her. It seemed like a long time before either of them found a voice to say anything. For Ellie it had been everything she might have hoped for, but her insides were fluttering with the thought of what she was going to ask him.Both wiped dry, she sat up and leaned over him. How good it was to feel to be in a position of power over him, although it was the opposite she preferred. However, the question she had to ask was important. “Why don’t you stay here tonight?”His face showed just a slight surprise, then pleasure, before with a wry smile he said, “That could be good. But do you have a spare room?”Ellie laughed, and drove a controlled elbow into his ribs. “I’ll have to look,” she laughed.They showered together, and the touching and kissing was so arousing that Ellie began wondering just how many demands she could make on this lusty young man. Under the shower she had bent to take his already rising cock into her mouth, but without any delay he had pulled back and knelt to lick a lovely long tongue along her pussy lips.As they dried each other, hands touching everywhere, Ellie was telling herself that this was a journey into heaven, but she had sufficient sense to suggest they had lunch. “Just to keep your strength up,” she said, and they both laughed.She produced a towel robe that he could wear, and she wore a silken, seductive one as they went down to the kitchen to sit and consume sandwiches which Ellie had quickly put together. But it was then that Chris dropped a mini-bombshell when he told her, “I’m being rather remiss, but it has just occurred to me that if I don’t do what I came north for I could get the sack.”Sensing something she didn’t want to hear, as she had made thrilling mental plans for the afternoon, Ellie heard Chris go on to tell her that was supposed to visit two or three bookshops in town and he had to report back to his office on the following day. His eyes regarded her apologetically as he went on, “If I don’t get that done this afternoon, it might be difficult tomorrow.”So, although disappointed, Ellie found herself alone and could only console herself with the thought that it would have been that way if Chris hadn’t been around, and she promised she would have a good meal ready for him when he came back. “Two hours tops,” he said as he left.In fact, it was near three and a half hours before he was coming through the doors, all apologies, but with that breath-catching smile, and although the meal she’d prepared was ready they had a comforting hug and kiss session. And as that exciting hardness pushed against her, she said uncertainly, “Eat first, and then—”Chris kissed her on the nose, “And then we’ll see about settling a different hunger.”

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