Life Changing Times Pt. 02


Employing Laurie as my housekeeper turned out to be a great decision; she had turned my life around. I had so much more time for relaxation and attending to the more important things in life … like satisfying Rose’s propensity for sex; the woman’s appetite was astounding! But more on that score in a minute. What truly amazed me was the affection I felt for her, despite our age gap and copious amounts of sex I really cared for her! She would always take the trouble to look inviting and alluring and please my every desire, especially when it came to the style of lingerie I liked. My opinion would be sought and we would either go shopping for new garments, or together we would select from specialist catalogues; it was like putting Dracula in charge of a blood bank!

Naturally, Rose spent a lot at my house and it was marvellous having her and Laurie around to brighten the place up, filling the entire house with their seductive female fragrances. The two women had no secrets from one another. They shared every intimate detail of Rose’s lustful sex-life, and Rose remained adamant that Laurie was so enamoured by her intimate and graphic account of our love making that all I had to do was snap my fingers and she’d hop into my bed. However, I restrained myself – even though her fabulous big tits had me constantly wondering. I didn’t know it at the time, but certain events would unfold that would bring us together quite naturally.

The only negative in my affair with Rose was that she would never sleep with me overnight, she would always return home however late it was. I raised this issue with Laurie who provided an explanation. Apparently, Rose didn’t want me to see her first thing in the morning without make-up on or hair groomed. She maintained that her early morning appearance could destroy any affection I felt for her.

However, for all that trifling irritation, Rose constantly demanded attention and was always ready to slake her libidinous needs. Whether it was full on penetrative sex or just wanting an orgasm, I was always willing to oblige … how gallant of me! I’ve lost count of the times she’s wanted me to masturbate while she watched, or the occasions we’d bring ourselves off mutually; very special moments indeed. At these times, Rose would take up a position opposite me with her dress pulled up or removed altogether, depending on my mood, then pose seductively, or should I say lewdly, while I got on with my hand-job and she used her fingers or a vibrator.

We continued to explore every sexual avenue that presented itself. Then, whilst taking a break from our love-making one evening, Rose admitted that she’d love to try some role-playing, her particular fancy being as a maid or a nurse. I said it sounded a great idea and so Rose purchased the appropriate costumes and over a period of time we developed different scenarios.

In her role as a maid, Rose would dress in a short black satin dress that exposed white frilly panties and black stockings and suspenders, plus a white lacy cap. Her maturity was a key factor in this fantasy role-play, which made her look even more fabulous and desirable. I never knew what to expect when she opened the door to me when I called at her house, but if it was to be a fantasy maid’s evening the action would invariably follow these lines.

Rose would invite me in and ask me to wait in the lounge while she told her mistress of my visit. Upon her return she would offer me a drink from a low table, which meant she had to bend over to prepare my drink, giving me the full effect of her frilly knickers and taut suspender straps. Then having given me the drink, Rose would use a feather duster to flit around dusting surfaces, always bending over for my benefit. If she dropped her feather duster, I would have to pick it up and run the shaft up and down between her thighs, eventually rubbing it over her pussy before handing it back to her … and so on. There were many variations on this theme including Rose in the role of a serving maid, Rose as a chamber maid and a great double-up role, when she played a nurse, her mature body looking great in a uniform that didn’t quite fit her.

The nurse’s scenario went along these lines. Rose would welcome me at the door wearing a maid’s outfit, usher me through to the lounge and ask me to wait for Nurse Rose. This would invariably take a few minutes while she changed costumes, and a time I would spend leafing through girly magazines, courtesy of Nurse Rose, to whet my appetite for what was about to happen.

Rose would take her time changing costumes and rearranging her hair and make-up, then enter the lounge carrying a clipboard and stethoscope. She would ask me what my problem was and, in character as her patient, I had answer her. My problems ranged from, the inability to get an erection, the ability to maintain an erection, not being able to orgasm … and so on. I would be told to strip and stand before her while she examined my penis, which was usually erect by this time and, my balls. Küçükköy escort bayan Rose’s diagnosis and prescriptive treatment always entailed undoing her uniform and fingering herself while ordering me to masturbate in front of her. And when her mood became more intense, she ordered me to finger her pussy, which always led to a wild session of fucking. Being devoid of all inhibitions, they were wonderful, spontaneous times of sexual pleasure.

Further sexual shenanigans would take place in my office during the day; I could never ignore any opportunity to please Rose and make her cum. If she was standing beside me my fingers would creep underneath her skirt and find their way via her stocking tops to her pussy. Where, without any further foreplay, I would ease them between her wet, receptive lips and within a couple of minutes have her trembling against my hand.

At other times we might send dirty text messages, sometimes accompanied with a selfie. Rose would send one of her pussy asking if my cock would like to slip between her moist, pink flaps, or I would text something along the lines of, my cock would like a friend to play with, do you know of anyone? Rose would then reply that she knew a juicy cunt that wanted to play and could she bring it along to meet my friend.

Well, bearing in mind we were at work and could possibly be disturbed, it still didn’t deter our frenzied fucking. Most of the time this took place with Rose leaning over my desk, skirt around her waist and panties pulled to one side, a position I became fond of as I loved the feel of her panties chafing my shaft while it pounded in and out of her cunt seeking a quick climax. And many’s the time she answered the phone while we were fucking across the desk!

On other occasions I’d return to the office from a meeting elsewhere in the building to find Rose bending over, hands braced against my desk with skirt pulled up and wearing no panties. She would order me to kneel and lick between her arse cheeks, wanting me to push my tongue into her hole … her words, not mine! Then have me lick out her pussy and suck on her clit and when she felt wet enough, order me to fuck her. These were dangerous but extremely passionate times for us, which gave the actual sex-act a highly erotic edge and many mutually satisfying orgasms.

Away from shagging Rose at every opportunity, my domestic life was another seething cauldron of lust. At home, Laurie had established a routine that fitted perfectly with my daily life, starting at breakfast time. It didn’t matter how early she appeared, Laurie would always be neatly attired, usually in a dress that was carefully chosen to highlight the size and shape of her breasts and, if I was lucky, a cleavage to stare into. She was always sparing with her make-up and smelling sweetly of a natural perfume, so you can imagine how my senses were awakened on a daily basis.

Today was a cleavage day and we were seated at the table having breakfast together. I was staring into the fabulous abyss between her breasts thrilled at the glimpse of the blue lacy edging adorning her bra, when she explained that some extra help with the general cleaning duties would be appreciated, and could she hire someone. I said that if the domestic budget would stand it, then go ahead. Well, it turned out that the extra pair of hands she engaged belonged to a young friend of hers called, Kate, a nice looking young woman with a slim, shapely body not unlike my ex-wife’s’.

Then came the unbelievable events that transformed my relationship with Laurie, and all thanks to a violent thunderstorm. That evening we had dined together and then watched some crap on television before turning in. But as I lay in bed exchanging dirty text messages with Rose, a rainstorm began. Gentle at first, it quickly developed into a torrential downpour, accompanied by thunder and lightening, which made sleeping impossible, so I went down to the kitchen for a glass of milk. Ascending the stairs on the way back, I heard a soft scream from Laurie’s bedroom following a particularly heavy clap of thunder. I got to the top of the stairs just as her bedroom door flew open revealing her silhouetted against the light from a bedside lamp. She rushed toward me fear on her face, her wonderful breasts bouncing and rippling energetically beneath a camisole top that was the top half of a pyjama set; instinctively I held out my arms to embrace her.

“Steven, I hate thunder and lightening.” She said quietly. “It frightens me. I was just coming to find you until it’s all over.” Laurie stepped closer to me and I put my arms around her.

At this point I should mention that I normally slept in the nude, but since Laurie’s arrival I had taken to sleeping in pyjama shorts, for modesty’s sake. And now, as she clung to me her breasts pressing the satin camisole against my naked torso, the inevitable started to happen.

“Why don’t you get back into bed and I’ll sit with you until it’s all over.” I said Escort Mecidiyeköy guiding her back along the landing while trying to disguise my hard-on.

I hadn’t set foot in this bedroom since the day I showed it to Laurie, but I could smell the feminine transformation that had taken place. Laurie got back beneath the duvet and turned onto her side, but as I leaned across to switch off the bedside lamp – I needed the darkness to hide my stiffy – she stopped me.

“No, leave it on I want to be able to see you.” Laurie purred.

The thunder and lightening crackled on and I did my best to pacify Laurie with positive conversation, while I took the liberty of massaging her shoulders and toying with the lacy strap of her camisole top. She expressed pleasure at what I was doing and lowered the duvet to her waist. My fingers wandered down her arms teasingly, as if their destination were her the large fleshy mounds of her breasts, but realising my fantasy I returned them to her shoulders and stroked the nape of her neck instead. Was I just offering solace, or was I subconsciously trying to seduce her, I asked myself? Or, was Laurie trying to seduce me?

I adjusted my position in order to peer over her shoulder and gaze down at the bliss created by her breasts and the camisole top. Christ, they were big and looked heavy flopping about under the black satin, or was it silk?

“This is absolutely perfect, Steven.” Laurie muttered. “I feel much safer.” I offered more soothing words as my fingers continued to assuage Laurie’s fear of the storm. “Rose told me you have a deft touch and she’s not wrong.”

“Oh yes and what else does Rose tell you about me?” I asked. “Nothing incriminating I hope.”

“On the contrary, she has nothing but praise for your gentlemanly behaviour. Well, that and your pleasure-giving skills!” Laurie sniggered and rolled onto her back, the full majesty of her breasts,unable to defy gravity, settling themselves into a new position.

It was impossible not to stare down at Laurie’s tits, now slightly flattened but looking so desirable beneath the black camisole. Laurie knew she had me at her mercy and chose her next words with care.

“Do you like them?” She asked adjusting her tits to perk them up. “Bigger than Rose’s aren’t they? Would you like to see these in a nurse’s uniform?” I continued to ogle in silence, stunned by her words, but wanting to touch. “Bigger and younger, and longing to be caressed by you, Steven.” Laurie murmured her forefingers and thumbs pulling at the nipples. They quickly became stiff enough to leave them standing alone and erect for my benefit.

“They are superb, Laurie, absolutely wonderful.” I managed to reply.

“Then why don’t you caress them, squeeze them, suck on the nipples, even?”

A vivid flash of lightening suddenly lit the room followed by the loudest clash of thunder I have ever heard causing Laurie to react.

“Christ! Get under the duvet with me. Hold me close, Steven, and take off those shorts! Let me feel your cock between my legs, please.” She sounded desperate.

Laurie turned onto her side facing away from me and I removed my shorts before spooning against her, pushing my erection into the nestling folds of her pyjama bottoms. I moved it back and forth my sensitive helmet appreciating the silky fabric brushing against it. It was a very pleasant experience, but Laurie seemed impatient to move things on and reaching a hand behind her grasped my cock, squeezing it hard; I heard her moan softly. She adjusted my length to suit between her silky thighs and when she had it where she wanted started teasing the helmet, drawing her nails over my sensitive skin and parting the eye; it was my turn to moan softly.

I urged my length further into the folds of black satin and reached a hand around to clutch at her breast. I’d never held one so big and so consequently wondered whether to stroke or squeeze it. Eventually, I did both, marvelling at the amount of flesh in my fingers, not as firm as Rose, but an entirely new sensation to me, and when my fingers latched on to a stiff nipple, events took their course.

“Laurie, as delightful as it is feeling my cock wrapped in satin, why don’t you take off your pyjama trousers.” She complied and quickly resumed teasing my knob in the same manner; I quite literally shuddered from the thrill of it all and squeezed her massive tits harder. Laurie interpreted my vigorous assault as pleasure giving and in turn intensified the torturing of my helmet; I wanted to watch her doing it.

“Yes, Steven, don’t be afraid of being indelicate. It’s lovely to feel them being roughed up, don’t be afraid to experiment on me.” Laurie whispered over her shoulder. “Just forget any finesse for the moment and try squeezing my nipple. You will be surprised how stiff it gets!” I carried out Laurie’s instructions and found myself in charge of a nipple so stiff you could hang your coat on it. But in our present position I could only Merter escort tackle one breast and nipple, which was when Laurie suggested I lie on my back.

As soon as I’d turned over, Laurie was astride me, quickly adjusting herself to take my erection. I found myself staring up at Laurie’s big tits, still sheathed in black satin, and at the hard nipples forcing themselves against the yielding, tactile fabric. She took my hands and planted them on the pillow beneath hers either side of my head. Then, dangling her massive tits in my face, began swinging them from side to side, the nipples and satin grazing my lips daring me to grab one between my teeth; it was infuriating because I couldn’t.

“Keep still, you bitch!” I said in frustration.

“Or what?” Laurie wanted to know halting her tit-swinging long enough for me to find a hold on a nipple with my teeth. She squealed when I bit gently.

“Or I will …” I couldn’t think of a reply, so I just continued sucking and nibbling, my passionate enthusiasm soaking the black satin gratuitously with saliva. I treated each nipple with a reverence befitting such beautiful objects, while at the same time urging my cock against Laurie’s pussy.

“Steven,” Laurie muttered between gasps. “Now’s the time to slide your cock into my pussy and fuck me!” She released my hands, which immediately found their way to her large tits again, clutching and squeezing them with an abandonment close to sadism. “For Christ’s sake, Steven, put your cock in me and carry on doing that, please.”

Laurie raised herself slightly, as my right hand slid between our hot bodies and took hold of my cock. I brushed the helmet over her labia several times before settling it between the generous proportions of her swollen lips. My pre-cum and Laurie’s moist condition were enough to aid my cock effortlessly in its entry and quest for depth. And, as Laurie felt the full impact of my shaft within her love-tunnel, the thunder and lightening struck once more, as if to signal the start of our sexual relationship. We moved against one another in perfect harmony extracting pleasure. But Laurie wanted something extra to satisfy her needs.

“Steven, Rose tells me you’re a patient man when it come to love-making, so will you remain patient for a little while longer while I …?” Puzzled by what Laurie was talking about, I couldn’t help but continue fucking her. I saw her reach into a drawer of the bedside cabinet and withdrew a small clitoral stimulator, which she fitted onto her index finger. “I want an orgasm with your cock inside me and this is the quickest way for me to attain one. Plus, I’d like you to watch me, Steven.”

“It will be my pleasure, Laurie, as long as your breasts remain available to me.” I said lifting her camisole up and over her head to reveal her naked splendour; I wondered what size they were.

“Oh, yes please, whatever you want to do.” She purred.

Laurie switched on the stimulator, which emitted a barely perceptible hum, then threw back her head and sought out her clitoris with the miniature apparatus. Sitting back on her heels she presented me with a view that was mind-blowing and the perfect accompaniment to my cock’s exertion. I was so deeply rooted in her pussy, I could feel the residual vibration of her stimulator on my shaft, as she played it over her clit, a truly awesome experience.

Laurie settled into her clit teasing and I reciprocated, when required, by manoeuvring my cock within her and playing with her erect nipples. Occasionally, I would pull her head down and kiss her full, red lips tasting an exotic lipstick that seemed to fuel my desire. Our mutual undertakings were clearly pleasing Laurie in her effort to cum, not to mention myself, especially when I sensed her breathing become laboured.

“My God! This is truly wonderful.” She gasped between breaths. “Your cock is so hard, Steven, it’s the perfect cock for me. Please say this won’t be a one off! Because I know Rose won’t object.” Talk of Rose gave me a guilty pang, but it didn’t have a lasting effect and I quickly found myself praising Laurie’s pussy once more.

“And you’ve got the perfect pussy for my cock. I love watching you, Laurie.” I whispered. “And I’d love to feel you cum over my cock, sweetheart.” I’d hardly said the words before she announced.

“Ooh, Steven, here it comes! Your wish is granted.” Her voice tailed off and her limbs stiffened with the sudden and explosive arrival of her orgasm, her vaginal muscles gripping my shaft with vise-like satisfaction. I squeezed her big brown nipples harder hoping the extra stimulation would make the moment more enjoyable. Laurie emitted a muted squeal, whether in pain or pleasure I couldn’t tell, but it forced me into action and I proceeded to ram my cock upwards to enhance her enjoyment.

“Steven,” she gasped sensing my urgency. “Please don’t cum yet. Will you allow me to have another orgasm? Then you can fuck me into the middle of next week!”

“Laurie, you gorgeous bitch, cum as many times as you want.” I replied. Well, two orgasms later her pussy was so wet with juices my cock was devoid of all senses. It slipped in and out so easily I could feel no resistance and while wondering how to correct the sensation, I brought our faces together, our lips meeting in an impassioned kiss.

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