My Co-Worker and Her Daughter


I had known and worked with for over Anne three years.  My father had drummed into me that dating co-workers was never a good idea, so the thought of asking her on a date had never crossed my mind.  Sex with her was always on my mind though.  Anne was, and still is, a beautiful woman.  Her auburn hair fell just below her shoulders and framed her gorgeous face better than any artist could have imagined.  Her eyes had a way of penetrating any facade and I always thought that she knew when I had masturbated thinking of her the night before.Her long legs were never covered with stockings or hose.  I knew she must shave them daily because I never saw any sign of hair. They were always tanned, smooth and looked silky.  I cannot count the times I had to fight the urge to place my hand on her thigh or knee when we sat together in meetings.  She constantly sat next to me and drove me nuts with her ever-present mid-thigh skirts. Just watching her cross and uncross her sexy legs would cause me to have a trouser bump.She was married though, and while I know that open relationships are out there, I had never met anyone who was or even fantasized about being in one.  That was until one fateful Saturday afternoon.  We, as a company, were purchasing a new software package.  Anne admitted to me on Friday that she was worried about the new software.  I told her I had gotten some books on it at a local chain bookstore.  Most of the books were crap, but two in, particular, were very helpful.“Bill, would I be asking too much for you to meet me at the bookstore tomorrow afternoon and show me which ones to get?”“It’d be my pleasure.  I’ve got nothing going all day, so what time would be good?”“Well, Tammy has swimming in the morning, and with Jimmy in Hong Kong this month, I have to do all the running around.”“So, would two be good?” I asked.“No, Tammy’s date is picking her up at four and I want to be there when they go.  He’s taking her to some big thing at the country club, so I want to make sure she looks good.  After that, I’m all yours.”The phrase she used caught me a little off guard, but imagined she used it on purpose.  The added knowledge that her husband was away caused me to immediately change my approach.  I did not enjoy eating alone and I hoped she did not either.“Okay, so how about if I drop over about five o’clock and take you to the bookstore.  After that, if you’d rather not eat alone, I’d like to take you to dinner.  Sound like a plan?”“Bill, I’d like nothing better,” she said with a tiny little smile in her eyes.Saturday I picked Anne up at her house and we drove into town enjoying the warm summer air.  True to form, she wore a beautiful yellow sundress that fell to just above her knees and seemed to highlight her tan.  The dress had two thin strings over each shoulder holding the top up, but truth be told, Anne was not the most well-endowed woman I’d met, so there was not that much to hold.  Her breasts are probably large B cup or maybe C cup in size.  The dress was backless, so it güngören escort was likely she was braless and she looked stunning.  I don’t think there was a single male head that did not turn to study her as we got the books.  In fact, quite a few female heads turned at the sight of her too.The same was true at the restaurant I had chosen.  We ate fine food and drank fine wine.  Our conversation flowed smoothly, talking about Tammy and swimming, our own sports likes and dislikes and some talk about our own personal lives that never seems to be appropriate in an office setting.  The cold air in the restaurant had its normal effect on a bare-breasted woman.  Anne’s nipples stiffened and I took every opportunity available to look at her as they tented the material of her dress.  I could only dream what they would feel like in my mouth and between my fingers.  Her aura, beauty, and erotic visage were definitely going to be rich material for many of my wettest dreams.We left the restaurant and I drove Anne home, laughing as we went.  Inside, I was resigned to the fact that the night would soon be over but was grateful to have had the company of such a lovely woman for a few hours.As I pulled into her driveway, Anne said, “Bill, I’m not really ready to call it an evening yet.  Would you like to come in and split a bottle of wine with me?”“To tell you truth Anne, I was not looking forward to you getting out of the car.  I’ve really enjoyed your company tonight.”“And I’ve enjoyed yours,” she said, “but I’ve not had enough of it yet.”“Well then, you stay there and let me get your door,” I said as I got out.  I helped her from the car, touching her hand for the first time that day.  I swear there was some kind of energy that sparked between us as she swung her legs out and stood next to me.  She took a little breath as our eyes met and again I saw a little twinkle in her eyes.  Anne led me to the back door and she opened it for us.  We went in through the kitchen and she gave me a quick tour of the first floor.  When we got back to the kitchen, she gave me a bottle of wine to open as she opened a cabinet to take down some glasses.  Christ, what an absolutely fine ass she has, I thought.  I looked away just in time and got the cork out.I poured the normal amount into the glasses and then followed her into the living room, just inside the front door.We sat on the couch on adjacent cushions and resumed our conversation.  She crossed her far leg over the near one and turned toward me.  The conversation certainly did not go as I thought it would, however.“Bill, can I ask you something?”“Of course Anne.”“Why do you look at my legs so much?  Please be honest?”She put her hand on my bare arm and looked deeply into my eyes.  Shivers ran up my spine.After taking a deep breath I said, “I look at your legs because they are always bare and absolutely stunning.  They’re tanned and smooth and toned and, well, they’re delicious looking and if I bağcılar escort wasn’t looking at you, I would be touching you.  I figure looking is safer than touching.”“If I told you that putting your hand on my knee or even my bare thigh is okay, would you?”“Here?  Now?  In a heartbeat,” I replied quickly.Anne took our glasses and put them on a table.  She then took my near hand between hers and placed it on her thigh.“Right here,” Anne said, “right now, I do want you to touch.”She pulled my hand up a little higher on her thigh.“And touch a little more.”I looked deeply into her beautiful eyes.  Our faces a mere foot apart.  As the distance between us collapsed, our heads tilted in acknowledgment of what was to come.  Our lips met, not in hunger or passion, but in tenderness.  Her soft lips yielded to mine as we moved against and with each other.  Her lips parted and accepted my tongue.  She drew me into her mouth with a yearning suck before releasing me and taking my lower lip between hers.  Oh, perchance to dream that her lips would find more to suck than my mere lips.  The ebb and flow between our mouths served to stoke the fires of our passions.  Both my heads were lost in the wonderful feel of her mouth upon mine.  My cock grew as hot blood filled it.I moved my hand from her thigh to the back of her leg and fondled the softness of her skin.  Higher and higher I went, soon holding her cheek and urging her to me.  Her hand began roaming across my thigh and she quickly found my emboldened manhood.  A moan entered my mouth as she felt it’s length and swollen girth.  Her chest pressed to mine and I felt the wonderful swell of her bosom against me.I had to see.  I removed my hand from her rear and moved the strings from her shoulder.  She sat upright as I did and made quick work of releasing both shoulders of their charges.  Her invitation to move forward was real and exciting.  Our lips entangled again as we resumed our pose, me massaging her fine naked ass and she encouraging my cock to seek its full potential.Leaving her lips, my lips and tongue voyaged to her ear and then neck.  Her head fell back and to the side, exposing her heretofore hidden zone to my onslaught.  Her warm flesh, scented with a light floral perfume, tasted sweet and inviting.  The nerves hidden within sent their smiling signal to her brain.  Anne moaned with pleasure.  I went lower, gripping her dress in my teeth and dragging it down.  Her naked breasts met my vision.  Glorious orbs capped in brown with the most exquisite nipples in the center of each.  She took my breath away!  I reverently kissed each one before taking one in my mouth and running circles around her nipple with my tongue.“Oh yes,” she muttered.Her breasts, once only figments in my imagination were now real and beautiful.  No further thought was given of our relationship as brought my hand to bear on her naked and incredible chest.  I teased her other nipple with my fingers, pulling merter escort lightly and twisting it, all the while flitting the other with my tongue.“Oh fuck’s sake,” she cried out breathlessly, “stand up!”“Take off that fucking shirt,” she commanded as she turned my hips so I was facing her.  She attacked my belt and fly and had my pants lowered faster than I had ever removed them myself.  My steeled cock pointed straight at her face, straining to be loosed from within the confines of my briefs.  She magically made the thin cotton disappear and I stood before her as God had intended.I lifted her by the arms, and taking her dress from the bottom, gathered it and lifted it over her head and off.  She like I, was now completely naked.  She had worn nothing under her dress.  Nothing at all.  We stood before each other and drank in all the glories of our nakedness.  Her breasts, full and firm, heaved as she gazed down the length of my body.  I was in awe of her completely hairless body, shaped to be made love to.  I took her shoulders in my hands and slowly rubbed down her arms until our hands met.  She entwined our fingers as I lifted her arms out to the side and took a step back to admire her more fully.“Anne, you are absolutely stunning!”  I breathed out.In response, she spread her arms wider and pulled me to her, our bodies pressed together.  Wrapped in each other’s arms, we slowly swayed to imagined music.  Her breasts pressed into my chest.  My cock pressed into her belly.I took her face in my hands and brought her lips to mine.  She grasped me between us and slowly stroked my hardness as our lips danced an impassioned waltz.  She needed to be pleased.  I could feel it in her grip.  I could sense it in her lips.  I needed to please her.Lowering her back to the couch, our lips did not part.  I stood, straddling her legs, bent at the waist, reveling in heat of her mouth and passion of her lust.  My lips sought their place surrounding her opulent orbs.  Her legs opened wide allowing me to kneel between them and worship her as she deserved.  I stroked her bald pussy, teasing her lips between my fingers as they moved up and down across her womanhood.  Wet heat met my fingers.  Anne played with her other nipple as I did my best to keep the one in my mouth completely stiff.  It was like rolling a small pebble around on my tongue.One finger dipped sweetly into her wetness.  Her smooth inner being encompassing it with the juices of her passion.  Another finger joined the first and I slowly moved them in and out, her plentiful wetness greasing their path.  My thumb wove a lazy figure eight across her clit.“Oh shit, that feels so good,” she whispered.I lowered myself down her body further and basked in her sensual aroma.  She tasted of heat and saltiness, sweetness and desire.  My tongue lapped from her vaginal heat up and across the hood beneath which lay the object of my intentions.  My face was wet with her oozing emanations.“Fuck you, Billy!” we heard as the front door slammed shut.“Mom!  What the fuck!” Tammy shouted as she turned to see us.Anne pushed my head from between her thighs and I removed my hand from within her.  She began to cover herself but then gave up on the idea.“Tammy,” she said patting the cushion where my ass had been fifteen minutes ago, “come here and sit.”“No.  Fuck’s sakes, mom.  What the hell?”

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