The early morning summer rain washed away my tears as I sat naked in a lotus position on top of a cliff overlooking Eros Valley a few hundred meters below. I allowed myself to feel sorry for myself. Two years ago, on Christmas Day my ex-husband left with his affair of three years, never to return. After the divorce I threw myself into yoga practice and even went on an eighteen month retreat at an ashram in India. I found peace through meditation and yoga, but not Enlightenment.In all this time I never touched another person in a sexual way. The pain was just too great to get exclusively involved with another person and I thought that celibacy was the only way to Awakening. How wrong could one be? When I realized my mistake and that I was called to love all, I needed to get back into the world, the world I knew, the world I never should have left.I returned to the Valley after my failed sojourn into mysticism to celebrate New Year’s Eve with some friends from my life before my marriage. These friends were all nudist swingers while my ex wanted me to be exclusively his. We haven’t had sex for the last three years of our marriage. When I eventually caught him with another woman, I moved out.Strangely, the rain also washed away my self-pity. After my tears and the rain, the sun broke through the clouds cleansing me and lifting the burden from my soul. Descending from the cliff, I had time to gather my thoughts and reflect on the lightness of being I was experiencing. I no longer blamed my ex for anything, but the question bugged me: Was I ready for another relationship with someone who wanted me just for him or herself? With my love expanding by the moment, becoming more inclusive, I needed to test myself with others.Was this just lust urging me on? Or was it the desire to share real unconditional love?________________________________“I am so glad that you’re here, Sandy,” said Charlize, Şerifali Escort my good friend. “We all missed you.” She was busy cleaning the bar area when I arrived from my meditation on the cliff. Her beautiful naked body moved in sync with the rhythms of nature. I could only admire her. Charlize and her husband owned the nudist ranch, Eros Valley in the Waterberg Mountains in South Africa.“A few friends arrived last night that might cheer you up.”“Anybody I know?” I asked as I helped Charlize prepare breakfast.“There’s John and Sarah… but they became members during your marriage to that…,” she said, looking to her left as if going through a list in her head. “You might know Monique and Peter… No, they came after you left for India.” She stopped what she was doing and turned to me. “The only other couple you might know is Leon and Nathalie.”I knew Leon, not Nathalie. Leon and I were a couple at Varsity and he introduced me to the pleasures of the flesh. I haven’t seen him for eight years. I wondered if he would remember me.“I know this might be tough on you, and remember that Graham and I are here for you.”“Thanks, but I am a bit rusty in the sex department. I don’t know if my yoni has closed shop completely.”“Don’t be silly,” said Charlize as she moved closer to me and pressed her beautiful naked body against mine. Wrapping her arms around me, she squashed our breasts together and kissed me. As our lips touched a shockwave raced through my sex starved body. When she stuck her tongue between my lips the floodgates of my sex opened. My dried pussy moistened as Charlize explored my mouth with her tongue. I sucked on it as if it was a throbbing cock. Responding with my own tongue, I played with hers, sending more passion to my pussy.For that moment my skin became alive. I touched another naked human being, skin against skin, and flesh against Şerifali Escort Bayan flesh. Someone still found me sexy, desirable.“You’re sopping wet,” said Charlize as her fingers found my slit. “My poor darling. What did he do to you?” She didn’t wait for an answer as she continued moving her fingers between my pussy lips. My legs buckled as the long forgotten sensation of pleasure returned. My nipples were hard and sensitive against her breasts. For a moment I lost control and nearly fell onto the hard kitchen floor. Charlize caught me in time.“You’ve got lots of catching up to do.”The forgotten place between my legs were on fire, spreading through my whole body. I was breathless, my skin glowing with desire.“Please stop,” I begged her. “This is too much for me so early in the morning. I’m not used to this before breakfast.”“I will let you go for now,” she smiled as she licked her fingers clean. “I still want to stick my tongue into that sweet pussy of yours again.”“And I want to taste yours.”I took a few moments to recover before I could continue preparing breakfast. I needed to keep my cool, even though I wanted desperately to feel naked bodies against my naked flesh. How I longed to be between her legs, licking those sweet lips of hers. The worst was after the pleasure I shared with Leon, for the last eight years I had to cover up, to put on restrictive clothes to fit into society. I had to unlearn, no, I had to break the chains I imprisoned myself for so many years. I wanted to be comfortable in my own skin and I didn’t ever want to feel shame again.“Please pass me the plates, darling,” said Charlize, bringing me back to the present. “Breakfast is ready.”As we set the table, Graham and the three couples arrived, all naked. I was introduced to Monique and Peter, Sarah and John. They hugged me and kissed me on the mouth. I was taken aback Escort Şerifali at first but when I felt John and Peter’s john and peter between my legs, I came home. I loved the sensation of Sarah and Monique’s soft breasts pressing against mine. They were all beautiful and handsome, self-assured and filled with joi de vie.“Welcome home,” said Graham, taking my face in his strong hands and kissed me. His erection rising between my legs made his words special.“Sandra, is that really you?” I heard a familiar voice behind Graham, who turned around. And there he was, my lost love, standing next to a beautiful blond young woman. For a moment my heart sank. I could never compete with such beauty. But her sparkling eyes, her pulsating aura, her firm breasts and her smooth mons wiped away all fear. This wasn’t a rival but a future lover. I fell in love with Nathalie.Then I looked at Leon. He was more mature, ruggedly handsome as ever, his black hair tinted with gray. His cock, beautiful, thick and aroused. My pussy started throbbing again, remembering him inside me, making love, sending me into orgasmic orbit.“Namaste, Leon,” I whispered, holding my hands as if in prayer between my breasts. “And you must be Nathalie?” I bowed towards her.Nathalie rushed forward, she embraced and kissed me. When I opened my mouth for some air, she pushed her tongue into my mouth. Involuntarily I sucked on her tongue, welcoming such a beauty in my arms. Leon wrapped his arms around us and pushed his cock between our thighs, sealing my fate.“We all missed you,” said Leon, untangling our embrace. “Never do that again. We want you with us.”“You don’t seem too lonely with the beautiful Nathalie next to you.”“She’s a goddess, isn’t she?” Leon looked proudly at her. She just smiled, unconcerned about the complements.“Worthy of your divinity, which I never was.” My self-pity returned.“Nonsense. You just never accepted your own worth.” Those words stung with the truth. Growing up in a restrictive family, with a disgust for the flesh, I couldn’t see my own beauty, inside or outside. Leon opened my world when we met. He was a junior lecturer in comparative religions when I began my theological studies.

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