Down in the sand dunes


Down in the sand dunesBefore my love of dressing en’femme I had already experienced the feelings and delights that another male could give me and that I could give to another male, so you will see that the ‘experience’ was there. Near to my home on the East coast of England was a long curving beach with dunes along it. From the WW II there were a lot of old concrete fortifications machine gun posts and the like and I used to spend hours and hours exploring them, just the mystery of them I suppose. Sometimes I’d have to work for ages digging away the sand and grasses that had partially blocked the entrance of some particular new site of explorationOne sunny day just after my 16th birthday I was out exploring and almost hidden away at one end of the beach in the dunes I found the entrance to a large shelter. I don’t know why I hadn’t seen it before because it was only a few hundred yards from one of the car parks behind the beach. I crept inside and found that the old gun slits provided quite a lot of light inside. I looked around and found that there were three or four rooms inside and as I went from one room to the other my mind was filled with visions of what it must have been like to be in there guarding the coast. I eventually came to one of the rooms and in the corner I could see a small pile of paper. I went over wondering what it was and got a real surprise it was a pile of girlie magazines in almost pristine condition. I knelt down and in the sunlight shining thru the gun slit I started to leaf thru the pages of one magazine. These I found were not just girlie magazines but porno magazines and I was soon engrossed in looking at pics of girls sucking on hard big cocks and of them taking them in their pussy’s. Needless to say I got hard and was rubbing myself thru my shorts. But of course to rub myself thru the material wasn’t’ enough and I soon took my shorts off and knelt there knees apart with my rock hard cock in my hand. At this point I have to say that from my younger days I was rather well endowed (so I’d been told) and my 7” cock was soon slippery with my juices as I stroked up and down slowly enjoying the feeling and the sight of the pics in the magazines. I had just picked up a new magazine and was particularly engrossed as it was an all male magazine and I could see a pic of a hard cock sliding into a tight male hole, when a noise behind me made me jump. There standing in the doorway was a man, I guess in his early 40’s wearing just a pair of swimming trunks and carrying a rolled up towel in his hand. His other hand was massaging the front of his trunks where I could see a long hard swelling of his cock. No, I hadn’t realised that because the shelter was so closed to the car park that it was also a sort of meeting place for guys to have fun. As I had been surprised I almost spun round on my knees with my cock still in my hand so that although the guy had seen what I was doing he could then see clearer and he said , ‘Mmmmm that looks nice you’re enjoying that I can see’. As I think I said earlier I’d already had experience with other guys, so although I was embarrassed I wasn’t bothered that much and the sight of him stroking himself thru his trunks was arousing to me and my hand continued to move slowly up and down my cock.He said, ‘mmmm you’ve got a nice one there Do you mind if I come and join you’. Without waiting avcilar escort for an answer he took the few steps needed until he was by my side standing over me almost and looking down said, ‘Oooh great pictures and I like that magazine you’re looking at’ . With that he dropped his towel onto the sandy floor and quickly pulled his trunks down leaving him naked. His hard cock, glistening with his already oozing juices sprang out almost above my head. I looked up at it and he could see my thoughts almost in my eyes I’m sure. He said, ‘Do you like this one’?I was entranced watching his hard cock above me and his closed fist sliding up and down it slowly. I just nodded and he bent his legs so that it came down to a level with my face. I knew from past experience what he wanted and was certainly aroused enough not to want to even resist such an invitation. I let go of my own cock and reaching out closed my hands around the shaft. He moaned and pushed forward into my hands as I began to move them slowly up and down the smooth slippery shaft. Then, without any encouragement from him I suddenly leaned forward flicked my tongue out at the tip tasting him then opening my soft lips and engulfing the cock with my mouth. His moan must have been heard right out on the beach as he said, ‘ooooh yes, you’ve done that before. You cock sucker. Go on take it’. I was incensed now and began to work the hard slippery cock in and out of my mouth taking more and more of it as I moved. I had always loved sucking cock although I preferred to have mine sucked more than anything but the excitement of it meant that I was almost in heaven. Suddenly after only a couple of minutes his hands went to the back of my head and he murmured ‘Yesssssss’ and I felt his cock jerk in my hands then pulsate and I knew what was going to happen. As each jet of his cream shot out of his cock I gulped as I’d learned to do and swallowed it all until he pushed finally against me and with his hands on my head pulled me close to him making his already wilting cock go as deep as it could into my mouth. Then with one last spasm he was finished.He stood there panting as I sucked the last of his cum from his cock then he pulled it out of my mouth and said, ‘Ooooh wow that was great. Thank you’, and before I could say anything was pulling his swimming trunks on again. I said, ‘ Oooh are you going ? ‘ and leaned back slightly with my legs wider apart showing him how hard I was hoping that he’d do something for me in return. He said, ‘yes sorry when I’ve cum I’m no good’ and with that he turned and walked out. Damn, damn damn! I was left there in just my tee shirt , kneeling with knees wide apart and a cock that was so hard it felt as if it was going to slit in two. Ahhh well ! I thought nothing for it but to go back to the magazines.I slipped my tee shirt off placed it on the floor and sat on it with my back against the wall and with my knees pulled up and wide apart I picked up the magazine that I’d been reading before and started to stroke myself again. Wow! It as suddenly getting to be like a major motorway junction in there, because no sooner had I started than a shadow in the other room materialised into another man. He stepped thru the doorway and was already stark naked. I looked up amazed, two in such a short time, and he said, ‘I saw you come in here from şirinevler escort the car park and the guy follow you, so I thought I’d come and see what was going on. I didn’t want to interrupt both of you so I watched from next door and then hid when he came out. You certainly sucked him well I could see that and you’ve got a lovely cock, what a shame that he didn’t do the same for you’. He looked rather nice, although to be honest the state that I was in anyone would have looked nice. He was tall and slim like me, with a nice body the shame of it was that his cock was only small, about four inches long but rock hard I could see. Needless to say I hadn’t stopped stroking my own cock and he said, ‘would you like me to suck you and make you cum?’. Oooh ! you bet I thought and took my hand away and spread my legs wider in invitation.He stepped forward and spread his towel out on the sandy floor and said ‘why don’t you lie down on this’ I moved over and laid flat watching him all the time as he moved around and settled down on his knees by my feet. His soft hands reached up onto my knees and spread them wide and then his head went down between them and my thighs and without any preamble he engulfed my cock in one go taking all of it right to the hilt. I arched my back and moaned as he held me in not just his mouth but his throat I could feel his muscles gripping me. I guess because I’d been left so horny by the other guy it was inevitable that I’d be ready to cum and the guy sucking me right then seemed to sense it. The way that he moved up and down and moved his head round seemed made to get me to cum and very soon I was pushing my hips up towards him and just as I felt that I couldn’t hold back much longer I felt his finger tickling my hole. Ooh! That was almost enough. Then suddenly his finger slipped into me, I found out later that he’d used his own pre-cum to lubricate his finger so that it slipped in me easily, I gave a long deep moan and the spunk started to pump into his mouth. He gagged at first but then swallowed hard and took every drop of my juice down his throat draining every drop from me as his head moved up and down slowly until I was finished. Then he slowly let me slip out of his mouth and he sat up licking his lips and smiling down at me although he still had his finger inside me massaging me gently. He looked at me with such a tender look in his eyes and said, ‘mmm! That was lovely you taste so good’ . I then let my eyes wander down his body and saw his own cock although small it was standing up rock hard and I somehow knew what he wanted. So, as his hand went down to hold his cock I lifted my legs higher raising my lower half off the towel and up towards him. He sensed that I was willing and eased his finger out of me, moved forward until my legs were supported over his arms then he raised me even higher and I felt that delicious feeling of the hot wet head of his cock rubbing against my hole spreading his pre-cum juice over me. He looked straight in my eyes and said, ‘Ready?’ he didn’t really need an answer because he could see in my eyes that I was more than ready for him to fuck me. I felt him press harder against me and suddenly I opened up for him and his cock head slipped inside me bringing a moan from his lips. I couldn’t stop myself, as you might have guessed it wasn’t by any taksim escort means my first time and I lifted myself up towards him pushing myself further and further onto his lovely slim cock. He looked down at me and I could see in his eyes the question, ‘was it alright’. Then he looked down my body and saw my own cock, sticking up rock hard towards him expressing my pleasure. He wrapped his hands behind my hips and held me as he began to move in and out slowly pulling me even closer onto his cock. The feeling was unbelievable and with just my shoulders and head resting on the floor I thrust myself against him again and again, thoroughly entranced with the experience and the thrills and jolts of electric energy that ran through my body. He seemed to go on for ages and ages and it didn’t in the least feel as if he was fucking me, it felt more as if he was making love to me. Until suddenly I felt a new urgency in his movements and in his breathing. I looked up his body to his face and saw the rapture on his face, and knew that he was almost at his peak. Suddenly he looked down at me with a concerned look on his face and I knew what he was thinking so I said, ‘Yes go on. Cum inside me, let it all go and fill me up. I want it’. Slutty words from one so young you think? Mmm! Yes maybe but I’d had a good teacher. In reply he just gave a little smile and began those final thrusts that I knew were going to release his thick juice inside me. Then I felt it. I felt his cock give a jerk and then it swelled up inside me and suddenly the flood began. The heat of it pumping into me made me moan as one jet after another pumped inside me. Then with one final push that pushed him as deep inside me as he could the final pulse of his cock finished filling me up. My muscles held him tight and kept him hard for a while then as I felt his cum seeping out of me his cock began to shrink until it slipped out of me with a ‘plop’ and he slowly lowered me down. He sank back onto his heels panting and looking down at me saying , ‘wow! That was fantastic thank you’. I just smiled up at him and was about to thank him myself when he looked down at my lower body and saw my hard erect cock. Without a word he suddenly dropped his head down and almost devoured me with his mouth . Once more a moan escaped my lips as I thrust myself up to meet his hungry mouth. He knew exactly how to suck on a cock, infact he was an expert at it and soon had me with my hands on the back of his head urging him on and letting him know just how I felt. Not that he could have been in doubt from the noises that I was making I’m sure. It’s a good job that there was no one close by. It wasn’t long I must admit before I could feel those wonderful feelings building up deep down in my belly and I said, ‘Oooh god yes, here it comes’ But he didn’t’ stop just kept on devouring my cock and he didn’t even hesitate when he felt the first jerk of my muscles and the first jet of my thick cream hitting the back of his throat. He just gulped and swallowed then was ready when the next jet pumped into his throat. He swallowed every drop gulping it down until I was completely empty and exhausted. He sat back not saying anything just letting me get my breath back. Then he helped me up and helped me to get dressed again. We then exited the shelter and walked back to the car park before we said goodbye, although he did ask if we could meet again soon and that he’d love to have my cock inside him the next time. I wasn’t about to deny myself the pleasure of meeting him again either so we made arrangements. But, that and the following meeting are as they say, ‘another story’……………

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