Doing Dad’s Girlfriend Ch. 01


This story does not jump right into the action so please be patient and you will be rewarded.


By the time I was 20 I was already into my sophomore year in university, majoring in Economics and doing rather well at it, too. I consider myself to have been especially fortunate not only because I had parents that could afford to send me through university, but do so in a very comfortable manner. Add to that, I was able to continue living at home because we lived only about 15 miles from campus.

I was living a good life. I had all the material goodies I could ask for including the best technology, and a staggeringly good audio and video system in my own suite adjoining our house. It might have been a garage once but my dad had built it into a fully-serviced suite when I was fourteen years old. Little did I know it had been his plan to ‘give’ it to me when I graduated from high school. That meant I was living rather independently most of the time. I say most of the time because I continued to benefit from my mother’s good cooking and all the laundry services I needed.

I had a nice enough car that was only a couple of years old, but it was my bike that I really loved and used most of the time, especially for commuting to school. And I can tell you it turned more than one head as I rode past other students on my way to the motorcycle lot near the middle of campus. A top-line BMW will do that.

One day near the end of term before Christmas I came home to something of a disaster. Coming into my parents’ kitchen I saw that my mom was sitting in front of a nearly empty wine bottle and an empty glass in hand. There were broken dishes and a couple of pans laying on the floor around her. Shocked, I assumed she had come home to the results of a break-in or something. I asked.

“Thomas, I’m glad you’re home. Your asshole father is having an affair… again, and I threw him out!” cried my mother.

I was surprised. Completely surprised. I had not seen any of this coming nor had I ever heard a whisper that my parents were having problems. My mother explained what I needed to know and it did make sense in the end. She had recently ‘caught’ him via his telephone. Yes, the now commonplace story of seeing hot women that were not her along with texts that suggested awfully dirty things.

To make things worse, he had wandered early in their marriage when I was very young and after she had caught him then, had apologized furiously and promised it would never happen. Unfortunately, the recent activity had been just one of several — I had to be impressed at my dad’s popularity, Tiger Woods style! My mother did not think the same way.

So there I was, the product of a broken home. The mess that is a broken marriage evolved over the next several weeks. In the end, my mom took a huge chunk of my dad’s money and made him buy her a new house across town. My dad kept the house and got custody of me, or more accurately, I got to keep living in the adjoining suite.

Since we really did have money, even this setback did not completely butcher my dad financially. He did lose some zeroes on his bank accounts and investments, but still had enough to keep me in good shape. If this sounds like I was taking advantage, I wasn’t. Both my parents had long supported my lifestyle and needs and continued to do so after the separation and divorce.

It was about six months before everything settled down. My parents were not going to be getting back together, ever, but at least they were talking. I did have to travel across town at least once or twice a week to visit my mom, but that was no problem: any excuse to straddle my BMW.

It was midsummer when my life changed again. It was already good, but it got a lot better.

Right after my mom moved out, my dad dropped his mistress. Yes, the one that led to breaking up my parents. I thought it was pretty silly now that he could actually bring the other woman out of the closet, if you will, but my dad seemed to think that it was the fooling around that made it worthwhile, not the actual person he was philandering with. I still don’t get it.

By mid-summer things had started to change. I knew that my mom had found a new partner though she refused to tell me anything about him, much less let me meet him in person. Around the same time my dad also found someone to canoodle with, as he called it. I just thought he’d got a new girlfriend.

Then I met Adrianna. I swear my jaw really did drop when I first saw her. My dad had invited me to dinner at a trendy restaurant so that I could meet his new girlfriend. As I approached the table, both she and my dad stood up to greet me. I can’t say I remember anything about what my dad said or wore once I’d laid eyes on her.

Adrianna was tall, almost six feet or about an inch taller than I am. She was even taller in her elegant heels, ‘fuck-me heels’ as one friend called her ‘goin’ out’ shoes. They were perfect for the look Adrianna was projecting. She wore a very, very Karaköy escort bayan tight sheath dress in a shimmery blood-red colour, cut up one side almost to the top her thigh, which were perfect: tanned, strong and ideal.

The neckline did everything for her chest that the cut of the dress did for her legs. Her breasts were reasonably large and pushed together by the fabric, but no bra. The V-neck was open to just above her belly button and while not gaping, made for a fabulous display of cleavage. The fabric was taut across her tummy, smooth and ripple-free. It was also tight enough to feature her slightly enlarged nipples. Adrianna looked good enough to force a guy into the men’s room for a quick tug, but I was a good boy and held off.

Adrianna’s hair was cut short and sexy, very fashionably and in a most wonderful shade of red. She wore no jewellery but for a greasy-rich white gold chain that lay heavily between her breasts reaching just below their soft round lower edges.

When my jaw had gone back to its proper function and we got talking, I discovered that Adrianna owned and taught at a fashionable and successful studio in the city. She told us she had worked with a number of pretty big name performers and once we’d committed to secrecy, she gave us a few of the names.

We had a terrific dinner. The food was excellent; the service invisible but always available. Despite my initial awe and worrying about being caught by my dad as I ogled his girlfriend, we had a wonderful time. I have always gotten along well with my dad, but I had expected that Adrianna would be too young for him. Instead, I found her be a perfect companion for him, and for me I imagined. What could have been an uncomfortable dinner with an outsider turned into a warm, shared and fascinating evening.

I will be the first one to admit that my imagination occasionally interrupted my thoughts as I gazed upon dad’s trophy girlfriend. What would those breasts look like cascading out of a lacy Victoria’s Secret bra? What did she have on for underwear? I suspected not much when I watched her later as she walked towards the washroom. Her stride exposed a long, perfectly turned out leg. And her walk was one of a trained dancer: simply perfect.

I only got caught once, I think, when Adrianna glanced in my direction as I was staring into her cleavage. It may be imagination, but I thought she looked pleased rather than unhappy. To my knowledge, my dad did not notice.

Once dinner was over, I said my goodbyes and, collecting my helmet and leathers from the coat check, I heard Adrianna’s voice: “Don’t tell me. You ride a motorcycle?”

Before I could answer, my dad replied, “he rides brand new BMW R1200 — I gave it to him last year as a birthday gift.”

I saw a gleam in Adrianna’s eyes as she understood what a sexy, upscale bike I had. Turns out she knew something about bikes though she was not a rider. Her brother had ‘always’ had a bike so she’d grown up around them and knew more than a bit about the excitement of straddling a beautiful machine.

“Can I have a ride?” she asked.

Stupid me: “Now? I don’t have a second helmet!”

“One day soon,” she saved me. “You wouldn’t mind if I went with Thomas for a little run next week, would you, Barry?”

“You know you can have anything you want, bunny,” he replied.

‘Bunny?’ I thought. She was much more of a lithe, dangerous puma.

Before I could head out the door, ‘Bunny’ told me to get her info from my dad and to call her when I had some time to take her for a ride. I stopped myself from saying ‘in about an hour as soon as I get my other helmet and have you slide on behind me pressing your naked chest against my shoulders causing me to get an erection, and…. Like I said, I played it cool and gave her a quick “will-do” in reply. I was surprised when she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I got a great look down her dress, too. This had been an awesome evening.

My dad called me the next day, asking if I had anything on the go. When I told him I was wide open if he had an idea he suggested I drop by his work and we could go to lunch to ‘talk about some things.’ I was curious; he never did things that way.

Over a burger and a beer, my dad surprised me with questions about his new girlfriend. Was she too hot for him? Did she stay because he had a lot of coin? What would he do if she started to look elsewhere? In short, for the first time I can say, my dad was insecure about his love life. I got a kick out of that because he had always seemed so sure of himself, distant even.

I told him what he needed to hear, and even that at 46 was not too old for a 28-year-old trophy like Adrianna. I even used the word, which made him smile. “She is a real trophy, isn’t she?”

“No kidding. And you deserve the best,” I told him.

Interestingly, I got the sense that my dad was not as into Adrianna as he pretended to be. I just had a feeling there was Escort Kayaşehir more going on, but I didn’t push the point.

“Oh, by the way, here’s Adrianna’s business card — it’s got her personal number on the back. She asked me to pass it on.”

I took the card and flipped it over. Not only was her number there in purple ink, but it also said ‘make sure you call me’ along with a little heart over her signature. Sweet. Or was that saucy?

As soon as my dad left the pub to go back to the office, I called Adrianna. I felt so let down when it went to voicemail, and I left a nearly incomprehensible message about wanting to meet and would she make sure to call me back today and it would be a pleasure and some more rambling. ‘Sigh,’ I thought aloud. ‘What a dork!”

I had only just made it home a few minutes earlier when my phone rang. ‘Blocked number’ it said. I almost rejected it, but answered anyway. Good thing, too, as it was Adrianna. I had not noticed that there was a sultry underlying tone to her voice when we were at dinner, but right now her voice had an erection-raising quality.

She told me about her schedule for the day, but that she was free all day tomorrow and would I be interested in taking her for a ride? She even suggested where: a quiet but lovely beach about an hour away. We might even get in a bit of swimming if I was interested. Suffice to say that imagining her in a bathing suit was enough to have me agree to anything. She gave me her address and told me to be there by 11:30 the next morning — and to not forget a helmet for her.

The rest of the day passed slowly. Excruciatingly so. And I couldn’t get the image of this red-headed goddess out of my mind. Sometimes she was dressed in the red sheath dress, and sometimes in a bathing suit, but most of the time, she wasn’t dressed at all. I have a very creative imagination but it never went beyond the naked. I couldn’t really imagine anything going on with Adrianna, after all, she was my dad’s squeeze.

I slept in the next morning, a Tuesday, and after a quick shower and bowl of Captain Crunch (what can I say, I love those little blocks of sugar) I threw a towel and flip-flops into a bag, suited up in my riding leathers and headed out.

Adrianna’s condo was only a few minutes away. I rolled up about five minutes early and was just getting off the bike when I looked up to see Adrianna coming out of the lobby door. She walked confidently towards me. If I had thought her beautiful at dinner, this was a full order better.

Adrianna was melted into a leather riding suit. Very tight light grey leather pants emphasized every curve and muscle from the ankle to her waist with the crotch pulled especially tight. On top she wore a body-hugging leather jacket matching the pants. It perfectly hugged her generous breasts even as the zipper was pulled down to show as much as her dress at dinner had shown, but this was even tighter, and all leather. And she strode towards me on shocking purple six-inch heels. I was again mesmerized. Frozen in a stare that hid none of the lust I felt.

“Hi Thomas. Will this be okay?” She twirled as if on show. Of course, she was, and she knew it.

I don’t think I answered. Or if I did, it was with a jaw-flapping nod. This woman was more of everything I could have asked for… but she was my dad’s girlfriend. That threw enough cold water on my thoughts that I was able to get off the bike and take her helmet from one of my side-cases for her to wear. She threw it on in one smooth motion and had it fastened in a flash. “It’s not your first ride, is it?” I said.

“I used to ride with my brother all the time, but that’s it. I haven’t actually been on a bike for about five years, but you don’t forget it, do you?”

I held the bike firmly as she kicked her long dancer’s leg over the seat behind me and settled into place snugly against my back. “Let’s roll!” she said into my ear.

The only thing I did not enjoy about the hour-long ride is that I was never able to see this hot woman’s tight ass riding away, but everything else was just fantastic. She really knew how to be a passenger and I didn’t have to correct for her even once. And although she did not need to, she stayed glued to my back the whole way. I occasionally felt her slide her but around on the seat — unfortunately, the BMW doesn’t generate enough vibration for total passenger happiness, if you get my drift.

I could feel her breasts crushed against my spine. She was literally hugging me, sometimes firmly and other times very softly. Occasionally it felt like she was brushing her chest against me side to side — she knew that I knew what she was doing. For the whole trip I was half-hard, my erection pressing tightly against the leather covering my crotch.

We finally rolled up to the beach parking lot. Being a Tuesday, there were few cars in the lot and almost no one on the beach. I stopped and held the bike as Adrianna got off the machine. I Küçükçekmece escort dropped the side stand and got off to stand beside her. I was wishing that someone was filming our arrival and the two of us standing there, but nope. It was just the two of us.

I took our helmets and locked them to the bike and opened up the side bags where we would stow our leathers. I said as much which led Adrianna to unzip her jacket. She took her time just for my benefit I am sure. It must have taken 15 seconds from the top of the collar down to the snug waist.

Adrianna stood several inches taller than me which put her chest just below my eye level. I know because as she unzipped, more and more tanned flesh appeared. But for a thin string of bikini between her breasts, she had nothing on under the jacket. I think I must have said ‘wow’ or something as I stared at her revealing body. Adrianna replied with a sultry, “thank you.”

A gulp and a stammer and I was able to reply, “you’re welcome.” What a dummy. But I enjoyed the slight sheen of sweat all over her skin. She fairly glowed, I thought. She shrugged off the jacket, catching it in one hand and throwing it over the seat. She said, “your turn, Thomas.”

I did not have the confidence, or the body, to draw out the unzipping so I just did it normally and was soon standing in front of her in a slightly sweaty t-shirt — leather gets hot on summer days — but I wouldn’t ride without it. Before she could say anything, I pulled off my pants revealing a baggy pair of surfer shorts, stylish but not every exciting. I had planned this because their bagginess would hide any ‘problems’ I might have with her being so close.

Adrianna turned away from me and leaned towards the bike, one hand on the saddle. With the other hand, she unzipped the legs from ankle to the top of the calf. She was positioned exactly in front of my crotch, her glorious, perfect ass a few feet in front of me. I was already glad for the loose shorts.

With one hand on either side of her waist, Adrianna grasped the leather fabric and started to pull down her pants. And she did so even more slowly than she’d removed her jacket. I stared openly as she bent from the waist, sliding her hands along her hips, then her thighs, and finally (or is that too soon?) over her calves until the pants were puddled around her ankles still standing in those fabulous heels.

I could see ever muscle, every curve of her fine legs. As she stood legs slightly apart, I could also make out her pussy tightly encased in the fabric of her very small bikini. I think my heart did an extra few beats because my shorts were suddenly much too tight.

She turned on one heel to face me. All I could do was stare, and I did. I purposely did a nice elevator gaze, from her feet to her head and back, pausing at the snug fabric covering her crotch, then again at her breasts. There was no more than five or six square inches of fabric covering barely more than her nipples. And not much more at the crotch.

“What do you think? Are you glad you came out today?”

“Uh-huh. I mean yeah. You look amazing!”

“You’re not bad yourself,” she replied, though I don’t know why.

“Yea, right,” I said.

“Take that shirt off so we can see you better, Thomas.”

“I’m not much to look at,” I mumbled humbly.

“You forget that I was holding on to you all the way here, and I could feel great abs and nice arms. Now I want to see what I was feeling.”

I blushed. And she saw it: “That’s sweet. You’re blushing.”

Adrianna pulled out a pair of beach sandals to exchange for her heels, saying, as she did, “sorry ’bout teasing you like that.”

I grabbed my towel, passed her the beach bag and we left the parking lot, aiming for a good spot on the beach. I expected we were going to do some tanning and maybe share a beer and a snack from the kiosk, but I found out she was much more interesting than that.

Walking side by side our hands occasionally touched and finally, she took my hand without a word of explanation. I felt like a teenager again, nervous and shy and completely out of my element. I needn’t have worried.

Once we had picked a spot, we spread out the towels and I asked her what she would like to drink as I was going to get something from the beach kiosk. I brought back two giant iced-teas and before I had even sat down, she was pouring vodka into one of them. I told her to omit the booze from mine, “I never ride with even a drop of alcohol.”

“But I can drink, is that okay?”


We finished off our ice-cold drinks, hers with the extra. I figured she’d simply kick back and get some tanning done. Not a chance. As I leaned back to do the same, she scolded me with “what are you doing? We’re at the beach which means getting into the water. Can you swim?”

“Of course, better ‘n you!” I challenged.

“I doubt it. I was on my college swim team.”

“So am I,” I defended. “What stroke?”

“I specialized in the breast stroke,” she laughed. “Well, the medley actually — I just wanted to see your face. It was priceless!”

We decided to head to the water but before I got more than a few strides away, Adrianna called me back to ask if I was planning to swim in those ‘baggy fishing nets’ that would so slow me down.

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