Down by the Lake Ch. 10


September settled into a routine; kids to school, women to work, Murphy busy around the old homestead. You know how us old guys like our routines.

Once a week I’d get together with Carl. We’d play cards, swap lies, generally have a good time.

The weather, as always, was pretty hot during the day, starting to go cool at night. We were seeing more deer in the woods and along the lower meadow. Now and then I’d spot a coyote or fox, but they kept their distance.

Brady came by early in the month; he wanted to look over the barn for my changes. On the fifteenth, he re-appeared with three guys. They stripped out what little there was on the apartment walls, framed in a bathroom and a small kitchenette. They probably spent more time sealing up air holes in the side walls and then insulating, as they did on the rest of the job.

While they were busy upstairs, I moved everything out of the lower area. Re-insulated down there, painted, and re-organized. Moving the vehicles back in, there was a hole where the Mustang had been. Time to begin the search.

Shelly was coming around more than ever before. Mostly to visit with Madge and Jeannie, but she’d tease me every now and then. Things like running fingers along my arm while we talked. Or licking lips while talking. And I can’t forget the intense kisses at odd times.

I wasn’t worried about what the girls might say; they were teasing me about adding Shelly to the harem. I was worried about where this was headed. I can’t eat enough, or take enough vitamins (even horse pills) to keep up with three. We had always been easy around each other, best of friends. Now I could feel a slow escalation between us. Now, I didn’t mind her kissing me, or the teasing, or even her rubbing against me as she would do. I just wasn’t sure where this might go. I also knew eventually I’d have to talk this over with Madge and Jeannie.

Jessie put me in touch with a lawyer in Tacoma, She listened to my needs and concerns, then got busy on paper work. She was sure something was possible, probably along the lines of a limited partnership.

Bob called from San Diego. He might have found a replacement for the Mustang. “What do you know about Bentleys? I found a T2 with left-hand steering down here.”

“I know what they are, and I know how expensive they are, but can I work on it? What about parts availability?”

“This is a ’78, one owner. He’s worked on the car all the time he’s had it. If he sells it, parts and tools are included.”

“If he sells?”

“He’s picky where his baby is going. Dad, this guy is in his eighties. The only reason he’s selling is because his eyes are going.”

“How about if I call, talk to him?”

“I’ll talk to him, set it up. Maybe you’ll have a chance to come down for a visit.”


A week later, I was headed south by Alaska Air.

Before I called the owner, I did some research of my own. A T2 Bentley with left hand steering was a rare bird indeed. There might have been half a dozen in the US. There’s a Rolls-Royce dealer in Seattle, so I had experts in the area. Parts were available. I might have to wait a bit is all.

When I talked to the owner, it was like going through a job interview. Or talking to a father on your first date with a girl. Finally he invited me down to see the car. But no assurance I was getting it yet. Oh, and there was no budge on the price; twenty five grand.

Shelly was quite willing to meet the bus after school on the days Madge or Jeannie couldn’t, and stay with the boys on the weekends. She drove me up to SeaTac for the flight. The good-bye kiss I got curled my toes (again). “That’s so you don’t forget your way home.”

I spent the whole flight mulling her over. She was definitely upping her game.


Bob met me at the airport looking tan and relaxed. Sue was home when we arrived, happy to see me. She’s a warm, smiling person. I’m sure she must have her down moments, but I never saw one. Mark came in about six. He hugged and kissed both Bob and Sue, shook my hand. A nice guy, maybe a few years older than Bob and Sue. Near six foot in height, fit looking. An easy smile, but he was sizing me up.

We had a pleasant dinner, drinks out on the patio, easy conversation. I was finished by ten, headed to my bed in the guest room.

The next morning Bob and I headed for La Jolla. There’s a reason I stay away from Seattle; the freeways. The San Diego area makes Seattle look like a piece of cake. Bob laughed; assured me it was easy once you got used to it.

We arrived at this huge house that looked as if the Spaniards had built it. Mr. Carswell met us with a firm handshake and steady voice, and leading us to the garage, had no problems walking. I commented on how well he was doing, surprised he was selling the car. “Well…If I could see the damn road, and pass the eye test. How old Escort Karaköy are you?”

“I’m sixty five. Hopefully I’ve got twenty good years ahead of me…”

“Where would you keep my car?”

“I had an idea you might ask. I brought down some pictures of my barn. I hope you can see these alright.”

“I’ll look at them later. Here’s the car.”

We were looking at a large sedan (the Brits call them saloons), smoky grey in color with tan leather interior. Correction: matching, Connelly Leather, interior. The car was immaculate! Not a scratch or ding. The leather looked new. He opened the hood; the engine was sparkling clean. I found it hard to believe this car was thirty years old. And I told him so. In the trunk there was a tool set that looked never used. A spare was under a cover. It looked new. Sitting in the driver’s seat was a totally different experience. You felt regal. Looking down at the carpet; there was a little wear under the pedals. That was it.

He had been watching me while I looked the car over. I felt white gloves were appropriate for that car. He must have been satisfied with me so far, because he offered a drive. I started toward the passenger side, but he said no, I should drive.

I have never been more nervous. Ever. I’m driving almost a one-of-a-kind car. In traffic. We headed north; once we got past Scripps, I could get into the throttle. We drove up to Del Mar, had lunch, and drove back down after. Carswell didn’t say much the whole trip. He sat back, eyes closed, just taking in the ride. Bob had been in the back the whole trip; He never said a word.

Back at his house, I was going to put the car in the garage; “Don’t bother. You’ll get the car. It’s going to good hands.”

It took an hour to load parts and tools in to Bob’s car. Some items had to go into the Bentley; there just wasn’t room in Bob’s car. They were all carefully wrapped and placed. I was already wondering how I was going to get all that north.

As I started the car, Mr. Carswell stepped to the window with tears in his eyes. “Mr. Murphy, there is one more thing. Please take these. I won’t be needing them any longer.”

He’d given me his leather driving gloves! I shook his hand, promised to take care of her.

“Not her. This is Nelson. Take good care of him.”


I followed Bob home. He must have been as nervous, with me following, as was I driving.

At the house, Sue looked in awe on Nelson. She wouldn’t even touch him. I finally got her to sit in the front passenger seat, took her around the neighborhood. You can’t slump in a Bentley. Well, maybe if you’re a stoned rock star. But a normal human being? No way.

I spent the next day visiting with Sue, Bob and Mark. My sense was they loved each other, but I didn’t ask; they would tell me what they wanted me to know. One thing did happen though; Sue took me aside, asked me how I managed two women. “With a lot of love. Oh, and vitamins.”


The drive north was nerve wracking until I got beyond the Los Angeles area. After that it was I-5 north. Nelson just loped along. We were doing a steady seventy five, and he wasn’t even breathing hard. We went over the Grapevine passing cars easily. I swear that car was smiling.

I did get pulled over by a trooper near Stockton, but he just wanted to gab, look the car over. Turns out he liked British iron, had to see this.

I stopped at Red Bluff for the night. Tossed and turned, worrying about the car outside. We were up early Monday morning. The forecast through the Siskiyous was good and I wanted to test him out in the mountains.

Now, doing mountains on an interstate highway isn’t the same as competing in the Monte Carlo Rallye. But I-5 through the mountains is a swoopy drive with enough twists to make it interesting. I got pulled over just south of the Oregon border; another looky-loo trooper. We had a great conversation about cars. He had an Alfa and a Lancia. Laughed when I told him my other car was a Spitfire. Just north of Medford, we were pulled over again. Now, I don’t mind talking cars. But this was getting tiresome. This one wanted to be sure the car wasn’t stolen. I was good with that. Brought out the paper work showing the sale and ownership transfer. I even had proof of insurance coverage. After that, we talked cars. He had a ’69 Mustang going through restoration. I was able to share some of the things I went through with Naomi’s car.

Getting tired, I spent the night at Eugene, put in a request for an early call. We made it through Portland and across the Columbia by eight. At the first rest stop north of Vancouver, I took an hour nap. One more nap at a weigh station south of Fort Lewis, then on home. All told, we did just over 1200 miles, used 80 gallons of gas. No oil. I was impressed.

So were the girls when I drove in. Nelson looked Kayaşehir escort a bit dirty, but they liked the way he looked.

Shelly was there also, and was the first to lay a kiss on me. Madge and Jeannie seemed to hang back just a little, giving Shelly first chance. If I hadn’t suspected there was some collusion going on, I knew it now.

They all kissed and hugged, I kissed, hugged, caressed, squeezed. All of them. If Shelly wanted to be part of us, she’d get the same treatment. After the greeting, I called time. I was worn out from the drive. Not the driving, you understand, just the drive itself.


It took me two days to remove everything from the car, sorted and arranged on shelves. Another day was just cleaning inside and out. Then I was ready to take my women for a drive. While I held the back door open, they piled in, oohing and cooing about the luxurious back seats. I drove over to Shelly’s, held the front door for her, then on into town. Driving at a stately pace, Nelson seemed to be prancing, as if he felt on display.

Pulling up in front of Jerry’s, I again held the doors; first the front, then the rear. I’ve gotten used to creating a little scene when two women step out of something I’m driving, but three women and a Bentley? Now we’re talking a scene!

We spent the next hour getting lunch, cones, just ambling about. I had one woman or another on my arm the whole time. And again, it seemed Shelly was getting most of the time. Heading home, Madge and Shelly swapped places; I had a few quiet words with Madge about Shelly. She confirmed that she and Jeannie were giving us time together. At her house, I held the door for Shelly and she gave me a slow kiss that went on forever. Looking her in the eye I said, “We’ve got a serious talk coming up, don’t we?”

“Why, what ever could you mean?”

“Oh, I think you know. And they know. And I know. In a few days, we’ll talk.”


That evening, after the boys were settled for the night, I poured myself a scotch, made drinks for Jeannie and Madge, and opened the discussion.

“I need some clarity. You two have been encouraging Shelly’s affection with me over the last several weeks. What do you two have in mind?”

“Shouldn’t you be asking Shelly that question?”

“No, Jeannie. Not yet. You are my partners; I need to know what’s going on from you first.”

Madge spoke up; “Shelly loves you. I’ve known that since I first met her. She’s just becoming more obvious about it. I…we, have you, she doesn’t. That’s not fair. She should be able to love you openly too. After all, what’s one more?”

“What’s one more? Fifty percent more, that’s what. I’m not saying I’m against loving her; I could easily, my concern is what it might do to this household. I don’t want to risk losing you two. I haven’t even finished setting things up, legally, for the three of us.”

“We talked to her about what she wants. She doesn’t want to leave her house. That’s her home. I’m not sure she knows how she wants this to go. She just wants some of the loving that’s going on.”

“And you two are alright with that? Once this goes to the next step…well, once I took the next step with you two, there was no going back.”

“Yes dear, I’m ok with it.”

“Me too, dear. Treat her nice.”


“Shelly, you know I’m in love with Jeannie and Madge. And you have been getting more and more affectionate over the last few months. I’m flattered, and I’m not rejecting you. Not a bit. But I need to see where this might go. Yeah, I know I’m not saying this well, but I don’t know how else to say it.”

“Josh honey, that was horrible. If I were her, I’d throw you out, never talk to you again.”

“Madge, I’m at a loss here. How do I do this?”

“The same way you did with me, and with Jeannie. Be yourself. Just take her to dinner, let the conversation go where it will. There’s no rush. It’s not like you’re not getting any, you know.”

“But with you, it was spontaneous. This feels planned.”

“Honey, I hate to break this to you, it’s never spontaneous. Women know how far they’re willing to go long before men do. I knew on the first day you sat and talked with me. Jeannie knew the first time she was up here. I think she knew before we even left the store, I think I felt it then.”

“So…I’m just a pawn in women’s plans?”

“Don’t be silly dear. We never consider you a pawn. Now go to Shelly like a good boy.”

It’s a good thing I love her.


We went to an Italian restaurant in Puyallup. A family owned bistro with excellent food. Shelly was great company and I relaxed. We just talked about anything and everything, and after a while scooted our chairs closer, talked lower, brought our heads closer. At some point I found myself looking in her eyes, then leaning in and kissing her. Küçükçekmece escort bayan Her response was light, just touching, teasing.

“Let’s continue this at my place.”

I paid the check, walked her out to Nelson. She was wrapped around my arm.

Driving back, she was leaning against me, a hand rubbing my thigh, lips tickling my ear, the light scent of perfume intoxicating.


She kicked off her shoes, draped her shawl over a chair, invited me to remove my jacket, loosen my tie. Opening a bottle of wine, she led me to her couch. We sat close together, sipping wine looking into each other’s eyes. I was seeing her in a whole new light. It was still the familiar Shelly, but there was a different woman before me; sexy, coy, desirous.

I reached out; caressing her cheek, feeling her lean into my hand. Leaning forward we kissed, softly, then with more intensity. Someone moaned, we pushed together, tongues dueling in mouths, lips crushing lips.

She fumbled at my shirt buttons, getting her hand onto my skin, feeling for a nipple, flicking, pinching. Had the girls been coaching her? I ran a hand up her back, smoothing the muscles. We took a break. She peeling her blouse and bra off, me shedding my shirt. I took time to admire her. Sure she was just into her fifties, but her skin was taut, her breasts firm, and her nipples poked out more than a quarter inch. I bent forward; drawing one in, holding it, teasing with my tongue. I heard her, just above a whisper; “Oh yes… Josh… I have waited so long for this. Love me now.”

We sank back on the couch, my lips searching her skin, wanting to give her all the pleasure she had waited for. She had a scattering of freckles across her chest and down over her breasts; I kissed every one, following them back and forth, spelling her name with freckle-kisses.

Her belly attracted me next; I kissed-licked down to her navel, flicking in and out, getting a giggle for my effort. The waist band of her slacks now hindered my path until she flipped the button. As I tugged, her hips lifted and they slid down and off. Now all that was between me and her pussy was a thin piece of semi-sheer pink material.

Her legs opened, the invitation there, hands led my lips to her damp panties. Her aroma aroused me, my tongue spearing out, tasting the dampness. I buried my face into her panty-clad puss, trying to get closer, finally pulling material aside, spearing deep into her. Sucking her clit brought an immediate reaction; legs clamped over my ears, she pushed up against me. A moment later she relaxed, her legs dropping away from my ears.

“Whew, the girls are right, you do give good head.”

“So they’ve been talking have they?”

“A little.”

“Did they encourage you in this?”

“I didn’t need much, but yes, when I asked them, they said yes.”

“Ah ha, so if I were say ‘let’s go to bed’?”

“I’d say ‘Let’s go’!”

And we did. She shed the panties, then led me to her bed. I hung back just enough to admire her ass. I’d been seeing it for years, encased in denims. Now it was on full display. It may not have been the shapely ass of a Madge or Jeannie, but you sure wouldn’t turn down a chance to play. A mature woman, she was tightly shaped, her butt still round and firm, her belly rounded and taut, and her tits, full and pendulous. She led me into her bedroom; stopped and turned, and with spread legs, looked me over. “You do know you’re overdressed. Don’t you?”

I was shucking pants, shoes and socks as fast as I could. Briefs? They went with the pants.

“Much better, come here.”

Clearly, she had taken charge.

Taking me by the hand, she led me to the bed. “I have you all night. And I plan to send you home tired and smiling. Any problems with that?”

“No ma’am. Just be gentle with me. I don’t have much experience with women.”

“Oooh…you’re going to pay for that fib.”

And pay I did. She pinned me to the bed. (I really fought against that) Just sucked my cock into her mouth, deep in her throat, swirled her tongue around then came up for air. “How was that?”

“Got my attention. Turn around, we’ll do each other.”

We spent the night exploring each other. She loved having her pussy eaten. She completely delighted in sucking cock. When I pushed my thumb into her ass, she pushed back murmured, “More.”

And when we fucked, it was long, slow, and loving. She held me to her with arms and legs, rolled us so she could be on top, accepted it later when I rolled her again. Cooed while I sucked tits, and finally gasped as she came. We lay together regaining our breath, whispering to each other, then began loving again.


In the morning, she made me breakfast. In the nude. A delightful sight. I realized she had but a few curly wisps of hair on her pussy. Otherwise it was bare. Her lips stood swollen and red. She would rub fingers over them periodically, drawing juices to the surface. I leant forward, ran a finger through the slit, tasted the sample. Then I dropped to my knees, pulled her to me, and buried my face in her pussy again. I didn’t rise until she sagged at the knees, quivering again.


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