A Brief Engagement

Big Cock

On a fine Sunday morning in early September 1978, Jeff awoke in unfamiliar surroundings, after a couple of seconds of disorientation, he realised he was in Mona’s bed and remembered that she was sleeping downstairs on the sofa in her parents house. Then it hit him, his stomach sank, he had proposed marriage to Mona after fucking her on her parent’s lounge floor in the early hours of the morning. She’d been thrilled, ecstatic even. He knew now in the cold light of day that it had been a big mistake, he needed to speak to her, to explain that he’d got lost in the moment and ask that they keep quiet about it and spend more time getting to know each other before making any commitment.

Jeff cleaned his teeth in the family bathroom and got dressed quickly with the intention of finding Mona and speaking to her before she said anything to her parents about getting engaged. He could hear muffled voices from the kitchen below so he knew that the family were up and about.

He’d been going out with Mona for just three weeks and had previously known her slightly through a friend’s fiancé. They’d got together at the recent wedding of those friends after kissing passionately in an empty side room where the function had taken place. The alcohol had flowed and they had both had their share. Jeff had been delighted to find that Mona was wearing stockings, something he’d made the most of by lifting her dress and slipping his finger inside her panties and between her pussy lips. She’d been heading for an orgasm when the mother of the bride had walked into the darkened room, uttered an embarrassed, “Oh dear!” and asked if they had seen her husband. The spell was broken and they returned sheepishly to the main function room.

As the wedding reception drew to a close, a frustrated Jeff asked a frustrated Mona out for a drink on the following Tuesday evening. She turned up in stockings again and he fucked her in his car whilst it was parked in a gateway after dark along a quiet country lane. Jeff sat in the front passenger seat with Mona on his lap. They both faced forwards and she sat on his hard cock with her summer dress pulled up to her hips and his fingers massaging her clitoris, she had explained to him that she couldn’t reach orgasm through penetration alone. The back of her head rested on his left shoulder. He admired her stocking clad legs and heeled sandals, he glanced down at her discarded panties in the footwell as he shot his semen into her tight cunt. A few seconds later his deft fingers made her come with her back arched and her pussy full of cock.

Now an anxious looking Jeff entered the kitchen hoping to entice Mona up to her bedroom on the pretext of searching for his car keys. He was too late, the moment Mona’s father saw him, he shook his hand and offered his congratulations together with an expression of hope that he wouldn’t let his daughter down. She’d had a previous disappointment when an engagement had been broken off and this all seemed rather sudden. Nevertheless, Mona’s father seemed willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Mona was all smiles, she hugged her father and he made a considerable fuss of her. Her mother Maggie had said nothing yet. She wore a half smile which didn’t reach her eyes.

“Are you happy for me mum.”

“Of course Mona, I’m delighted for you both,” said Maggie without making a eye contact with Jeff.


Mona was twenty five, she was of medium build, her hair was mid brown and hard to manage. She had the pretty blue eyes and nice legs of her mother but was self conscious about the size of her backside. It wasn’t huge but, with her slightly smaller than average breasts, it gave her a pear shaped figure. Maggie on the other hand had a slim, well proportioned figure that she hid under frumpy clothes like many long time married women in their late forties. Nevertheless, she still had her looks and, with a little effort, could look attractive and desirable.

Maggie had married young, Jim was a decent but uninspiring man. They’d got married when she was eighteen because she had become pregnant. The pregnancy had not lasted full term but they got married anyway. After twenty seven years of marital routine, the spark had gone out their relationship. Jim was still in love with her and she was fond of him in her own way but they did very little together. Jim worked full time in a local factory and spent his weekends taking their fifteen year old son, Martin, to play football for a local youth team.

Maggie worked part time as a clerk at a local textile firm. She had a permanent feeling of disappointment that at times was tinged with regret and jealousy. Regret at not having lived a full exciting life in her teens and early twenties and jealousy that her daughter seemed to be doing just that.

Jeff could tell that Maggie hadn’t warmed to him at all, she was polite enough and made the right noises but he felt no sense of warmth from her. They’d only met briefly on a handful of occasions Escort Küçükköy but Jeff sensed a coolness on Maggie’s part. As he stood in the kitchen watching the delight etched on Mona and her father’s faces, he realised that he was trapped. How could he announce now that he had made a mistake and that he couldn’t possibly marry Mona.

“You must come to my works dinner dance,” said Jim, “both of you, it’s a week on Thursday night. Can you make it Jeff?”

“Er yeah, I suppose.”

“We’d love to,” said Mona.

“When are you two getting engaged? It would be great to show you off to my workmates at the dance.”

“We can look for a ring next weekend, that’s alright isn’t it Jeff?”

“Uh yes, next weekend.”

Jeff felt like he was stuck in quicksand and being slowly dragged under. “What an idiot,” he thought as he trudged back up to Mona’s bedroom to get his car keys and jacket.


Jeff had recently moved into a one bedroom pad not far from his workplace. He was twenty four years of age and was an administrative officer with the local health authority. Mona was a museum assistant and still lived with her parents. Needless to say, she was now spending a lot of time at Jeff’s place.

They went shopping for an engagement ring on the next Saturday morning, Jeff still uneasy and seeing even less chance of escape once Mona had got the ring on her finger. He realised full well that it was his own fault for being so rash but he couldn’t shake the feeling he had been snared somehow by this woman that he hardly knew. He got the distinct impression that she was in love with the idea of marriage rather than in love with him.

“You don’t mind if I wear it straight away do you Jeff? I want to show it off to people.”

“No, no, go ahead, I hope your dad doesn’t make a big fuss at his dinner dance on Thursday.”

“Oh he probably will.”

“Is your mum okay with this,” said Jeff gesturing to the ring?”

“She’s fine, she’s not an effusive sort of person, you’ll get used to her.”

Mona stayed the night at Jeff’s and they fucked each other again. Jeff felt that the sex was good but not exceptional. He wanted to have magnificent sex with the woman he married. Mona was blissfully happy, she’d found a nice, good looking man with good prospects who was good in bed and he’d proposed to her. She loved the fact that he was tall and strong, she thought his blue eyes were lovely and she admired the firmness of his body, but most of all, she loved the idea that she was now engaged to be married and would be envied and admired by her colleagues and acquaintances.

By now, Jeff’s family had been told of the engagement and questions about wedding plans were coming from all sides. There were great expectations all round, this just made Jeff feel that it was practically impossible to disappoint Mona, her father and his own family now. He’d begun to resign himself to his fate and to make the most of it.

Jim’s works dinner dance was a big annual event for all concerned. It was an occasion where long service and retirement awards were presented and the works owners made a show of their tax deductible generosity. Maggie had been cool and distant with Jeff again, she only spoke to him if he spoke to her first. She looked dowdy in an old dress next to her radiant daughter.

Mona was on good form, showing off her engagement ring and didn’t seem to notice her mother’s reticence. Jeff had to admit to himself that Mona looked good in a long blue off the shoulder ball gown. She’d told him that she was wearing stockings, a fact that left his cock moving up and down the scale from semi to fully erect all evening. He felt uncomfortable at one point when Mona dragged him onto the dance floor again and he had to squeeze past Maggie’s chair with a bulge in his trousers, she looked straight at the tell tale sign of his arousal but her expression was inscrutable. She sucked in her cheeks and the left corner of her mouth twitched slightly as her gaze eventually fell to the floor.

Jim had received a long service award and, to Jeff’s horror, with microphone in hand, he took the opportunity to announce his daughter’s engagement. Mona basked in the attention, she looked very pleased with the round of applause that she received and very pleased with herself. Jeff felt surplus to requirements and stayed in the background, Mona didn’t really need him at all, she was quite capable of taking the plaudits without him.

The venue was only a mile from Mona’s parents house so they all took a taxi home. Young Martin was staying overnight with a school friend’s family so that he wasn’t disturbed when the party goers arrived home at just after one o’clock in the morning. Jim and Maggie went straight to bed and left Mona and Jeff in the lounge.

Mona unzipped her dress and let it fall to the ground. She stepped out of the dress in just her stockings, suspender belt, bra and heels. When Jeff realised she Mecidiyeköy escort hadn’t been wearing panties, his cock surged to its full length within seconds. She stepped over to him and kissed him while easing his jacket off his shoulders then she pushed him backwards onto the sofa. He was on his back with his jacket sleeves down as far as his elbows so he found it difficult to move. Mona unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers and released his thick six and a half inch cock from the confines of his briefs. Then she sat astride him and impaled her tight wet cunt on his hard shaft.

She undid her bra and cast it off before gyrating her hips and fucking Jeff slowly and sensuously.

“Oh God, this is fucking hot, you’ve got me at your mercy.”

“Don’t I fucking know it big boy. You’ll come when I say and not before.”

“But what about you? Won’t you need me to…”

Jeff’s question trailed off as he watched Mona start to masturbate herself with her right hand. She licked her fingers and circled them around her clitoris then groaned with self induced pleasure. With her left hand, she squeezed her nipples and massaged her breasts. As she became more aroused, her breathing became shallow and within a few minutes she was thrusting her pelvis up and down the length of Jeff’s cock.

Jeff managed to free his right hand from his jacket sleeve but she grabbed it instantly and pinned it down with her left hand. He thought that he could have broken free but he got a kinky thrill out of being held down and fucked and he’d had no idea that she was so strong.

“Oh no you don’t,” she said breathlessly, “I’m in control here, you’ll dance to my tune.”

Mona continued to fuck Jeff and to masturbate herself but her words had aroused her so much that she started to come, she wasn’t experienced at dominating a sexual partner and pacing herself so that she controlled both of their orgasms.

“Oh fuck Jeff I’m coming, ohhhh ffuuuuck Jefffff, ahhhh.”

She collapsed on top of him, still masturbating herself as she came but her thrusting had stopped. Jeff was on the edge, desperate to come. With some ease he flipped her off him and onto her back on the carpet, he almost tore off his jacket as he got on top of her. He pinned her arms above her head with his left hand and with his right hand he guided his very hard cock into her tight but slippery wet cunt. Then he rode her hard for the sixty seconds it took for his already over stimulated cock to shoot its warm load into her. After some more kissing and petting, Jeff left her to make her bed on the sofa while he went upstairs to her single bed.


It was a warm morning for mid September. The net curtains swayed in a light breeze and shafts of sunlight streamed into the bedroom. Jeff had taken the day off knowing that, after a late night out, he might not feel like making the effort to go to work. Mona was working and she was up early showering and getting dressed. Jim had gone to work and Maggie was busying herself in the kitchen.

Mona finished dressing and decided to give her fiancé a thrill before she left for work. He was asleep in her single bed with just a sheet over his naked body. He was lying face down with his right leg at right angles and his left leg stretched out full length. The bed was along the right hand wall of the small bedroom. Mona mischievously lifted the sheet a little and reached under it with her right hand, she cupped his balls then felt for the shaft of his cock which began to grow rapidly. She massaged it slowly until it reached its full length and Jeff was beginning to awaken. She had no idea that, just at that moment, her mother had come upstairs to collect a load of dirty washing and had stood transfixed looking through the gap between the door and its frame as she massaged Jeff’s cock. A flood of emotions pervaded Maggie’s thoughts, jealousy and envy were to the fore but these were quickly subsumed by erotic arousal.

Maggie heard Mona saying, “I’m wearing stockings lover boy, but you’ll have to wait until tonight to see them.” Maggie tiptoed quickly back downstairs as Mona picked up her car keys, checked her makeup in the mirror one last time and strode towards the bedroom door.

When Mona came into the kitchen, she had no reason to suspect that Maggie had not been there all along.

“Mum, do me a favour and wash my stockings and suspender belt from last night, I’ve left them here so that you won’t have to wait until Jeff gets up.”

“Okay, see you later, or are you going straight to Jeff’s tonight?”

“Yes, straight there but I’ll see you tomorrow. I must get a couple more pairs of stockings and a new suspender belt at lunch time. He loves me in them,” Maggie’s face flushed and her eyes almost betrayed her lust at what she had just witnessed, “Oops, was that more information than you needed to hear mum, sorry. Love you, bye.”


Maggie could still feel the arousal in Merter escort bayan her pussy from seeing her daughter fondle her fiancé’s cock. She leaned forward, put both hands on the kitchen sink and took a deep breath. Several thoughts raced through her mind at once, she was very turned on and she felt a strong sense of envy that her daughter was young, financially independent and obviously enjoying good sex with a desirable young man. She turned these thoughts over in her mind as she picked up Mona’s stockings and suspenders. An overwhelming desire seized her, instead of washing the garments, she turned and walked out of the kitchen, up the stairs to her bedroom and started to remove her dowdy skirt and blouse.

Maggie felt sorry for herself, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt sexy and desirable, she was going to have some of that now, she was going to wear her daughter’s sexy underwear just to see how it felt. She slipped off her shoes, tights and panties and fastened the suspender belt around her waist. It fitted perfectly and she allowed herself to gloat that, at forty seven, her figure was better than her twenty five year old daughter’s. She carefully pulled on the stockings and clipped them to the four strap suspender belt. Then, from the wardrobe, she pulled out an old pair of four inch high brown heels that she’d bought years ago and never worn. She stood in front of her dressing table mirror in the stockings, suspender belt and heels and was taken with how sexy she looked. She had very little excess weight and her average sized breasts and buttocks were still quite firm. She cast her mind back to her younger self in stockings and suspenders in the nineteen fifties.

It was in this state of arousal and self admiration that she decided to go quietly along the landing and to stand outside her daughter’s bedroom where her sleeping boyfriend lay. She had no plan, no real idea of what she was doing, she just felt an erotic thrill knowing that she was wearing her daughter’s sexy underwear whilst she stood just feet from her daughter’s sleeping boyfriend. The bedroom door was very slightly ajar but she couldn’t see Jeff without opening it further. She pressed lightly on the door and it opened slowly and quietly. Jeff was still asleep.

With the bedroom door half open, she put her head around it and looked at the big, well toned young man covered by a thin sheet. Her pussy clenched and she dared herself to stand inside the room, her heart was racing as she did so. An intense erotic rush flowed through the pit of her stomach into her pussy. Then she dared herself to stand next to the bed, it was utterly thrilling and arousing. She could reach out and touch him now if she wanted to. She was at the point of turning around and leaving when, in a crazy lust driven moment, without consciously deciding to do so, she lifted the sheet off Jeff’s legs and stood marvelling at his still erect penis. He was lying on most of his cock but, with his right leg bent at right angles, she could see enough of the base of the shaft to know that it was fully engorged.

He seemed to be in a deep morning slumber, completely unaware of her presence. Another surge of pure lust overcame her, the opportunity would never present itself again. With a surprisingly steady hand and a fluttering heart, she reached between his legs, cupped his balls then took hold of the base of his cock.

“Mmmm, I thought you’d already gone,” slurred Jeff into his pillow, “are you sure you’ve got time for this?”

“Shhh,” whispered Maggie.

She deftly slipped the sheet over his head with her left hand and with her right hand used his shaft as a lever to turn him onto his back.

“Mmmm, kinky,” mumbled a sleepy but aroused Jeff.

Maggie’s pussy was on fire, sexual exhilaration radiated from her mound and travelled through her body until her, fingers, toes and ears were tingling. Her pussy spasmed and her stomach was in knots at the thought that she was about to fuck her daughter’s future husband. It was forbidden, taboo but deeply erotic. She knew it was wrong but lust, grievance and entitlement drove her on; this would teach her smug daughter a lesson.

She pushed Mona out of her thoughts as she got up onto the bed and straddled Jeff. The sheet covered the entire top half of his body and head. His abdomen, legs and beautiful erect cock were completely uncovered. She pulled his shaft upright and marvelled at its hardness and size before easing herself onto it. Jeff’s cock slid inside her and parted the walls of her wet cunt with a smooth satisfying sensation.

“Fuck this is erotic Mona, you’re full of surprises, but what about your mum?”


Jeff was in heaven as ‘Mona’ slid onto his rigid shaft. Her hole felt very warm and wet but slightly stretched, he must have given her a good fucking last night to stretch her like that, he thought.

Maggie started to gyrate her pelvis, building up a rhythm and beginning to breathe more rapidly. She pinned the top of the sheet over his head so that he couldn’t see her, her pelvis flexing rapidly as she built towards her orgasm. He was highly aroused and almost ready to come. Now she was thrusting at him full on and breathing hard, he could hear the moist slapping sound of her wet vulva against his pubic bone.

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