Discovery Ch. 04

Indian Doggy

When Steve woke, he instinctively checked his phone to see the time, frowning internally as he saw it was time to get up to get to work. Then his mind caught up with itself, and he remembered where he was. Rolling over, he saw the bulk of Phil lying next to him, breathing steadily as he slept. The light cotton sheets had been thrown off him, leaving one tanned arm, thrown randomly across his bare chest, free. The early morning light that escaped the curtain dapped across Phil’s skin, and Steve lay there for a moment drinking it in.

Sighing to himself, as he needed to be in early to catch up on things before the weekend, he rolled himself to the edge of the bed, and gently, trying not to disturb Phil, threw the sheet off his body and swivelled his legs off the bed.

“Running out already?” Phil said, eyes still closed, momentarily catching Steve off guard.

“No, but I need to be in early.” Steve replied, staying sat on the edge of the bed.

“How early?” Phil replied huskily, eyes now opening, one hand reaching out and caressing Steve’s bare arm. At this light touch, Steve could feel himself becoming aroused, and all his good intentions about getting to work vanished in the blink of an eye.

“Not that early,” he smiled, allowing Phil to pull him back down, head flopping back onto the pillow.

Hungrily he rolled over to face Phil, and their mouths sought each other out, lips open, tongues eager to explore. Slowly they kissed, tenderly and sensually entwining their tongues together, whilst their hands reached as one to the others’ body. Steve let his fingers caress down Phil’s waist, feeling the warmth of the skin beneath them. In return, Phil was running his hand outstretched across his belly, the other reached behind his head to pull him closer. As he did their kiss became more intense, deeper, tongues dancing round each other in increasing speed, their need for each other growing.

The sheet had been pushed to one side, their two naked bodies lying facing each other on the bed. Steve’s eyes darted down, seeing both their dicks erect, bursa escort pressing towards the other as if magnetically attracted. His wandering hands continued to caress Phil’s body, whilst slowly reaching further down.

His fingers reached the throbbing flesh, and gently caressed, causing it to grow and harder in his hand. Rubbing his fingers up and down, he slowly, with one lingering kiss, broke their lips and shuffled down the bed. Once there, legs hanging off the edge of the bed, he bent down and took Phil into his mouth, revelling at the warmth and power he felt filling his mouth.

Gently he took it in his hand as he pulled it from his mouth, sensually licking up and down the shaft, eyes locked on Phil’s as they enjoyed the moment. Slowly, teasingly, he took the head into his mouth once more, and inch by inch, lowered his head, stopping regularly, letting his tongue caress and tease Phil. He could tell Phil was loving this, feeling his body squirm beneath him. Finally, he had taken the full length into his mouth, and just as slowly his head made the journey back. Phil was moaning gently to himself, as he started to suck up and down the cock, each time licking the precum that was forming, revelling in the salty taste on him tongue.

After a few minutes of this, and not wanting Phil to come yet, he stopped, and seductively crawled up over Phil’s body, pulling him back into a deep and longing kiss. He was now straddling Phil, their warm bodies pressed tightly together. As they kissed, Steve could feel Phil’s dick rubbing up against his ass and felt his own stiffen more in return.

As they kissed, Phil’s hands reached down and round Steve’s ass, massaging the flesh with his fingers. One firm cheek in each hand, he caressed and kneaded, heightening Steve’s arousal. This increased when Phil popped one finger up Steve’s ass, probing and widening his hole. In return Steve arched his back, pushing his ass back onto Phil’s finger, eager for what was to come.

After a few minutes of Phil’s probing, he pulled his finger out and Steve görükle escort knew he was ready. Breaking their kiss, he shuffled upright, and reaching behind, grabbed Phil’s dick, guiding it upwards into his willing hole. Despite the attention his ass had received, it was still tight as he lowered himself down, feeling his ass stretching as Phil’s dick entered him.

“Arghh,” he sighed in agonised pleasure, as he slowly let the full-length slip in until he was sitting on Phil’s crotch, impaled. Taking his weight onto his legs and arms, he slowly lifted his weight until only Phil’s tip was in his ass, before lowering slowly once more. Twice more he did this, slowly working himself to take Phil easier, the slowness teasing both men. Finally, he felt like the dick was a part of him and increased his pace.

Up and down he gyrated his hips, ass cheeks pumping like a living thing as he fucked Phis dick. Phil had his hands around Steve’s waist, holding him up, caressing his skin, causing goose bumps to firm as Steve bounced on his dick.

Steve looked down, seeing his own hard dick flapping around, slapping meatily on both his and Phil’s stomach as he pumped for all he was worth, squeezing his ass around Phil’s dick as he drove down, feeling as he was being deliciously split in two each time.

His legs were tiring, and he slowed down, leaning forward until his arms could support more of his weight. Keeping Phil’s dick in his ass, he leant forward and kissed Phil hungrily, the other man responding urgently with his own tongue. The pleasure was building, both from the erotic kiss and the throbbing fulfilment in his ass, and Steve knew he was close. Phil was now no longer just laying on the bed, he was thrusting his hips up, meeting Steve’s downward plunge with his own, the feeling of being taken so thoroughly coursing through Steve’s body.

Breaking their kiss, he straightened, and increased his speed again, his ass pulsating as it moved, Phil’s dick appearing and disappearing as he moved. Steve was sweating now, the salty liquid running down bursa escort bayan his body, causing his skin to be slick beneath Phil’s hands.

“Keep going,” Phil moaned, as Steve began to slow again, and Steve responded, doubling his actions, knowing Phil was almost there.

“Arghh,” Phil exclaimed, and Steve felt him throbbing in his ass, and so slamming down once more, tightened his ass, and milked the explosion of cum. Deep inside him the fluid spurted, and as Phil pulsed, Steve continued to massage the cock, coaxing every drop from out of Phil. Even when he felt Phil finish, he stayed on top, dick still in his ass, and collapsed on top of Phil, lazily kissing him as he did.

“What a way to start the morning!” Phil murmured, “now let me see to you,” he added, rubbing his hand between them at Steve’s still hard cock.

Steve rolled off Phil, a loud plop emitting as Phil’s dick came loose, and draped himself over the bed, trying to catch his breath. He could feel Phil’s cum oozing from his ass as he lay there, but just smiled up as Phil spun to face him.

With a smile of his own, Phil bent forward and took Steve’s length into his mouth. The warmth took Steve’s breath away, and a small yelp emitted from his mouth.

“Ahhhhhhh,” he crooned in bliss as Phil’s tongue caressed his sensitive skin, “Mmmm” he added, incapable of words. It didn’t take long, and already he felt himself coming. Without a chance to warn Phil, his own orgasm hit, and he spurted his own cum deep into Phil’s mouth. Phil had a massive grin on his face as he did, before rolling up and kissing Steve once more, Steve’s cum coating both of their lips as they kissed deeply once more. Steve felt himself abandoning everything, aware only of the kiss, and his tongue eagerly sought out Phil’s.

“You best get going,” Phil said, breaking the kiss delicately, “else I might keep you here all day,” he chuckled hoarsely.

“Maybe that’s what I want,” steve replied, but reluctantly broke away and rolled to the edge of the bed. Standing, naked but without shame, he headed towards the bathroom, ass glistening in the soft light.

“Will you call this time?” Phil asked, as Steve returned the bedroom later, showered and dressed in yesterday’s work clothes.

“You bet!” Steve replied, smiling himself, “nothing would stop me now!”

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