Don’t Look Back Ch. 20


Marshall felt a light pressure on the tip of his nose. He swatted at it without opening his eyes. Damn flies. He wasn’t quite ready to wake yet, wrapped in a pleasant post-coital haze, a warmth that suffused his entire body from head to toe. There it was again. He reached for it again, but this time he encountered warm flesh. He opened one eye a crack and beheld a smiling countenance. He couldn’t help but grin back.

Lee. He should have known.

And then he heard another voice, one that wasn’t Lee’s, coming from somewhere above where they still lay, completely naked, on the blanket.

“How’s the fishing? Catch anything?”

Marshall would know that voice anywhere. He’d known Roy was coming, no surprise there. He stretched his limbs, enjoying the warmth of the sun, and the splendor of the day. He wasn’t concerned about being seen by Roy, any more than Lee was. He’d known Roy too long to be shy around him. And Roy knew the score, understood about Marshall and Lee. And didn’t judge.

“Yep, I did catch one,” Lee drawled.

Marshall rolled to his side and peeped up at Lee, who had sat up, his long legs bent. Marshall couldn’t help but admire his profile, the curve of his ass and the strength in his thighs, his heart beating quicker at the sight of Lee’s amazing body.

“I was thinking I should throw him back, though, he’s a mite scrawny, don’t you think? What are the legal limits, mecidiyeköy escort Sheriff?”

Placing one hand beneath his chin, Roy pretended to consider the question, his eyes grazing over Marshall’s form. “Does seem a mite puny at that, Lee. Think we should measure him and see if he comes up lacking?”

Marshall burst out laughing. “Oh yeah? Bring it on, I dare you. And while you’re at it, let’s take a measure of your worth, see how well you stack up.”

“Ouch.” Roy pressed one hand against his heart, as if Marshall’s words had wounded him.

Lee burst out laughing. “I think he might have you there, Roy. Pass us our clothes, willya?”

Grinning, Roy gathered up the pile of clothing they’d left at the edge of the blanket and dumped it between them.

“And this is why I didn’t rush out here at the buttcrack of dawn. That and I went to the office for a bit.”

“Everything quiet?”

“Right as rain. I think I’ll just stake out my spot over yonder.” He pointed to one side of the pond, away from the ducks. “Seems to be calling my name.” He reached into the cooler, brought out a cold bottle.

“Did you get any bait from Jose?” Lee asked. Marshall paused in the act of drawing on his clothes to watch Lee. Shame to cover up such a fine body. He admired every inch of the sight while he could. Lee turned his head, catching him in the act. Marshall didn’t even istanbul escort bother to act embarrassed, cause he wasn’t.

“Peeping Tom much?” he grinned. “You going to finish, or be a voyeur all day?”

“I dunno. Why don’t you take your clothes off again, and I can tell you?” Marshall sassed.

“Maybe Roy might have some objection to that,” Lee teased.

“Roy’s right here and Roy says keep it tucked in, gentlemen. If I want an eyeful of that, I know what magazines to look for. I think you two have most of those, anyway.” He winked at them, taking a long drink of the cold beer.

He carried all his stuff to the spot he’d picked out: fishing rod, tackle box, camp stool, and a couple of beers, so he wouldn’t have to get up too often. Marshall and Lee set up in adjacent spots near to where they’d been dozing. They were far enough apart not to get in each other’s way, but well within talking distance, their voices carrying easily to one another.

After a few hours spent fishing, they stopped for lunch. They couldn’t have asked for better weather. The sun was warm, but not overly so, and a balmy breeze blew. Fishing was decent, enough to warrant throwing in their lines, but that wasn’t the important part. What mattered was simply enjoying one another’s company. The three men shared a bond that would never be broken. Marshall knew that Lee and Roy would do anything to protect şişli escort him. He felt completely safe with them.

“Deli makes great chicken.” Roy took another appreciative bite of the drumstick in his hand. Between the three of them, they’d damn near wiped out everything they brought, except for the beer. Roy had even brought dessert. Nothing fancy, but some of the fruit pies that Marshall loved. He’d brought an assortment—lemon, chocolate, apple, and cherry. Lee would cook the fish they’d caught for dinner that night, and Roy would join them for that too.

“I think we’re going up to San Antonio next week,” Lee said, as Marshall cleared the remnants of their meal, gathering up all their trash to take home and dispose of.

“For how long?” Roy asked.

“Probably no more than a couple of days.”

“Business or pleasure?”

“Want another beer?” Marshall asked, hand poised to plunge into the cooler.

“Yeah, that sounds good, thanks. A little of both,” he answered Roy’s question. “Got a client wants to talk about a software project. Might offer us a maintenance contract too. Worth checking out.”

“I can only guess what the pleasure part is.” Roy grinned knowingly.

“Well, there are certain things you can’t get around here. Or even in Tucker Falls,” Lee pointed out.

“Amen to that,” Roy agreed. “Want me to keep an eye on the house for you?”

“Yeah, if you would.”

“No problem.”

Marshall came up behind Lee, leaned down and hugged his neck. “Thank you for today,” he whispered softly. “I loved it. And I love you.”

“Anytime, you know that. Love you too.”

Their lips met in a soft kiss.

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