Doctor’s Rewards


I hate doctors…always have. My wife insists that I visit every damn year, just for a check-up, even if I feel fine. Maryanne is sort of paranoid about that—for her, every headache means a brain tumor, every age spot cancer. And then, when I turned thirty-five, she dropped the P bomb on me. A proctologist; oh boy, talk about the one doctor every guy would break his right arm to avoid. We had some kinda words about that, but as usual, what Maryanne wanted, Maryanne got.

“This Dr. Stone is supposed to be really good, honey,” she informed me in that don’t-make-me-tie-you-down-and-make-you-go voice she has. “He’s really young, and all his patients say he’s the best. I made you an appointment for tomorrow.”

And that was how I found myself in a small beige room sitting across from two over-fifty gentlemen, skimming through a hunting magazine. I hate hunting, personally, but anything to make me feel macho was a welcome respite from the horror I knew was coming. The only other patients were leafing idly through similar things—one man clutched an old copy of Sports Illustrated, the other the latest edition of Time, and neither looked half as nervous as I felt. A pretty blonde woman in a professional, loose-fitting nurse’s uniform was moving busily beyond a frosted glass window near the door; she had had me fill out all my medical information when I came in, giving me an empty, glittering smile as I did. The other two men had come in after me, and since I’d been there for a while, I knew I wouldn’t be waiting much longer. I tossed the hunting mag aside in disgust and hunched moodily in the chair.

As if on cue, a door shut somewhere. Then another one—the wrong one—opened into the waiting room.

“Mr. Lamb?” the nurse called, looking around as though I hadn’t walked in twenty minutes ago and given her my name.

“It’s pronounced Lomb,” I told her as I got to my feet. She smiled again, and I was reminded of a crocodile’s grin; toothy and treacherous.

“Right this way, sir,” she told me, holding the door open. She recorded my height and weight, then led me to a sterile, white room where she listened to my heart and lungs and took my blood pressure. It turned out to be high.

“The doctor will be right with you,” she said. I tried to say thanks, but all I managed to get out was a croak. Her crocodile smile didn’t waver an inch, but as she slid the door shut behind her, I was certain I heard her giggle. I was alone, waiting for some strange man to go prospecting up my ass.

Maybe it won’t be that bad, I thought, squirming a little on the sanitary bed covering that always reminded me so strongly of toilet seat covers. It’s not like he’s going to jump you or anything…he’ll probably be perfectly professional about it. Somehow that wasn’t very comforting. A man’s professional hand up my ass was still a man’s hand up my ass, and it didn’t make me feel any better. But the idea was sort of funny; I was struck by the image of a suited arm jammed halfway to the elbow, and I chuckled.

“What’s so funny?” said a jovial voice from the door, and I choked on my laughter and turned it into a cough.

“That’s more like it,” Dr. Stone laughed as he walked into the room. “I don’t get too many first time patients that have a sense of humor.” Dr. Stone was good looking in a teeny bopper sort of way, and like Maryanne had said, he was young.; he looked like he’d walked out of med school maybe last week. He had a mouthful of gleaming, arrow straight teeth that were almost blinding in the overhead fluorescents, and a head of thick brown hair. He bursa escort wasn’t unnaturally tan, which made me feel better about his youth—I mean, real doctors don’t spend hours baking themselves in UV coffins, even young ones, and you can take that to the bank. He had probably played football in high school, judging by the breadth of his shoulders and chest, but otherwise, he just looked like…a doctor. Nothing terribly scary…just an ordinarily scary doctor.

“So we’re just doing a routine exam today?” Dr. Stone asked, consulting the clipboard that seemed to be part of every doctor’s uniform. I nodded.

“Yeah, my wife wants me to get checked early…she has a history of cancer in her family.”

“Mmhmm.” I wanted him to say that it was too early, that I could go home and tell Maryanne to wait fifteen years or so, but I was disappointed.

“She’s right,” he said seriously as he flipped up the top sheet on the clipboard. “You may not have a history of cancer, but your wife probably wants to be safe. Most treated forms of prostate cancer were caught early, some before forty…never hurts to be on the cautionary side.” He tossed the clipboard onto the counter and resumed his relaxed pose: butt leaning on the countertop, arms folded, eyes piercing me with steady calm.

“Mr. Lamb, let me be honest with you. Stacey told me you seemed nervous, and I just want you to know that that’s perfectly normal. This is a very invasive, though necessary, procedure that many first-timers are uncomfortable with. Hell, most people are uncomfortable with it after fifty times, and I can understand that. But you can rest assured that you can feel totally comfortable with me. If at any point you think I’m being out of line, feel free to tell me and we’ll call it a day—and I won’t even charge you.” Maybe it was his bald-faced honesty, or his sharing secrets demeanor, but I suddenly felt more at ease. Smiling slightly, I offered my hand and said,

“Call me Jim.” Dr. Stone took it and shook firmly. His hands were shapely and long-fingered (a small part of me gulped), but appeared well cared for and clean.

“And I’m Ralph.” His smile turned sardonic. “I suppose we’d better get started.” Sighing inwardly, I unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants to the floor. Ralph cocked a sarcastic eyebrow at my red boxer briefs as I was slowly reaching for the band.

“Wife give you those?” he asked. I laughed and nodded. “Yeah, Maryanne decided I was getting too old for boxers last year. I normally don’t wear them, but…” Suddenly I didn’t want to say that I wanted all my private bits covered more firmly than by boxers or briefs, and I found myself blushing. Ralph just shrugged, as though in understanding.

“Lots of people do that,” he said. “It all comes off anyway.” As if to drive the point home, I stepped out of the shorts and folded them atop my pants. Then, as I stood bare-assed in front of the young Dr. Ralph Stone, it occurred to me that I had never felt more naked and exposed. It was sort of…thrilling.

“Ok then,” Ralph said as he snapped on a pair of latex gloves. “First we’ll check for any testicular cancer…for some reason, I find that lots of patients are relaxed by the familiarity of this.”

Just as he had promised, he was absolutely professional. He moved my cock out of the way as he gently squeezed each testicle. At one point he knelt and peered underneath them; his breath on my balls made my cock jump guiltily, and shivers erupted all down my back. I blushed all the way to my collar, but it was under control by the time görükle escort he got to his feet. Strangely, Dr. Stone was the one who seemed flustered; he looked all around distractedly before finally settling his gaze on me, though it seemed like he had to fight to keep it there. My cock quivered again, this time for no reason that I could see, and my balls were starting to tingle in a way that I associated with my wife. I felt a flush starting to creep up my neck—what the hell was wrong with me?

“All right, this will be over soon. If you could just bend over this table for me…” I swallowed with an audible click and did as he bade me. There was squirting sound as he squeezed the lube onto his fingers, and once again my penis jerked. I realized with dim horror that I was now sporting a semi; oh God, what if he saw? And why did I have one? Could I—no, I couldn’t possibly be turned on by this…could I?

“Easy does it there, Jim,” he said, placing a hand on my back. I closed my eyes…this was it… His finger probed its way into my ass, gliding smoothly due to the amount of lube. I tightened up out of reflex and he paused, telling me to relax, but I barely heard him. His finger wriggled deeper, and then it was withdrawn…and joined by a second. I felt my ass hole stretching to accommodate the intruders, and I felt a jolt of pure pleasure shoot up from the exploring fingers. He must have found my prostate, because the fingers started to twist and press inside me and God it felt GOOD. I couldn’t help myself; I moaned slightly, feeling my cock spring to rock hard attention against the bed.

The fingers stopped their pressing and I held my breath, waiting to see if he had heard…what would he do? Then the fingers began wriggling more vigorously, this time without any particular type of exploring attitude. I moaned a little louder—it felt amazing!

I became aware of Ralph’s heavy breathing as his fingers did their magic work. I risked a peek over my shoulder and saw him stroking a hefty bulge in his professional black slacks. The sight of his hand buried in my ass excited me more, and I reached for my own cock. Electric pulses sizzled out from my hand as I began to stroke myself, magnified by the intense waves of pleasure that were breaking over me as Ralph’s skilled fingers did their work. I stroked myself up and down, hardly caring anymore that someone might hear, going faster and faster as the pleasure built up.

The fingers suddenly pulled out and I paused, confused. Was he about to stop? Horrified at my own daring, I spoke up.

“Please don’t stop,” I whispered. He didn’t say anything and I looked over my shoulder again…and found myself face to face with a respectable sized cock.

“Suck me,” Ralph panted, nudging my lips with the shiny, bulbous purple head. I hesitated; I wasn’t gay, what was I doing? But my body was urging me to go on and do it, and I was surprised to find that I actually wanted to suck his cock. Grimacing slightly, I knelt on the floor and opened my mouth. Ralph instantly filled me, forcing his dick halfway down my throat. I gagged and he pulled back, and then I commenced my first blow job. I swirled my tongue all around the head, licking it as though it were candy, sucking first softly, then harder. Each hard suck produced a sigh of contentment from Ralph. I licked the length, nibbling here and there, and he groaned.

“Ooohhhh yeah, that’s right, just like that…God that feels GREAT, oohhh yeah…”

I sucked on his balls, which were billiard ball smooth, and trailed wet kisses bursa escort bayan from his perenium to his head. Then, steeling myself, I slowly devoured every inch of him, until he was well and truly deep throated. He moaned loud enough for me to wonder about the nurse and the other waiting patients.

“Oh God Jim, you’re amazing,” he muttered. Hearing my name from his mouth like a dropped kiss made me shiver, and my own dick, which had been starting to wilt, twitched back to life. Ralph withdrew himself from my mouth and helped me up, only to bend me back to my original position.

“We’ll both get what we want,” Ralph said. I could tell he was on the brink of orgasm; his eyes had that far away, distracted look. I returned to stroking my cock, pulling on it harder and harder until it was as stiff as steel. Ralph slathered the lube all over his penis, and with a horrific little shudder of excitement, I realized that he was about to fuck me.

There was no warning or word of comfort this time; one minute I was simply pulling on my cock, remembering the feel of Ralph’s fingers inside me, and then his dick was nudging at my entrance. I tried to relax like I had before, and he popped inside faster than I expected. There was a shooting pain unlike anything I’d ever experienced, and I stifled a cry against the bed. He pushed in slowly, stretching me almost to the point of agony, and then I felt his hips and balls and the scratch of his pubic hair. He began to rock in and out of me, slowly at first, then with more speed and confidence as I got used to the feel of a cock in my ass. He clutched onto my hips, pumping with a delicious rhythm. Waves of bliss began to radiate from my ass, into my balls and up my dick.

“Ohhhhh wow,” I moaned, closing my eyes in ecstasy. “Oh yes, fuck me Ralph, fuck me.”

The words did the trick; he began fucking my ass in earnest, doing me hard enough to make slapping noises. He panted louder and louder, I stroked myself with greater urgency and then—

“Oh God, Jim, I’m gonna come….” He thrust into me sharply; the bed scooted forward. With an animalistic grunt, he shot his load inside me, squirt after squirt of come tingling in my ass. When he withdrew, I felt the warm spunk begin to leak down my legs.

My poor cock was throbbing with tension. Ralph seemed to sense that I wasn’t finished, for he immediately came around to me. He gestured to the bed, and I scrambled up into a sitting position on it. Without a word he knelt and took my cock in his mouth, just as I had his. I concentrated on the feel of his foreign male mouth, so different—and so much more skilled—than Maryanne. He nibbled me, sucked me, squeezed and pumped my balls in tandem with his powerful sucks, and it didn’t take long for me to bury my hands in his hair and let go in perfect, empty bliss. I filled his mouth with my spunk, letting go of more than I had in years. When I was done, I lay back with a shudder, but not before I had seen Ralph swallow every bit of it.

After a minute I stood up. We looked at each other, me surprisingly without a hint of embarrassment.

“That was fantastic,” I said simply. Ralph nodded and smiled his perfect, gleaming white smile that had a new reason to be so white.

“You too,” he said with unmistakable admiration. “I haven’t had it so good in weeks.”

“Lucky you,” I muttered. “I haven’t had a blow job that good in years.” He blushed at the praise. We shuffled around a bit, and then he finally said,

“So…see you in a month or so?”

“Are you kidding?” I asked as I put my pants on. “I’ll be back tomorrow…you know, for follow up results.” Ralph grinned and walked me to the front desk.

“Tomorrow,” he agreed.

I always hated doctors…and then I met Ralph Stone, who showed me that a doctor’s visit always has its own rewards.

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