Discovering Lucy


The end of a long, hard, frustrating work day had come around at last and for me it was time to hit the pub, drown my sorrows and maybe play a few tunes at the open mic session that was going to happen the same as every Sunday. I work in a job that I hate, in an office that I hate more, though I did think I would love it when I first started. I guess that doesn’t matter now. I grabbed my jackets and went to pick up my guitar from in the store cupboard where it stays every Sunday. I took the lift down the seven floors, walked out of the lobby and then realised how bitterly cold it was and that I had forgotten my scarf. Cursing I turned round and headed back to the lift, waiting for it to return after shooting back to pick up most likely another of my colleagues. As the door opened, there was a moment of clumsiness as Anadolu Yakası Escort I walked straight into the blonde bombshell that worked two cubicles away from me.”Shit, I’m sorry, I forgot my scarf, I was just heading back up to get it,” I said to her apologetically. She hadn’t made my day as atrocious as it had been so I shouldn’t take out my frustrations on her. “No harm done, and I have it here if it is this huge fluffy pink and white thing,” she laughed as I nodded and blushed a little. “Where are you headed?” she questioned me, looking at me with her eyes that were a dark chocolatey brown. I must have managed to get a little lost in them as she nudged my arm gently. “Sorry, I, uh, your eyes are brown,” I mumbled making her smile and nod at the main doors to the building. Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan “Oh yeah. Leaving work. And I’m headed to the pub, The Lion, actually. Hoping to relax a little, drink away the day, you know.” She smiled and said, “Are you playing there too?” to which I just nodded, getting lost again. “Mind if I tag along?” “Feel free,” I said as she linked her arm into mine which was tucked into my pocket. Again I went out into the cold and noticed she had only a thin jacket on and was starting to shiver a little. “Here,” I handed her my scarf. She wouldn’t take it, complaining I would get cold, so I wrapped it round her neck a few times, using up the length and explaining that is how it is warmest. She smiled and kissed my cheek. I stood for a millisecond, Escort Anadolu Yakası flesh burning where her lips had touched me, a good burn. I started to wonder about her as I turned my collar up to block the cold. We reached the pub and she walked in first. I followed, pulling off my fogged-up glasses and hearing the familiar shouts of, “Sarah!” and “She’s here!” I placed my glasses back on my face and greeted Gemma, my favourite member of the bar staff who had my usual ready within seconds. Lucy was just standing by my side a little startled by the whole situation. I explained to her that since my parents and brother had been killed in a freak car accident, the regulars of the pub on a Sunday had become my family, helping me to deal with my sorrows and giving me an outlet for my frustrations that didn’t harm anybody.”I’m so sorry.” That was all she said on the matter. I ordered a drink for Lucy, the same as what I was having, and went to set my guitar down with the few others that were already there. Craig told me I could play next and showed me the table he had saved for me so I could watch the performers but still move about when needed to.

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