Disciplinary Script

Disciplinary Script
Good Morning Mrs Jackson – I do hope you are well. I must say it’s very nice to see you. I thought I’d just call in just to see how things were going. Shall we sit down? Thank you so much. Well then, it’s been how long since your suspension from work – 10 days is it? I thought so. And what have you been up to in that time? Had a bit of time to reflect on your actions? That’s good. You see it’s been quite difficult for the company because of the nature of your misconduct so to speak – they really can’t ignore a complaint from a senior member of staff, especially when it alleges inappropriate sexual behaviour by an experienced employee towards an office junior. I’m sure you understand? Yes, I thought you would. And young Jason of course he’s just 18 years of age, so the company could take the view that he’d been led astray so to speak, by a senior member of staff that is. Yes, yourself that is Mrs Jackson, it doesn’t really look very good for you, does it? So what exactly were you doing with Jason when Mrs Cameron found you in the stationery store room? Oh you were just kissing were you? Oh I see – oh well I don’t suppose there’s much harm in that Mrs Jackson, is there? No not really, but you see, the trouble I have is that Mrs Cameron has told me herself that you were actually knelt down in front of Jason, and you were sucking his cock? Yes, that’s right, sucking it. Oh really? Oh I see, so it’s all been a big mistake and you were just kissing? Well that would be fine I suppose, not much harm in a bit of kissing is there? No, not really, but you see Mrs Jackson, young Jason has already told me that you were in fact sucking his cock, and not for the first time either. Yes, that’s right Mrs Jackson, not for the first time, – the fifth time according to Jason, so what do you have to say about that? Well of course Mrs Jackson, as an experienced and long standing employee of the company, I would normally believe your version of events long before an office junior. So are you saying you’d never been in the store room with Jason before? I see – never had sex with him there? I see. Well I must say I’m disappointed to hear you persist with this story Mrs Jackson. I’d love to believe you, but of course you’ve very foolishly allowed Jason to take some photos of yourself which show you in, shall we just say, a very inappropriate state of undress for a married woman who holds a senior position in a respectable business. There’s even one with you bent over the work bench with your knickers down and Jason’s spunk running down your stockings. Oh but I can assure you it is true – I’ve seen the photos myself. What do you have to say about that? Well quite frankly, having spoken to Jason and seen the photos on his phone, I have to say I believe his version of events ahead of your own Mrs Jackson. I believe you have deliberately taken advantage of a junior member of staff and coerced him into having sex with you on repeated occasions, on your employer’s property, and during working hours? Jason has described the events to me in great detail – what you’ve done together, when it all happened, what underwear you like to wear, and even what turns you on. Yes, he has Mrs Jackson – he says you always wear stockings and suspenders, is that right? Stand up Mrs Jackson. Now raise your skirt. You heard me – raise your skirt – now! Lift it right up! Very nice Mrs Jackson. Very sexy indeed but it just confirms Jason’s description of your underwear I’m afraid. Sit down. Well Mrs Jackson, I think you’re in a great deal of trouble. You are clearly guilty of gross misconduct, and I’m quite sure any disciplinary hearing will agree with my view. You will almost certainly be dismissed without a reference, and I suspect you would find it very difficult to find alternative employment. How old are you Mrs Jackson? Oh really? A bit young for early retirement isn’t it? Yes, I think you’ve been very foolish Mrs Jackson, very foolish indeed. You only have yourself to blame for this, and I think it’s a very sad way to end your career, caught with your knickers down in a storeroom, eh? How are you going to explain that to your family and friends? Yes, very unfortunate indeed. I must say I find it quite sad myself, having watched you grow up in the business and maturing as an employee and as a very attractive woman, and for it all to end like this would be a great shame.

Yes, a great shame indeed. Fortunately, I got to hear about your disgraceful behaviour at an early stage and only Brian the CEO, and Ian, the head of HR, and myself know about your suspension. I’ve managed to explain your sudden absence to the others as being down to you needing some time off, as you’ve been overdoing it a bit lately. Everyone understands, as we’ve all been so busy lately. Jason is no angel either, and there have been one or two complaints from some of the younger girls about shall we say inappropriate suggestions and behaviour. He’s agreed to leave the company and has signed a compromise agreement to prevent him divulging anything that happened while he worked with us. I have confis**ted his phone and he has assured me that he has no other copies of these images, nor has he posted them on the internet. Brian is not at all impressed with your behaviour, but has agreed to allow me to manage your disciplinary procedure from here Mrs Jackson. You were caught by Mrs Cameron in the storeroom – she and I go back quite some way as you know, and although she finds your behaviour quite disgusting, she is only aware of what she saw, and knows nothing of your earlier meetings with Jason. She is also a professional, and will understand and support any decision I make about any future you may have with the business. So Mrs Jackson, your future lies in my hands, and I must say I’m extremely disappointed by your behaviour, and the lies you have told me here today. Before I consider how to proceed I want a full admission of what exactly you have been up to with Jason and why you did so. I want all the details and I want to understand what you were thinking. Go on then – tell me all about it?

And how about your husband Mrs Jackson – do you not have sex with him anymore? I see. Well I can’t say I’m surprised to hear that and you are clearly lacking discipline in your life. Yours is indeed a sorry tale, but I suppose I do understand what drove you to commit adultery with Jason, but I still believe you have abused my trust and that of your employers, and you certainly deserve a very severe punishment as a result. We would be very sorry to lose your services, but at the same time we cannot condone this type of behaviour from a senior member of staff. You have behaved like a silly schoolgirl, without thinking of your responsibilities. Do you accept that you should be disciplined for your actions? And are you prepared to let me decide what your punishment will be? I’m sorry Mrs Jackson, but I’m afraid I will need your unequivocal agreement to allow me to decide? Very well – I think that’s a very wise decision. Can I ask you Mrs Jackson, how long it’s been since you’ve had your bottom smacked? I see – please give me some more details as to when and how you were spanked. Were any implements used – you know a slipper, a hairbrush or strap? I see. And was it very sore? Well I’m glad to hear it – just goes to show how effective a good thrashing can be, doesn’t it?

Well Mrs Jackson I have decided to use corporal punishment here today by way of disciplining you. There will be two parts to the process. The first part will be administered here in this room, and will be compulsory. I have a number of implements in my bag and I will be applying these to your bottom. I will decide how many stokes are applied using each implement and the level of protection you will be allowed to wear for each. For the avoidance of doubt, some implements will be applied to your bare bottom. To be quite sure you are able to tolerate the application of these implements, I will first be warming your bottom up with a firm hand spanking while you are positioned over my knee. Do you accept these terms and agree to be spanked? Very good Mrs Jackson – I’m sure we’ll get on very well together!

The second part of your discipline will be administered in the bedroom and will be voluntary. It will be more, shall we say, intimate than the first part. You will receive further punishment there, but we will also be able to provide each other some relief if we chose to. You may decide whether to join me in the bedroom after we have completed the compulsory part of your punishment.

Does that all sound clear enough? Excellent. Then let’s begin. In my bag here I have three leather tawses and a small clothes brush. Let’s look at the tawses first. This first tawse is the heaviest and is about two feet long and half an inch thick at the end. It’s a formidable strap and packs quite a punch, so I’ll be laying that one on across your skirt and knickers¬¬¬ while you are bent over the table. That should minimise the pain. Are you wearing a slip? Good – that should help too. The second tawse is much shorter, although still quite thick. It’s designed to be applied while you are bent over my knee. I’ll be lifting your skirt for this one, and applying it over your knickers. The third tawse is much lighter and not as thick as the other two. It’s also about two feet long and I’ll be applying it across your bare bottom while you are again bent over the table. The clothes brush is for when I’m giving you your warm up spanking, just in case my hand gets a bit sore. During the warm up, I’ll be spanking your bottom and probably the backs of your thighs too. I suppose it will all hurt quite a lot, but then you’ve been a very naughty girl, and it’s no more than you deserve.

If you decide to come through to the bedroom, I’ll be taking the implements with me. Now I want you to move that chair over to the centre of the room. That’s it. Right now – get down over my knee, you naughty girl! We’ll start with a few over your skirt. Come on stick your bottom up for me. That’s it – now keep it up like that!

That’s twenty Mrs Jackson, and how does it feel? Speak up! Very good. I think you took them rather well, but there’s a long way to go however, and your bottom will be a lot sorer by the time I’m finished with you. Right then – let’s have you back on your feet. Come on now, look sharp! Right then, I’m going to lift your skirt and slip up before putting you back over my knee. My goodness, it’s quite a tight fit, isn’t it? Come on let’s get it right up. Now I want you to hold your skirt and your slip up while I get you back across my knee. That’s good. Now I going to give you some more across your pants this time. A bit harder these ones too, but I’ll just give your bottom a good rub before we begin. That’s it. Right then, we better get on with it – hold tight!

That was a further thirty Mrs Jackson. I think you felt those a bit more, didn’t you? Yes, I thought so, but it’s no more than a naughty girl deserves, is it? Well I’ll just rub it better shall I? Yes, Mrs Jackson, that’s much better isn’t it? Now you’re doing very well Mrs Jackson, and I’m enjoying playing with these very nice panties, but I really do think they need to come down for the next bit, don’t you? Why? Well it’s because you have been a very naughty girl Mrs Jackson, and naughty girls always get spanked on their bare bottoms, don’t they? Stand up Mrs Jackson and hold your skirt up for me. That’s a good girl. Now I’ll just get these pants down for you, just as far as your stocking tops for the time being. I suspect I’ll be taking them right off later on, but this will do for just now. Very good Mrs Jackson, now let’s have you back down over my knee. No fuss now – come on now, get back over my knee this instant! That’s better. Don’t you dare disobey me like that, or I’ll take that brush to the back of your thighs and it will sting like hell, I assure you. Right now let’s have a look at your bottom, now that we’ve got your pants down. Oh look – it’s quite red in places. It’s really quite a big bottom Mrs Jackson, and I’m sure it will take quite a lot of spanking to get it equally red all over. As I said before, naughty girls, even big naughty girls like you, deserve to get spanked on their bare bottom, hard spanks that hurt a lot, and I see no reason to go easy on you, just because you haven’t been spanked for a while, eh? So let’s get that bottom up high, properly presented for me. I’m going to give you fifty good hard ones on the bare bottom now, and then I think it will be time for the tawse. Yes, that’s what you’re needing, a good skelping with the tawse, and you are very fortunate that I’m here to administer it. Come on now, present your bottom properly! That’s better – now keep it up, or there’ll be extras.

Very well Mrs Jackson I think we now know who’s in charge here, don’t we? Yes, that’s right – it’s myself who will be seeing to your discipline today and I’m not finished with you yet, not by a long way. Well I must say you bottom is looking quite magnificent now, and it feels fairly hot too – does it sting a lot? That’s good. It’s certainly meant to sting. Well I think you’ve probably had quite a sufficient warm up, but perhaps you think you need a bit more before you feel my tawse, do you? Not really? Should I just get on with it, or do you want another 20 or so? I think we’ll just get on with it, eh? The sooner we get started the sooner it will be over for you, not for a while mind you, but soon enough. Right let’s have you over here standing by the table, that’s right, over here. Now I want you to pull your knickers back up and get your skirt and slip back down over your bottom. That will give you some protection as I’m going to start with the heavy tawse, and I’ll be laying it on quite firmly. You see Mrs Jackson, the tawse is designed to be used with some force, with a full swing of the arm, so you need to add some protection to make the pain bearable and avoid any bruising. Not that you won’t feel it my girl, I’ll make sure of that, but if they’re too hard and it stings too much, then you won’t be able to take the full dozen, and we wouldn’t want that, would we. Yes, that’s right, a dozen – what were you thinking – two or three or something like that? No, no Lass! This is supposed to be a punishment for your disgraceful behaviour and it’s my responsibility to see it’s properly administered. I intend to discharge my responsibilities in full, and it is my considered opinion that a dozen with the tawse across your skirt to start with, is the very least you should receive. Now get yourself bent over the table and stick your bottom out before I change my mind and add on some more! Come on – move it! That’s better, now stick it out! Much further! That’s better, now keep it out there, legs slightly apart. Good – you see, you can be quite obedient when you chose to. Right first one coming up…

Are you quite finished Mrs Jackson? What a pathetic display of whimpering for a few whacks of the strap across your bottom! I beg your pardon? I know it was fifteen, but it’s your own fault, and you wouldn’t have got extras if you hadn’t jumped up clutching your bottom. It couldn’t have been that sore, and it’s only what you deserved, after your wanton behaviour. It’s a good thrashing you’ll be getting, and I’m just the lad to do it!

Right then, I think it’s time we moved things on a bit so, I want you back over my lap for the next stage, let’s get that skirt back up and your slip too. Come on now – hurry up! That’s it. Now I’m going to be using the short tawse this time and I’ll be applying it across your pants – you need a bit of protection, but then I also need to see what’s happening, and how your bottom’s bearing up, so across your pants will be just fine. Over you go now. Oh, I can see the marks of my strap on either side of you pants – just let me pull them down a bit for a quick look. Oh my! Your bottom’s showing up very well – I can see the marks of the strap’s tails on your bum-cheeks! Rather you than me! I hope letting young Jason ride you was worth all this! Anyway, let’s see what you make of this next one. Although it’s quite short, it’s also fairly thick and it’s a good length for working at close quarters. Now you really need to get further over my knee – right over. Get your head right down to your hands on the carpet –that’s it, so the lower part of you bottom is facing right up. That’s the area I’ll be concentrating on – this part here, where your bottom meets your thighs. I’ll just give it a few spanks so you know where to expect. There you go – just there! Now I’ll just get my tawse and we’ll begin. How many? Well I’m not sure exactly, certainly more that the last strap. If I were to give you what your disgusting behaviour with Jason deserves, we’d be here all day, but I expect 20 or so will be sufficient. After all, you’ve still got the Lochgelly to come remember – it’s a right wee devil so it is, and it’ll be on the bare bottom too! Right then – I hope you’re ready for these…

Just let me rub your cheeks for a bit while you calm down. I know I said twenty, but you can’t expect to use language like that to a senior manager and not expect there to be some retribution, can you? So once again, you’ve only yourself to blame! I will not stand for language like that, and it’s very unladylike for yourself to be swearing, even if your bottom is quite sore. I’ve a good mind to go right back to the beginning and give you the whole lot all over again! Would you like me to do that? No, I didn’t think so! I must say I’m very disappointed in your behaviour – there’s absolutely no need for all that fuss over a simple spanking, is there? No, there certainly is not. Now, I want you to get over into the corner here and have a good think about your behaviour, the very bad behaviour that got you into trouble in the first place, and then how you’ve let yourself down when I had you over my knee there. Think about how you are going to behave for the last part of your punishment. I’m going to be applying this tawse across your bare bottom and I want to see a huge improvement in how you take it. You are extremely fortunate that I’m taking the time and trouble to do this for you today, and I think you should be showing me a lot more gratitude than I’ve seen so far. Now get your nose right into the corner, that’s it. Now lift your skirt and slip right up, very good, now hold them there. Right then, I’ll just slip your pants down to the tops of your stockings so we can get that naughty bottom of yours on display. Legs apart please. That’s good. Goodness me, you should see your bottom now Mrs Jackson – it’s quite a picture I must say. It’s almost scarlet I’m sure, but the backs of your thighs have hardly been touched! I’m so sorry about that Mrs Jackson– I don’t know how I missed it. I really should have noticed earlier but clearly we’ll need to put that right, and straight away too! You certainly wouldn’t want to be short changed on something as important as this, would you? Well, that’s nice of you to offer, and I do appreciate it, but my word is my bond, and if I did just skip it, as you suggest, I don’t think I could live with myself, I mean what if someone was to find out? Well you say that now, but right at the start you told me you and Jason were only kissing in the storeroom – never mentioned the fact that he’d been riding you for weeks, did you? No I think I’d be taking a huge risk believing that you wouldn’t tell. I certainly would. No, it’s best I just take care of it right now. I suppose I could just do your thighs as well when I’m tawsing your bare bottom, if that helps? It would only take a minute or so? Or would you prefer if I just used my hand? Yes, I think that’s probably wise as the tawse can make a bit of a mess, especially the Lochgelly. OK then, I think that’s a good choice, why don’t you just stick your bottom out for me and I’ll do it now with my hand. Ten on each thigh will do it – come on now, get it pushed out! What’s that, Mrs Jackson? Oh I think you’ll find that I decide how hard to make them! Now push your bottom out! Now woman!!

Yes, yes Mrs Jackson. We’ve heard it all before. Make as much noise as you like. Just leave your pants around your ankles – if you’d kept your legs apart like you were told they’d have stayed up. Now get yourself over to the table for this last bit, you big cry baby. Come on now – you are not getting off with this! You are very lucky I didn’t bring a cane with me today or you’d certainly be getting a dose of it for sure. I could still use the heavy tawse instead, if you insist on being difficult? What do you think? Another wise choice Mrs Jackson. Very well – I think we’ll have you bent over the table again. That’s good. Now are you going to behave this time Mrs Jackson? I certainly hope so! I tell you what, just before we begin, why don’t you just slip off that blouse for me? I beg your pardon? You ask far too many questions Mrs Jackson. If you must know, I think you have fabulous tits, and I’d just like to see a bit more of them!

Thank you for that Mrs Jackson, I can see I was not mistaken. What size are they? Double E! They are absolute crackers! Do you mind if I feel the weight? Stupendous Mrs Jackson – you don’t see many like these, do you? I can’t help noticing your nipples poking out – see here? Nipples don’t lie Mrs Jackson – would I be right in thinking you are getting aroused? Open your legs for me lass. My goodness, you are absolutely soaking! Your horny girl! I can see this might be even more fun than I thought, but we need to finish your punishment first, don’t we? Oh yes we do! Now get back down over the table, that’s good. Now I was thinking of twenty-four. Yes, I was. However, if you were thinking of joining me in the bedroom I daresay I could reduce that to eighteen, what do you think? What? Out of the question Mrs Jackson – you are getting the strap, and no two ways about it! I could go to twelve if you take your bra off? Very well – six it is, but take your skirt off too. And Mrs Jackson, this tawse will be coming with us to the bedroom too!

That’s very well taken Mrs Jackson – as there were only six I laid them on a bit harder you’ll have noticed, but I must say you took them very well. Now If you would just pull your pants up and follow me through to the bedroom please.

Right now Mrs Jackson, I’m very glad to see you’ve chosen to join me in the bedroom. Different rules in here Mrs Jackson – you will still do as I say of course, but you may also make suggestions as to how you should be handled, if you know what I mean. You still appear to be sexually aroused and I’m very willing to help you in that regard, but you are here to be punished today, which is why I’ve placed all three tawses and the brush on the bedside table.

Now what I’d like you to do first is to take of your skirt and bra as we agreed. That’s it. Why don’t you lean on my shoulder and I’ll help you off with the skirt, just get it clear of you heels. Very good. Now turn around and I’ll unfasten your bra. That’s us – now just stand there and I’ll ease the cups off your breasts. My God these are magnificent tits! And your nipples are rock hard, so they are!

What I’d like you to do now is to place the two pillows in the centre of the bed, one on top of another – a bit further down the bed, that’s better. Right now, get up on the bed and kneel down, just below the pillows. That’s excellent! Just a bit further yet. That’s better. Now if you wouldn’t mind just bending over the pillows and keeping your bottom well up in the air. Good, but I want you to arch your back a bit more so your bottom’s well up. That’s better. Now you’ll notice I’ve left your pants up for now – that’s because I’m going to use the heavy tawse first of all, and you need a bit of protection for that. This will hurt a lot more than it did across your skirt but I’m only going to give you six, me being a gentleman. I hope you appreciate my consideration – come on now, get your bottom right up for the first one. Here we go! That’s one, and quite a good one too I should say! That’s two – get your bottom up and stop whining! Come on now – get it up! Three – much better! Well, that would have been four, but it doesn’t count – get your hands away from that bottom – I don’t care how sore it is. If you don’t take these properly I’m, going to go back to the beginning. Four – that’s much better. Five – well done you’re nearly there. Last one – it’ll be the hardest of course. Six – my that was a scorcher, wasn’t it?

You can rub your bottom now. That was quite a good entrée for the bedroom event, eh? Right now Mrs Jackson, it’s decision time for you. I haven’t quite finished your punishment yet. I intend to give your bare bottom a good leathering with the lighter tawse in a minute or two but I thought I might take my clothes off first if you are agreeable? What do you say to that? Very funny, but the tawsing is not in question. You’ll be getting at least thirty whether I’m naked or not. What I meant of course was how do you feel about me taking of my clothes because I really am feeling quite randy, so I am? Good answer Mrs Jackson – I rather thought you would be agreeable, you horny girl! Just let me slip another pillow under your hips now – I want your bottom right up in the air for this last part. There, that’s much better, now I’ll just get my kit off and then I’ll join you on the bed.

Right Mrs Jackson, here’s how this is going to work. First of all I’m going to slip your pants down to your thighs like this. There we go. My goodness your arse looks like it’s on fire so it does! Is it really sore? Well I’m sorry about that, but you really have been a very naughty girl, so I think you deserve a sore bottom, don’t you? Now then, I’m going to kneel here at you head while you are lying on the bed with your big bum up in the air. That’s it. Now if you wouldn’t mind please, can you just slip my pants down? Very good. Now I want you to just take my cock in your mouth and start sucking it. Yes, you can! It was no trouble for you to suck Jason’s cock, so I damn sure you’ll be sucking mine too! Come on now – it’s not that big. That’s better – there’s a good girl. Now do it properly! Good girl. Now I’ll just get my strap. Right then, you just suck away there and I want you to cup my balls with your hands at the same time. Now do it nicely. That’s better. That’s really good. Don’t stop now. Right, I’m going to start strapping your bottom now – I’m not going to count, I’m just going to carry on until I cum. When I do, I’m going to cum in your mouth and you are going to swallow all of it – do I make myself clear? Just nod your head. Good girl!

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