Doing It Nice

Doing It Nice
Doing It Nice

By: Londebaaz Chohan

Nelson was getting a bit weary, looking at the clock again. He let the air go out of his lungs with a hurry as he shook his head and pulled his pants up one more time. Some might think it the utter stupidity but not Nelson. He wanted to make sure, it did not take him more than 10 seconds to unzip and drop his pants off his body; if he wanted Walter not even to blink and change his mind, once he had him in his grab. It was nothing new for Nelson. For some reason or none; he had been always thinking that to have sex with a guy, any guy he marked; it was essential that he could show his partner, what he had to offer if they agreed to get naked and get going. Not only to show him what he had to offer but also with no hesitation or shyness and not letting the guy to rethink and fizzle out of his grab. Usually he practiced this almost every night while he was watching porn videos he rented but tonight he had hooked up with a young college boy from the internet and they were to meet at the bar and Walter had agreed to come with him to his apartment where Nelson lived alone and he did not want to watch any porn tonight but hoping to perform in real, in person.

Tonight he had planned not to be alone, letting his hands do the job; instead he was hoping to make young Walter to come back to his place for a drink or two and then some special play. Walter was almost like himself, just about 19 years old, but he looked much younger as they had seen each other on the web cam before agreeing to meet at this bar. Walter looked to still have just the peach fuzz on his face, while Nelson had started shaving daily. Walter had the most perfect white as milk skin with no wrinkles or blemishes. They were both almost 6’ tall and no more than 140 pounds each. Nelson thought, he had a bit more muscles on him than Walter but Walter was no less than a poster boy and a perfect male sample to be with for sex. They had not shown their naked genitals to each other on the cam but with a most careful guess, what Nelson had seen wrapped in the fabric; Walter did carry a well hung and heavy equipment; no less than Nelson’s extremely thick and over 7 inches long cock with the balls sack hung down to middle of his thighs and always overfilled with his essence.

Nelson; never considered himself a size queen but he would not compromise but at least must have a nice fat sizeable cock to suck on in exchange for his offering of no less than a monster and Walter looked to have that although it was not sure. Walter had been groping something like a real huge lump in his jeans, being on the cam but to tell actually how big; Nelson just could not and only had hoped for the best.

Nelson once again did the quick rehearsal of the drop of his pants and boxers to make sure that he gave no time to Walter to change his mind. He wanted to be set with his big cock to be ready and out the most quickly for sucking. He wanted to have Walter on his knees with his head in Nelson’s hands and being guided towards the stiff meat pole and it was making Nelson furiously horny and aroused. He knew, he had enough time as he looked once again on the clock and sat down on the edge of his bed and looked over all the other arrangements. A dozen pack of fresh condoms, a large tube of KY gel and a couple of dildos were placed on the night stand within easy reach from being naked at the bed. He wanted Walter to know from the get go that he was into much more than a blow job only. He could not think of telling Walter ahead of time that he would be the one driving his pride cock into the college boy’s ass but then he wanted no fuss and could play versatile as well. May be Walter did not care; who did the fucking but if he was as horny as Nelson; to do each other was no less fun and joy. Nelson, since long, had not enjoyed a ride on an uncut cock like Walter was bringing tonight and the thought of holding Walter’s ass globes and spreading them to let his bamboo slide in, was making him super horny. He looked between his legs to see his pole thickening and extending even bigger today and knew, he was ready for fun night with Walter tonight.

Walter, was no rookie too and Nelson knew it by when they spoke and Walter spoke of deep kissing, tongues pushing at the lips, urging them to open and let him inside. It had taken Nelson; long 4 weeks to get into Walter’s pants and make him commit. It was much too long; Nelson thought to himself but he was glad that he had the boy now. He was glad really. He kicked his pants and boxers off, throwing them to a side, as he climbed little further up the bed, laying against the pillows and thinking of how it would feel to have Walter next to him in bed. Smelling his aroma, his aura and touching him the way he really wanted. His cock had started throbbing.

With a big smile, Nelson looked at his semi solid cock, seeing the foreskin, a bit tight stretched and cock head still hiding underneath waiting a touch of love on the shaft. Seeing the veins that wrapped around his sex pole looking like the tiny canals and small streams. With his hands on both sides of his torso, he anticipated; how his cock would behave in the presence of Walter. Would it grow quick to his fullness or would it take slow, good time.

Somehow, he was sure about his cock as he saw its head trying to peep out from under the loosely fit hood. He thought of Walter touching it and making it swell up and grow much faster. It was rare that Nelson had felt being so aroused without touching himself. He wondered if thinking of Walter could make him cum but he really did not have that much time to find out before heading out to get to the bar. He sure would love to try some day. He grinned and laughed thinking of Walter’s cock and even his ass and not being able to decide, what would he prefer to taste first.

Nelson, though an ass man but still did not like rimming often but in his thoughts, visioning to see Walter bent as a doggie, with his ass in the air; pulling his own cheeks with hands to expose his pinkish hole. Oh, Fuck; it really made Nelson to groan involuntarily. Imagining to be watching Walter’s hole pucker and as his head and lips came close, he could swear, he saw the hole breathing deeply. It was totally intoxicating, to say the least. With his own hands, Nelson held the boy’s fleshy cheeks apart and let his tongue and the mouth to worm and squirm in between those round bubbles. God! He was sweating already. The thought of his tongue lick at Walter’s lovely valley spot, taking him to paradise hole offered by the college boy was simply superb and making Nelson’s groin ache with excitement. His tongue touched the boy’s hole and undoubtedly heard the moans dissolve in the room and also felt the tremors arising from the edge of the ass orifice. He kept flicking his tongue there with much more intensity and ecstasy to keep feeling the rolling ass tremors. Digging deeper was giving Walter some painful pleasure moments to cherish.

Nelson’s hands had reached to grip Walter’s cock, thinking of how the boy was feeling and how could it make Walter to moan just now in Nelson’s hot hands, cupping the whole junk. Nelson felt a severe tingling in his own cock and his rectal muscles also clenched hard and unclenched repeatedly. The sweat was dripping even from his balls. His tongue still digging deeper into Walter’s insides. Nelson could experience Walter’s velvety soft inner lining of the ass sheathing move, his muscles shifting with Nelson’s tongue licking constantly with fury and his nose poking the satiny soft skin just above the rectal hole.

Nelson knew, getting ass rimming was surprising Walter. Unluckily still some people did not expect it and were surprised. Nelson, was fully aware, not to do it long; at least not too long. He could not have Walter shoot his load in a hurry or impulsively, rather he would bring Walter close to hitting the orgasm, with his raised ass and even pleasure the boy cock with hands and mouth. That would be truly blissful, he thought; as his hands moved a bit faster and rhythmically on his own throbbing, urging pole.

By touching him, by stroking his cock, he could bring Walter to the point, then stop to lean back, inhale some air before starting it all over again; making Walter sweat, moan some more. It would make some other things much better, Nelson thought. To have Walter spread open, quickly grab a condom to slip on himself and slither with lube on the throbbing fat cock and wedge it up between Walter’s hot, pinkish cheeks would take no more than maximum 10—15 seconds. It would make the penetration much more intense and exciting for sure and the fuck to remember for a long time to come.

He was certain of that, as his hands moved faster along his own stiff long cock, splitting Walter’s ass apart. He could feel Walter’s whole body shudder, as it pushed his inner muscles aside and cock drove in along the wet, spit coated inside channel. God!! The thought of his cock sliding in, greased by his own spit was making Nelson’s body shake. His legs were stretched out, spread apart and taut like steel plates. His horrendous cock was burning hot and his hand moved still faster along the sizzling thick stiff shaft. His eyes shut tight as he thought about how would it all feel; how would it go with his new boy. Walter begging him to stop this blatant fucking as the pain would rage upwards and deep inwards. How his own thighs would stiffen, how his chest would retch more and more and his cock plowing deeper, taking his time to make Walter feel every centimeter of beef bone in the ass. It surely would be amazing, the way Walter’s body would protest at first but then his ass musculature would completely wrap around his monster pole and grip it to hold him inside but he would not let it happen and keep pushing inwards till he could go no further, brushing his shaved pubic bone against Walter’s aching ass hole.

Nelson could hear Walter moan, imagining; even feeling his body in an immense pool of sweat, and Nelson still pushing in Walter’s body through his ass, twisting his hips, making his cock wrench and jerk sideways stroking Walter’s prostate. He could feel Walter’s muscles around his cock head in an attempt to grab and hold him in place but his cock would not surrender. It would keep fucking until Nelson decided to pull himself back and he would. After letting Walter moan and beg, he would slowly start take his massive cock out, slowly; very slowly. The dripping wet cock would come almost all the way out before plugging it back in completely, repeating it hard and fast, surprising but also pleasing Walter’s needy greedy ass. After the next pause, Nelson would repeat but this time instead of plunging hard and fast into the college boy ass; he would ram it in but not slamming and whamming brutally but slowly, gradually, making Walter to feel his tunnel being filled by a big manhood. He would let Walter savor the moment, enjoying his ass canal being packed and feel his movement deep inside.

He was sure, Walter was loving it too and wanting it more. Nelson knew, he could fuck like that for ages, going slow for one moment, then fast the next. He had the stamina, the valor, the ability to keep control. Suddenly Nelson heard Walter wheezing and heaving; begging to do him faster and fuck him as hard as he could, putting his own hand in feverish motion on his own steel made throbbing, agonizing cock. Just like a bit ago, when he rimmed Walter, he would stroke it all the way up to a point, then stop, play a little with the low dangling balls, before grabbing his cock once again for massaging to restart the cycle over and again. He knew, Walter may not come back and today he had all the time, there was none else to disturb them as he lived by himself. It was a perfect set up to fuck Walter all night long, driving his cock in and out in varied rhythms and speeds. Pounding that ass was the mission.

He would have loved to keep fucking Walter with a passion; if it were not for the tingling felt in his own balls. The slap, slap, slap sound of his balls on the silky ass cheeks was now blurring Nelson. The sound of his heavy breathing, the pain in his rapidly moving back and the pace of his hand stroking his own cock was all suddenly jumbling in his mind. He could hear Walter squirming, as he gave him his cock; balls deep over and again and Walter took it boldly, deep until his legs were rigid and his heart racing for the finish. Walter was totally at Nelson’s mercy; still pumping, sawing, splitting his ass in two.

It was hard to imagine anything as enjoying or more satisfying than fucking the college boy Walter’s ass. Nelson’s hand was going numb; his pulse was racing as he thought of keep teasing Walter’s ass. He wondered for keeping him this hard for how much longer to ass fuck dear Walter. His hand was quivering while holding the cock in it. He could always sense and tell when his bottom boys were at the edge and he thought he could tell about Walter as well just as he knew he was on the edge himself right now; ready to shoot his load any second.

The glowing image of Walter floated in front of his tightly closed eyes. Walter’s whole body was damp with sweat, intensifying his smell, his own cologne mixed with the excessive testosterone. It was all there to help as his hand rubbed his sex muscle up and down the shaft. His body was tensing, all his muscles were coiling, wrenching as he kept on fucking Walter. Soon a loud echo of Nelson’s own growl startled him and he opened his eyes. His toes were twisted, his body was trembling, his legs were totally numb and his heart was lifted up and lodged in his throat just like his balls were raised up close to his hot body and his butt was clenched tight like a vise. His image in the dresser mirror was horrid because of the multiple coats of sweat. His upper arm was bulging taut and his hand was squeezing his cock as tight as possible. He was shooting his sperm already; his thick juice was pouring through his clenched fingers. It seemed as if his body had exploded. His cock suddenly released from his iron grip, squirting towards all corners of the bedroom as it flexed multiple times.

It took the roller coaster ride to go on for at least 5 minutes before his body started to relax. His knotted balls fell down between his legs and his chest did not hurt or heave as much. He looked up the clock and in panic ran towards the bathroom. He only had time to wipe his dick clean and wash his hands before putting some clothes on. He was not going to be late reaching the bar. He did not want to ruin his chance to meet his new catch, Walter; the college boy for the real joyful and fun sex to remember.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan June 23, 2019.

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