8 Inches and Up Only Gay

8 Inches and Up Only Gay
It was Friday night at a local gay club and my friend had to leave to meet up with some other other people. We said our goodbyes and I stayed to finish my drink. I stood near the entrance looking at the go-go boys dancing on the bar, flipping their underwear down to expose their cock to the old perverts. I finished off my drink and was about to leave when my eye caught a cute guy near the bar, hanging out with a group of friends. I decided to try my luck and walked towards him, brushing my hand against his thigh as I made my way to the bar for another drink. I looked back to meet his gaze.

He got the idea and followed me, bringing his friends with. We struck up a conversation – he was visiting from Las Vegas, here in Orlando on business. He was 40 years old which surprised me. I had guessed that he was in his upper twenties. He look fucking amazing for his age.

After a while, we decided to head back to my place for some fun. I laid back on my bed, watching him strip down in anticipation. I had never had sex with anyone over the age of 21 and was looking forward to having a veteran lay. However, things turned south as he shed his clothes. Starting with the unattractive hanes underwear that were maybe a size too big. His clothes did a good job of hiding his out of shape torso. Finally he dropped his undies to reveal a fully erect, hard 4 inch cock. I was disappointed but thought, maybe he knows how to work it.

He line his cock up with my ass and slowly pushed in. I took a deep breath and bared the pain. He was pushed up against my ass – his whole cock inside me but I felt no pleasure. He started pumping in and out, first slow and then picking up to a rapid pounding. Only he couldn’t fully penetrate me, so it was more of him continuously poking my asshole. It was the most painful, worst sexual experience I had ever had. When he finished, we rolled over next to me, panting and smiling as if he had done something great. I thought to myself, how can this asshole have the audacity to smile after a performance like that. I ushered him out as quickly as I could and went to bed without relieving myself. I couldn’t jerk off after a night like that.

The next morning I woke in a crappy mood. My ass was sore and I was still irritated with him. He was a walking false advertisement. I was still horny and knew exactly what I needed. I logged on to Justguys and changed my profile : “I need to have my ass ravaged by a huge cock. 8″ and up need only respond.” It was short, simple, and to the point.

It didn’t take long for a response. The guys profile picture was only his torso which, while attractive, made me a little skeptical. I read through his profile and the comments from others he had apparently hooked up with. They all made mention of his large member. I decided to take a chance and responded. We exchanged numbers and set up a meeting for later that evening.

I drove down to the theme park area to pick him up. He told me to wait outside the gates of his apartment complex. As he walked up, I felt a little disappointment. We looked in good shape, but was short – a little under 5 foot 6. At 6 foot 4, I towered over him. We got in the car and made our way to a gay club. He was Mexican and grew up in Texas. He had moved to Orlando and became a “cast member” at one of the theme parks.

“So whats with the 8″ and up? Are you a size queen?” He asked

“No, not normally.” I responded, “I just had a really bad sexual experience last night. This guy had a 4 inch cock and was adamant that he be the top. It was the worst I ever had. So now I’m really horny and I don’t want to leave it up to chance tonight.”

“Oh shit. That sucks.” He said. After a short pause he continued, “Well don’t worry, I’ll give you what you need.” I smiled, but was still a little cautious with my expectations.

After a couple minutes of silence, he asked “You’re really tall… Is everything proportional with you?”

“Uh, yeah.” I said with a slight laugh. Indeed, at 7.5 inches, I was larger than the typical guys I had been with.

“I’m not.” He said. There was an awkward pause before he continued with a smirk, “I have huge cock.” This peaked my interest, as my disappointment with his stature subsided a little.

We got to the club, and had only one drink before he said rather adamantly, “Let’s go to your place.” I texted my roommate to let him know I as bringing someone home and we made the drive back to my place.

Entering my room, he took off his shirt fell back on my bed. “Let’s see what you got.” he said.

The way he laid with his hand behind his head, his short muscular frame sprawled on my bed made my cock grow to a full erection. “Go on, take off your clothes” He continued. I loved being told what to do. I stripped down to my underwear and was about to crawl over his body, but he raise his foot to me. He nodded at me impatiently to to take off my underwear. I slide them down and allowed my cock to flop out. “Nice.” he responded approvingly.

He stood up and rubbed his hands over my body, nibbling at my neck. “Take off my pants” he directed me. I unlatched his belt and unzipped his jeans. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his cock, as it seemed was pointing down one of this legs. I slide his jeans off and peered down. I looked in astonishment at his cock. He was lying – he was much larger than me, around 9 inches, uncut. He looked at me with a sly grin, “Is this to your liking?” he asked, taking a grip of his dick. I could only muster out an “uh huh.”

He swung me around on the bed and climbed over my chest. “Open your mouth!” he ordered.

As quickly as I opened my mouth, he had is stuffed with his cock, pushing down my throat. I gagged almost immediately and pushed him back. “Come on, be a good little bitch.” He said, “I know you want it… Now open up!”

He replaced his cock in my mouth and pushed slower than before. He tested how far he could go before I started coughing. Tears rolled down my face as I took a little more at a time, but try as I might, there was just no way I was going to be able to fit all of him in my mouth. After a little while longer, he withdrew his saliva covered cock from my dick and bent down to kiss me.

He moved down to my ass, pulling my legs up to his shoulders. “Do you have condoms?” He asked.

I pulled a small tin box where I kept my sex supplies. I pulled out lube and a pack up durex condoms. He looked at them skeptically. “Do you really think these are going to fit me?”

I felt embarrassed for failing to prepare properly. How could I asked for a hung stud and not have magnums available. He ripped open the wrapper and tried to roll the condom on. “I don’t think this is going to work. It’s way too tight.” He said.

It covered only about three quarters of his cock and looked ridiculously tight. “OK, you can go bare, just make sure you pull out before you cum.”

He pulled at the base, ripping a whole in the condom has he shed it from his penis. I could tell he was really turned on by barebacking me. He leaned in to kiss my neck, which drove me wild.

He stopped, and put his cock in my mouth again, shoving in quickly and as deep as he could. I gagged again, but understood he just wanted to get some natural lube on his cock before fucking me. He thrust his cock in my mouth a few more times before returning between my legs, positioning his cock at my asshole.

“Oh Yea, fuck me!” I said, my face smeared with my own saliva. Your going to need this and poured some lube into my ass and swiftly pushed himself into my ass until he was about half way in. The feeling of him gliding in through my sphincter and nuzzling up into my prostate felt amazing! I released a loud moan, like I’ve never heard from myself before.

After pause he asked, “You want the rest of it?”

“Oh yes! give it to me!”

“Beg for it!” he demanded.

“Please give me all of your cock!”

“Have you ever had this big of a cock before?”

“No! You’re the biggest I’ve ever had!”

“What do you want me to do with this thing?” He asked, gripping the shaft of his penis.

“I want you fuck my brains out with your enormous cock!”

“Oh yea, you’re gonna get it all if it” he said and in one swift move, shoved the rest of his cock into my ass. I threw my head back, groaning like an a****l as I felt his thighs touch my ass. He reach down, spread my ass cheeks, and leaned in more, working his way in a little more. He wiggled side to side, enjoying the feeling of my insides. “Oh, yea, you feel so fucking good!”

He stayed there for about two minutes, allowing me to adjust and relax. My panting subsided and he leaned into to whisper in my ear as I felt his cock twitch, “I want you to savor ever second of this. To feel what it’s like to be fucked by a real man.” I had never felt such an amazing feeling as having 9 inches of bare cock fully implanted into my ass.

He returned to my neck and started kissing and nibbling again. My body shivered as I cried out, “Oh god!” my voice shaking with pleasure. “Oh god, fuck me, baby! Fuck my brains out.”

I felt him withdraw until his cock was pressing against my sphincter, and slammed in to the hilt again. “Oh fuck” I yelled, loudly.

He pulled him self up, holding my ankles out in front of him and started thrust in and out in slow rhythm. Each time, withdrawing out of my ass, and then fully impaling me. “How does it feel?” He asked.

“Amazing!” I responded. “Fuck me harder!”

He held his cock at my asshole and asked in a kind gentle voice, “Oh? do you want me to ravage you?”

“Yes!” I said

“Does you want me to fuck you like a little bitch?”

“Oh god yes! Fucking my ass hard as you can!”

He slammed inside me again and started to fucking me faster. Pre-cum was flowing out of my cock onto my stomach as he pounded me ferociously.

We had been going for about 5 minutes like that before I felt on the verge of cuming. “Are you getting close?” I asked between my panting.

“Uh huh. Where do you want me to cum?” he asked with a smirk.

Considering the fucking he was giving me, I couldn’t bear that thought of him dropping his load anywhere else than inside my ass. I wanted.. No I NEEDED his cum inside of me to commemorate this night and the amazing feelings he was inciting in me. “Cum inside me!” I ordered.

“Are your sure?”

“Fuck yes! I wanted your load deep inside my ass!” I yelled, “MAKE ME YOURS!”

I could tell this was putting him over the edge. He started pounding into me even faster. His moans started getting loader and more panicked.

“Oh my god!” I cried. Cum started spurting out of my cock onto my stomach without any hands on it, “I’m cumming!”

Just then, he let out a loud, prolonged groan and buried his cock in as far as he could. His eyes rolled up as I felt his cock twitching in my ass. I gripped his ass with my hands, holding him in place to ensure that every drop of his cum was deposited in its rightful spot.

After a couple minutes, I released him and he collapsed on top of me. “That was fucking hot.” He said.

“Oh my god, that was the best I’ve ever had,” I responded.

This drew a cocky smirk across his face, “Oh yea? If you thought that was good, wait until tomorrow morning. That’s when I’m really horny.”

I let out a laugh and said “I can’t wait.” I cuddled at his side, his arm d****d around my back. I fell asleep, with a satisfied smile, already looking forward to what going to rise for me in the morning.

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