Deep Thoughts Ch. 06


Sandy unbuttoned the top two buttons on her silk shirt and sighed, another late night of sex. The condo was empty and silent. Ben was at work and Cindee had gone into town to run an errand. Sandy turned on some soft jazz music and rolled up her sleeves, she crossed and uncrossed her long, tan legs several times and wondered why she was so restless. It was a warm August night, but one would never know it inside the heavily air-conditioned condominium. Sandy shifted in her chair, feeling stifled, lonely, and restless.

‘I need to shake myself out of this funk.’ Sandy thought, staring down at her newspaper. She let her mind wander to the romance she had experienced the previous evening. She wondered how her friend had taken her admission that she was having an affair with her brother. Come to think of it, Cindee had done pretty well for herself, maybe she didn’t have anything to worry about. ‘I hope she is ok with our girl love.’ Sandy smiled to herself. ‘In fact, I could use another roll in the hay with her myself…’ Sandy had never made love to a woman before and she found it enchanting her thoughts.

Approaching footsteps interrupted Sandy’s thoughts, the fast, determined footsteps of someone who knows actually where she is going. Sandy began to doodle furiously on her notepad, not wanting to be caught in a daydream mode.

“Hey there, girl,” a woman’s voice piped. “Are you trying to vegetate, or what?”

Sandy’s face stretched into a slow smile. The voice belonged to Cindee. She stood poised in the doorway with a diet soda in one hand, file folder in the other. Sandy couldn’t help but admire the toned legs her tight skirt displayed proudly.

“I’m just finishing up some house work.” Sandy said matter-of-factly. She wondered why the air-conditioning seemed suddenly so stuffy. She tried to avert her eyes from Cindee’s tightly, but immaculately, clad figure. ‘Why is a woman causing such a physical reaction in me?’ Sandy asked herself. Sandy had never let herself think of other women in anything but a friendly manner, but Cindee was definitely attractive, and her best friend. A few beads of sweat formed between her breasts.

“Yeah, I was trying to work too.” Cindee said, taking a seat opposite Sandy at the table. “But for some reason I just can’t seem to concentrate. Maybe its the full moon,” she added wickedly, smiling in a way that made Sandy flush. Sandy brushed a few loose strands of hair out of her eyes and focused on her guest.

“I’m having the same problem.” Sandy admitted with a slight sigh. “I just feel so…so restless.”

“Maybe you need some distraction.” Cindee murmured, looking her right in the eyes. Sandy was stunned, wondering if this sexy woman was, in fact, flirting with her. What surprised Sandy even more was the fact that she was enjoying it. She felt a strange sensation between her thighs-an eager tingling which slowly spread up to her snatch. Sandy licked her lips and returned Cindee’s piercing gaze, trying to decipher the sleek lady’s intentions.

“I think you’re right, Cindee.” Sandy said earnestly, feeling more confident that her friend wanted more than a casual chat. “I could definitely use something that would inspire me.”

The two women’s eyes locked. An unspoken question was answered in a few brief moments of gazing at one another. Something carnal, something animal, was happening that both women were experiencing. An electric current flowed between them in Sandy’s efficient little kitchen, an energy source that neither could control, but of which both were painfully aware.

Sandy leaned back in her chair, resting her elbows on the cool wood of the table. She was feeling lightheaded, as if in a dream. ‘What is happening to me?’ she thought with delirious amusement, ‘I think I’m bewitched.’ With eyes half closed, Sandy stared at the other woman as she placed the soda can and folder carefully on the floor.

Cindee approached Sandy and stared down at her from her stance, not unlike a queen summoning her subjects. She was so close that Sandy could feel her warm breath on her face, heating her own skin like a hairdryer. Sandy wanted to touch her. Really touch her. She thought about reaching out and resting her palm on Cindee’s breast, but opted to silently admire the slope of her chest and the curve of her tiny waist.

“I’ve always thought you were attractive, Sandy.” Cindee whispered, reaching her hand to the back of her head to remove the clip that held her hair back. Cindee’s presence was intoxicating. Sandy felt a drop of moisture drip onto the fabric bursa sınırsız escort of her panties. Never had she felt so ripe for someone’s touch.

“I…I’ve always been attracted to you, too.” Sandy replied dreamily.

‘Is this really happening?’ she couldn’t help musing. She felt her heart thump rapidly behind her rib cage, like a prisoner pounding for release from the confined cell. She was feeling like a timid schoolgirl, but she really did want to explore this situation thoroughly. She begged herself to make a move, to let the bewitching woman know she was hot and ready. Sandy was hard-pressed to summon up the courage to seduce her friend. Luckily, the need for improvisation wasn’t required on Sandy’s part.

Cindee reached for her slowly. Her well-manicured fingernails glided on the skin of Sandy’s shoulder through the delicate silk. Goosebumps quickly formed in the trail of her touch. Sandy licked her lips and closed her eyes, relishing the sweet softness that only a woman’s fingers could offer. She concentrated on the gentle glide of Cindee’s left hand as it trailed up to her neck and slowly down her chest. When she felt the eager fingers caress the delicate lace of her bra at the top of her breasts, she was unable to restrain her desire. She had to touch Cindee. Gazing through slightly-parted eyelids, Sandy placed both hands on Cindee’s shoulders, wanting to explore the safer areas of her body. Sure, she had touched her before. Sandy and her girlfriend had just made love the previous evening, but this was different.

She massaged the firm flesh of Cindee’s shoulders with her thumbs, acquainting herself with a woman’s body in a sexual manner. Why had she never noticed how soft-yet so strong-a woman’s skin is? How could she have looked at attractive women everyday of her life and not seen them as she was now seeing Cindee? The thought that she and her about-to-be lover were experiencing identical explorations made her knees weak. ‘She is seeing me the same way I am seeing her.’ Sandy mused to herself, ‘so unlike sex with a guy.’

Sandy moved her hands southward, palming the full weight of her partner’s breasts. Cindee’s quick intake of breath at the possessive action made her so hot she thought her clitoris would burst with the sudden rush of blood. She prodded and squeezed Cindee’s fleshy globes, as if touching breasts for the first time in her life. Cindee mirrored her actions and their eyes locked.

Without breaking the electric current which flowed between the two sets of eager eyes, Cindee began to unbutton her friend’s shirt. When Sandy was left leaning against the table, clad only in her white lacy bra, Cindee leaned back to study her. Sandy’s flesh felt cold and lonely where Cindee’s knowing hands were caressing her moments before, and she longed for more contact. She reached out and grabbed Cindee’s satin lapels and pulled her onto her slight frame. Cindee gasped at the action, but followed with a wicked smile. She arched her neck to kiss the soft swells of Sandy’s breast, grazing her tongue along the delicate fabric which encased her. With Cindee’s concentration solely on her lover’s chest, Sandy was able to reach down and run her fingers along the firm softness of her neck.

The two women simply caressed each other for a long while, taking the time to acquaint themselves with the other’s touch. Cindee paused from her exploration of Sandy’s chest long enough to reach back and unclasp her bra, letting the heavy weight of her breasts fall free. Sandy’s skin tingled where her lover’s fingers glided across her skin, and when she felt the wet heat of Cindee’s mouth on her nipple, she moaned softly. She felt the pink nodule peak into a rigid spike as Cindee’s tongue flicked the sensitive flesh back and forth. Sandy tangled the fingers of her left hand further into her heavenly tresses as her right focused on the removal of her tight blazer. When she finally unfastened the top button, it was as if she could not remove the rest fast enough. She wanted to see the bronzed beauty of the sexy woman’s body.

When Cindee’s top finally slid off her form and onto the floor, Sandy opened her eyes to drink in the sight of her friend’s black satin bra. She was as dark and sleek as Sandy was fair and soft. She reached down to Cindee’s left breast and pulled the nipple out through the top of the bra. Her skin was flawless. Sandy longed to suckle the ripe peak, but Cindee’s body language was making it clear that Sandy was not the one orchestrating the lovemaking. bursa escort bayan When she felt Sandy’s head aim towards her own chest, Cindee moved herself away, teasing her lover mercilessly.

“Don’t move.” Cindee commanded sternly, but with tenderness in her voice. “I want to please you first.”

Sandy surrendered to Cindee, as if finally receiving permission to just lay back and enjoy the ride. She felt the cheeks of her ass clench tightly as Cindee’s hot breath brushed her knees and her thighs. Without awareness of her own moves, Sandy gently guided Cindee’s head slowly between her legs. She felt her pussy lather up as Cindee’s breath came closer and closer to her core, maddeningly slow. Cindee’s commanding hands clasped the hem of Sandy’s silk skirt and began to inch it slowly northward. The subservient Sandy arched her back and raised her hips slightly off the edge of the table to facilitate the undressing. She smiled at Cindee’s sudden intake of breath when she saw the white lacy garter belt holding up her tan hose. She always made sure she wore the sexiest undergarments she could find. It made her feel beautiful and sensuous. Sandy was especially pleased that her lover was appreciating the delicate lace as well.

“You are so beautiful.” Cindee murmured as she leaned in to sprinkle wispy butterfly kisses on Sandy’s inner thighs. Sandy lay back against the cold table and leaned into the pleasure that was slowly overtaking her. She arched her pelvis towards Cindee’s face, eager to feel the other woman’s tongue in her most intimate folds. But Cindee wanted to prolong her seduction. She nuzzled Sandy’s buttocks and thighs with her nose, alternately licking the soft skin from her knees to her ass. After what seemed like hours, she ran her index finger under the elastic band of Sandy’s G-string, and proceeded to pull the flimsy material down the length of her legs.

“Oh, God…..” Sandy moaned when she felt the first contact of Cindee’s tongue against her snatch. The soft fierceness of her mouth suckling her lips and her clit was almost more than Sandy could take. She could not remember ever feeling pleasure with such intensity. At first Sandy thought she would climax just seconds after Cindee’s first slow and thorough lick, but then she relaxed a bit, realizing she was just experiencing the tip of the iceberg. Her hips seemed to melt into the table as she wound her fingers through Cindee’s hair once more, easing the busy mouth further into her cunt, as if to swallow the woman whole. A weak tingling wave swirled around her pelvis like a hurricane, gathering strength before reaching out throughout the rest of her, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. She struggled to relax her thighs and not tighten them around Cindee’s head, suffocating her as she worked.

Cindee ate her like a gourmet, enjoying every flavor, every fold of Sandy’s pink, tight pussy. The strokes of her tongue varied, some long and intense-like painting a fence, some short and precise. It was as if Cindee could read her lover’s mind, knowing exactly what she liked the most, knowing when to go faster, knowing when to slow down. Sandy’s hips began to beat with her own internal rhythm, pumping up and down, taking Cindee’s occupied tongue with her.

After Cindee’s tongue memorized every square inch of Sandy’s silken folds, she focused her attention on the tight bud of her clitoris. She sucked it like a straw, drawing her head away from Sandy’s center, stretching her clit with her. The tiny bud seemed to expand in Cindee’s mouth, filling it with her swollen heat. Cindee’s face was buried inside Sandy’s core as she gave birth to the first slight tremors of her orgasm. Her back arched and lifted her hips inches off the table as she began to slowly, slowly go over the edge.

“Oh God,” Sandy gasped, writhing back and forth around Cindee’s busy mouth, “Oh Jesus!” Sandy’s inside’s expanded and burst into flames as the intense tidal wave of blood gushed into her cunt, making her see stars. Her soul seemed to leave her body as she shook with the violent climax, conquering her body like a fearless warrior. Sandy wasn’t sure how long her orgasm possessed her body, mind, and soul. She felt like she had traveled to the moon and back in a few spastic moments. Her muscles were conditioned with her orgasm, but not ready to relax. ‘No,’ Sandy mused, ‘I don’t want this to be over yet.’

As Cindee sat back, licking her lovers juices off of her pouting lips, Sandy slid off the table and faced the woman who had just nilüfer escort given her a taste of heaven. She guided Cindee’s streamlined form into a reclining pose on the kitchen floor, dying to taste her. She wasted no time raising the woman’s tight skirt above her hips, making her cunt more accessible to the starving lover. After a hasty removal of her friend’s stockings, Sandy placed her hands gently on the insides of her thighs. The women’s eyes locked once more as Sandy slowly and seductively spread Cindee’s legs apart. Their connection was like lightning, strong and direct, each wanting to fully drink in the other’s essence.

Sandy was like a child in a candy shop. She was trembling with anticipation as she kissed the inside of Cindee’s thighs, wanting only to feel the heat of the woman’s body on her lips. Cindee lay perfectly still during Sandy’s seduction of her skin, gasping slightly when the first caresses of Sandy’s breath blew through her silken mound like a soft wind. Sandy wanted to prolong the kisses as long as possible, but she was so anxious to taste Cindee’s juices she lingered only moments.

Holding the fabric of Cindee’s black panties to the side, Sandy dove into her lover’s center. The smells, the taste, the warmth were intoxicating to Sandy. She wanted to bury herself inside the enticing folds, becoming one with the glorious lover. The sweet nectars of Cindee’s cunt dripped onto Sandy’s lips like an overripe apricot. She savored the tangy lotion of her lover and she licked her pussy passionately. Sandy’s tongue became an autonomous entity, seeming to disconnect itself from her body as it thrust itself inside and out of the moist caverns.

Cindee rolled her head from side to side, moaning, as she allowed the movement of her hips to match the rhythmic dance of Sandy’s tongue. She peered down at the curvaceous girl between her legs. She looked like a flaxen angel with her eyes closed, drinking in the spicy moisture of her lover’s essence.

“Oh, Sandy…Sandy.” Cindee cried, grabbing her friend’s ears. Cindee knew she was on the brink of her climax as she felt the rough nylon of the carpet dig into the soft flesh of her ass. She felt connected to the beautiful girl who was pleasuring her. Connected in a way she couldn’t even begin to analyze. Their souls were one, each melting into the other in the creation of perfect passion.

And then she lost it. Cindee’s orgasm, though equally as pleasurable, was more violent than Sandy’s. It shook her body like a tornado pulling a barn door from its hinges. Her spinal cord seemed to gel and her knees trembled as Sandy’s sucking sent her into a blind fury of intense physical joy. Cindee felt a few drops of sweat drip slowly down her forehead as she cried out to the ceiling, letting the waves roll through her body, first one, and then another. By the time the storm in her subsided, she lay deliriously dreamy with Sandy resting on top of her.

Time stood still at that moment. The two women lay entwined in the kitchen, aware of only each other, and the persistent thumping of their hearts. Sandy wasn’t sure how long they lay together, it wasn’t clear to her if she fell asleep or simply lost time, but when she regained her composure, she realized that Cindee was no where to be seen.

‘Was this a dream?’ Sandy wondered. Looking down at her silk skirt gathered around her waist, she put that thought away. Sandy slowly got to her knees and lifted herself into a standing pose, grabbing the table to support her still wobbly frame. The radio hummed a beautifully sad jazz tune which made Sandy momentarily long for the woman who was inside her a little while earlier. But contentment won her over.

She knew she wouldn’t be able to do house work after the tryst. Sandy was far too tranquil. She wanted only to go and run herself a soothing bubble bath and ponder the events of the day. Sandy gathered her things, a peaceful smile adorning her fair features. The air conditioning sent a chill down her spine as she made her way to the bathroom. When Sandy was near the bedroom, she noticed a light spilling into the dark hall. She stood just outside the door, out of sight, listening to the furious rustle of papers and her sultry voice speaking into the phone.

“Ok, Carl, I’m coming back tomorrow, I’m not staying here, just email me the info and I’ll take care of everything!” Cindee commanded to the no-doubt intimidated caller. Sandy frowned and tiptoed away from the bedroom door. As Sandy entered the bathroom, she mused upon the amazing events of the last two days. Would she ever be the same? Would she ever be able to think of Cindee as anything other than a lover? Would she ever get to experience Cindee’s fiery passion again? Sandy smiled to herself as she filled the tub with hot water, thinking deeply how nice it had been to finally make love to a woman as beautiful and caring as Cindee.

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