Darker Pleasures: The Big Night


This is a sequel to my earlier story, “Dark Pleasures”. While it can stand on its own, the reader will get some background and perspective by reading that story before this one.

This is also my wildest and longest held fantasy. It’s one that I’m pretty sure will never be fulfilled, so I’ve written it down to give a little “life” to it. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, but if not, writing it still served a purpose for me.

– Milene


Milene stood for a long time outside the large house that was home to the Epsilon Alpha Tau sorority. It was snowing like crazy and she was getting cold, but she wasn’t quite ready yet to go up to that door. This had seemed like a great idea when she talked about it with Anita, but now she wasn’t so sure. What had she gotten herself into?

Milene had had several encounters with Anita over the past few months, all of them, like the first time, in the seedy little Shady Nook Motel. It was kind of a dump, but it was fine for what they needed – a room and a bed where Milene could enjoy Anita’s dark beauty, and Anita could enjoy all the oral love that Milene so willingly gave her. Actually, the cheap, bare bones environment added something to the encounters, a certain sleaziness that appealed to Milene’s need for a bit of subtle degradation.

The two of them were a good match – the insatiable black goddess and the ever-pleasing white worshipper – but after a while things started to feel a little stale. It seemed to Milene that Anita was getting bored with the arrangement. Though the sex was still good, the thrill had worn off. Then one time, in the afterglow of another long, satisfying session of “world-class head” from Milene, Anita made an off-hand comment, “Damn, girl, you are good. You oughta do that for all the sisters.”

Milene’s ears perked up at that. “I’d like that,” she said quietly, hoping not to offend Anita with her broadening interests. It had always been a fantasy of hers to do a whole group of girls, especially black girls.

Anita looked at her and shook her head. “Yeah, I bet you would,” she said, with the smirk she always gave her – the one that said “You are such a slut.” But then she pulled Milene toward her and let the subject drop, preferring to spend her time getting one more dose of pleasure from Milene’s oh-so-willing mouth.

But that wasn’t the end of it. A little later, once she had finished satisfying Anita’s needs, Milene got up the courage to raise the subject again, and this time Anita was more open to listen as Milene went on…

“That thing you mentioned before, about your sisters – how do you mean ‘sisters’? I mean sorority sisters or just black sisters or what?” Anita’s eyes got big as she watched Milene ramble on, unable to contain her excitement. “I mean, do you think you’re friends would like that? I know it would be kind of weird, but it would be fun, too, and you know they’d like it once we got started, and god, it would be so hot for me, it’s something I think about all the time, could it really happen?”

“Whoa girl!!!” Anita broke in at last, chuckling loudly at the other girl’s frenzied musings. “Let me think about this a second.” Then she paused to gather her thoughts.

“Okay,” she started, “first off, when I said ‘sisters’ I just meant African American chicks in general. I was just being funny, you know?” Milene held her gaze intently, waiting. “BUT,” Anita continued, “there might be somethin’ there… with my true sisters… my sorority.”

“Really?” Milene asked. “Do you really think they might?” She’d seen a number of the girls in Anita’s sorority, and they were very attractive.

“Well, yeah… not all of them of course, but some of them are kinda into chicks, and some are just into sex.” There she offered a chuckled aside, “That would include me, of course. But I think you know that.”

“Anyway,” she continued, “yeah, it might work. We’re always looking for something different to do, a little adventure. And there’s not much goin’ on this time of year. BUT … it could get kinda hairy. Might be more than you’re expecting.”

“More girls?” Milene asked. “How many?”

“No, no, not more girls, probably only a handful would be into it. I mean more ‘stuff’, wilder, more than what you and I do. You see, the thing is, I know some of the sisters would like to, well… *USE* a white girl. Or maybe *ABUSE* her. Get my drift?”

Milene hardly heard what Anita was saying. Her mind was already elsewhere, thinking about the wonderful possibilities of such a night. “Yeah, sure, I know,” she said, “but it could be AMAZING!”

“You better think hard about this, sweets,” Anita warned, “’cause … well, I love my sisters, but I know some of them can be downright mean. And … they – some of them – don’t really like white girls. You might get a whole lot more than you bargained for.”

But Milene was set. She wanted this badly. And so Anita managed to set it up, strange as that may seem. And bursa escort now here she was, a lone white girl standing outside the door of the black sorority house.

She looked at her phone for the time – 7:35, already five minutes after her scheduled arrival. “Well, gotta do it,” she said to herself. “No backing out now.” She placed her finger on the bell and pushed.

She heard some activity inside, then footsteps at the door and lock turning. And then the door opened and a familiar face was before her.

“Well, sweet pea, you made it. You really came. You’re even crazier than I thought.”

Milene blushed and smiled sheepishly. Yeah, she did feel a little crazy, but here she was, ready for whatever. She stepped inside as Anita opened the door and was immediately confronted by a tall, attractive girl with cafe au lait skin and a full, curly hair. She recognized her as Shawna Green, a member of the basketball team.

Shawna looked Milene up and down, focusing on her preppy clothes and generally wholesome appearance. She was clearly skeptical. “You sure you got the right girl here, ‘Nita? She don’t look like what you said. Looks like a damn virgin if you ask me.”

Anita had a quick response. “Hey girl,” she assured her, “don’t let that sweet face fool ya. This little chickie’s got a nasty tongue that just won’t quit. You’ll see. You’ll be thinking about this one for weeks after we’re done. Believe me.”

Shawna still had her doubts and gave Anita the eye for several long seconds. “Well, okay,” she said finally. “I just don’t want to disappoint my girls here. We in need of some fun after exams and all.”

“And fun you shall have,” Anita proclaimed, fully confident in the skills she’d experienced personally from Milene.

The two girls talked about Milene like she was a piece of meat, but it didn’t really bother her. At first her nervousness blocked out any other feelings, but now, as she looked around the room, her anxiety began to morph into excitement. Gazing back at her were seven very pretty, very sexy black girls. As the only African-American sorority on campus, Epsilon Alpha Tau could be very picky about their pledges, so they took only the best. Many of the members were star athletes, but it took more than that to be accepted. All these girls were also smart, confident, and extremely attractive. For Milene, who had a definite “thing” for African-American girls, this looked like a dream come true.

Despite the cold outside, it was fairly warm in the sorority house, and the girls were dressed accordingly. Some wore jeans, but many had cutoffs or shorts that showed off their shapely chocolate legs. A few even had skirts on, and Milene couldn’t help but let her mind wander as they crossed their legs, riding those skirts up over their creamy, dark thighs. Almost all wore simple t-shirts on top, and she noticed that a few had nothing underneath, their full breasts and taut nipples clearly outlined in the thin cotton fabric. She could feel her own arousal growing at the sight of all that smooth, dark flesh.

Still, there was apprehension. The faces she saw, while beautiful, were not totally friendly. She could feel tension in the room, even some degree of hostility. While most of the girls looked at her with curiosity or arousal, a few of them essentially sneered at her when she tried a friendly smile. She remembered Anita’s warning about this. “You better think hard about this … they don’t really like white girls.”

But Milene refused to be discouraged. So what if they were hostile to white girls? She could take that. In fact, to some degree it added to the experience. After all, Anita was, if not hostile, certainly not “friendly” in the usual sense. She saw Milene for the pleasure she got from her, nothing else, and that had worked out just fine. The thought of being used (and maybe abused) by a bunch of beautiful black girls made Milene crazy with excitement. And looking around the room now, knowing that through the course of the night she would undoubtedly be “forced” to go down on every one of these girls, she felt a hot thrill course through her whole body.

Anita brought Milene a stiff drink. “I know you like something to get you started,” she confided. She downed it pretty quickly, a testament to the nervousness she was feeling now. Milene was never one to hold her liquor well, and almost immediately she could feel the buzz starting. It was a good feeling.

The girls just talked among themselves for a little while, all the while sneaking furtive glances at their “victim” for the night. It was a little uncomfortable as no one seemed to know how to get started. Then finally Shawna took charge. “Okay, ladies,” she said standing like a commander, “it’s time we got goin’ with this. Let’s see what this scrawny little bitch’s got. Get her out here”

Startled, the girls all looked at each other. Then two of them got up and moved across the room, and Milene felt herself altıparmak escort being pulled in multiple directions as they grabbed at her clothes. They stripped her forcefully, giggling loudly as they pulled her tee over her head, undid her bra, pulled her jeans and panties down and off. They tossed her clothes carelessly about the room, and Milene wondered if she would get them back when it was time to go. She could tell this was all just for show – a display of power more than anything sexual. There was no plan for her to be touched by them, so there was no reason for her to remove her clothes. But they wanted to see her standing there, completely naked, exposed and vulnerable, to make the point that she was at their mercy – that for tonight at least, they owned her. And that was okay with her… In fact, it was just what she wanted.

She heard comments around the room as they stripped her, mostly insulting her for her “dinky little tits” or her “skinny white ass”. In fact, Milene, while petite, was well-proportioned, though not as voluptuous as some of those making the comments. Yeah, it was a power thing alright. The jibes – and the forceful stripping – were intended to put her in her place. She felt like a prisoner, with no control over what might be done to her. And she also noticed, in some of the voices, that strain of contempt and resentment.

Once they had finished, Shawna strode confidently to the middle of the room, confronting the white girl, who now stood there self-consciously naked, her hands crossed demurely over her breasts. Shawna was at least six feet tall, and she towered over the smaller girl, but her demeanor made her seem even larger. Staring confidently into Milene’s eyes, without a word she placed a strong right hand on the top of her head and pushed firmly down, forcing the girl to kneel before her.

“So you like pussy, huh, girlie?” Milene responded with a simple, meek nod. “Well, the question is, are you worthy to eat pussy? All this sistah pussy we got here tonight. I think you gotta prove your worthiness.”

Then, ever the exhibitionist, Shawna boldly undid her belt, slipped out of her shorts and panties, and stood there, naked from the waist down. Her pubic curls were just level with the top of Milene’s head, and she could see the girl furtively eyeing the tender petals below them. As the others looked on, Shawna’s hand reached down and grabbed a fistful of the girl’s thick brown hair, pulling back and down, so that she was looking her straight in the eyes. Holding her gaze, she stepped forward and placed one leg on either side of the girl’s head, positioning her female parts just inches from Milene’s trembling mouth. Shawna smiled, her full lips curling into a lusty smirk as she pondered the expression on the face below her. Was it fear? Anticipation? She couldn’t tell, but at that point it didn’t matter to her. Twisting her fingers tighter into the locks of hair, she squatted slightly to spread herself open and then pulled upward, drawing a muffled cry from the white girl as her mouth was buried in the dark folds of hot cunt.

Shawna emitted a long, lusty “Ohhhhh” at the contact. Her grip tightened, her left hand joining the other to make sure that head remained firmly in place. But there was really no need for that. Milene had been expecting this, waiting for it, and once she was between the black girl’s legs, her reaction was instinctive and visceral, reaching out to grab the full, chocolate hips in both hands as her tongue moved willingly into the wet confines of Shawna’s womanhood. Her eyes closed in contentment and her head moved in little circles as she eagerly licked around at the girl’s inner walls, scooping up the love juice that was quickly forming there. Shawna’s hips rolled in response, her head leaning back slightly, her eyes also closing as she enjoyed the incredible softness of the white girl’s tongue probing deep inside her. She looked down again, and now the eyes were open, staring intently back at her, again with that look. No, it wasn’t fear she saw there, and it wasn’t anticipation. It was pure passion, coupled with complete, abject submission. The realization of that thrilled her, and she ground the pale, wanton face even further into her now drooling opening, letting her fluids wash completely over Milene’s lips, nose, and chin.

Shawna allowed herself to enjoy the pleasure for several minutes. She knew everyone was watching, but she didn’t care. It was kind of fun having them watch, and besides, it felt so damned good! She hadn’t realized how horny she was. Little shivers traveled up her spine as that talented tongue performed its magic on her. She felt the girl’s hands clutching eagerly at her bare buttocks and noticed that her eyes were once again closed in the concentration of desire. This girl was obviously just as excited by giving pleasure as Shawna was to receive it. The temptation to follow this arrangement to its obvious conclusion was great, görükle escort but a final trace of modesty won out and Shawna stopped it before her climax hit, pulling back on the girl’s hair to break the contact.

Milene’s eyes popped open in surprise and she instinctively tried to move back in, to regain the feel and the taste of Shawna’s now very wet cunt. But Shawna held her away, once again pulling her head back so she was staring right at her. Milene’s eyes pleaded for more. Her lips trembled with need, the residue of Shawna’s juices forming a shiny ring all around her mouth. Anita was right – Shawna couldn’t believe how eager this girl was. The scene was hot, so hot, and Shawna almost gave in to the temptation to continue. But she decided, for now, it was time to move on.

“Take it easy, girly,” she said. “You’ll get plenty more later.” Then, to Anita and to the room, she exclaimed, “Damn, Anita, this one really is a ho, isn’t she?” Anita just smiled in response.

But not everyone was ready to move on. Dee Dee, a petite sophomore, made her voice heard over the others. “Hey, no, wait a minute,” she exclaimed, striding toward the two girls in the center of the circle. “I think there’s something else this whore needs to do.” Dee Dee had lost a boyfriend recently to a pretty white girl, and she was eager to take her revenge on this handy surrogate. When she told Shawna to turn around, some of the others were clueless, but Shawna knew immediately what Dee Dee had in mind – a new display of power. They shared a knowing smile and the tall girl turned her back on the still-kneeling white girl. Then, looking at Milene intently, she bent over slightly and reached back to spread herself wide. “Yeah, you got it,” Dee Dee whispered. With that, she grabbed Milene’s hair, yanked her head back, and leaned down so their faces were within inches of each other. “You gonna eat some ASS now, bitch,” she exclaimed, “…some BLACK ass.” Then she roughly jammed Milene’s face into Shawna’s open crack, holding her there as Shawna removed her hands and allowed her meaty butt cheeks to completely engulf the girl’s face. The others watched intently as the erotic scene unfolded before them. With Milene’s face so completely buried in Shawna’s ass, they couldn’t really see the action, but Shawna’s pleasurable gasps, coupled with the drawn-in movement of the white girl’s cheeks, made it clear to everyone that she was licking and sucking Shawna’s asshole. And it was obvious from Milene’s reaction that she would happily stay in the musky crease of Shawna’s ass for as long as she could. Nonetheless, Dee Dee made sure to hold her there, pushing her face into the crack, enjoying the feeling of power that the situation gave her.

Shawna gasped and uttered a trembling “Mmmmmmm” as she felt Milene’s tongue move wetly over her anus. She always loved having her ass licked, a special pleasure she so seldom got to enjoy. And Milene was more excited than ever, completely turned on by the humiliation and her lack of control over the situation. On her own, she grabbed onto Shawna’s thighs and pushed her face in deeper, licking eagerly into the warm indentation of Shawna’s asshole, unable to stifle an excited “Mmmmmm” of her own as she did so. She heard Shawna groan softly, while around the room, she could hear comments and nervous laughter from the other girls, their voices low but clearly betraying their level of arousal. “Jesus, she’s really doin’ it!” … “Damn, look at that slut… she loves it” … and “Fuck, I gotta get me some of that!”

Dee Dee held Milene’s face in Shawna’s ass for several more minutes, enjoying her close-up view of the erotic exhibition, marveling at the enthusiasm of this white slut. It was obvious that she really loved eating out Shawna’s asshole! She was going at it like a cheap whore. And it was hot watching Shawna, too. Shawna eyes were closed tight and her hands gripped her knees to steady herself. She was making animal noises and shivering all over. She was close to cumming right there in front of everybody. She felt that slippery tongue sliding into her asshole, then almost lost it as two fingers slipped into her cunt. She was dying to let it go on, but modesty won out and she pulled herself away from Milene’s incredible hot mouth.

Shawna took at moment to regain control of herself, then looked over at Dee Dee, who had a huge, lascivious grin on her face. Shawna gave her a nasty look and then exclaimed to the room, “Damn! That bitch is somthin’ else. We are in for a night! Damn!” The room exploded in laughter.

There was a brief lull as Shawna got dressed and Anita slipped upstairs. When she returned, she was holding what looked like a dog collar and leash, except the collar looked to be black velvet.

“I thought we’d have a little warm-up,” she announced, then rolling her eyes at Shawna, “though it seems some us are already plenty warmed up. Anyway, before we go too much further, I think sweet pea here needs to show us all the proper respect, don’t you think?”

Milene was surprised to hear Anita call her “sweet pea”. She kind of considered that their private name, to be used in their own sex play. But maybe Anita considered this an extension of their sessions. No matter now – there were other things to deal with.

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