Cut to the Chase


It started like any other night. Pizza, a movie, awkward conversation. I was staring at her noticeably fake boobs when my roommate asked her what turned her on. I blushed because I was a proper sort of gal – not one to talk about such things in mixed company. And anyway, I wasn’t sure I wanted my roommate to know what turned on the girl that I had been sleeping with. (Had been, as in past tense – because she decided that we should be just friends. This didn’t sit well with me but I tried to hide it.) She ran her fingers through her blonde hair and replied to him, “Porn mostly. But I like to read erotica, too.”

I turned to her and said, “You know, that’s funny. A friend of mine bought me the “Best Lesbian Erotica of 2006″ for Christmas. We should read it when we get back to my place.” It was a gag gift, and something I was totally not into, but I thought for sure that would get her in the sack. I was sorely mistaken because everything that we read in the book was total trash. It was about long lost love and transgendered-strap-on moustache gender-bending sex. Hot for some, but not to us. The way we were sitting on the bed though, was much hotter than anything I was reading to her. My leg was strategically placed in between her thighs. I could feel the heat from her seeping into my calf every time I moved. It had only been two days since “we” decided that we were no longer going to see each other “like that,” so I wasn’t quite sure how to act or what to do. She left after we finished the book. I got into bed, disappointed.

She called when she got home. Conversation became sparse, so I asked her what she was doing.

“Oh, bursa eve gelen escort sorry. I’m looking up erotica for you to read. Something better than that horrible book Donnie got you.”

I waited for five minutes. Nothing. I looked and most of it was poorly written, anyway. That, and there was too much fluff. No one wants to hear about how these people met, or the cheesy descriptions of the town they lived in. Get right to it, I say! I told her to give me ten minutes and I’d come up with anything better than she could have found online, anyway. I e-mailed her the following sequence, which I would like to entitle, “Just Cut to the Chase”.


She was lying next to me in my bed. There was obvious tension between us. While she wasn’t paying attention, or maybe while she was, I eased my leg in between her thighs. I felt her warmth. And I knew she wanted it as much as I did.

I slowly moved my hand to the back of her neck. I stroked it slowly as I breathed in her scent. It was enough to drive me crazy – she always smelled amazing. I lowered my mouth to her neck and gently kissed it. I felt her shiver, but went on knowing it wasn’t a bad one. She began to breathe harder and I moved up towards her earlobe. Knowing it was her hot spot; I kissed it and then gently flicked it with my tongue, eventually taking it in between my teeth. I kept kissing her there and on her neck until she couldn’t take it anymore. Finally, I took her face and pulled it towards mine and kissed her passionately. It was a relief of the tension that had been building up. Her bursa escort lips were warm and soft. Her tongue made its way into my mouth and grazed mine ever so lightly. It was so hot that I instantly became wet.

After a few minutes, I pulled away from our lip-lock and took her shirt off. I kissed her again on the lips, then down across her neck. I kept going, down to her collar bone. While kissing her still, I took her bra off. From her clavicle, my tongue led me down to her breasts. I took one nipple in my mouth and breathed on it for a moment. My breath making it hard. I licked circles around it. Then I moved over to the other. Her body was now radiating heat and she was thrusting her pelvis ever so lightly. I knew she couldn’t take it much longer.

While concentrating on her nipples, I moved my hand down her perfect abs, and gently tickled her panty line with two fingers. I could feel her wetness coming through her underwear, so I took them off. Shortly thereafter, I made my way to her clit and began to trace circles around it. She moaned and then sat up. She began to kiss my ear; her breath was so heavy. I pushed her back down and began to kiss her stomach. Her muscles tightened. My tongue skimmed from her stomach to her bellybutton, all the way down to between her thighs.

I kissed each one then went for it.

I began to suck on her clit. And then while flicking it with my tongue, rubbed more circles around her nipple with my free hand.

Back and forth, up and down, slow and then fast, I wanted to bring her to climax as quickly as possible because that meant nothing görükle escort more than another one after it. As I was busily going down on her, I eased my finger inside of her. She screamed with pleasure, “Oh my god, yes!” I pushed my finger all the way inside and rubbed her g-spot.

I moved back up her body, kissing her and biting her bottom lip, while working my finger inside of her still. Our bodies were moving in synch, like the ebb and flow of the ocean. She began to breathe even harder, bit my ear and then said, “This is exactly what I fantasize about. Fuck me forever baby.”

Her back arched and then she screamed my name.

I wouldn’t stop.

She tried to push my hand away, but I knew she could come again.

After she did, I slowly pulled my finger out and licked it. Then I moved back down her body, kissing her neck. And her nipples. Her stomach and her thighs. I licked and sucked my way back down into her again. My tongue moved with the rhythm of her body. I began to spell things with my tongue. First her name. Then mine. And she came again with the last “A.”


I pressed send. Five minutes later, there was a reply: “Write me a book.”

I smiled and responded, “I’d rather show you the real thing…” She immediately wrote back, asking if I was turned on. How could I not be? I was imagining doing all of these things to her. She then told me she wanted to hold me against the wall and go down on me until I couldn’t stand anymore. I wrote back:

“It’s taking every fiber of my being to not get in my car and speed over there right now.”

Her response: “Mmm, and it’s taking everything in me to not tell you to come over and fuck me.”

“Say it.”

“We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Yes, we should. Right now.”



“Come over.”

And so I did. And I swear I did everything that I said I would, and more. The best sex I’ve ever had.

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