Date with my wife


It started with my love of sexy lingerie. I planned a date with my wife. She was to come home from work and go up stairs to clean up. Once all cleaned up she was to put on the outfit I laid out. She had lots of questions that I wasn’t answering. She wasn’t to come into the rest of the house until she was dressed. Well my day started by going to the store shopping for dinner and an outfit. After looking at lingerie picking out a pair of silky black panties, a satin black bra, a garter skirt and stockings, I found a short jean skirt and sexy silk top. My cock was hard as a rock in my panties; knowing the night I had planned and not knowing what my wife would think. So now that the shopping was all done, I was on my way home. Çukurambar escort I put the food away to start the next phase. I headed up stairs to shave my legs, my balls and my ass. Then I got in the shower. My cock was throbbing with excitement, I so wanted to play with my hard smooth cock, but didn’t. Now I put on my special outfit for the night. Sliding my stockings over my smooth legs, oh god how sexy this felt! I put on the garter and fastened them to my stockings. I found it sure was a lot harder to put these sensual items on, than watching her do it. Probably not as sexy either. Boy, as I slid my panties over my legs the silkiness was driving me crazy. I wanted to play with demetevler escort bayan my hard, hot cock. This was driving me crazy. Reluctantly I tucked my cock into my panties and put on the matching bra. I looked at the time, I finished dressing then off to start dinner. As I got in the kitchen to start dinner I grabbed my wife’s white and black apron and put it on so I didn’t get dirty. I was fixing her favorite sauteed shrimp over fettuccine alfredo. As the dinner was cooking, I went in and set the table with candles and a nice bottle of white wine chilling. As was working on the last of dinner, I heard her coming in the garage door. I subtlety called out to her and reminded Escort dikmen her to go straight upstairs. I wondered what she was thinking as she found her outfit laid out on the bed. I couldn’t wait to see her in a nice pair of men’s slacks, a silk button-up shirt, silk boxers and a strap on cock. See we never have talked about any of this. I heard her coming down the stairs and anxiously went to meet her. She met me with her eyes and a slight look of disbelief. She knew about my fetish for panties (she buys them for me and loves to rub my cock in them). As she walked to me with a smile on her face and kissed me deep and passionately; I wondered if she knew that she would be the first to have my sweet rose bud.We were kissing and her hands started moving around, she moved to my ass and she pulled me in. I felt her cock up against mine. I broke our kiss to lead her to the table for dinner. She sat down and poured the wine. I started to walk away to get the food and she slapped my ass, sending a rush of jumping excitement to my cock.

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