Daphne’s Memories of Love

Belly Piercing

One morning Daphne awakened and decided that this night would be the one when she would lose her virginity. It suddenly did not matter that in her twenty-one years of life, she had not fallen in love, nor did it matter that her precious innocence might be lost in a whirlwind of some meaningless encounter.

First of all, she sought her dearest and closest friend Min Aryan to obtain advise about the act of losing one’s virginity. Min only laughed when Daphne told her the plan.

“You can’t seriously be planning to find some guy and hop into bed with him!” Min exclaimed. “That’s the craziest thing I ever heard!”

“Don’t say that, Min!” Daphne grumbled. “I am tired of being a virgin! It seems I’ve been one forever!”

“I know you too well, Daphne. You can’t just sleep with some guy and not become involved,” was Min’s reply.

“I won’t let myself become involved,” Daphne denied. “I am only looking for a guy to rid me of my cursed innocence!”

“Don’t worry, if you go to the ‘Midnight Blue’ tonight and flaunt your stuff to all the hot studs in attendance, I’m certain it won’t be long till one of them offers to take you out for a little fun.”

“You think so, Min?”

“All you have to do is dance with him a bit, rub up against him, and give him a little encouragement.”

“How would you suggest I do that?”

“You’re not that innocent, are you?”

“Hell, you know I’m not.”

“Okay, well— first of all, wear something really sexy— I mean the sexiest thing you have in that prim, little wardrobe of yours. Next, while you are at the ‘Midnight Blue,’ and you have the one you want in mind, get him out on the dance floor. Then you start rubbing your body against his. Ataşehir Escort It’s very simple and it’ll turn him on real fast.”

“Okay, then what?” Daphne demanded.

“Well, by then he’ll start to kiss you. After that, he’s yours. The rest is totally up to you, but I suggest a nice, quiet place for the act of losing that damn virginity of yours.”

“What’s it like, Min? I mean, doing it for the first time?”

“It’s not so bad, Daph. Trust me. There will be some pain and a little bleeding, but it will all be worth it. Believe me!”

“It will most certainly be worth it, if I find the right guy!” said Daphne.

“Okay. Let me help you get ready to find him then.”

Daphne ended up borrowing one of Min’s slinky dresses for the occassion. It was made of a white silken material and accented with bold purple lace. It only reached the top of Daphne’s thighs and showed off most of her sexy, tanned legs. It possessed a low-cut bodice which left a large portion of her ample breasts in view.

After Daphne had squirmed into the tight dress, Min insisted on fixing Daphne’s hair and applying her make-up. “Okay, but just hurry up about it. The ‘Midnight Blue’ opened over a half hour ago, and I can’t wait to go over there and find my man,” Daphne said to her in an almost-snarl.

Min succeeded in making Daphne’s hair look wind-blown and wild. Daphne looked at her appearance in the mirror, gazing in approval at her wavy dark hair and freshly applied cosmetics. She slipped on a pair of dangly gold earrings, stepped into light-brown leather shoes, and let out a loud sigh.

“You’re ready, Daphne. Go knock him dead, Kid,” Min said with a smile, ushering her out the door Kadıköy Escort of her apartment.

“Wish me luck,” she said, feeling the very first twinge of uncertainty grab at her.


Daphne didn’t see him right away when she entered the ‘Midnight Blue.’ There were a lot of people there that night, and the dance floor and the nearby tables were packed with dozens of hot, sexy men. Daphne’s prospects were many, but it was ultimately HIM who ultimately had her attention.

Daphne could not say what it was that attracted her to him. Later she decided it must have been his eyes. They were ever so brown but they changed color with the reflecting light. Those eyes were very intense as he pierced his gaze into hers. He made her hot all over with just his look, and Daphne found it suddenly difficult to breathe normally as he approached her across the crowded room where she stood near the dance floor.

Daphne suddenly had the urge to run from him and throw her body against his all at once. Damn! No man had made her feel like this before. He had to be the one!

She made her decision right then, before he had even touched her or had spoken a word to her, that he would be the one to make love to her for the first time. “I’d like to dance with you,” she heard him say, his words a whisper but his intentions a scream.

Daphne said nothing as she took his hand and guided him out to the dance floor. The song was a relatively slow one, and in a heartbeat she was in his arms. Incredible feelings rushed over her as his body seemed to entangle with hers. She could feel his warm breath fanning her cheek as he crushed her closer, as his fingers fisted her hair. She suddenly found herself Ümraniye Escort longing to make love to him right then and there —- on the dance floor if he would allow it!

Suddenly he pulled back from her, his eyes once again searching hers. “I don’t even know your name,” he said, his wonderful eyes again making her feel all tingly inside. “My name is Shane.”

“Shane,” she whispered back, testing his name on her lips. “My name is Daphne.”

“I want to spend the night with you, Daphne,” he suddenly said, the words coming fast, ramming into Daphne’s heart.

He didn’t give her the chance to reply. His lips swept down to taste hers, his arms suddenly crushing her daringly close. She felt his tongue coaxing hers and all thoughts left her head. She was lost.

“Daphne,” she heard him whisper, and she suddenly realized he was no longer kissing her, although she remained crushed against the length of his tall, muscular body.

“Make love to me, Shane. Please,” she managed to speak in a strangled voice. “I want you so much.”

Daphne felt the wild response of his body with her words. His muscles seemed to tighten around her, his hard arousal evident against the flesh of her tummy. “You don’t know what you are saying, beautiful one,” he said in an almost harsh sigh as loud song with a fast rhythm began to play.

No one seemed to notice that he and Daphne were locked in close embrace during the song, for many of those around them were dancing similarly. “I know exactly what I’m saying,” Daphne insisted. “I want you, Shane. Tonight.”

“Wait right here,” he suddenly said. He then disappeared into a sea of strangers, and Daphne feared she may never see him again, her body protesting from having lost the warmth of his.

She was close to panicking when he finally returned, a knowing smile on his lips. Something gold flashed within his hand and Daphne’s eyes caught upon it. “The keys to my friend’s van. We’re going to the lake.”

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