Diary of an EnglishTeacher

Big Tits

‘Dedicated to Bartlomiej Wielgos whom Blake Wilde was based on’


I couldn’t resist. I know I’m just an ordinary English teacher in an ordinary secondary school, but this time, I couldn’t control the situation.

He’s so gorgeous, so beautiful, yet so intimidating. His beautiful blonde hair, his shining brown eyes, his glasses. My hormones were raging so much that I could feel it in my stomach. Every single time I teached the year 13 A level English group.

I know I should treat all students equally, but this time I must abandon this rule.

Blake Wilde drives me insane; with his accent, his looks, his everything.

I know that I’m his English teacher and I’m 32 years old, but he doesn’t look like a simple 18 year old student. He is more than that.

On every Thursday, English is the last period, so today on the 10th of May, I kept the whole class in to finish their assignments. When everybody was ready to go, I told Blake that he needs to stay for another half an hour so we can go over his assessment , as he has a couple of mistakes.

He sat down in front of me. I was trying to explain the language devices, but I kept getting distracted by his beautiful stare.

He was staring — at my breasts.

“What are you looking at young lad?” — Maltepe Escort I asked him.

“No…nothing Miss T.” — He said very confused.

The situation surely became very awkward as he was definitely gazing at my cleavage.

I dropped the pen, grabbed his hand, and put his hands on top of my boobs.

“Better now? Is that what you were dreaming of?” — I smiled.

His hand was shaking. He was confused, yet i could see his excitement on his face.

“Don’t be shy! C’mon, lock the door!” — I ordered him.

He stood still on his chair for a minute. He was shocked. I waited, waited and waited. He did not move, so I had to get up and lock the door myself.

“See, it wasn’t so hard, was it?” — I questioned him, as I unbuttoned my top.

He did not move still, so I decided to sit on top of him. I grabbed his hands once again, and made him undo my bra. I did small circles around my boobs with his hands in mine, and I could feel his erection growing. I knelt down in front of him and pulled down his zipper. He was still there frozen, with the shocked face.

I pulled down his black school trousers and he was sitting there in his white boxers. I could see his erection through his pants. As I pulled down those sexy boxers, his huge penis popped Anadolu Yakası Escort up immediately. It was around 16 centimeters. I started to lick it from the balls, all the way up to his bellend. When I reached it, I put his whole cock in my mouth, and started to suck it intensely.

He leaned back and closed his eyes. I could see that he was enjoying it, from the quiet moaning sounds he made.

After five minutes of hard sucking I pulled down my skirt and knickers and I sat into his hard cock.

It was an indescribable feeling, when he was inside me for the first time. My fantasies came true. I started to bounce on top of him and by each minute, I moved faster. He was holding my hips with his two hands as he was pounding my wet pussy which was wetter than a wishing well.

I screamed so loud; he gave me so much pleasure, I couldn’t even handle it.

Nobody has made me scream this much before. It was so exciting that I had to cross my legs, as my nerves enjoyed it too.

His penis thrusting through my vagina made me come so hard; I began sweating like I’ve just completed the marathon. His penis was covered in my filthy pussy liquid.

I started to bounce even faster and harder and all I could feel was a warm, overwhelming feeling inside my Ümraniye Escort vagina. He came. Inside me.

I got up. His warm penis custard was dripping down from the tip of his penis. I knelt down again, and licked off his surprisingly delicious load.

It tasted sweet. I enjoyed every moment of this precious hour. The only thing that worried me is the fact that he came inside me. What If I get pregnant by an 18 year old school boy? The best solution is to take an after pill. Nothing can ruin this wonderful moment.

After we both came, a laid down onto the teaching desk, but before that I pushed everything down with my hands. I outstretched my legs, allowing Blake to eat me out.

When his lips touched my clitoris, I felt like I was in heaven. It was so great and superficial. He done it like he was a professional. His lips kissed the top of my vagina just before he pushed his lips inside it.

After a few minutes of heavenly oral satisfaction, he pushed his two long fingers inside it. He went deeper down each time, until he found my G spot. I kept crying out, it was so deep and so hard.

The orgasm I got from his magic fingers was so superhuman that I can’t even describe it.

When I came for the second time, I whipped my transparent pussy mucus with a piece of tissue which I threw in the bin afterwards. We both dressed up and didn’t say a word.

“It was my first time” — He murmured.

I got so shocked that I collapsed onto the ground. This sentence was the last thing I remembered from that evening.

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