In Spring We Loved


“…he loves me… he loves me not… he loves me… he loves me not…”

Jann lay on her stomach in the empty paddock next to her parents home. The field was green with the winters rain and now that Spring had arrived, white daisies were everywhere – covering the satin green in a sea of white and yellow dots. A shallow creek trickled nearby which had no apparent beginning or end – gurgling and babbling as it passed by, and the beautiful big old pine and willow trees, spot planted everywhere, stood willowing and swaying to the gentle breezes that blew. Jann’s face screwed up in a frown of disbelief as she ended on “… he loves me not…”, and discarding the stalk, picked another daisy.

“He loves me… he loves me not… he loves me… he loves me not…”

Jann stood slowly and began walking through the field toward her home, continuing to pluck the petals. She didn’t notice the beauty that Mother Earth provided – the birds chirping happily from the safety of the high treetops, the trickling creek which lay glistening and gleaming as sunbeams danced lightly on its silvery form – not even her faithful and loyal canine friend could snap her from her trance, as he came bounding toward her, barking furiously.

For Jann was in love and at 18 years of age, she had given her all to him, for she was certain that he loved her also. She smiled a triumphant smile as the last petal ended on “… he loves me…”, and a tingling sensation rocked through her body as flashes of their sweet, sensual lovemaking passed through her mind. She felt so lucky that she had given her virginity to him – he who had promised to spend the rest of his life with her – not like her friends Monica and Denise, who lost their virginity to a group of bikies passing through town one weekend.

Duke jumped up and caught her off guard, knocking her to the ground. He began licking her face in reckless abandon and as she snapped to reality, she laughing hysterically and cuddled her golden Labrador fondly. Standing once more, she began to run through the green field, her canine friend close on her heels – jumping with delight as he frolicked with his Mistress.

Arriving home, Jann crept into her bedroom from the veranda and lay on her huge, soft bed – Duke, following suite, lay stretched out by her side – panting exhaustingly after his romp in the field. Closing her eyes, Jann relived the beautiful memories passed and almost believed them to be happening again as her hips began gyrating in response to her daydreams.

Jann was tall and well developed for her 18 years. Her breasts were round and full and her shapely hourglass figure would have every head turning in her direction if she did not hide it with clothing two sizes too big for her. Monica and Denise, however, were ‘stick figures’ and were not afraid to show their small, petite frames.

Now, in the prime of her adolescence, Jann was beginning to feel emotions that were new to her, and beyond her comprehension. What was this bittersweet churning in her stomach, and the longing and aching in her groin? Why were her breasts so sensitive to the touch? And, how can you feel so elated and yet so deflated?

Jann turned over on her side and drifted into a light sleep. She desperately wanted to see him again, to touch him, to hold him close. She felt so safe in his arms…


He, like Jann, was born and bred in this little town of 1500 – where everyone knew everyone’s business. His Dad owned the corner store and his mother liked nothing better than to ‘spread the gossip’ and at times, the store would be full of gossiping females.

He was two years her senior and in his last year of college, was contemplating a degree in agriculture, which meant leaving this peaceful country setting, for the rat race of the city.

To him, Jann had always been ‘just there’, ‘just another girl’, but ever since he spied her down the river last summer in the skimpiest bikini he had ever seen, he realized how beautiful she had become. Her long, blonde curly locks shone in the dancing sunlight, and draped over milky white shoulders as she stretched out by the rivers edge to engulf Şerifali Escort the heat of the early afternoon sun. He could not help but notice her big and beautiful breasts, nor her long and slender legs (how could he notice when she always wore sacks and baggy jeans, he thought in his defence).

Monica and Denise were waist high in the river – playfully splashing each other and trying hard to stay away from Duke, who wanted to join in the fun. Their breasts were tiny in comparison to Jann’s, but their nipples were long and protruded clearly beneath their water soaked bikini tops.

The three of them let out a ‘wow’ in unison, as they crouched spying behind some prickly gorse bushes growing wild along the riverbank. They were all three, used to seeing Monica and Denise with next to no clothes on, but none of them had seen Jann, the way they saw her that day. Their loins swelled at the sight before them and they each thought how lucky Duke was.

No one had the nerve to interrupt the girls at play, so they departed quietly, and only when they were far enough away, did they talk freely about the size of Jann’s knockers. They began fantasizing about moulding them and licking and sucking on them – each of them laughing about their fantasy’s, yet each of them secretly desiring to have those fantasies fulfilled. He knew he had to act quickly if he was to beat his mates – Richard and Dean – to the prize catch – Jann!

The next day he saw Jann walking home with her friends Monica and Denise, and on impulse, ran up to her and offered to carry her books for her. She was embarrassed, he could tell, and her friends giggled teasingly at her, which made him feel as though he had just done something ‘really dumb’. Jann looked into his beautiful blue eyes, smiled, and handed her books to him, which eased the awkward situation he had brought upon himself.

From that day, they began to spend a lot of time together and had become quite intimate over the passing year. On Jann’s 18th birthday, they went past the point of no return and entered the land where adults play and it was more intense than he had ever dreamed imaginable.

Jann’s kisses were oh-so-sweet, which sent his mind spinning, and as he sucked and moulded her soft, yet firm breasts, he slowly, but carefully, entered her juicy love canal – piercing the thin piece of telltale virgin skin. She screamed in pain and he stopped instantly and began kissing her lightly on her ruby red lips. She responded and when her breathing became more controlled, he continued easing his manhood into her silky tight opening.

They were in the missionary position down by the river and he lifted her long, luscious legs over his shoulders so that he could enjoy the visionary splendour of the moment. He could not believe how soft and silky her skin felt against his own and was unable to keep his hands from her breasts, as he continually squeezed and pawed them lovingly. His thrusts became faster and harder, and breathing, fevered and erratic, as they were soon, both lost in this unison of pure bliss. Before he realized, he had ejaculated deep inside her and so he remained there for sometime as he gently kissed her lips, her neck, her shoulders and her breasts. He licked her nipples and marvelled at the way she arched her back so that her breasts pointed upward as if hungry for his touch.


They were walking hand in hand, down the country lane that lead to the river, which flowed past the northern end of the little town where she was born and grew up in. She was deliriously happy and as he unclasped their hands and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her in closer to him, she felt she was on cloud 9, and she wrapped her arm around his waist. His hand rested lightly on her right breast and wearing only an oversized t-shirt and bra, her nipple became erect when his fingers brushed it, as they walked. A power of emotion attacked her pelvic area and she hugged him tight.

The sun shone brightly this day and as they neared the river, he stopped suddenly, checked to see that they were quite alone, then asked Jann if she could strip for Göztepe Escort him – for he longed to see and feel her once more. She was somewhat embarrassed, but felt excited at the same time, so she obliged his request and within moments, stood before him – naked. They continued walking and as her breasts bounced about – happy to be free from their confines, he found it difficult to keep his fingers at bay, as they worked their way into moist, dark crevices and slid over soft curves. Arriving at the secluded area where she had lost her virginity the week before, he turned to face her and focussed intently on every curve and crevice. Kneeling in front of her, he eased her bottom lips open wide enough to quench his thirst for her sweet juices. She began squirming in response to his tongue deep inside of her and her legs felt like jelly as moans drifted along in the breeze. They stopped suddenly, yet muffled moans continued.

Following the sound, they spied Denise, Richard and Dean engaged in a threesome behind the bushes some 100 yards further along the riverbank. Jann was somewhat taken aback at what she saw. Denise was completely naked and on all fours with Richard’s mammoth tool in her mouth, while Dean was pumping furiously from behind. Jann watched as her friend’s slit opened and closed with each thrust and she became filled with an aching desire to be experiencing the same thrill as her friend.

As if he could read Jann’s mind, he lead her away from the threesome and back to their own secluded spot – where he laid her down gently, and brought her legs up and on either side of her perfect breasts. As if in a trance, he saw only those intoxicating lips – parted slightly, and that engorged love bud, as he undressed in record time. He knelt, straddling her waist and bent over to kiss her lightly on the lips. Jann wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her. Their loving embrace tightened as their lips seemed pasted together. His hands were on either side of her face as he slid his tongue into her partly opened mouth and searched for hers. She touched his tongue nervously with her own, and soon, they were both lost in a whirlpool of twirling tongues and writhing bodies.

He disengaged from their passionate embrace and sitting up straight, offered her a taste of his manhood. Jann was horrified at first, but then remembered the pleasure her friend seemed to be having, so she began by licking the clear gooey substance which oozed from it’s tip. It tasted salty, but not disgustingly so, as she wrapped her lips around the top edge. He began to drive his tip in and out of her mouth – each thrust getting deeper and deeper until she was gagging on his full girth. Her head tilted back automatically to receive it all as he pumped faster and faster into her mouth.

He was on the verge of one almighty climax and with one last thrust deep into Jann’s throat, he filled her mouth with jism which ejected with such force that she gagged, and it oozed from the sides of her mouth and down her chin. She tried to swallow as much as she could, when he withdrew and rested his now disengorged member between her beautiful breasts – covering them with saliva and cum residue. The feeling of her soft mounds of flesh massaging his quieted tool, sent him reeling into another spasm of sexual excitement and he found his member rising once more, to the occasion.

He repositioned himself between her legs and gently forced his finger into her love hole. Inside, he wriggled it around and then began poking it in and out. He pulled back the foreskin surrounding her sensitive clitoris with his other hand, and leaned forward to suck on it. Jann was on another planet as wave after wave of emotion attacked her deep within. She could not control these attacks any longer and she shuddered and wailed to a roaring climax – her hands firmly attached to his head as she held him tight. He stopped, licked her lovingly, then lifted himself and entered her with one thrust. Jann squealed with discomfort as her tight vaginal walls struggled to expand to the size of this sudden invasion. He began pumping – slowly at first, but then Ümraniye Escort – gaining momentum, he was soon speeding along like a bullet train. Jann was by now, in a frenzy of delight and became uncontrollable as she bucked and squirmed to his deep, penetrating thrusts. For the second time in their lives, they were both lost in the abyss of pure bliss and for the second time, he deposited his millions of tadpoles deep inside her womb.

“Bravo! Yeah! Wo-hoo!” It was Denise, Richard and Dean – now fully clothed, looking on and cheering, Squatting on the rise above, Denise’s skirt was up around her waist and the boy’s fingers were having a field day as they poked and prodded in between her legs, leaving her squirming and wriggling as they watched the x-rated scene from their vantage point. Denise was cumming, so they continued to finger her vigorously until she shuddered ecstatically – holding tight to their arms for support.

It was useless running for cover, so Jann stood up and quietly dressed – Richard and Dean watched her like hawks as they brought Denise to her climax.

They walked home together – mainly in silence.


For the next few months, life could not have been happier for Jann – even her mother noticed a certain glow emanating from her daughter and she had her suspicions of why this could be so. Jann had been spending a lot of time with Sarah O’Reilly’s youngest boy lately – a nice enough lad, always polite and helpful – maybe it was time for the ‘sex’ talk.

It was nearing the middle of November and as they walked hand in hand down the country lane, which lead to the river, he stopped and told her he loved her. He told her he would always love her – even when he was away in the city studying for his agriculture degree. He drew her close to him and held her tight as he told her that he would be leaving at the end of November.

Jann felt as though a bombshell had exploded inside and shattered her innermost dreams and she tried hard to fight back the tears that swelled. How could she ever live without him? How could he ever consider leaving her? Breaking his hold, she ran from him, and could vaguely hear him calling after her –

“Jann! Jann! Look out!”

He reached her just in time to save her from tumbling over the edge and down the bank, into the deeper part of the river. It had been raining all week so the current had become rapid and the water level had risen considerably. Jann fell backward and landing on her ‘rear end’, looked up just in time to see him lose his balance and disappear over the side of the bank.

“No! Sean! Sean!”

Jann screamed in frantic desperation and she tried to scramble down the bank. His body had not resurfaced and he was either swept undertow, or he was stuck. Without hesitation, Jann jumped into the river and through the eerie haze, she saw his white t-shirt hooked on the roots of a tree. Swimming as hard as she could toward his lifeless form, she unhooked him, and they were free to drift upward, to safety.

As her eyes adjusted to the sunlight, she found herself sweeping along with the current and trying hard to keep his head above water, directed them both toward the waters edge – using the current to propel them. As scared as she was that he may die, or may be dead already, she tried hard to remember her first aid course manual for ‘drowning’ victims. Turning him over on his stomach, she pressed on his upper back in an effort to clear any water, which filled his lungs. His body convulsed and water spouted from his mouth and nose. Turning him on his back once more, she tilted his head back to open his air canals and after pinching his nose closed, she began breathing her air into him, and then retracting it – ever so lightly. She continued this for what seemed to her to be an eternity when she suddenly noticed blood oozing from a wound in the back of his head. She lifted his head to inspect the wound and began screaming uncontrollably. A branch had lodged itself deep into his brain, and he was quite dead. She stood up and ran, and ran, and ran.


On a beautiful Spring afternoon, they buried Sean O’Reilly in pastures green, which lay covered in a sea of white and gold dots.

Jann was silent throughout the service as she relived that day continually in her mind. She had wanted it to be the best day of her life, for she was going to tell him that she was pregnant with their child!

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