Danny, Grandma and Me


“…And I just don’t know what’s wrong with her”

“Chuffing hell Lise, she’s nearly sixty six. She probably can’t be arsed with it”

“Oh she can be arsed all right. Trust me. I’ve seen her toy cupboard”

“Her toy cupboard?”

“She’s got at least three dildos, four vibrators, tapes, magazines, all sorts”


“Never mind where. She still likes doing it Danny, believe me.”

“She just might not like blokes then.”

“She does. You haven’t seen her on Friday nights. Can you remember when you came in the Samsons last year? And she had them four round her? Buying her drinks all night?”

“So? She’s just a cock teaser then.”

“So how come I heard her vibro going for most of the night afterwards then?”

“While you were in the other bed?”

“She thought I was asleep. Mindst you I had to have a crafty finger as well, listening to that… You know summat? I think she knew I was awake when I come to think of it. She probably didn’t care. She’s stood lookout for me often enough.”

“You have your own Granny standing lookout for you on Friday nights? You dirty slut.”

“Fuck off. You’ve been through plenty. It’s you that’s the slut.”

“But at least I don’t have me Granny on lookout”

“Shurrup. Look, what about Emma. Why won’t she go with any of these fellas?”

“Maybe she just likes watching.”


“She might be a voyeur. Maybe that’s why she stands lookout for you. ‘Cos she likes watching.”

“Do you think so?”

“I don’t know. Maybe she comes out with you on Friday nights, watches you shagging all and sundry like the little slut you are and then comes home and wanks herself stupid.”

“You’re the slut.”

“You are the slut.”

“No no, it’s you who are the slut.”

“It’s I who IS the slut, not who ARE the slut.”

“See. You are the slut.”


Now this actually turned me on a little bit. Up until now I’d never thought anything of having Emma standing lookout for me while I sucked or fucked some anonymous slippery cock in the half lit area behind the hoarding on the road home.

But now I come to think about it, I seem to recall that Emma wasn’t always looking out but rather in, to the gloom of a sweaty, vocal, stand-up at gone midnight and the thought always lurking, always thrilling, that anyone might happen past and catch me at it.

And all the while, someone WAS watching, probably getting as wet as I was, being turned on, seeing me wrestle with clothing, zips, knickers in a hot, passion filled, episode of steamy one night sex.

“Do you know Danny. I think you might be right. Has she ever watched you?”

“I don’t facking fink so.”

“How do you know? I’ve walked in on you wanking no end of times.”

“Twice, that’s all. And you sneaked in so you could look at my mighty manhood.”

“Mighty? I don’t think so.”

“Well maybe not. I probably wouldn’t touch the sides in that bucket you’ve got.”

“Fuck off. It’s that small you wouldn’t touch the sides if you shoved it up my arse.”

“Oh… You’d like me to slide my throbbing gristle in your arse eh?”

“Fuck. Taksim Escort Off. You dirty little bastard. I’m not letting my brother fuck me anywhere. Never mind up the arse.”

“So why do you keep sneaking in to gaze on my enormous slab of man-meat?”

“Fuck off”

And so it went. I walked out, wet between the thighs and nipples taught against my shirt. Absolutely NOT thinking about Dannys’ meat and two, but the thought of Emma watching me all this time and not realising until now that she really was a voyeur.

In the kitchen I busied myself with making tea and toast before I headed up to my room. Sitting at the table I began to daydream.

Being taken by some long thick cock. I’d be on hands and knees with this rock-hard piece of flesh slamming into my sopping pussy, making me grunt with each and every thrust, my elbows bent, allowing my reddened swollen nipples to scrape maddeningly across the rough texture of the carpet beneath. I’d look up and see Emma with her back to the wall, shirt open, bra pulled up to her chest letting her long, very long, sagging titties flop onto her belly, jiggling and jouncing with the intensity of the thrusts she made, repeatedly into her sloppy, gaping cunt with her favourite pink, darkly veined latex cock.

Then, tearing her gaze from my jiggling tits and looking straight into my eyes she would whisper hoarsely “Lisa, oh Lisa, I love watching you fuck. Seeing your arse jammed up tight against his belly while he slams that meat into your lovely twat. I’m so wet Lisa, watching your beautiful, suckable young nipples grinding into the floor.” Then she would take her hugely swollen clit between her thumb and finger and twisting and pinching, slide herself down the wall and slowly across the floor towards my waiting, slavering lips. “Bite it Lisa. Chew it. Suck it. Eat it.”

“I said; are you going to eat that?”

“Yes… Yes I am.. What?” I roused and with a start realised it was Dannys’ voice, which had broken my trance.

“That toast? Are you going to eat it?”

“No. It’s cold. I’m not bothered.”

“Right. I’ll have it then.”

“You have it then, I’m off to bed.”

What was I thinking of? Sucking Emma’s fanny? What? Why would…? Shivering with each step on the stairs accompanied by intermittent wooden creaks and scrapes I found myself facing not my bedroom but my Grandmother’s.

Holding my breath I stood on the landing, listening. No sound. No lights under doors. Nothing. I carefully (and silently) made my way forwards in the gloom. Stepping ever-so-carefully across the noisiest part of the wooden floor. I had got even with the bathroom door and about 2 steps from my destination when suddenly Emma’s door became outlined in a warm pearly opalescence. Panicking, I ducked quickly into the partly open bathroom doorway.

I stood, sweating in the nervous dark of the echoing room, ears pricked, nipples still taughtly outlined and thighs slick with anticipation. Surreptitiously I leaned on the door and closed home the short bolt. I pulled the cord to flood the room with actinic brilliance, squeezing my eyes shut, too late.

With Taksim Escort Bayan spots dancing before me I leaned my head against the party wall with Emmas bedroom. Was that her door opening? A softened jumble of sound reached through the wall and my head. I pressed my ear close to.

Cupboard doors, the pad of feet on tufted floor, bedsprings under weight, the sharp slithering of sheets abandoned. Then slowly, gradually the distinct sounds of pleasure. Pushing my head hard against the wall, making the muffled sounds a little bit clearer, I could hear soft whimpering and mixed with the panting breath of my Grandmother.

Feeling the pressure of the cold wall tiles invading my shirt to strike a sweet shocking insistence into my now heaving breasts, I began to fractionally slide my erect nipples across the roughened grout sending delicious waves of excitement through my chest and belly, making me hug this solid, impersonal, glazed, blank lover to my body.

‘What the FUCK am I doing? I’m trying to shag a wall here. Pull yourself to-fucking-gether woman. It’s one o’clock in the morning and you’re frotting with the bathroom fucking wall, listening to your Granny jacking herself off! I’ve got to get some sleep.’

Unbolting the door and plunging the bathroom once more into gloom I stepped out onto the landing.

“Uuuhhnnn. Danny”

‘What the fuck?”

Emma’s bedroom door was ajar, spilling pale luminescence across the floor and it was her voice I had heard. ‘Danny?’

Taking the two necessary, stealthy steps, I came up against Emma’s door and, leaning forward peered in. Danny wasn’t there. But Grandma was, accompanied by whispers, small moans and guttural language impossible to comprehend.

I turned ever so lightly and slightly and gripping the doorframe leaned over to get the best possible view and to rest my burgeoning breasts and nipples across the hardwood angle.

With my weight on one foot, I balanced precariously, slaveringly watching Emma, with her long dancing, flopping jugs, jam her favourite, pink, veined, latex cock into her hairy sopping twat. Hairy? The dark, curling hair on her minge flowed thickly from her puffy pink lips, across her groin and upward towards her belly making a thick lustrous mott. One, quick thrusting hand forced her dildo smoothly and sinuously between her lower lips whilst the fingers of the other pulled and tugged on her engorged, reddened clit.

‘Oh fuck. Fuck it Emma. Fuck that cock. Oh you dirty bitch. Fuck it’

Pressing my tits hard against the doorjamb my left hand urgently found it’s way under my skirt and into my soaked knickers, two fingers pressing unerringly into my waiting hole. Soft crying sounds escaped me in counterpoint to my Grandma’s more vocal utterings.

Warm fingers, sharp nails, were laid bare against the inner thigh of my counterbalancing leg. The hem of my pleated, short, plaid skirt was raised and laid across my back. I could have cared less. A fuck is a fuck. And a cock is exactly what I needed now. A hard, bare, belly was pressed down against my quivering flesh as the unmistakable head of a large hot cock insinuated Escort Taksim itself between my thighs.

As I felt the head of this unknown meat touch my probing fingers, keeping my eyes glued to Emma self fucking on the dishevelled bed not five feet away, I instinctively pressed home the advantage and the advancing anonymous dick.

Hands reached around and pulled apart my shirt, tearing buttons, holes and cotton and releasing my tits to those grasping fingers. Pushed, unbalanced, I reached forward, pushing Emma’s bedroom door open wide. Gasping I watched as Emma raised her head and looked into my eyes. Then a voice behind; “Now we’ll see if I can fill that bucket.”

In the open doorway, with my Grandma staring, eyes flickering from my dangling, sweating titties to the face of my personal intruder, still working her latex cock into her old dripping pussy I came on the first long, hard thrust of that ‘mighty man-hood’. Crying out, grunting, mewling and finally whimpering my orgasm as it tore through me, the subsiding after many hard thrusting motions making me stumble forward on legs of jelly.

I’ll say one thing for my brother. He managed to keep at least half of his length deep within my aching cunt as I collapsed onto Emma’s bed. Holding tight onto my fleshy hips he continued fucking my twat, sending gloriously echoing waves of pleasure through my almost sated, sweat soaked, willing body, as Emma gleefully worked her way down the bed towards my eagerly anticipating tongue.

Without any preliminaries I pushed my tongue deep into Emma’s twat, pressing my nose into and against her clit and then tongue fucked her as hard as I could. Danny’s throbbing cock kept up my rhythm, slamming into my minge and forcing my tongue between those engorged lips.

With my face bathed in cunt juice and my own juice washing down my thighs I begged them both “No more. I’m well and truly fucked”

After several more deeply satisfying thrusts of his meat Danny relented. I slid gratefully to the floor, only to see Danny step over my nakedness and immediately plunge his still straining cock into Emma’s waiting cunt.

With her calves draped over the end of the bed Emma pleaded, “Just one more thing before you go Lisa”


“Climb over here and suck my clit while Danny gives me the fucking I need and deserve.”

I gladly obliged. And with Danny’s belly slapping the side of my face as his length rode in and out of Grandma I duly and dutifully nibbled and bit and chewed on her clit.

With her hips now bucking and her fistfuls of my hair in her hands Emma came on Danny’s cock, thrashing wildly she cried hoarsely “Now Danny, Now”

Emma let go of my hair and lifted my head in her hands directing my face towards my brothers exploding cock. I opened my mouth to capture his seed, which hit the back of my throat hugely. Then he sprayed his spunk into my hair as Grandma pushed me away to accept her own reward on her sagging tits, in her face and onto her belly.

I was tired. I was sated and I needed a shower.

As I left the bathroom I looked in Emma’s bedroom to see Danny’s ‘throbbing gristle’ being forced into his grandmothers backside with obvious enjoyment and relish from both.

I stood and watched for a while, as they both acknowledged my presence with glee.

I walked back towards my bedroom wondering vaguely what it would be like to have some cock up my arse.

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