Daughter Punished


Ever since I turned 18 I have always taken pleasure in going to the bathroom, either to take a piss or for a bowel movement. I guess it was partly from the fact that my father would always find an excuse to come into the bathroom for something while I was taking a piss or letting some shit out. Of course I would never lock the door either. He would always excuse himself, not without taking a look at me crouched over the toilet my panties around my ankles. I had become accustomed to the intrusions and over the years, I would enjoy showing myself, parting my legs and sitting with my back straight letting him enjoy my displayed pussy and pubic hairs. I would often part my lips with my fingers while peeing, hoping he would barge in the bathroom and of course he did looking at my pussy with lust filled eyes. Or pretending I was hot and sitting on the toilet with my panties around my ankles and just a bra on showing my pear shaped double ds. It was inevitable that things would escalate between him and I, I never thought they would also escalate with my brother and mother also.

By the time I turned eighteen my mother showed me how to shave my pussy and asshole, showing me how to make my cunt and ass appealing to men. I still keep myself shaved except for a lovely landing strip on top of my clitoris, my boyfriend Mike whom I met at a nude beach would like me to let my hair grow, but since my mother also has hers shaved into a landing strip, I decided to keep myself the way daddy liked mommy.

You can imagine me as an 18 year old voluptuous buxom, 36dd pear shaped breasts, rosy nipples – 28 inch waist – 40 inch hips, 5 foot 4 with full curly auburn hair, with also an hourglass figure. I like to display my body and tease my father and brother with throbbing erections. I have been dating Mike for about 2 months since I met him on the nude beach with my daddy. But I find that I’m lacking sexual satisfaction from him.

I woke up on a quiet morning with my usual morning peeing needs. I slowly slipped on my white fishnet nightie and made my way to the bathroom. As I ran to the bathroom, one hand cupping my pussy to prevent me from peeing myself and the other holding my bouncing titties, my father Jules in his bathrobe saw me from the hall and followed me, I made sure to swing my hips to show him my delicious ass. I rushed into the bathroom raised my nightie and sat down on the toilet, enjoying the swift flow spraying from my parted pussy lips. I kept them parted using both hands, arched my back letting my breasts show through the fishnet fabric, hoping my father would come into the bathroom so I could show him my large breasts now with hard nipples poking through the fabric and my pee glistening pussy lips and hardening clitoris.

As on cue he came into the bathroom, muttering something about shaving himself, while looking straight at my pussy. I finished peeing but kept my lips parted and started stroking my clitoris looking at my father staring at me. My breasts now heaving with my heavy Mecidiyeköy Escort breathing, I pinched my clit hard preventing me from achieving orgasm and turned only to find to my dismay no toilet paper.

‘Daddy, we’re out of paper! I wanted to take a shit this morning!

‘I know Nancy, if you wait I can run to the store and get some for you`

Pouting I got up, adjusted my nightie over my pussy and ass and made my way to the kitchen. I heard him leave the bathroom and head towards the garage. As I entered the kitchen, my mother was at the counter drinking some orange juice. I noticed that my mother was only wearing her apron, her back turned to me I could see her full butt cheeks and her pussy lips peeking through her legs. My mother, Kathy, is a large breasted sexually open minded woman of 40 years with natural 36d breasts also pear shaped but showing a little more sag than mine with long protruding nipples, long flowing curly dark brown hair, and also hourglass figure.

‘Mom daddy went to the store, we’re out of toilet paper!’

She turned around, gave an appreciative stare at my outfit and giggled: ‘I know honey, I had to poop this morning and I couldn’t wipe! It’s so embarrassing. Your brother also took all the hot water so I couldn’t wash up this morning. I hope you don’t mind me wearing this I didn’t want to get any underwear stained!’

As I came closer to her, she lovingly caressed my breasts while saying: ‘Oh baby your body is so beautiful, young and fresh, your daddy has been talking about his fantasies of fucking you in your asshole while he fucked me in my ass last night. He came so hard, he was still coming all over my chest and breasts when I was cleaning his cock with my mouth.’

I noticed a sweet but also a bit pungent odor about her, also mixed with the definite odor of male dick and sperm. Looking at the cleft of her breasts I could see where the sperm smell was coming from. Her chest was caked in a sweet smelling layer of male seed.

I was becoming aroused imagining my father entering my anus, my pussy lips started to swell and leak learning that my father was fantasizing about me. My mother noticed my aroused smell and hardening nipples, she looked at me gave me a kiss on the lips, and lowered her hands to my mound, and slipped a finger inside my lips. Still smiling she brought it to her nose and licked it quickly. She said: ‘ Nancy, why don’t you help me getting dressed today’

As I came I onto her room, I noticed some of daddy`s belt on her bed. The bed covers were all on the floor and there was a small puddle of what I believed was fuck juices on the bed. I slowly climbed on and brought my nose and mouth close to the wet stain, smelling in their pussy and dick secretions. It was so taboo and exciting smelling their mixed juices, I ran my mouth and tongue over the wetness like a dog, licking it up.

While I had my nose deeply buried in the sheets, I felt my mother parting my legs and rubbing my anus Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan with her fingers. She pushed my nightie over my head, then squirted some liquid on her fingers and slowly entered my ass with her index. I cried out in pain and I cupped my pussy with my right hand, rubbing my lips gently, and thinking about my father entering me.

”Nancy you didn’t go to the bathroom this morning! I feel some stuff inside you!”

She slowly took her finger out of me, and gently pushed me on my back, spread out my arms and tied my wrists to the bed frame. She then turned around with her head facing my pussy, untied her apron, and lowered her chest to my face saying while rubbing her pendulous tits over my mouth: ”You enjoyed your dad’s smell and secretions at the beach now you can lick his sperm off my tits!”

I ran my tongue, lapping at her breasts and suckling her nipples, making sure to lick all the dried caked layer of cum off her chest. It smelled so good, and tasted even better.

She moaned in delight and said in a whisper: ”Ahh you teasing litlle slut, that’s it, lick your daddy`s sperm. Clean mommy…”

Then she surprised me by slapping my aroused pussy hard with her palm, sending waves of pain rippling through my body and making me bite down on her nipple.

”Yessssss” She yelled, while grabbing and pulling my landing strip pubes.

She then moved forward, her breasts and nipples dragging over my breasts and lowering themselves over my stomach. She lowered her ass to my face, she smelled sweet and bitter and the same time. I could still see some brown bits cluttered around her asshole. She gently lowered it to my mouth, and pinched my nipples hard. As I opened my mouth to scream she lowered her asshole on my mouth. I heard her say as she was rocking her ass front and back on my face: ”That’s a good little doggie, clean me all up and I’ll give you a treat!”

I felt dirty but yet excited and I started running my tongue over my mothers anus, delighting in tasting her in the most of taboo places. Having cleaned her thoroughly I even inserted my tongue in her asshole, wanting to taste her some more. My pussy was fully opened and dilated, running it’s liquid on the bed. Meanwhile she put pillows under my ass and tied my legs spread eagle to the bed posts with two of daddy`s belts..

My mother then turned around, and gripped my breasts painfully. ”Nancy, your father told me that you licked his penis and balls at the beach this summer. I know, with all your obvious cock teasing, that you have wanted his dick for a few years now. But you must learn that you have to ask me permission before touching him. Now I’ve allowed him to fuck your anus. Do you understand?”

I promptly replied as she gripped my nipples and pulled them outwards: ”Yes mother!”

”Nancy, you can say no if you object to this, but this is your only chance!”

”Oh no Mom, I want to see, suck, feel and have daddy take Escort Mecidiyeköy my ass cherry!”

She leaned down and started kissing my face, while pressing her breasts on mine; I felt her aroused nipples rubbing on mine, her pussy grinding into my spread lips. I felt so happy and at ease with my mother naked on top of me gently kissing me, I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke feeling a rocking motion; I opened my eyes to see I was still bound to the bed, my mother on all fours on top of me, rocking back and forth. I glanced over her back to see my father, Jules, naked on top of her with his cock rocking in and out of her butt cheeks.

Kathy noticed I was awake and gently moved forward with my father following her still with his penis imbedded in her ass, they slowly got on their knees, and my mother brought her leaky cunt over my mouth. It smelled a bit weird and very acrid, but not unpleasant. I raised my head and reached between her pussy lips and gently licked my fathers hanging hairy balls. He had a heavy salty manly sweaty taste and they smelled a bit like my mothers ass. I enjoyed running my tongue over them feeling them retract and collapse as my father fucked my mother’s anus. I then proceeded in sucking and biting my mother’s enlarged clitoris, taking my revenge on her earlier assault on my breasts. She quickly cummed without letting my father the time to empty his sack into her bowels, she dislodged herself from him and collapsed on the bed next to me.

My father then climbed on me and guided his smelly brown penis towards my mouth. It smelled a lot stronger than when I licked my mother’s ass earlier. I disliked the smell but I wanted to please my daddy, so I started licking it clean. I was surprised by the taste, it had a sweet tangy taste and I enjoyed it immensely, running my tongue enthusiastically all over it, cleaning it thoroughly. I then wanted to suck it and make him cum in my mouth so I could enjoy his taste. But he pushed my head away and lowered himself on me.

He licked my breasts and nipples while gently stroking my hair and running his hand over my pussy, caressing my lips, rubbing my clit.

He then looked in my eyes and asked me: ”Nancy do you want to give me your ass?”

I nodded on the verge of cumming from the attention of his hand on my pussy. He gently raised my ass and started inserting his penis inside my ass.

I felt like he was tearing my insides apart, I whelped in pain but as fast as the pain came it stopped. He had come to the end of inserting his cock in me and as he was suckling on my breasts he waited for my ass sphincters to come accustomed to his dick. He sucked my nipples and caressed my clit for about 5 minutes before he started humping my asshole. He came quickly inside my ass, I felt his cum inside my bowels and leaking down my ass to the bed. I felt disappointed that I hadn’t orgasmed from his dick. I looked down and I noticed his penis was covered with slimy brown liquid that was also seeping down onto the bed.

My father collapsed over me and suckled my breasts while thanking me for realizing his fantasy. He asked me what I deeply fantasized about. I replied with a smirk:

”Daddy I want you to spank mommy on her cunt while she licks your cum out of my ass! Make her my slave and I’ll be yours!’

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