Dear Diary


June 20, 2003

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow is my younger brother, Brian’s 18th birthday. I have decided what to get him. For years now I’ve noticed the way he looks at me. I’ve caught him staring at my breasts many times, especially if I was wearing something that showed some cleavage, and I’m quite sure I detected a sizeable bulge in his crotch. I must admit I have been guilty of teasing him a few times by showing more of my 36 D’s than was necessary when he was around. I guess I inherited my tits from Mom. Her 40 DD’s actually look even bigger than they are because of her small frame. She weighs maybe 120 lbs. soaking wet. Anyway, tomorrow is Saturday. After mom leaves for work in the morning, I’m going to give Brian his birthday present – me. I’m going to let him fuck me. Brian has been the rock that has held our family together since Dad ran off with his secretary two years ago. I think it’s time he got his just rewards, and if that bulge in his pants is any indication of what lies within, I’ll be getting as much of a present as he will.



* * * * *

June 21, 2003

Dear Diary,

It’s Saturday morning. Mom left for work and I just got out of the shower. I washed my hair, shaved my legs and took a good douche. I’m lying naked on my bed as I write, trying to figure out my next move. Admittedly, I’m a little apprehensive about this. What if I have been reading Brian wrong? Maybe he doesn’t really want me at all. After all, he does date a lot of girls. Most are prom queen types with long blonde hair and silicone implants. My hair is short, I’m a brunette, and although my breasts are large, they don’t poke straight out like the store-bought ones. My brown eyes aren’t near as pretty as the baby-blues he’s used to. All this, plus the fact that at 22, I am several years older than his harem of 18 and 19 year old bimbos. I guess I won’t know unless I try. I think I’ll just sneak into Brian’s room quietly and ease the covers down from over him. I know he sleeps in the nude. I’ve heard him say so before. I think I’ll just take his dick in my mouth and wake him up sucking it. After that we’ll see what happens. I’m off to Brian’s room. I’ll write later to tell you how it went. Wish me luck.

* * * * *

Dear Diary,

I just left Brian’s room. You’re not going to believe what happened. It’s now 3PM on Saturday and I have an amazing story to tell you. When I left you this morning, I went to Brian’s room. I opened his door. It squeaks like hell. It’s probably not that loud, but when you’re trying to be quiet it sounds like a brass band. I left the door open so it wouldn’t squeak when I closed it. Brian was lying there on his side with no covers over him. I watched him for a few minutes from the foot of his bed. He looked like a muscle-bound angel sleeping without a care in the world. His blond hair looked almost white against the deep tan of his body. I eased around his bed and knelt beside it. My eyes were instantly drawn to his flaccid cock. It was maybe 5 inches long and very fat with a large purple mushroom shaped head that pointed toward the mattress. I slowly eased onto the bed positioning myself so that his dick was inches from my face. I gently lifted his soft dick with my hand, put the head in my mouth and began slowly sucking. His dick started growing quickly. I’ve sucked a few dicks before, as you know, but they have always been hard before I got my mouth around them. This was different – a totally soft dick was growing to rock-hardness in my mouth. It was a wonderful feeling. After about thirty seconds Brian’s dick was easily nine inches long and so fat I could barely keep it in my mouth. I could feel my pussy getting wet from the thought of having this monster buried deep inside me. I began moving my head back and forth as his dick slid in and out of my mouth. Brian moaned and woke up almost immediately. I felt him stir and he rolled over on his back. I removed his dick from my mouth and held the large member in my hand – the big, purple head pointing straight up.

“Morning, Sis,” Brian said matter-of-factly.

I looked up at him. “Happy birthday, Brian,” I said smiling. I worked my hand up and down his shaft a few times, barely able to get my hand around the fat thing. “Some pretty impressive equipment you’ve got here.”

“Thanks,” he said, “I only dreamed I’d ever get to use it on you.”

“I’m your birthday present if you want me,” I told him, “Just tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it.”

“Oh, you were doing just fine, Brianne” He said, “Don’t let me stop you.”

I kissed the head of his dick a few times, gave it a couple of licks like an ice cream cone, and opened my mouth wide letting the bulbous head slip back bursa suriyeli escort escort in. I forced it as deep in my mouth as I could, but it bottomed out in the back of my throat about halfway down the shaft. It was much too fat to push farther down my throat. I worked it in and out, sucking and using my tongue to stimulate the underside of his dick. I could tell by his reaction, that he wasn’t far from filling my mouth with a big load of his creamy cum.

Suddenly Brian sat up in bed, and gently placing his hands on the sides of my face, lifted me up until his dick slid easily out of my mouth. It stood straight up at attention, glistening with my saliva.

“You don’t like that?” I asked, surprised.

“I love it,” He assured me, “But can we do something else?”

“Sure, anything you want. It’s your birthday,” I reminded him.

Brian was silent. I saw his face begin to turn red. I think he was too embarrassed or too shy to ask for what he wanted. It was sort of hard to figure. After all I’d been sucking his dick for the past five or ten minutes, but what the hell, I guess I could take the lead.

“Would you like to fuck me, Brian?” I asked with as sexy a voice as I could muster.

“Yes,” He answered timidly, “Could I?”

It was now obvious that I was going to have to run this show, so I laid it on thick and heavy. “I want you to fuck me, Brian,” I said, “I want to feel that big dick of yours deep inside my pussy.”

I could tell he liked the dirty talk. He rolled over and opened the drawer of his night stand, taking out a condom.

“We won’t need that,” I explained, “I’m on the pill. I won’t get pregnant. Anyway I want to feel you shoot inside me. I want you to fill my pussy up with your hot cum.”

I moved up to the pillow and rolled over on my back. Brian took one of my nipples in his mouth and began sucking. It felt wonderful, but I really did want him to fuck me.

“Please fuck me now, Brian,” I begged.

Brian positioned himself over me, his locked elbows keeping his body above me. I reached down and guided his dick so that the big head slightly parted my pussy lips. I braced myself for what I knew would be painful. Brian began his slow descent, his powerful dick inching past my pussy lips to the barrier a couple of inches deep. Feeling the resistance, Brian pushed a little harder and the head of his dick popped through the barrier. I winced as the pain shot through me.

Brian froze. “You OK, Sis?” He asked.

“Yea, I’m OK,” I answered, “Just go easy.”

Brian remained perfectly still for a few seconds allowing my pussy to become accustomed to the size of this welcome intruder. Slowly he began pushing again and I felt his enormous cock sink deeper into me until it was about halfway in. Then he stopped and pulled back a couple of inches, only to push again a little deeper. He alternated the pushing and pulling, inching a little deeper with each push. It took a few minutes, but soon my little brother had his fat cock as far in me as it would go.

By this time I was acclimated to the size of Brian’s dick inside me, so I instinctively told him, “Fuck me, Brian.”

He started fucking me with long slow strokes, burying his cock deep inside me, then pulling out until only the head was inside, then another long, slow thrust. He began to increase the rhythm. His strokes became faster and faster. He wasn’t going to last very long, but then neither was I. The feeling of that massive dick driving in and out of me was wonderful.

Brian looked in my eyes and said, “I’m going to cum, Sis.”

Struggling for breath, I said, “Yes, Brian, come for me. Give me all your cum. Shoot it inside me, Baby”

Brian made one last thrust. His whole body tensed and I felt his dick start pumping on its own. He brought his lips down to mine and we kissed deeply. This pushed me over the edge as I felt waves of orgasm crash over me. I could feel Brian flooding my pussy, his swollen dick pumping load after load of scalding liquid into me. I think we both wanted to scream, but our mouths locked together in a passionate kiss muffled the sound. The pulsating of Brian’s cock slowed as our mutual orgasms subsided. I expected him to roll off me to recuperate, but instead he remained with his dick inside me kissing me on the lips, forehead, cheeks, nose and neck. I guess this was his way of thanking me. He put a hand around each of my breasts and pushed them up toward his mouth. He kissed each nipple, then began sucking each one alternately as his dick, still inside me, grew softer. Damn, he was a good lover.

Brian pushed one of my breasts up toward my mouth and smiled at me. I could tell he wanted to bursa ucuz escort see me suck my own tit. Obligingly I stuck out my tongue and licked small circles around the nipple, then opened my mouth, taking in the nipple and sucking hard for him.

“That is so beautiful, Brianna” he said with a smile, “You’re so beautiful.”

I sucked harder for him. Suddenly I could feel his dick starting to grow again inside me. This was a new sensation for me – a soft dick all the way inside me growing into a raging hard-on. It was rapture. Brian started his in and out thrusts again, but I stopped him and pushed him off me. He looked startled lying there with his cock pointing skyward, shimmering with the wetness of his own cum mingled with my pussy juices. I threw the pillow to the foot of the bed. Turning around, I got on my knees and laid my head on the pillow with my ass high in the air toward Brian. Without hesitation he got on his knees behind me and again positioned his cock at the entrance to my drenched pussy. Slowly again he began to push the massive dick inside me. I love this position. It always feels like a dick can go much deeper from behind.

Brian and I were once again lost in the throes of passion – my begging him to fuck me, and his obliging by pushing hard with long deep strokes.

Suddenly we both heard a familiar, “Ahhemm.”

We froze. Standing there, just inside the door, was Mom – her mouth wide open, her eyes as big as saucers, and her hands on her hips.

“What the hell is this?” She asked, astounded.

We were so busted.

Diary, It’s 5 PM now and I’ve been writing for two hours. I’m getting writer’s cramp. It’s suppertime anyway. I’ll tell you the rest later.

* * * * *

Dear Diary,

I’m back. It’s 8 PM now. Let me finish the story I was telling you earlier.

Brian was fucking me doggy-style and Mom busted us. As soon as we saw her, we both scrambled up to the head of the bed, Brian sitting as far to the right as he could get, and me as far to the left. The top sheet and blanket had long ago fallen on the floor, so there was nothing with which to cover ourselves. Brian covered his crotch with his hands, his erection now deflated. I folded my arms to cover my breasts, but my wet, swollen pussy lips were still exposed. Mom moved to the foot of the bed, silently staring at both of us with her hands still on her hips. Her disappointment was evident, her face blushing red as the fiery hair framing her face and flowing across her shoulders and her yellow blouse.

After what seemed like an eternity of silence, Mom abruptly began to unbutton her blouse. Quickly negotiating the five buttons, she removed the top and tossed it on the floor behind her. She unsnapped her jeans, unzipped the fly, stuck her thumbs under the waistband, and pulled off her jeans and panties together in one quick motion, kicking them both to the side. Mom was actually very sexy standing there in only a bra, which was struggling to restrain the enormous breasts trapped within. Her pussy lips were dark pink and very large, with a small patch of red hair just above them. She reached behind her with both hands and unhooked the white, lace bra. Leaning forward slightly, she let the straps fall from her shoulders and down the length of her arms, freeing her magnificent tits from their confinement. Her breasts were huge pendulous melons with dark pink areolas the size of coffee cups and half-inch, dark red, upturned nipples. I suddenly realized how beautiful my mother was, and how sexy for a woman of 43. Still without saying a word, Mom picked up the pillow that only a few minutes ago I laid my head while my brother pounded my pussy from behind. She tossed the pillow to the head of the bed, where it landed softly between my brother and me. Mom then lifted her tits with both hands and pinched her nipples as she smiled at both of us, her green eyes sparkling like sea foam. She moved onto the bed and slowly walked on her knees toward the other end, her tits bouncing and swaying with every knee-step. When she reached the head of the bed, she lay on her back with her head on the pillow, stretched her arms out behind us and pulled us both toward her. Brian and I looked at each other inquisitively, not sure what Mom wanted us to do. When we were next to her, though, she lifted her breasts with her hands, making her wishes abundantly clear. Simultaneously Brian and I latched on to a nipple and began eagerly sucking like two piglets at feeding time.

Finally Mom broke the extended silence with a loud moan as lips engulfed both of her erect, yearning nipples. “Oh yes, Kids, Suck your mother’s tits,” She murmured between breaths, her respiration growing rapid, bursa üniversiteli escort “Suck my tits like you did when you were babies. God, It feels wonderful.”

My pussy was starting to get wet again. I looked up at my brother, who was sucking Mom’s other tittie with abandon. His dick had already returned to its former state of rigidity, and he was unconsciously humping Mom’s leg. She pushed Brian off her tit and spread her legs wide open. I could see the fat lips of her pussy pull apart, revealing a glistening wetness inside. She held Brian’s shoulders and pulled him on top of her.

“Fuck me, Brian,” Mom commanded, “Put your dick inside your mother’s pussy.”

Brian took his big dick in his hand and lined it up with Mom’s parted pussy lips. I was still sucking her tit, but let go. I had to watch this. Brian began to ease his dick into our mother’s pussy very slowly, being careful not to hurt her, just as he had done for me. Instead, Mom wrapped her legs around Brian and dug her heels into his buttocks. She tightened her legs like a vise forcing him into her. At the same time she thrust her pelvis upward to meet the entering shaft. In one violent motion the entire length of Brian’s fat cock disappeared inside our mother’s greedy pussy. The wince of pain I had proffered when Brian slid his dick into me was absent here. Mom’s reaction was a loud sigh of relief and satisfaction.

“Fuck me, Son,” Mom screamed, “Fuck me hard with that big dick of yours. Ram that pussy hard, Baby. Keep fucking me till you shoot your cum in me. I want all your dick and I want all your cum. Ooh, Son, Slam that big dick into your mother. Push it in deep, Brian. Fill me up with that beautiful cock. Fuck me like you fucked Brianna, then cum inside me”

It dawned on me that I was fairly quiet during sex, but Mom was very vocal and very loud.

Finally Mom talked to me. “Brianne, come sit on my face, Baby, I want to eat your pussy while Brian fucks me.”

I happily complied with her request, but I wondered if she knew that my pussy was full of Brian’s spunk. I positioned myself with my knees to either side of my mother’s head. I held onto the headboard with my hands and slowly lowered my pussy down onto Mom’s waiting mouth. Her tongue immediately shot up inside my pussy. She started licking and sucking the lower part of my pussy while she moved her head back and forth along the slit, causing her nose to stimulate my clit. Damn, she was good at this. Obviously my mother had eaten pussy before. I couldn’t help but wonder whose. I could feel my brother’s cum flow from me and into my mother’s hungry mouth. She anxiously lapped it up like a kitten with a bowl of milk.

Unexpectedly Brian lunged forward, his body becoming motionless. I knew he was pumping his load of cum up into Mom’s pussy. Mom tried to scream as she came with him, but my pussy covering her mouth prevented it. Her muffled scream on my pussy, however, felt like the buzz of a vibrator, and I quickly came with them, filling Mom’s mouth with my fuck juices to accompany Brian’s.

My brother backed his monster cock out of my mother’s large pussy and rolled over onto his back, totally spent. I was out of control with passion and sex. I jumped off my mother’s face and scrambled quickly between her still widespread legs. Plunging my mouth down to her crotch, I latched onto her open pussy like a parasite, licking and sucking the sticky mixture of Brian’s cum and her own cunt juice. I was determined to suck my mother’s pussy until it was dry, and I hoped Brian would recover soon. I wanted to feel him shooting his cum in my pussy while I ate his cum from Mom’s. He didn’t disappoint. He was back in the saddle after only a short respite.

Soon we were all wasted. We lay together on the bed with Mom still in the middle.

I told Mom, “I thought you were mad at us when you first walked in the bedroom.”

“I know how it is,” She answered with a smile, “Remember, I have a brother too.”

“What?” Brian chimed in, “You mean you and Uncle Mark?”

She didn’t answer. She just shrugged her shoulders and offered a wicked smile.

I had to press her. “You let Uncle Mark fuck you when ya’ll were kids?” I asked.

She answered proudly, “We still love to fuck each other whenever we get the chance.

“Oh, Mom,” I begged, “You have to tell us about it.”

“I can do better than that,” She boasted, “We videotaped a lot of it. I love to watch us together while I play with my toys. I let ya’ll see it sometime.”

“Mom, I didn’t know you were such a horny old broad,” I quipped.

“Watch it, Sister,” She snapped back sarcastically, “Apparently I’m not too old to keep up with you two and your raging hormones.”

“Point taken,” I surrendered.

“Oh, that reminds me,” Mom smiled, “Your Uncle Mark is coming to visit for a few days over the Fourth of July weekend.”

That’s in two weeks. I can hardly wait.

* * * * *

By the way, Diary, I think I’m probably going to fill these pages up quickly. I need to buy another book.



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