Jason Dominates Wife and Daughter


Jason and I had started a conversation about my wife Jean some time ago on site. He enjoyed her pictures and I shared Jason’s pictures with Jean. Jean was intrigued by his perfect build and nine inch cock. It had been a while since the last time she had tried a different cock. Jean was extremely picky when it came to playing with other guys. However, she loved being dominated by a charming, well-endowed handsome guy, and she was ready to have it happen again. That kind of guy could bring her to heights of sexual excitement and satisfaction. She loved to be filled up with a large cock and have a dominant man use her for his sexual needs.

With some encouragement, Jean finally agreed to meet with Jason. Once Jean was in Jason’s presence, she knew she would willingly fuck him and let him have her in any way he wanted. She could feel his dominance and it made her wet within minutes of their introduction. He was handsome and charming and yet forceful in a way she liked. After a few drinks and talk, Jean felt very comfortable around him.

Finally, Jason ordered her to strip in front of him. She slowly stood up, nervous but also anxious to please this man and begin her sexual subjugation. She slowly shed her clothes, being embarrassed at first at exposing herself so soon to this man she had just met. However, she felt she must do whatever he told her to do. Her pants and top came off first, and she paused in her bra and panties to let Jason see her beautiful, full Italian body. With his commanding presence and forceful manner, he seemed to have a power over her, making her do something that wives should not do, especially in front of their bursa escort husbands.

Slowly she shed her bra and panties. Her full breasts swayed with her motion. Jean kept her pussy trimmed but it was hairy, which Jason liked. Once Jean was naked, Jason also shed his clothes and exposed his massive member. Jean gasped as she saw it, hanging down heavily and swaying from side to side as he approached her. Pictures did not do it justice. Soon, Jason had Jean on her knees in front of him. She looked up at him with both fear and desire, not sure if she could handle such a massive organ. Jean had never seen a cock so big. Jason’s cock looked huge up close. Her previous lover was only 7.5 inches compared to Jason’s 9 inches, and she had thought the previous cock was large.

He looked deeply into her eyes and commanded her by his gaze to lean closer. Jean moved her mouth up to the huge cock, and slowly started to lick it and tongue it’s sensitive underside. He told her to take more of his cock into her mouth but she struggled with it, it was so big and getting bigger as she serviced it. Jason grabbed her hair and forced himself deeper into her mouth. Jean’s cries were muffled by the size of the organ filling her mouth. She struggled with his massive size, but slowly got used to it.

“Swallow more of it!” Jason commanded. Jean looked up at him in a submissive way, and attempted to swallow more of it down her throat. It stretched her mouth in a way that no cock ever had.

Pulling out of her mouth, Jason said: “Lick under my balls”, as he laid his huge cock across her face. Jean did as she was told, licking his massive bursa escort bayan balls as she inhaled the musky odor of a male’s sex organ.

Jean couldn’t believe she was on her knees, serving this dominant man with an incredible cock. A few minutes ago, he was charming her with his intelligent conversation, and now she was being forced to serve him by licking and sucking his dick. At only 5 feet 2 inches tall, Jean felt small beside Jason’s tall, muscular body. It increased the sense of his dominance of her, and her helplessness. She realized she was now reduced to a sexual plaything for Jason to use in any way he wanted. He insisted upon taking pictures and video, which she had never permitted before. But she could not resist Jason’s demands.

“Get ready, here it comes!” Jason said, as his cum was splattered all across her pretty face. She was surprised at the quantity of his cum, and her previous lovers had not been so demanding or forceful. She quickly got over the shock and smiled as she looked up at him, with cum still glistening on her face.

After a few moments rest, Jean and Jason moved to the bedroom. Jason lay down and told Jean to suck his cock until he was hard again. It didn’t take long for that massive organ to be gorged with blood once more. Jean smiled up at Jason as her sucking resulted in Jason’s growing cock. She enjoyed the effect she was having on him and was really getting into sex with an older, dominant man.

Jason was ready. It was now time for Jean to take his big cock inside her petite body. She was apprehensive since this was the biggest cock she’d ever had. Would she be able to escort bursa accommodate his size? Would she please him?

“On your knees!” Jason commanded. Jean obeyed and faced away from him with her beautiful round ass swaying in front of Jason. Jason stopped to survey the view of her voluptuous Italian ass. The hours she spent at the gym were very evident. He slowly approached her and pushed his cockhead up against her little pussy. “Ahhh!” Jean groaned as his thick cock began its penetration. “Be gentle, please!” she begged. But Jason was in a hurry to conquer this woman, take her in all her holes and make her serve him. “Oh my God!” Jean squealed, as her pussy was penetrated further by his thick, hard cock. Jason reached up and pulled Jean’s hair back, forcing her back to arch up. This gave him more control of her too. He pushed into her harder. “It’s too big!!” Jean squealed, but Jason kept up his thrusts, now coming faster and faster.

Jean was slowly becoming used to this large organ penetrating her insides, and she started to groan. She had never been filled up so much and the feeling was amazing. It was obvious she was enjoying Jason’s penis inside her. Faster and faster his thrusts became; deeper and deeper he pushed inside her little pussy. Jason’s muscles bulged as he forcefully used her body for his pleasure. After a few minutes, he finally made one hard push as his cock spurted his cum deep into her vagina. Jean screamed with that last final push as deep as her body could accommodate him. His thrusts slowed, as he milked all the cum he could inside her. Jean was panting with her own exertion and the intense feelings of his penetration and deposit of his cum. She could feel his cum begin to leak out of her pussy. His load must have been bigger than she was used to. Could she become pregnant with this intense fucking? At this moment, she didn’t care.

To Be Continued…

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