Just the 3 of Us Ch. 02


For a while, we just sat around, enjoying the buzz brought on by the weed, booze and incredible sexy atmosphere. Billy was slouched in the chair, his feet stretched out in front of him and his ass on the edge of the seat. I was sitting on the floor, leaning back against his leg and Maria was sprawled on the floor, her head in my lap. I looked up and saw Billy with his eyes closed, then looked toward Maria and winked. I motioned for her to go and get her bikini top and use it to blindfold Billy. Billy was a little surprised at first, but quickly dropped all of his resistance. I whispered to Maria and she repeated what I told her to say out loud.

“Let’s play ‘Guess who’,” she said, “Billy, you’re going first.” Maria and I moved to the kitchen and grabbed the deck of cards from the drawer. We cut the cards to see who would be “it.” Maria pulled the high card and chose me to be it. She whispered in my ear that she wanted me to go down on Billy and we’d have him guess who it was. As she whispered in my ear, she was grinding her pussy against my thigh and rubbing the underside of my cock with the palm of her hand. How could I refuse?

We returned to the living room and Maria announced the task for the game. “To be fair,” she said, “you’ve got to spread your legs as wide as you can, Billy, so that either of us can easily fit between them.” She continued, “No peeking, and no closing your legs to make contact with our body.” “Ready?”

With Beylikdüzü escort that, Maria and I each took hold of one of Billy’s legs and his ankle to the leg of the chair. We then took a few cushions off of the couch and shoved them between Billy’s back and the back of the chair, trapping him at the edge of the seat. We gave him a few seconds to adjust to the newly restricted position as we took another shot of tequila. Maria playfully swatted me on the ass and mouthed “go get him.” She then went to the stereo to turn it up a notch so that the sound of me approaching him would be masked.

I crawled across the room and picked up Maria’s thong from the floor as I passed it. As I reached Billy in the chair, I took the thong in my hands and formed a sling with it, allowing it to dangle in a wide U shape between my hands. I used the thong sling to control Billy’s cock, so that I wouldn’t have to touch it with my hands and give myself away. Maria left the room for a second, afraid that she would giggle out loud at the sight.

Finally, I was able to control his dick with her thong and she was able to control herself. She came back in the room and I leaned over Billy’s lap and extended my tongue from my lips. I pulled his cock toward me with her suit and my tongue passed over the mushroom head of his cock. After teasing his head a bit, I shifted my mouth and took his cock head between my lips. I played with it a little, letting it Beylikdüzü escort slide out and then pushing it back over my lips as my tongue flicked at his slit. Billy let out a moan, clearly pleased with my technique.

Encouraged by his approving sounds, I slid his cock deeper into my mouth. I gagged as his cock head hit the back of my throat and he then figured out who it was going down on him. He put his hands on the back of my head and said, “C’mon Robbie, you can do it, take it all in!” and he applied pressure to the back of my head pushing his cock into my throat.

Maria then moved behind the chair and reached over to rub her hands over his chest. She played with his nipples, pinching them and rolling them between her fingers as I continued sucking. I couldn’t take much more of his cock pounding my throat so I concentrated on his cock head as I wrapped my thumb and forefinger around his shaft, stroking him as I sucked as much of him into my mouth as I could handle.

Billy’s hips started to buck a little and I could tell that he was getting close. I looked up to see that he had tilted his head back and was able to suck one of Maria’s nipples into his mouth. I took my mouth off of his cock for a second and continued stroking him with one hand as I sucked on a finger from my other hand, getting it all wet. Then, using my wet finger, I traced little circles around the head of Billy’s cock, scooping up his semen. I extended Escort Beylikdüzü my arm and offered my cum coated finger to Maria’s mouth. She sucked it between her lips like a little cock and moaned.

I brought my mouth back to Billy’s cock and continued sucking and stroking him with my hand. As Billy’s hips bucked, I took the finger from Maria’s mouth and slid it between his ass cheeks, pressing at the entrance to his dark hole. Maria now had her hands on Billy’s shoulders and was moving her shoulders left and right over his head, moving one breast then the other over his mouth so that he could suck both nipples. Billy was sufficiently distracted by Maria’s tits and I took the opportunity to press my finger past his tight muscle and into his ass. I could feel him tremble as his ass was probed.

Now increasing my pace on his cock and my hand flying up and down his shaft, I matched that with a slow rhythmic probing of his ass with my finger. The sensation of Maria’s tits on his face, my mouth and hand on his cock and my finger in his ass soon overtook him and he yelled “Oh, god! I’m gonna cum!”

With that, his legs got tense and he put his hands on the back of my head to hold my mouth on his cock as he shot his cum into my throat. I swallowed a bit, pressing my tongue against his shaft and he convulsed several more times, unloading his seed into my mouth. Maria looked down at the sight of me taking Billy’s cum and whimpered.

As Billy’s body relaxed, he released my head. I looked up at my two playmates, letting them see some of Billy’s cum on my tongue and lips. A small trickle of his cum dripped out of the corner of my mouth as I smiled.

to be continued…

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